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Daae(-Finsen) disease (epidemic pleurodynia) B33.0
Da Costa's syndrome F45.8
Dabney's grip B33.0
Dacryoadenitis, dacryadenitis H04.00-
  acute H04.01-
  chronic H04.02-
Dacryocystitis H04.30-
  acute H04.32-
  chronic H04.41-
  neonatal P39.1
  phlegmonous H04.31-
  syphilitic A52.71
    congenital(early) A50.01
  trachomatous, active A71.1
    sequelae(late effect) B94.0
Dacryocystoblenorrhea --see Inflammation, lacrimal, passages, chronic
Dacryocystocele --see Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
Dacryolith, dacryolithiasis H04.51-
Dacryoma --see Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
Dacryopericystitis --see Dacryocystitis
Dacryops H04.11-
Dacryostenosis --see also Stenosis, lacrimal
  congenital Q10.5
  bone --see Osteomyelitis
  sickle-cell D57.00
    Hb C D57.219
    Hb SS D57.00
    specified NEC D57.819
  skin L08.9
  syphilitic A52.77
  tuberculous A18.03
Dactylolysis spontanea(ainhum) L94.6
Dactylosymphysis Q70.9
  fingers --see Syndactylism, complex, fingers
  toes --see Syndactylism, complex, toes
  arteriosclerotic --see Arteriosclerosis
  brain(nontraumatic) G93.9
    anoxic, hypoxic G93.1
      resulting from a procedure G97.82
    child NEC G80.9
    due to birth injury P11.2
  cardiorenal(vascular) --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
  cerebral NEC --see Damage, brain
  coccyx, complicating delivery O71.6
  coronary --see Disease, heart, ischemic
  eye, birth injury P15.3
  liver(nontraumatic) K76.9
    alcoholic K70.9
    due to drugs --see Disease, liver, toxic
    toxic --see Disease, liver, toxic
  medication T88.7
    joint or ligament, during delivery O71.6
    organ NEC
      during delivery O71.5
      following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
  renal --see Disease, renal
  subendocardium, subendocardial --see Degeneration, myocardial
  vascular I99.9
Dana-Putnam syndrome(subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) --see Degeneration, combined
Danbolt(-Cross) syndrome (acrodermatitis enteropathica) E83.2
Dandruff L21.0
Dandy-Walker syndrome Q03.1
  with spina bifida --see Spina bifida
Danlos' syndrome Q79.6
Darier(-White) disease (congenital) Q82.8
  meaning erythema annulare centrifugum L53.1
Darier-Roussy sarcoid D86.3
Darling's disease or histoplasmosis B39.4
Darwin's tubercle Q17.8
Dawson's(inclusion body) encephalitis A81.1
De Beurmann(-Gougerot) disease B42.1
De la Tourette's syndrome F95.2
De Lange's syndrome Q87.1
De Morgan's spots(senile angiomas) I78.1
De Quervain's
  disease(tendon sheath) M65.4
  syndrome E34.51
  thyroiditis(subacute granulomatous thyroiditis) E06.1
De Toni-Fanconi(-Debré) syndrome E72.09
  with cystinosis E72.04
  fetus, retained(mother) O36.4
    early pregnancy O02.1
  labyrinth H83.2
  ovum, retained O02.0
Deaf nonspeaking NEC H91.3
Deafmutism(acquired) (congenital) NEC H91.3
  hysterical F44.6
  syphilitic, congenital --see also subcategory H94.8A50.09
Deafness(acquired) (complete) (hereditary) (partial) H91.9-
  with blue sclera and fragility of bone Q78.0
  auditory fatigue --see Deafness, specified type NEC
  aviation T70.0
    nerve injury --see Injury, nerve, acoustic, specified type NEC
  boilermaker's H83.3
  central --see Deafness, sensorineural
  conductive H90.2
    and sensorineural, mixed H90.8
      bilateral H90.6
    bilateral H90.0
    unilateral H90.1-
  congenital H90.5
    with blue sclera and fragility of bone Q78.0
  due to toxic agents --see Deafness, ototoxic
  emotional(hysterical) F44.6
  functional(hysterical) F44.6
  high frequency H91.9-
  hysterical F44.6
  low frequency H91.9-
  mental R48.8
  mixed conductive and sensorineural H90.8
    bilateral H90.6
    unilateral H90.7-
  nerve --see Deafness, sensorineural
  neural --see Deafness, sensorineural
  noise-induced --see also subcategoryH83.3
    nerve injury --see Injury, nerve, acoustic, specified type NEC
  nonspeaking H91.3
  ototoxic H91.0
  perceptive --see Deafness, sensorineural
  psychogenic(hysterical) F44.6
  sensorineural H90.5
    and conductive, mixed H90.8
      bilateral H90.6
    bilateral H90.3
    unilateral H90.4-
  sensory --see Deafness, sensorineural
  specified type NEC H91.8
  sudden(idiopathic) H91.2-
  syphilitic A52.15
  transient ischemic H93.01-
  traumatic --see Injury, nerve, acoustic, specified type NEC
  word(developmental) H93.25
Death(cause unknown) (of) (unexplained) (unspecified cause) R99
  brain G93.82
  cardiac(sudden) (with successful resuscitation) - code to underlying disease
    family history of Z82.41
    personal history of Z86.74
  family member(assumed) Z63.4
Debility(chronic) (general) (nervous) R53.81
  congenital or neonatal NOS P96.9
  nervous R53.81
  old age R54
  senile R54
Débove's disease(splenomegaly) R16.1
  bone --see Osteoporosis
  teeth K03.89
Decapsulation, kidney N28.89
  dental --see Caries, dental
  senile R54
  tooth, teeth --see Caries, dental
  following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.0
Decline(general) --see Debility
  cognitive, age-associated R41.81
  cardiac(acute) (chronic) --see Disease, heart
  cardiovascular --see Disease, cardiovascular
  heart --see Disease, heart
  hepatic --see Failure, hepatic
  myocardial(acute) (chronic) --see Disease, heart
  respiratory J98.8
Decompression sickness T70.3
  absolute neutrophile count --see Neutropenia
    platelets --see Thrombocytopenia
    pressure R03.1
      due to shock following
        injury T79.4
        operation T81.19
  estrogen E28.39
    postablative E89.40
      asymptomatic E89.40
      symptomatic E89.41
  fragility of erythrocytes D58.8
    lipase(pancreatic) K90.3
    ovary in hypopituitarism E23.0
    parenchyma of pancreas K86.8
    pituitary(gland) (anterior) (lobe) E23.0
      posterior(lobe) E23.0
  functional activity R68.89
  glucose R73.09
  hematocrit R71.0
  hemoglobin R71.0
  leukocytes D72.819
    specified NEC D72.818
  libido R68.82
  lymphocytes D72.810
  platelets D69.6
  respiration, due to shock following injury T79.4
  sexual desire R68.82
  tear secretion NEC --see Syndrome, dry eye
    fat K90.4
    glucose R73.09
    pancreatic K90.3
    salt and water E87.8
  vision NEC H54.7
  white blood cell count D72.819
    specified NEC D72.818
Decubitus(ulcer) --see Ulcer, pressure, by site
  cervix N86
Deepening acetabulum --see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC, hip
Defect, defective Q89.9
  3-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase E25.0
  11-hydroxylase E25.0
  21-hydroxylase E25.0
  abdominal wall, congenital Q79.59
  antibody immunodeficiency D80.9
  aorticopulmonary septum Q21.4
  atrial septal(ostium secundum type) Q21.1
    following acute myocardial infarction(current complication) I23.1
    ostium primum type Q21.2
    canal Q21.2
    septum Q21.2
  auricular septal Q21.1
  bilirubin excretion NEC E80.6
  biosynthesis, androgen(testicular) E29.1
  bulbar septum Q21.0
  catalase E80.3
  cell membrane receptor complex(CR3) D71
  circulation I99.9
    congenital Q28.9
    newborn Q28.9
  coagulation(factor) --see also Deficiency, factorD68.9
      ectopic pregnancy O08.1
      molar pregnancy O08.1
    acquired D68.4
    antepartum with hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, antepartum, with coagulation defect
    due to
      liver disease D68.4
      vitamin K deficiency D68.4
    hereditary NEC D68.2
    intrapartum O67.0
    newborn, transient P61.6
    postpartum O72.3
    specified type NEC D68.8
  complement system D84.1
  conduction(heart) I45.9
    bone --see Deafness, conductive
  congenital, organ or site not listed --see Anomaly, by site
  coronary sinus Q21.1
  cushion, endocardial Q21.2
  degradation, glycoprotein E77.1
  dental bridge, crown, fillings --see Defect, dental restoration
  dental restoration K08.50
    specified NEC K08.59
  dentin(hereditary) K00.5
  Descemet's membrane, congenital Q13.89
  developmental --see also Anomaly
    cauda equina Q06.3
    with elevation, eventration or hernia --see Hernia, diaphragm
    congenital Q79.1
      with hernia Q79.0
      gross(with hernia) Q79.0
  ectodermal, congenital Q82.9
  Eisenmenger's Q21.8
    catalase E80.3
    peroxidase E80.3
  esophagus, congenital Q39.9
  extensor retinaculum M62.89
  fibrin polymerization D68.2
    bladder R93.4
    kidney R93.4
    stomach R93.3
    ureter R93.4
  Gerbode Q21.0
  glycoprotein degradation E77.1
  Hageman(factor) D68.2
  hearing --see Deafness
  high grade F70
  interatrial septal Q21.1
  interauricular septal Q21.1
  interventricular septal Q21.0
    with dextroposition of aorta, pulmonary stenosis and hypertrophy of right ventricle Q21.3
    in tetralogy of Fallot Q21.3
  learning(specific) --see Disorder, learning
  lymphocyte function antigen-1(LFA-1) D84.0
  lysosomal enzyme, post-translational modification E77.0
  major osseous M89.70
    ankle M89.77-
    carpus M89.74-
    clavicle M89.71-
    femur M89.75-
    fibula M89.76-
    fingers M89.74-
    foot M89.77-
    forearm M89.73-
    hand M89.74-
    humerus M89.72-
    lower leg M89.76-
    metacarpus M89.74-
    metatarsus M89.77-
    multiple sites M89.79
    pelvic region M89.75-
    pelvis M89.75-
    radius M89.73-
    scapula M89.71-
    shoulder region M89.71-
    specified NEC M89.78
    tarsus M89.77-
    thigh M89.75-
    tibia M89.76-
    toes M89.77-
    ulna M89.73-
  mental --see Disability, intellectual
  modification, lysosomal enzymes, post-translational E77.0
  obstructive, congenital
    renal pelvis Q62.39
    ureter Q62.39
      atresia --see Atresia, ureter
      cecoureterocele Q62.32
      megaureter Q62.2
      orthotopic ureterocele Q62.31
  osseous, major M89.70
    ankle M89.77-
    carpus M89.74-
    clavicle M89.71-
    femur M89.75-
    fibula M89.76-
    fingers M89.74-
    foot M89.77-
    forearm M89.73-
    hand M89.74-
    humerus M89.72-
    lower leg M89.76-
    metacarpus M89.74-
    metatarsus M89.77-
    multiple sites M89.9
    pelvic region M89.75-
    pelvis M89.75-
    radius M89.73-
    scapula M89.71-
    shoulder region M89.71-
    specified NEC M89.78
    tarsus M89.77-
    thigh M89.75-
    tibia M89.76-
    toes M89.77-
    ulna M89.73-
  osteochondral NEC --see also DeformityM95.8
    primum Q21.2
    secundum Q21.1
  peroxidase E80.3
  placental blood supply --see Insufficiency, placental
  platelets, qualitative D69.1
    constitutional D68.0
  postural NEC, spine --see Dorsopathy, deforming
    limb Q73.8
      lower Q72.9-
        absence --see Agenesis, leg
          foot --see Agenesis, foot
          femur Q72.4-
          fibula Q72.6-
          tibia Q72.5-
        specified type NEC Q72.89-
        split foot Q72.7-
      specified type NEC Q73.8
      upper Q71.9-
        absence --see Agenesis, arm
          forearm --see Agenesis, forearm
          hand --see Agenesis, hand
        lobster-claw hand Q71.6-
          radius Q71.4-
          ulna Q71.5-
        specified type NEC Q71.89-
  renal pelvis Q63.8
    obstructive Q62.39
  respiratory system, congenital Q34.9
  restoration, dental K08.50
    specified NEC K08.59
  retinal nerve bundle fibers H35.89
  septal(heart) NOS Q21.9
    acquired(atrial) (auricular) (ventricular) (old) I51.0
    atrial Q21.1
      concurrent with acute myocardial infarction --see Infarct, myocardium
      following acute myocardial infarction(current complication) I23.1
    ventricular --see also Defect, ventricular septalQ21.0
  sinus venosus Q21.1
  speech R47.9
    developmental F80.9
    specified NEC R47.89
  Taussig-Bing(aortic transposition and overriding pulmonary artery) Q20.1
  teeth, wedge K03.1
  vascular(local) I99.9
    congenital Q27.9
  ventricular septal Q21.0
    concurrent with acute myocardial infarction --see Infarct, myocardium
    following acute myocardial infarction(current complication) I23.2
    in tetralogy of Fallot Q21.3
  vision NEC H54.7
  visual field H53.40
      heteronymous H53.47
      homonymous H53.46-
    generalized contraction H53.48-
      arcuate H53.43-
      scotoma(central area) H53.41-
        blind spot area H53.42-
      sector H53.43-
      specified type NEC H53.45-
  voice R49.9
    specified NEC R49.8
  wedge, tooth, teeth(abrasion) K03.1
Deferentitis N49.1
  gonorrheal(acute) (chronic) A54.23
Defibrination(syndrome) D65
  antepartum --see Hemorrhage, antepartum, with coagulation defect, disseminated intravascular coagulation
  following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.1
  intrapartum O67.0
  newborn P60
  postpartum O72.3
Deficiency, deficient
  3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase E25.0
  5-alpha reductase(with male pseudohermaphroditism) E29.1
  11-hydroxylase E25.0
  21-hydroxylase E25.0
  abdominal muscle syndrome Q79.4
  accelerator globulin(Ac G) (blood) D68.2
  AC globulin(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    acquired D68.4
  acid phosphatase E83.39
  activating factor(blood) D68.2
  adenosine deaminase(ADA) D81.3
  aldolase(hereditary) E74.19
  alpha-1-antitrypsin E88.01
  amino-acids E72.9
  anemia --see Anemia
  aneurin E51.9
  antibody with
    hyperimmunoglobulinemia D80.6
    near-normal immunoglobins D80.6
  antidiuretic hormone E23.2
    factor(A) D66
      B D67
      C D68.1
    globulin(AHG) NEC D66
  antithrombin(antithrombin III) D68.59
  ascorbic acid E54
  attention(disorder) (syndrome) F98.8
    with hyperactivity --see Disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity
    I D68.2
    II D67
    C D68.2
  beta-glucuronidase E76.29
  biotin E53.8
  biotin-dependent carboxylase D81.819
  biotinidase D81.810
  brancher enzyme(amylopectinosis) E74.03
  calciferol E55.9
      adult osteomalacia M83.8
      rickets --see Rickets
  calcium(dietary) E58
  calorie, severe E43
    with marasmus E41
      and kwashiorkor E42
  cardiac --see Insufficiency, myocardial
  carnitine E71.40
    due to
      hemodialysis E71.43
      inborn errors of metabolism E71.42
      Valproic acid therapy E71.43
    iatrogenic E71.43
    muscle palmityltransferase E71.314
    primary E71.41
    secondary E71.448
  carotene E50.9
  central nervous system G96.8
  ceruloplasmin(Wilson) E83.01
  choline E53.8
  Christmas factor D67
  chromium E61.4
  clotting(blood) --see also Deficiency, coagulation factorD68.9
  clotting factor NEC(hereditary) --see also Deficiency, factorD68.2
  coagulation NOS D68.9
      ectopic pregnancy O08.1
      molar pregnancy O08.1
    acquired(any) D68.4
    antepartum hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, antepartum, with coagulation defect
    clotting factor NEC --see also Deficiency, factorD68.2
    due to
      hyperprothrombinemia D68.4
      liver disease D68.4
      vitamin K deficiency D68.4
    newborn, transient P61.6
    postpartum O72.3
    specified NEC D68.8
  cognitive F09
  color vision H53.50
    achromatopsia H53.51
    acquired H53.52
    deuteranomaly H53.53
    protanomaly H53.54
    specified type NEC H53.59
    tritanomaly H53.55
  combined glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid E27.49
  contact factor D68.2
  copper(nutritional) E61.0
  corticoadrenal E27.40
    primary E27.1
  craniofacial axis Q75.0
  cyanocobalamin E53.8
  C1 esterase inhibitor(C1-INH) D84.1
  debrancher enzyme(limit dextrinosis) E74.03
    long chain/very long chain acyl CoA E71.310
    medium chain acyl CoA E71.311
    short chain acyl CoA E71.312
  diet E63.9
  dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase(DPD) E88.89
  disaccharidase E73.9
  edema --see Malnutrition, severe
  endocrine E34.9
  energy-supply --see Malnutrition
  enzymes, circulating NEC E88.09
  ergosterol E55.9
      adult osteomalacia M83.8
      rickets --see Rickets
  essential fatty acid(EFA) E63.0
  factor --see also Deficiency, coagulation
    Hageman D68.2
    I(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    II(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    IX(congenital) (functional) (hereditary) (with functional defect) D67
    multiple(congenital) D68.8
      acquired D68.4
    V(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    VII(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    VIII(congenital) (functional) (hereditary) (with functional defect) D66
      with vascular defect D68.0
    X(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    XI(congenital) (hereditary) D68.1
    XII(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    XIII(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
  femoral, proximal focal(congenital) --see Defect, reduction, lower limb, longitudinal, femur
  fibrin-stabilizing factor(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    acquired D68.4
  fibrinase D68.2
  fibrinogen(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    acquired D65
  folate E53.8
  folic acid E53.8
  foreskin N47.3
  fructokinase E74.11
  fructose 1,6-diphosphatase E74.19
  fructose-1-phosphate aldolase E74.19
  galactokinase E74.29
  galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase E74.29
  gammaglobulin in blood D80.1
    hereditary D80.0
  glass factor D68.2
  glucocorticoid E27.49
    mineralocorticoid E27.49
  glucose-6-phosphatase E74.01
  glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase anemia D55.0
  glucuronyl transferase E80.5
  glycogen synthetase E74.09
  gonadotropin(isolated) E23.0
  growth hormone(idiopathic) (isolated) E23.0
  Hageman factor D68.2
  hemoglobin D64.9
  hepatophosphorylase E74.09
  homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase E70.29
    anterior pituitary(partial) NEC E23.0
      growth E23.0
    growth(isolated) E23.0
    pituitary E23.0
    testicular E29.1
  hypoxanthine-(guanine)-phosphoribosyltransferase (HG- PRT) (total H-PRT) E79.1
  immunity D84.9
    cell-mediated D84.8
      with thrombocytopenia and eczema D82.0
    combined D81.9
    humoral D80.9
    IgA(secretory) D80.2
    IgG D80.3
    IgM D80.4
  immuno --see Immunodeficiency
  immunoglobulin, selective
    A(IgA) D80.2
    G(IgG) (subclasses) D80.3
    M(IgM) D80.4
  inositol(B complex) E53.8
    factor(congenital) D51.0
    sphincter N36.42
      with urethral hypermobility N36.43
  iodine E61.8
    congenital syndrome --see Syndrome, iodine-deficiency, congenital
  iron E61.1
    anemia D50.9
  kalium E87.6
  kappa-light chain D80.8
  labile factor(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    acquired D68.4
  lacrimal fluid(acquired) --see also Syndrome, dry eye
    congenital Q10.6
    congenital E73.0
    secondary E73.1
  Laki-Lorand factor D68.2
  lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase E78.6
  lipocaic K86.8
  lipoprotein(familial) (high density) E78.6
  liver phosphorylase E74.09
  lysosomal alpha-1, 4 glucosidase E74.02
  magnesium E61.2
  major histocompatibility complex
    class I D81.6
    class II D81.7
  manganese E61.3
  menadione(vitamin K) E56.1
    newborn P53
  mental(familial) (hereditary) --see Disability, intellectual
  methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase(MTHFR) E72.12
  mineral NEC E61.8
  mineralocorticoid E27.49
    with glucocorticoid E27.49
  molybdenum(nutritional) E61.5
  moral F60.2
  multiple nutrient elements E61.7
    carnitine(palmityltransferase) E71.314
    phosphofructokinase E74.09
  myoadenylate deaminase E79.2
  myocardial --see Insufficiency, myocardial
  myophosphorylase E74.04
  NADH diaphorase or reductase(congenital) D74.0
  NADH-methemoglobin reductase(congenital) D74.0
  natrium E87.1
  niacin(amide) (-tryptophan) E52
  nicotinamide E52
  nicotinic acid E52
  number of teeth --see Anodontia
  nutrient element E61.9
    multiple E61.7
    specified NEC E61.8
  nutrition, nutritional E63.9
    sequelae --see Sequelae, nutritional deficiency
    specified NEC E63.8
  ornithine transcarbamylase E72.4
  ovarian E28.39
  oxygen --see Anoxia
  pantothenic acid E53.8
  parathyroid(gland) E20.9
  perineum(female) N81.89
  phenylalanine hydroxylase E70.1
  phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase E74.4
  phosphofructokinase E74.19
  phosphomannomutuse E74.8
  phosphomannose isomerase E74.8
  phosphomannosyl mutase E74.8
  phosphorylase kinase, liver E74.09
  pituitary hormone(isolated) E23.0
  plasma thromboplastin
    antecedent(PTA) D68.1
    component(PTC) D67
  platelet NEC D69.1
    constitutional D68.0
  polyglandular E31.8
    autoimmune E31.0
  potassium(K) E87.6
  prepuce N47.3
  proaccelerin(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    acquired D68.4
  proconvertin factor(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    acquired D68.4
  protein --see also MalnutritionE46
    anemia D53.0
    C D68.59
    S D68.59
  prothrombin(congenital) (heredItary) D68.2
    acquired D68.4
  Prower factor D68.2
  pseudocholinesterase E88.09
  PTA(plasma thromboplastin antecedent) D68.1
  PTC(plasma thromboplastin component) D67
  purine nucleoside phosphorylase(PNP) D81.5
  pyracin(alpha) (beta) E53.1
  pyridoxal E53.1
  pyridoxamine E53.1
  pyridoxine(derivatives) E53.1
    carboxylase E74.4
    dehydrogenase E74.4
  riboflavin(vitamin B2) E53.0
  salt E87.1
    ovary E28.39
    salivary gland(any) K11.7
    urine R34
  selenium(dietary) E59
  serum antitrypsin, familial E88.01
  short stature homeobox gene(SHOX)
      dyschondrosteosis Q78.8
      short stature(idiopathic) E34.3
      Turner's syndrome Q96.9
  sodium(Na) E87.1
  SPCA(factor VII) D68.2
  sphincter, intrinsic N36.42
    with urethral hypermobility N36.43
  stable factor(congenital) (hereditary) D68.2
    acquired D68.4
  Stuart-Prower(factor X) D68.2
  sucrase E74.39
  sulfatase E75.29
  sulfite oxidase E72.19
  thiamin, thiaminic(chloride) E51.9
    beriberi(dry) E51.11
      wet E51.12
  thrombokinase D68.2
    newborn P53
  thyroid(gland) --see Hypothyroidism
  tocopherol E56.0
  tooth bud K00.0
  transcobalamine II(anemia) D51.2
  vanadium E61.6
  vascular I99.9
  vasopressin E23.2
  viosterol --see Deficiency, calciferol
  vitamin(multiple) NOS E56.9
    A E50.9
        Bitot's spot(corneal) E50.1
        follicular keratosis E50.8
        keratomalacia E50.4
        manifestations NEC E50.8
        night blindness E50.5
        scar of cornea, xerophthalmic E50.6
        xeroderma E50.8
        xerophthalmia E50.7
          conjunctival E50.0
            and Bitot's spot E50.1
          cornea E50.2
            and ulceration E50.3
      sequelae E64.1
    B(complex) NOS E53.9
        beriberi(dry) E51.11
          wet E51.12
        pellagra E52
    B1 NOS E51.9
      beriberi(dry) E51.11
        with circulatory system manifestations E51.11
        wet E51.12
    B12 E53.8
    B2(riboflavin) E53.0
    B6 E53.1
    C E54
      sequelae E64.2
    D E55.9
        adult osteomalacia M83.8
        rickets --see Rickets
      25-hydroxylase E83.32
    E E56.0
    folic acid E53.8
    G E53.0
    group B E53.9
      specified NEC E53.8
    H(biotin) E53.8
    K E56.1
      of newborn P53
    nicotinic E52
    P E56.8
    PP(pellagra-preventing) E52
    specified NEC E56.8
    thiamin E51.9
      beriberi --see Beriberi
  zinc, dietary E60
Deficit --see also Deficiency
  attention and concentration R41.840
    disorder --see Attention, deficit
  cognitive communication R41.841
  cognitive NEC R41.89
      cerebral infarction I69.31
      cerebrovascular disease I69.91
        specified disease NEC I69.81
      intracerebral hemorrhage I69.11
      nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage NEC I69.21
      subarachnoid hemorrhage I69.01
  concentration R41.840
  executive function R41.844
  frontal lobe R41.844
  neurologic NEC R29.818
      reversible(RIND) I63.9
        prolonged(PRIND) I63.9
  oxygen R09.02
  prolonged reversible ischemic neurologic(PRIND) I63.9
  psychomotor R41.843
  visuospatial R41.842
  radius --see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, forearm
  septum(acquired) (nasal) (nose) J34.2
  spine --see Curvature, spine
  turbinate(nose) J34.2
  capillorum --see Alopecia
  ciliorum --see Madarosis
  unguium L60.8
Deformity Q89.9
  abdomen, congenital Q89.9
  abdominal wall
    acquired M95.8
    congenital Q79.59
  acquired(unspecified site) M95.9
  adrenal gland Q89.1
  alimentary tract, congenital Q45.9
    upper Q40.9
  ankle(joint) (acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, lower leg
    abduction --see Contraction, joint, ankle
    congenital Q68.8
    contraction --see Contraction, joint, ankle
    specified type NEC --see Deformity, limb, foot, specified NEC
  anus(acquired) K62.89
    congenital Q43.9
  aorta(arch) (congenital) Q25.4
    acquired I77.89
    arch, acquired I77.89
    cusp or valve(congenital) Q23.8
      acquired --see also Endocarditis, aorticI35.8
  arm(acquired) (upper) --see also Deformity, limb, upper arm
    congenital Q68.8
    forearm --see Deformity, limb, forearm
  artery(congenital) (peripheral) NOS Q27.9
    acquired I77.89
    coronary(acquired) I25.9
      congenital Q24.5
    umbilical Q27.0
  atrial septal Q21.1
  auditory canal(external) (congenital) --see also Malformation, ear, external
    acquired --see Disorder, ear, external, specified type NEC
    ear(congenital) --see also Malformation, ear, external
      acquired --see Disorder, pinna, deformity
  back --see Dorsopathy, deforming
  bile duct(common) (congenital) (hepatic) Q44.5
    acquired K83.8
  biliary duct or passage(congenital) Q44.5
    acquired K83.8
  bladder(neck) (trigone) (sphincter) (acquired) N32.89
    congenital Q64.79
  bone(acquired) NOS M95.9
    congenital Q79.9
    turbinate M95.0
  brain(congenital) Q04.9
    acquired G93.89
    reduction Q04.3
  breast(acquired) N64.89
    congenital Q83.9
    reconstructed N65.0
  bronchus(congenital) Q32.4
    acquired NEC J98.09
  bursa, congenital Q79.9
  canaliculi(lacrimalis) (acquired) --see also Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
    congenital Q10.6
  canthus, acquired --see Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
  capillary(acquired) I78.8
  cardiovascular system, congenital Q28.9
  caruncle, lacrimal(acquired) --see also Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
    congenital Q10.6
  cascade, stomach K31.2
  cecum(congenital) Q43.9
    acquired K63.89
  cerebral, acquired G93.89
    congenital Q04.9
  cervix(uterus) (acquired) NEC N88.8
    congenital Q51.9
  cheek(acquired) M95.2
    congenital Q18.9
  chest(acquired) (wall) M95.4
    congenital Q67.8
    sequelae(late effect) of rickets E64.3
  chin(acquired) M95.2
    congenital Q18.9
  choroid(congenital) Q14.3
    acquired H31.8
    plexus Q07.8
      acquired G96.19
  cicatricial --see Cicatrix
  cilia, acquired --see Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
  clavicle(acquired) M95.8
    congenital Q68.8
  clitoris(congenital) Q52.6
    acquired N90.89
  clubfoot --see Clubfoot
  coccyx(acquired) M43.8
  colon(congenital) Q43.9
    acquired K63.89
  concha(ear), congenital --see also Malformation, ear, external
    acquired --see Disorder, pinna, deformity
  cornea(acquired) H18.70
    congenital Q13.4
    descemetocele --see Descemetocele
    ectasia --see Ectasia, cornea
    specified NEC H18.79-
    staphyloma --see Staphyloma, cornea
  coronary artery(acquired) I25.9
    congenital Q24.5
  cranium(acquired) --see Deformity, skull
  cricoid cartilage(congenital) Q31.8
    acquired J38.7
  cystic duct(congenital) Q44.5
    acquired K82.8
  Dandy-Walker Q03.1
    with spina bifida --see Spina bifida
  diaphragm(congenital) Q79.1
    acquired J98.6
  digestive organ NOS Q45.9
  ductus arteriosus Q25.0
  duodenal bulb K31.89
  duodenum(congenital) Q43.9
    acquired K31.89
  dura --see Deformity, meninges
  ear(acquired) --see also Disorder, pinna, deformity
    congenital(external) Q17.9
      internal Q16.5
      middle Q16.4
        ossicles Q16.3
      ossicles Q16.3
  ectodermal(congenital) NEC Q84.9
  ejaculatory duct(congenital) Q55.4
    acquired N50.8
  elbow(joint) (acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, upper arm
    congenital Q68.8
    contraction --see Contraction, joint, elbow
  endocrine gland NEC Q89.2
  epididymis(congenital) Q55.4
    acquired N50.8
  epiglottis(congenital) Q31.8
    acquired J38.7
  esophagus(congenital) Q39.9
    acquired K22.8
  eustachian tube(congenital) NEC Q17.8
  eye, congenital Q15.9
  eyebrow(congenital) Q18.8
  eyelid(acquired) --see also Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
    congenital Q10.3
  face(acquired) M95.2
    congenital Q18.9
  fallopian tube, acquired N83.8
  femur(acquired) --see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, thigh
    with fetopelvic disproportion O33.7
    causing obstructed labor O66.3
  finger(acquired) M20.00-
    boutonniere M20.02-
    congenital Q68.1
    flexion contracture --see Contraction, joint, hand
    mallet finger M20.01-
    specified NEC M20.09-
    swan-neck M20.03-
  flexion(joint) (acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, flexionM21.20
    congenital NOS Q74.9
      hip Q65.89
  foot(acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, lower leg
    cavovarus(congenital) Q66.1
    congenital NOS Q66.9
      specified type NEC Q66.89
    specified type NEC --see Deformity, limb, foot, specified NEC
    valgus(congenital) Q66.6
      acquired --see Deformity, valgus, ankle
    varus(congenital) NEC Q66.3
      acquired --see Deformity, varus, ankle
  forearm(acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, forearm
    congenital Q68.8
  forehead(acquired) M95.2
    congenital Q75.8
  frontal bone(acquired) M95.2
    congenital Q75.8
  gallbladder(congenital) Q44.1
    acquired K82.8
  gastrointestinal tract(congenital) NOS Q45.9
    acquired K63.89
  genitalia, genital organ(s) or system NEC
    female(congenital) Q52.9
      acquired N94.89
      external Q52.70
    male(congenital) Q55.9
      acquired N50.8
  globe(eye) (congenital) Q15.8
    acquired H44.89
  gum, acquired NEC K06.8
  hand(acquired) --see Deformity, limb, hand
    congenital Q68.1
  head(acquired) M95.2
    congenital Q75.8
  heart(congenital) Q24.9
    septum Q21.9
      auricular Q21.1
      ventricular Q21.0
    valve(congenital) NEC Q24.8
      acquired --see Endocarditis
  heel(acquired) --see Deformity, foot
  hepatic duct(congenital) Q44.5
    acquired K83.8
  hip(joint) (acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, thigh
    congenital Q65.9
    due to(previous) juvenile osteochondrosis --see Coxa, plana
    flexion --see Contraction, joint, hip
  hourglass --see Contraction, hourglass
  humerus(acquired) M21.82-
    congenital Q74.0
  hypophyseal(congenital) Q89.2
  ileocecal(coil) (valve) (acquired) K63.89
    congenital Q43.9
  ileum(congenital) Q43.9
    acquired K63.89
  ilium(acquired) M95.5
    congenital Q74.2
  integument(congenital) Q84.9
  intervertebral cartilage or disc(acquired) --see Disorder, disc, specified NEC
  intestine(large) (small) (congenital) NOS Q43.9
    acquired K63.89
  intrinsic minus or plus(hand) --see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, forearm
  iris(acquired) H21.89
    congenital Q13.2
  ischium(acquired) M95.5
    congenital Q74.2
  jaw(acquired) (congenital) M26.9
  joint(acquired) NEC M21.90
    congenital Q68.8
    elbow M21.92-
    hand M21.94-
    hip M21.95-
    knee M21.96-
    shoulder M21.92-
    wrist M21.93-
  kidney(s) (calyx) (pelvis) (congenital) Q63.9
    acquired N28.89
    artery(congenital) Q27.2
      acquired I77.89
  Klippel-Feil(brevicollis) Q76.1
  knee(acquired) NEC --see also Deformity, limb, lower leg
    congenital Q68.2
  labium(majus) (minus) (congenital) Q52.79
    acquired N90.89
  lacrimal passages or duct(congenital) NEC Q10.6
    acquired --see Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
  larynx(muscle) (congenital) Q31.8
    acquired J38.7
    web(glottic) Q31.0
  leg(upper) (acquired) NEC --see also Deformity, limb, thigh
    congenital Q68.8
    lower leg --see Deformity, limb, lower leg
  lens(acquired) H27.8
    congenital Q12.9
  lid(fold) (acquired) --see also Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
    congenital Q10.3
  ligament(acquired) --see Disorder, ligament
    congenital Q79.9
  limb(acquired) M21.90
    clawfoot M21.53-
    clawhand M21.51-
    clubfoot M21.54-
    clubhand M21.52-
    congenital, except reduction deformity Q74.9
    flat foot M21.4-
    flexion M21.20
      ankle M21.27-
      elbow M21.22-
      finger M21.24-
      hip M21.25-
      knee M21.26-
      shoulder M21.21-
      toe M21.27-
      wrist M21.23-
      claw --see Deformity, limb, clawfoot
      club --see Deformity, limb, clubfoot
      drop M21.37-
      flat --see Deformity, limb, flat foot
      specified NEC M21.6X-
    forearm M21.93-
    hand M21.94-
    lower leg M21.96-
    specified type NEC M21.80
      forearm M21.83-
      lower leg M21.86-
      thigh M21.85-
      upper arm M21.82-
    thigh M21.95-
    unequal length M21.70
      short site is
        femur M21.75-
        fibula M21.76-
        humerus M21.72-
        radius M21.73-
        tibia M21.76-
        ulna M21.73-
    upper arm M21.92-
    valgus --see Deformity, valgus
    varus --see Deformity, varus
    wrist drop M21.33-
  lip(acquired) NEC K13.0
    congenital Q38.0
  liver(congenital) Q44.7
    acquired K76.89
  lumbosacral(congenital) (joint) (region) Q76.49
    acquired M43.8
    kyphosis --see Kyphosis, congenital
    lordosis --see Lordosis, congenital
  lung(congenital) Q33.9
    acquired J98.4
  lymphatic system, congenital Q89.9
  Madelung's(radius) Q74.0
  mandible(acquired) (congenital) M26.9
  maxilla(acquired) (congenital) M26.9
  meninges or membrane(congenital) Q07.9
    cerebral Q04.8
      acquired G96.19
    spinal cord(congenital) G96.19
      acquired G96.19
  metacarpus(acquired) --see Deformity, limb, forearm
    congenital Q74.0
  metatarsus(acquired) --see Deformity, foot
    congenital Q66.9
  middle ear(congenital) Q16.4
    ossicles Q16.3
  mitral(leaflets) (valve) I05.8
    parachute Q23.2
    stenosis, congenital Q23.2
  mouth(acquired) K13.79
    congenital Q38.6
  multiple, congenital NEC Q89.7
  muscle(acquired) M62.89
    congenital Q79.9
      sternocleidomastoid Q68.0
  musculoskeletal system(acquired) M95.9
    congenital Q79.9
    specified NEC M95.8
  nail(acquired) L60.8
    congenital Q84.6
  nasal --see Deformity, nose
  neck(acquired) M95.3
    congenital Q18.9
      sternocleidomastoid Q68.0
  nervous system(congenital) Q07.9
  nipple(congenital) Q83.9
    acquired N64.89
  nose(acquired) (cartilage) M95.0
    bone(turbinate) M95.0
    congenital Q30.9
      bent or squashed Q67.4
    saddle M95.0
      syphilitic A50.57
    septum(acquired) J34.2
      congenital Q30.8
    sinus(wall) (congenital) Q30.8
      acquired M95.0
    syphilitic(congenital) A50.57
      late A52.73
  ocular muscle(congenital) Q10.3
    acquired --see Strabismus, mechanical
  opticociliary vessels(congenital) Q13.2
  orbit(eye) (acquired) H05.30
    atrophy --see Atrophy, orbit
    congenital Q10.7
    due to
      bone disease NEC H05.32-
      trauma or surgery H05.33-
    enlargement --see Enlargement, orbit
    exostosis --see Exostosis, orbit
  organ of Corti(congenital) Q16.5
  ovary(congenital) Q50.39
    acquired N83.8
  oviduct, acquired N83.8
  palate(congenital) Q38.5
    acquired M27.8
    cleft(congenital) --see Cleft, palate
  pancreas(congenital) Q45.3
    acquired K86.8
  parathyroid(gland) Q89.2
  parotid(gland) (congenital) Q38.4
    acquired K11.8
  patella(acquired) --see Disorder, patella, specified NEC
  pelvis, pelvic(acquired) (bony) M95.5
    with disproportion(fetopelvic) O33.0
      causing obstructed labor O65.0
    congenital Q74.2
    rachitic sequelae(late effect) E64.3
  penis(glans) (congenital) Q55.69
    acquired N48.89
  pericardium(congenital) Q24.8
    acquired --see Pericarditis
  pharynx(congenital) Q38.8
    acquired J39.2
  pinna, acquired --see also Disorder, pinna, deformity
    congenital Q17.9
  pituitary(congenital) Q89.2
  posture --see Dorsopathy, deforming
  prepuce(congenital) Q55.69
    acquired N47.8
  prostate(congenital) Q55.4
    acquired N42.89
  pupil(congenital) Q13.2
    acquired --see Abnormality, pupillary
  pylorus(congenital) Q40.3
    acquired K31.89
  rachitic(acquired), old or healed E64.3
  radius(acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, forearm
    congenital Q68.8
  rectum(congenital) Q43.9
    acquired K62.89
  reduction(extremity) (limb), congenital --see also condition and siteQ73.8
    brain Q04.3
    lower --see Defect, reduction, lower limb
    upper --see Defect, reduction, upper limb
  renal --see Deformity, kidney
  respiratory system(congenital) Q34.9
  rib(acquired) M95.4
    congenital Q76.6
      cervical Q76.5
  rotation(joint) (acquired) --see Deformity, limb, specified site NEC
    congenital Q74.9
    hip --see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, thigh
      congenital Q65.89
  sacroiliac joint(congenital) Q74.2
    acquired M43.8
  sacrum(acquired) M43.8
    back --see Lordosis
    nose M95.0
      syphilitic A50.57
  salivary gland or duct(congenital) Q38.4
    acquired K11.8
  scapula(acquired) M95.8
    congenital Q68.8
  scrotum(congenital) --see also Malformation, testis and scrotum
    acquired N50.8
  seminal vesicles(congenital) Q55.4
    acquired N50.8
  septum, nasal(acquired) J34.2
  shoulder(joint) (acquired) --see Deformity, limb, upper arm
    congenital Q74.0
    contraction --see Contraction, joint, shoulder
  sigmoid(flexure) (congenital) Q43.9
    acquired K63.89
  skin(congenital) Q82.9
  skull(acquired) M95.2
    congenital Q75.8
        anencephaly Q00.0
        encephalocele --see Encephalocele
        hydrocephalus Q03.9
          with spina bifida --see Spina bifida, by site, with hydrocephalus
        microcephaly Q02
  soft parts, organs or tissues(of pelvis)
    in pregnancy or childbirth NEC O34.8-
      causing obstructed labor O65.5
  spermatic cord(congenital) Q55.4
    acquired N50.8
      torsion --see Torsion, spermatic cord
  spinal --see Dorsopathy, deforming
    column(acquired) --see Dorsopathy, deforming
    congenital Q67.5
    cord(congenital) Q06.9
      acquired G95.89
    nerve root(congenital) Q07.9
  spine(acquired) --see also Dorsopathy, deforming
    congenital Q67.5
    rachitic E64.3
    specified NEC --see Dorsopathy, deforming, specified NEC
    acquired D73.89
    congenital Q89.09
  Sprengel's(congenital) Q74.0
  sternocleidomastoid(muscle), congenital Q68.0
  sternum(acquired) M95.4
    congenital NEC Q76.7
  stomach(congenital) Q40.3
    acquired K31.89
  submandibular gland(congenital) Q38.4
  submaxillary gland(congenital) Q38.4
    acquired K11.8
  talipes --see Talipes
  testis(congenital) --see also Malformation, testis and scrotum
    acquired N44.8
      torsion --see Torsion, testis
  thigh(acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, thigh
    congenital NEC Q68.8
  thorax(acquired) (wall) M95.4
    congenital Q67.8
    sequelae of rickets E64.3
  thumb(acquired) --see also Deformity, finger
    congenital NEC Q68.1
  thymus(tissue) (congenital) Q89.2
  thyroid(gland) (congenital) Q89.2
    cartilage Q31.8
      acquired J38.7
  tibia(acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, lower leg
    congenital NEC Q68.8
    saber(syphilitic) A50.56
  toe(acquired) M20.6-
    congenital Q66.9
    hallux rigidus M20.2-
    hallux valgus M20.1-
    hallux varus M20.3-
    hammer toe M20.4-
    specified NEC M20.5X-
  tongue(congenital) Q38.3
    acquired K14.8
  tooth, teeth K00.2
  trachea(rings) (congenital) Q32.1
    acquired J39.8
  transverse aortic arch(congenital) Q25.4
  tricuspid(leaflets) (valve) I07.8
    atresia or stenosis Q22.4
    Ebstein's Q22.5
  trunk(acquired) M95.8
    congenital Q89.9
  ulna(acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, forearm
    congenital NEC Q68.8
  urachus, congenital Q64.4
  ureter(opening) (congenital) Q62.8
    acquired N28.89
  urethra(congenital) Q64.79
    acquired N36.8
  urinary tract(congenital) Q64.9
    urachus Q64.4
  uterus(congenital) Q51.9
    acquired N85.8
  uvula(congenital) Q38.5
  vagina(acquired) N89.8
    congenital Q52.4
  valgus NEC M21.00
    ankle M21.07-
    elbow M21.02-
    hip M21.05-
    knee M21.06-
  valve, valvular(congenital) (heart) Q24.8
    acquired --see Endocarditis
  varus NEC M21.10
    ankle M21.17-
    elbow M21.12-
    hip M21.15
    knee M21.16-
    tibia --see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
  vas deferens(congenital) Q55.4
    acquired N50.8
  vein(congenital) Q27.9
    great Q26.9
  vertebra --see Dorsopathy, deforming
  vertical talus(congenital) Q66.80
    left foot Q66.82
    right foot Q66.81
  vesicourethral orifice(acquired) N32.89
    congenital NEC Q64.79
  vessels of optic papilla(congenital) Q14.2
  visual field(contraction) --see Defect, visual field
  vitreous body, acquired H43.89
  vulva(congenital) Q52.79
    acquired N90.89
  wrist(joint) (acquired) --see also Deformity, limb, forearm
    congenital Q68.8
    contraction --see Contraction, joint, wrist
Degeneration, degenerative
  adrenal(capsule) (fatty) (gland) (hyaline) (infectional) E27.8
  amyloid --see also AmyloidosisE85.9
  anterior cornua, spinal cord G12.29
  anterior labral S43.49-
  aorta, aortic I70.0
    fatty I77.89
  aortic valve(heart) --see Endocarditis, aortic
  arteriovascular --see Arteriosclerosis
  artery, arterial(atheromatous) (calcareous) --see also Arteriosclerosis
    cerebral, amyloid E85.4I68.0
    medial --see Arteriosclerosis, extremities
  articular cartilage NEC --see Derangement, joint, articular cartilage, by site
  atheromatous --see Arteriosclerosis
  basal nuclei or ganglia G23.9
    specified NEC G23.8
  bone NEC --see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
  brachial plexus G54.0
  brain(cortical) (progressive) G31.9
    alcoholic G31.2
    arteriosclerotic I67.2
    childhood G31.9
      specified NEC G31.89
    cystic G31.89
      congenital Q04.6
      alcoholism G31.2
      beriberi E51.2
      cerebrovascular disease I67.9
      congenital hydrocephalus Q03.9
        with spina bifida --see also Spina bifida
      Fabry-Anderson disease E75.21
      Gaucher's disease E75.22
      Hunter's syndrome E76.1
        cerebral E75.4
        generalized E75.6
      mucopolysaccharidosis --see Mucopolysaccharidosis
      myxedema E03.9G32.89
      neoplastic disease --see also NeoplasmD49.6G32.89
      Niemann-Pick disease E75.249G32.89
      sphingolipidosis E75.3G32.89
      vitamin B12 deficiency E53.8G32.89
    senile NEC G31.1
  breast N64.89
  Bruch's membrane --see Degeneration, choroid
  capillaries(fatty) I78.8
    amyloid E85.8I79.8
  cardiac --see also Degeneration, myocardial
    valve, valvular --see Endocarditis
  cardiorenal --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
  cardiovascular --see also Disease, cardiovascular
    renal --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
  cerebellar NOS G31.9
    alcoholic G31.2
    primary(hereditary) (sporadic) G11.9
  cerebral --see Degeneration, brain
  cerebrovascular I67.9
    due to hypertension I67.4
  cervical plexus G54.2
  cervix N88.8
    due to radiation(intended effect) N88.8
      adverse effect or misadventure N99.89
  chamber angle H21.21-
  changes, spine or vertebra --see Spondylosis
  chorioretinal --see also Degeneration, choroid
    hereditary H31.20
  choroid(colloid) (drusen) H31.10-
    atrophy --see Atrophy, choroidal
    hereditary --see Dystrophy, choroidal, hereditary
  ciliary body H21.22-
  cochlear H83.8
  combined(spinal cord) (subacute) E53.8G32.0
    with anemia(pernicious) D51.0G32.0
      due to dietary vitamin B12 deficiency D51.3G32.0
    in(due to)
      vitamin B12 deficiency E53.8G32.0
        anemia D51.9G32.0
  conjunctiva H11.10
    concretions --see Concretion, conjunctiva
    deposits --see Deposit, conjunctiva
    pigmentations --see Pigmentation, conjunctiva
    pinguecula --see Pinguecula
    xerosis --see Xerosis, conjunctiva
  cornea H18.40
    calcerous H18.43
      band keratopathy H18.42-
    familial, hereditary --see Dystrophy, cornea
    hyaline(of old scars) H18.49
    keratomalacia --see Keratomalacia
    nodular H18.45-
    peripheral H18.46-
    senile H18.41-
    specified type NEC H18.49
  cortical(cerebellar) (parenchymatous) G31.89
    alcoholic G31.2
    diffuse, due to arteriopathy I67.2
  corticobasal G31.85
  cutis L98.8
    amyloid E85.4L99
  dental pulp K04.2
  disc disease --see Degeneration, intervertebral disc NEC
  dorsolateral(spinal cord) --see Degeneration, combined
  extrapyramidal G25.9
  eye, macular --see also Degeneration, macula
    congenital or hereditary --see Dystrophy, retina
  facet joints --see Spondylosis
    liver NEC K76.0
      alcoholic K70.0
  grey matter(brain) (Alpers') G31.81
  heart --see also Degeneration, myocardial
    amyloid E85.4I43
    atheromatous --see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
    ischemic --see Disease, heart, ischemic
  hepatolenticular(Wilson's) E83.01
  hepatorenal K76.7
  hyaline(diffuse) (generalized)
    localized --see Degeneration, by site
  infrapatellar fat pad M79.4
  intervertebral disc NOS
      myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
      radiculitis or radiculopathy --see Disorder, disc, with, radiculopathy
    cervical, cervicothoracic --see Disorder, disc, cervical, degeneration
        myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, cervical, with myelopathy
        neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy --see Disorder, disc, cervical, with neuritis
    lumbar region M51.36
        myelopathy M51.06
        neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.16
    lumbosacral region M51.37
        neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.17
    sacrococcygeal region M53.3
    thoracic region M51.34
        myelopathy M51.04
        neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy M51.14
    thoracolumbar region M51.35
        myelopathy M51.05
        neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy M51.15
  intestine, amyloid E85.4
  iris(pigmentary) H21.23-
  ischemic --see Ischemia
  joint disease --see Osteoarthritis
  kidney N28.89
    amyloid E85.4N29
    cystic, congenital Q61.9
    fatty N28.89
    polycystic Q61.3
      adult type(autosomal dominant) Q61.2
      infantile type(autosomal recessive) NEC Q61.19
        collecting duct dilatation Q61.11
  Kuhnt-Junius --see also Degeneration, maculaH35.32
  lens --see Cataract
  lenticular(familial) (progressive) (Wilson's) (with cirrhosis of liver) E83.01
  liver(diffuse) NEC K76.89
    amyloid E85.4K77
    cystic K76.89
      congenital Q44.6
    fatty NEC K76.0
      alcoholic K70.0
    hypertrophic K76.89
    parenchymatous, acute or subacute K72.00
      with coma K72.01
    pigmentary K76.89
    toxic(acute) K71.9
  lung J98.4
  lymph gland I89.8
    hyaline I89.8
  macula, macular(acquired) (age-related) (senile) H35.30
    angioid streaks H35.33
    atrophic age-related H35.31
    congenital or hereditary --see Dystrophy, retina
    cystoid H35.35-
    drusen H35.36-
    exudative H35.32
    hole H35.34-
    nonexudative H35.31
    puckering H35.37-
    toxic H35.38-
  membranous labyrinth, congenital(causing impairment of hearing) Q16.5
  meniscus --see Derangement, meniscus
  mitral --see Insufficiency, mitral
  Mönckeberg's --see Arteriosclerosis, extremities
  motor centers, senile G31.1
  multi-system G90.3
  mural --see Degeneration, myocardial
  muscle(fatty) (fibrous) (hyaline) (progressive) M62.89
    heart --see Degeneration, myocardial
  myelin, central nervous system G37.9
  myocardial, myocardium(fatty) (hyaline) (senile) I51.5
    with rheumatic fever(conditions in I00) I09.0
      active, acute or subacute I01.2
        with chorea I02.0
      inactive or quiescent(with chorea) I09.0
    hypertensive --see Hypertension, heart
    rheumatic --see Degeneration, myocardial, with rheumatic fever
    syphilitic A52.06
  nasal sinus(mucosa) J32.9
    frontal J32.1
    maxillary J32.0
  nerve --see Disorder, nerve
  nervous system G31.9
    alcoholic G31.2
    amyloid E85.4G99.8
    autonomic G90.9
    fatty G31.89
    specified NEC G31.89
  nipple N64.89
  olivopontocerebellar(hereditary) (familial) G23.8
  osseous labyrinth H83.8
  ovary N83.8
    cystic N83.20
    microcystic N83.20
  pallidal pigmentary(progressive) G23.0
  pancreas K86.8
    tuberculous A18.83
  penis N48.89
  pigmentary(diffuse) (general)
    localized --see Degeneration, by site
    pallidal(progressive) G23.0
  pineal gland E34.8
  pituitary(gland) E23.6
  popliteal fat pad M79.4
  posterolateral(spinal cord) --see Degeneration, combined
  pulmonary valve(heart) I37.8
  pulp(tooth) K04.2
  pupillary margin H21.24-
  renal --see Degeneration, kidney
  retina H35.9
    hereditary(cerebroretinal) (congenital) (juvenile) (macula) (peripheral) (pigmentary) --see Dystrophy, retina
    Kuhnt-Junius --see also Degeneration, maculaH35.32
    macula(cystic) (exudative) (hole) (nonexudative) (pseudohole) (senile) (toxic) --see Degeneration, macula
    peripheral H35.40
      lattice H35.41-
      microcystoid H35.42-
      paving stone H35.43-
        pigmentary H35.45-
        vitreoretinal H35.46-
      senile reticular H35.44-
    pigmentary(primary) --see also Dystrophy, retina
      secondary --see Degeneration, retina, peripheral, secondary
    posterior pole --see Degeneration, macula
  saccule, congenital(causing impairment of hearing) Q16.5
  senile R54
    brain G31.1
    cardiac, heart or myocardium --see Degeneration, myocardial
    motor centers G31.1
    vascular --see Arteriosclerosis
  sinus(cystic) --see also Sinusitis
    polypoid J33.1
  skin L98.8
    amyloid E85.4L99
    colloid L98.8
  spinal(cord) G31.89
    amyloid E85.4G32.89
    combined(subacute) --see Degeneration, combined
    dorsolateral --see Degeneration, combined
    familial NEC G31.89
    fatty G31.89
    funicular --see Degeneration, combined
    posterolateral --see Degeneration, combined
    subacute combined --see Degeneration, combined
    tuberculous A17.81
  spleen D73.0
    amyloid E85.4D77
  stomach K31.89
  striatonigral G23.2
  suprarenal(capsule) (gland) E27.8
  synovial membrane(pulpy) --see Disorder, synovium, specified type NEC
  tapetoretinal --see Dystrophy, retina
  thymus(gland) E32.8
    fatty E32.8
  thyroid(gland) E07.89
  tricuspid(heart) (valve) I07.9
  tuberculous NEC --see Tuberculosis
  turbinate J34.89
  uterus(cystic) N85.8
  vascular(senile) --see Arteriosclerosis
    hypertensive --see Hypertension
  vitreoretinal, secondary --see Degeneration, retina, peripheral, secondary, vitreoretinal
  vitreous(body) H43.81-
  Wallerian --see Disorder, nerve
  Wilson's hepatolenticular E83.01
  paralysis R13.0
    hysterical F44.4
  pneumonia J69.0
Degos' disease I77.89
  amputation stump T87.81
  cesarean wound O90.0
  closure of
    cornea T81.31
    craniotomy T81.32
    fascia(muscular) (superficial) T81.32
    internal organ or tissue T81.32
    laceration(external) (internal) T81.33
    ligament T81.32
    mucosa T81.31
    muscle or muscle flap T81.32
    ribs or rib cage T81.32
    skin and subcutaneous tissue(full-thickness) (superficial) T81.31
    skull T81.32
    sternum(sternotomy) T81.32
    tendon T81.32
    traumatic laceration(external) (internal) T81.33
  episiotomy O90.1
  operation wound NEC T81.31
    external operation wound(superficial) T81.31
    internal operation wound(deep) T81.32
  perineal wound(postpartum) O90.1
  traumatic injury wound repair T81.33
  wound T81.30
    traumatic repair T81.33
Dehydration E86.0
  hypertonic E87.0
  hypotonic E87.1
  newborn P74.1
Déjérine-Roussy syndrome G89.0
Déjérine-Sottas disease or neuropathy(hypertrophic) G60.0
Déjérine-Thomas atrophy G23.8
Delay, delayed
  any plane in pelvis
    complicating delivery O66.9
  birth or delivery NOS O63.9
  closure, ductus arteriosus(Botalli) P29.3
  coagulation --see Defect, coagulation
  conduction(cardiac) (ventricular) I45.9
  delivery, second twin, triplet, etc O63.2
  development R62.50
    global F88
    intellectual(specific) F81.9
    language F80.9
      due to hearing loss F80.4
    learning F81.9
    pervasive F84.9
    physiological R62.50
      specified stage NEC R62.0
    reading F81.0
    sexual E30.0
    speech F80.9
      due to hearing loss F80.4
    spelling F81.81
  gastric emptying K30
  menarche E30.0
  menstruation(cause unknown) N91.0
  milestone R62.0
  passage of meconium(newborn) P76.0
  primary respiration P28.9
  puberty(constitutional) E30.0
  separation of umbilical cord P96.82
  sexual maturation, female E30.0
  sleep phase syndrome G47.21
  union, fracture --see Fracture, by site
  vaccination Z28.9
  autosome Q93.9
    identified by fluorescence in situ hybridization(FISH) Q93.89
    identified by in situ hybridization(ISH) Q93.89
    with complex rearrangements NEC Q93.7
    part of NEC Q93.5
    seen only at prometaphase Q93.89
    short arm
      4 Q93.3
      5p Q93.4
      22q11.2 Q93.81
    specified NEC Q93.89
  long arm chromosome 18 or 21 Q93.89
    with complex rearrangements NEC Q93.7
  microdeletions NEC Q93.88
Delhi boil or button B55.1
Delinquency(juvenile) (neurotic) F91.8
  group Z72.810
Delinquent immunization status Z28.3
Delirium, delirious(acute or subacute) (not alcohol- or drug-induced) (with dementia) R41.0
  alcoholic(acute) (tremens) (withdrawal) F10.921
    with intoxication F10.921
        abuse F10.121
        dependence F10.221
  due to(secondary to)
      intoxication F10.921
          abuse F10.121
          dependence F10.221
      withdrawal F10.231
    amphetamine intoxication F15.921
        abuse F15.121
        dependence F15.221
      intoxication F13.921
          abuse F13.121
          dependence F13.221
      withdrawal F13.231
    cannabis intoxication(acute) F12.921
        abuse F12.121
        dependence F12.221
    cocaine intoxication(acute) F14.921
        abuse F14.121
        dependence F14.221
    general medical condition F05
    hallucinogen intoxication F16.921
        abuse F16.121
        dependence F16.221
      intoxication F13.921
          abuse F13.121
          dependence F13.221
      withdrawal F13.231
    inhalant intoxication(acute) F18.921
        abuse F18.121
        dependence F18.221
    multiple etiologies F05
    opioid intoxication(acute) F11.921
        abuse F11.121
        dependence F11.221
    phencyclidine intoxication(acute) F16.921
        abuse F16.121
        dependence F16.221
    psychoactive substance NEC intoxication(acute) F19.921
        abuse F19.121
        dependence F19.221
      intoxication F13.921
          abuse F13.121
          dependence F13.221
      withdrawal F13.231
    unknown etiology F05
  exhaustion F43.0
  hysterical F44.89
  postprocedural(postoperative) F05
  puerperal F05
  thyroid --see Thyrotoxicosis with thyroid storm
  traumatic --see Injury, intracranial
  tremens(alcohol-induced) F10.231
    sedative-induced F13.231
Delivery(childbirth) (labor)
  arrested active phase O62.1
      pelvis(bony) (deformity) (major) NEC with disproportion (fetopelvic) O33.0
        with obstructed labor O65.0
      presentation or position O32.9
    abruptio placentae --see also Abruptio placentaeO45.9-
    acromion presentation O32.2
    atony, uterus O62.2
    breech presentation O32.1
      incomplete O32.8
    brow presentation O32.3
    cephalopelvic disproportion O33.9
    cerclage O34.3-
    chin presentation O32.3
    cicatrix of cervix O34.4-
    contracted pelvis(general)
      inlet O33.2
      outlet O33.3
    cord presentation or prolapse O69.0
    cystocele O34.8-
    deformity(acquired) (congenital)
      pelvic organs or tissues NEC O34.8-
      pelvis(bony) NEC O33.0
    disproportion NOS O33.9
    eclampsia --see Eclampsia
    face presentation O32.3
      forceps O66.5
      induction of labor O61.9
        instrumental O61.1
        mechanical O61.1
        medical O61.0
        specified NEC O61.8
        surgical O61.1
      trial of labor NOS O66.40
        following previous cesarean delivery O66.41
      vacuum extraction O66.5
      ventouse O66.5
    fetal-maternal hemorrhage O43.01-
    hemorrhage(intrapartum) O67.9
      with coagulation defect O67.0
      specified cause NEC O67.8
    high head at term O32.4
    hydrocephalic fetus O33.6
    incarceration of uterus O34.51-
    incoordinate uterine action O62.4
    increased size, fetus O33.5
    inertia, uterus O62.2
      primary O62.0
      secondary O62.1
    lateroversion, uterus O34.59-
    mal lie O32.9
      fetus O32.9
      pelvic organs or tissues NEC O34.8-
      uterus NEC O34.59-
    malpresentation NOS O32.9
    oblique presentation O32.2
    occurring after 37 completed weeks of gestation but before 39 completed weeks gestation due to(spontaneous) onset of labor O75.82
    oversize fetus O33.5
    pelvic tumor NEC O34.8-
    placenta previa O44.1-
      without hemorrhage O44.0-
    placental insufficiency O36.51-
    planned, occurring after 37 completed weeks of gestation but before 39 completed weeks gestation due to(spontaneous) onset of labor O75.82
    polyp, cervix O34.4-
      causing obstructed labor O65.5
    poor dilatation, cervix O62.0
    pre-eclampsia O14.9-
      mild O14.0-
      moderate O14.0-
        with hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count(HELLP) O14.2-
      cesarean delivery O34.21
        cervix O34.4-
        gynecological NEC O34.8-
        rectum O34.7-
        uterus O34.29
        vagina O34.6-
      arm or hand O32.2
      uterus O34.52-
    prolonged labor NOS O63.9
    rectocele O34.8-
      uterus O34.53-
      cervix O34.4-
      pelvic floor O34.8-
      perineum O34.7-
      vagina O34.6-
      vulva O34.7-
    sacculation, pregnant uterus O34.59-
      cervix O34.4-
      cesarean delivery O34.21
      uterus O34.29
    Shirodkar suture in situ O34.3-
    shoulder presentation O32.2
    stenosis or stricture, cervix O34.4-
    streptococcus B carrier state O99.824
    transverse presentation or lie O32.2
    tumor, pelvic organs or tissues NEC O34.8-
      cervix O34.4-
    umbilical cord presentation or prolapse O69.0
    without indication O82
  completely normal case O80
  complicated O75.9
      abnormal, abnormality(of)
        forces of labor O62.9
          specified type NEC O62.8
        glucose O99.814
        uterine contractions NOS O62.9
      abruptio placentae --see also Abruptio placentaeO45.9-
        physical O9A.32
        psychological O9A.52
        sexual O9A.42
      adherent placenta O72.0
        without hemorrhage O73.0
      alcohol use O99.314
      anemia(pre-existing) O99.02
      anesthetic death O74.8
      annular detachment of cervix O71.3
      atony, uterus O62.2
      attempted vacuum extraction and forceps O66.5
      Bandl's ring O62.4
      bariatric surgery status O99.844
      biliary tract disorder O26.62
      bleeding --see Delivery, complicated by, hemorrhage
      blood disorder NEC O99.12
      cervical dystocia(hypotonic) O62.2
        primary O62.0
        secondary O62.1
      circulatory system disorder O99.42
      compression of cord(umbilical) NEC O69.2
      condition NEC O99.89
      contraction, contracted ring O62.4
        around neck
          with compression O69.1
          without compression O69.81
        bruising O69.5
        complication O69.9
          specified NEC O69.89
        compression NEC O69.2
        entanglement O69.2
          without compression O69.82
        hematoma O69.5
        presentation O69.0
        prolapse O69.0
        short O69.3
        thrombosis(vessels) O69.5
        vascular lesion O69.5
      Couvelaire uterus O45.8X-
      damage to(injury to) NEC
        perineum O71.82
        periurethral tissue O71.82
        vulva O71.82
      delay following rupture of membranes(spontaneous) --see Pregnancy, complicated by, premature rupture of membranes
      depressed fetal heart tones O76
      diabetes O24.92
        gestational O24.429
          diet controlled O24.420
          insulin controlled O24.424
        pre-existing O24.32
          specified NEC O24.82
          type 1 O24.02
          type 2 O24.12
      diastasis recti(abdominis) O71.89
        bladder O66.8
        cervix incomplete, poor or slow O62.0
      disease NEC O99.89
      disruptio uteri --see Delivery, complicated by, rupture, uterus
      drug use O99.324
      dysfunction, uterus NOS O62.9
        hypertonic O62.4
        hypotonic O62.2
          primary O62.0
          secondary O62.1
        incoordinate O62.4
      eclampsia O15.1
      embolism(pulmonary) --see Embolism, obstetric
      endocrine, nutritional or metabolic disease NEC O99.284
        attempted vaginal birth after previous cesarean delivery O66.41
        induction of labor O61.9
          instrumental O61.1
          mechanical O61.1
          medical O61.0
          specified NEC O61.8
          surgical O61.1
        trial of labor O66.40
      female genital mutilation O65.5
        abnormal acid-base balance O68
        acidemia O68
        acidosis O68
        alkalosis O68
        death, early O02.1
        deformity O66.3
        heart rate or rhythm(abnormal) (non-reassuring) O76
        hypoxia O77.8
        stress O77.9
          due to drug administration O77.1
          electrocardiographic evidence of O77.8
          specified NEC O77.8
          ultrasound evidence of O77.8
      fever during labor O75.2
      gastric banding status O99.844
      gastric bypass status O99.844
      gastrointestinal disease NEC O99.62
      gestational diabetes O24.429
        diet controlled O24.420
        insulin(and diet) controlled O24.424
      gonorrhea O98.22
      hematoma O71.7
        ischial spine O71.7
        pelvic O71.7
        vagina O71.7
        vulva or perineum O71.7
      hemorrhage(uterine) O67.9
        associated with
          afibrinogenemia O67.0
          coagulation defect O67.0
          hyperfibrinolysis O67.0
          hypofibrinogenemia O67.0
        due to
          low-lying placenta O44.1-
          placenta previa O44.1-
          premature separation of placenta(normally implanted) --see also Abruptio placentaeO45.9-
          retained placenta O72.0
          uterine leiomyoma O67.8
        placenta NEC O67.8
        postpartum NEC(atonic) (immediate) O72.1
          with retained or trapped placenta O72.0
          delayed O72.2
          secondary O72.2
          third stage O72.0
      hourglass contraction, uterus O62.4
      hypertension, hypertensive(pre-existing) --see Hypertension, complicated by, childbirth (labor)
      hypotension O26.5-
      incomplete dilatation(cervix) O62.0
      incoordinate uterus contractions O62.4
      inertia, uterus O62.2
        during latent phase of labor O62.0
        primary O62.0
        secondary O62.1
      infection(maternal) O98.92
        carrier state NEC O99.834
        gonorrhea O98.22
        human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) O98.72
        sexually transmitted NEC O98.32
        specified NEC O98.82
        syphilis O98.12
        tuberculosis O98.02
        viral hepatitis O98.42
        viral NEC O98.52
      injury(to mother) --see also Delivery, complicated, by, damage toO71.9
        nonobstetric O9A.22
          caused by abuse --see Delivery, complicated by, abuse
      intrauterine fetal death, early O02.1
      inversion, uterus O71.2
      laceration(perineal) O70.9
        anus(sphincter) O70.4
          with third degree laceration O70.2
            with mucosa O70.3
          without third degree laceration O70.4
        bladder(urinary) O71.5
        bowel O71.5
        cervix(uteri) O71.3
        fourchette O70.0
        hymen O70.0
        labia O70.0
          floor O70.1
          organ NEC O71.5
        perineum, perineal O70.9
          first degree O70.0
          fourth degree O70.3
          muscles O70.1
          second degree O70.1
          skin O70.0
          slight O70.0
          third degree O70.2
        peritoneum(pelvic) O71.5
        rectovaginal(septum) (without perineal laceration) O71.4
          with perineum O70.2
            with anal or rectal mucosa O70.3
        specified NEC O71.89
        sphincter ani --see Delivery, complicated, by, laceration, anus (sphincter)
        urethra O71.5
        uterus O71.81
          before labor O71.81
        vagina, vaginal(deep) (high) (without perineal laceration) O71.4
          with perineum O70.0
          muscles, with perineum O70.1
        vulva O70.0
      liver disorder O26.62
      malignancy O9A.12
      malnutrition O25.2
      malposition, malpresentation
        placenta(with hemorrhage) O44.1-
          without hemorrhage O44.0-
        uterus or cervix O65.5
        without obstruction --see also Delivery, complicated by, obstructionO32.9
          breech O32.1
          compound O32.6
          face(brow) (chin) O32.3
          footling O32.8
          high head O32.4
          oblique O32.2
          specified NEC O32.8
          transverse O32.2
          unstable lie O32.0
      meconium in amniotic fluid O77.0
      mental disorder NEC O99.344
      metrorrhexis --see Delivery, complicated by, rupture, uterus
      nervous system disorder O99.354
      obesity(pre-existing) O99.214
      obesity surgery status O99.844
      obstetric trauma O71.9
        specified NEC O71.89
      obstructed labor
        due to
          breech(complete) (frank) presentation O64.1
            incomplete O64.8
          brow presenation O64.3
          buttock presentation O64.1
          chin presentation O64.2
          compound presentation O64.5
          contracted pelvis O65.1
          deep transverse arrest O64.0
          deformed pelvis O65.0
          dystocia(fetal) O66.9
            due to
              conjoined twins O66.3
                abnormality NEC O66.3
                ascites O66.3
                hydrops O66.3
                meningomyelocele O66.3
                sacral teratoma O66.3
                tumor O66.3
              hydrocephalic fetus O66.3
            shoulder O66.0
          face presentation O64.2
          fetopelvic disproportion O65.4
          footling presentation O64.8
          impacted shoulders O66.0
          incomplete rotation of fetal head O64.0
          large fetus O66.2
          locked twins O66.1
          malposition O64.9
            specified NEC O64.8
          malpresentation O64.9
            specified NEC O64.8
          multiple fetuses NEC O66.6
            abnormality(maternal) O65.9
              organ O65.5
              specified NEC O65.8
              inlet O65.2
              mid-cavity O65.3
              outlet O65.3
            occipitoiliac O64.0
            occipitoposterior O64.0
            occipitosacral O64.0
            occipitotransverse O64.0
          prolapsed arm O64.4
          shoulder presentation O64.4
        specified NEC O66.8
      pathological retraction ring, uterus O62.4
      penetration, pregnant uterus by instrument O71.1
      perforation --see Delivery, complicated by, laceration
      placenta, placental
        ablatio --see also Abruptio placentaeO45.9-
        abnormality O43.9-
          specified NEC O43.89-
        abruptio --see also Abruptio placentaeO45.9-
        accreta O43.21-
        adherent(with hemorrhage) O72.0
          without hemorrhage O73.0
        detachment(premature) --see also Abruptio placentaeO45.9-
        disorder O43.9-
          specified NEC O43.89-
        hemorrhage NEC O67.8
        increta O43.22-
        low(implantation) O44.1-
          without hemorrhage O44.0-
        malformation O43.10-
        malposition O44.1-
          without hemorrhage O44.0-
        percreta O43.23-
        previa(central) (lateral) (low) (marginal) (partial) (total) O44.1-
          without hemorrhage O44.0-
        retained(with hemorrhage) O72.0
          without hemorrhage O73.0
        separation(premature) O45.9-
          specified NEC O45.8X-
        vicious insertion O44.1-
      precipitate labor O62.3
      premature rupture, membranes --see also Pregnancy, complicated by, premature rupture of membranesO42.90
        arm or hand O32.2
        cord(umbilical) O69.0
        foot or leg O32.8
        uterus O34.52-
      prolonged labor O63.9
        first stage O63.0
        second stage O63.1
      protozoal disease(maternal) O98.62
      respiratory disease NEC O99.52
      retained membranes or portions of placenta O72.2
        without hemorrhage O73.1
      retarded birth O63.9
      retention of secundines(with hemorrhage) O72.0
        without hemorrhage O73.0
        partial O72.2
          without hemorrhage O73.1
        bladder(urinary) O71.5
        cervix O71.3
        pelvic organ NEC O71.5
        urethra O71.5
        uterus(during or after labor) O71.1
          before labor O71.0-
      separation, pubic bone(symphysis pubis) O71.6
      shock O75.1
      shoulder presentation O64.4
      skin disorder NEC O99.72
      spasm, cervix O62.4
      stenosis or stricture, cervix O65.5
      streptococcus B carrier state O99.824
      subluxation of symphysis(pubis) O26.72
      syphilis(maternal) O98.12
      tear --see Delivery, complicated by, laceration
      tetanic uterus O62.4
      trauma(obstetrical) --see also Delivery, complicated, by, damage toO71.9
        non-obstetric O9A.22
        periurethral O71.82
        specified NEC O71.89
      tuberculosis(maternal) O98.02
      tumor, pelvic organs or tissues NEC O65.5
      umbilical cord around neck
        with compression O69.1
        without compression O69.81
      uterine inertia O62.2
        during latent phase of labor O62.0
        primary O62.0
        secondary O62.1
      vasa previa O69.4
      velamentous insertion of cord O43.12-
    specified complication NEC O75.89
  delayed NOS O63.9
    following rupture of membranes
      artificial O75.5
    second twin, triplet, etc. O63.2
  forceps, low following failed vacuum extraction O66.5
  missed(at or near term) O36.4
  normal O80
  obstructed --see Delivery, complicated by, obstruction
  precipitate O62.3
  preterm --see also Pregnancy, complicated by, preterm laborO60.10
  spontaneous O80
  term pregnancy NOS O80
  uncomplicated O80
  vaginal, following previous cesarean delivery O34.21
Delusions(paranoid) --see Disorder, delusional
Dementia(degenerative (primary)) (old age) (persisting) F03.90
    aggressive behavior F03.91
    behavioral disturbance F03.91
    combative behavior F03.91
    Lewy bodies G31.83F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G31.83F02.81
    Parkinsonism G31.83F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G31.83F02.81
    Parkinson's disease G20F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G20F02.81
    violent behavior F03.91
  alcoholic F10.97
    with dependence F10.27
  Alzheimer's type --see Disease, Alzheimer's
  arteriosclerotic --see Dementia, vascular
  atypical, Alzheimer's type --see Disease, Alzheimer's, specified NEC
  congenital --see Disability, intellectual
  frontal(lobe) G31.09F02.80
    with behavioral disturbance G31.09F02.81
  frontotemporal G31.09F02.80
    with behavioral disturbance G31.09F02.81
    specified NEC G31.09F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G31.09F02.81
  in(due to)
    alcohol F10.97
      with dependence F10.27
    Alzheimer's disease --see Disease, Alzheimer's
    arteriosclerotic brain disease --see Dementia, vascular
    cerebral lipidoses E75.-F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance E75.-F02.81
    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease --see also Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or syndrome (with dementia)A81.00
    epilepsy G40.-F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G40.-F02.81
    hepatolenticular degeneration E83.01F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance E83.01F02.81
    human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) disease B20F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance B20F02.81
    Huntington's disease or chorea G10
    hypercalcemia E83.52F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance E83.52F02.81
    hypothyroidism, acquired E03.9F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance E03.9F02.81
      due to iodine deficiency E01.8F02.80
        with behavioral disturbance E01.8F02.81
    inhalants F18.97
      with dependence F18.27
      etiologies F03
      sclerosis G35F02.80
        with behavioral disturbance G35F02.81
    neurosyphilis A52.17F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance A52.17F02.81
      juvenile A50.49F02.80
        with behavioral disturbance A50.49F02.81
    niacin deficiency E52F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance E52F02.81
    paralysis agitans G20F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G20F02.81
    Parkinson's disease G20F02.80
    pellagra E52F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance E52F02.81
    Pick's G31.01F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G31.01F02.81
    polyarteritis nodosa M30.0F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance M30.0F02.81
    psychoactive drug F19.97
      with dependence F19.27
      inhalants F18.97
        with dependence F18.27
      sedatives, hypnotics or anxiolytics F13.97
        with dependence F13.27
    sedatives, hypnotics or anxiolytics F13.97
      with dependence F13.27
    systemic lupus erythematosus M32.-F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance M32.-F02.81
      African B56.9F02.80
        with behavioral disturbance B56.9F02.81
    unknown etiology F03
    vitamin B12 deficiency E53.8F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance E53.8F02.81
    volatile solvents F18.97
      with dependence F18.27
    with behavioral disturbance G31.83F02.81
  infantile, infantilis F84.3
  Lewy body G31.83F02.80
    with behavioral disturbance G31.83F02.81
  multi-infarct --see Dementia, vascular
  paralytica, paralytic(syphilitic) A52.17F02.80
    with behavioral disturbance A52.17F02.81
    juvenilis A50.45
  paretic A52.17
  praecox --see Schizophrenia
  presenile F03
    Alzheimer's type --see Disease, Alzheimer's, early onset
  primary degenerative F03
  progressive, syphilitic A52.17
  senile F03
    with acute confusional state F05
    Alzheimer's type --see Disease, Alzheimer's, late onset
    depressed or paranoid type F03
  vascular(acute onset) (mixed) (multi-infarct) (subcortical) F01.50
    with behavioral disturbance F01.51
Demineralization, bone --see Osteoporosis
Demodex folliculorum(infestation) B88.0
Demophobia F40.248
Demoralization R45.3
Demyelination, demyelinization
  central nervous system G37.9
    specified NEC G37.8
  corpus callosum(central) G37.1
  disseminated, acute G36.9
    specified NEC G36.8
  global G35
  in optic neuritis G36.0
Dengue(classical) (fever) A90
  hemorrhagic A91
  sandfly A93.1
Dennie-Marfan syphilitic syndrome A50.45
Dens evaginatus, in dente or invaginatus K00.2
Dense breasts R92.2
  increased, bone(disseminated) (generalized) (spotted) --see Disorder, bone, density and structure, specified type NEC
  lung(nodular) J98.4
Dental --see also condition
  examination Z01.20
    with abnormal findings Z01.21
    aesthetically inadequate or displeasing K08.56
    defective K08.50
      specified NEC K08.59
    failure of marginal integrity K08.51
    failure of periodontal anatomical integrity K08.54
Dentia praecox K00.6
Denticles(pulp) K04.2
Dentigerous cyst K09.0
  irregular(in pulp) K04.3
  opalescent K00.5
  secondary(in pulp) K04.3
  sensitive K03.89
Dentinogenesis imperfecta K00.5
Dentinoma --see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Dentition(syndrome) K00.7
  delayed K00.6
  difficult K00.7
  precocious K00.6
  premature K00.6
  retarded K00.6
Dependence(on) (syndrome) F19.20
  with remission F19.21
  alcohol(ethyl) (methyl) (without remission) F10.20
      amnestic disorder, persisting F10.26
      anxiety disorder F10.280
      dementia, persisting F10.27
      intoxication F10.229
        with delirium F10.221
        uncomplicated F10.220
      mood disorder F10.24
      psychotic disorder F10.259
          delusions F10.250
          hallucinations F10.251
      remission F10.21
      sexual dysfunction F10.281
      sleep disorder F10.282
      specified disorder NEC F10.288
      withdrawal F10.239
          delirium F10.231
          perceptual disturbance F10.232
        uncomplicated F10.230
    counseling and surveillance Z71.41
  amobarbital --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  amphetamine(s) (type) --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  amytal(sodium) --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  analgesic NEC F55.8
  anesthetic(agent) (gas) (general) (local) NEC --see Dependence, drug, psychoactive NEC
  anxiolytic NEC --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  barbital(s) --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  barbiturate(s) (compounds) (drugs classifiable to T42) --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  benzedrine --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  bhang --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  bromide(s) NEC --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  caffeine --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  cannabis(sativa) (indica) (resin) (derivatives) (type) --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  chloral(betaine) (hydrate) --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  chlordiazepoxide --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  coca(leaf) (derivatives) --see Dependence, drug, cocaine
  cocaine --see Dependence, drug, cocaine
  codeine --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  combinations of drugs F19.20
  dagga --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  demerol --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  dexamphetamine --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  dexedrine --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  dextromethorphan --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  dextromoramide --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  dextro-nor-pseudo-ephedrine --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  dextrorphan --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  diazepam --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  dilaudid --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  D-lysergic acid diethylamide --see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
  drug NEC F19.20
    with sleep disorder F19.282
    cannabis F12.20
        anxiety disorder F12.280
        intoxication F12.229
            delirium F12.221
            perceptual disturbance F12.222
          uncomplicated F12.220
        other specified disorder F12.288
        psychosis F12.259
          delusions F12.250
          hallucinations F12.251
        unspecified disorder F12.29
      in remission F12.21
    cocaine F14.20
        anxiety disorder F14.280
        intoxication F14.229
            delirium F14.221
            perceptual disturbance F14.222
          uncomplicated F14.220
        mood disorder F14.24
        other specified disorder F14.288
        psychosis F14.259
          delusions F14.250
          hallucinations F14.251
        sexual dysfunction F14.281
        sleep disorder F14.282
        unspecified disorder F14.29
        withdrawal F14.23
      in remission F14.21
      withdrawal symptoms in newborn P96.1
    counseling and surveillance Z71.51
    hallucinogen F16.20
        anxiety disorder F16.280
        flashbacks F16.283
        intoxication F16.229
          with delirium F16.221
          uncomplicated F16.220
        mood disorder F16.24
        other specified disorder F16.288
        perception disorder, persisting F16.283
        psychosis F16.259
          delusions F16.250
          hallucinations F16.251
        unspecified disorder F16.29
      in remission F16.21
    in remission F19.21
    inhalant F18.20
        anxiety disorder F18.280
        dementia, persisting F18.27
        intoxication F18.229
          with delirium F18.221
          uncomplicated F18.220
        mood disorder F18.24
        other specified disorder F18.288
        psychosis F18.259
          delusions F18.250
          hallucinations F18.251
        unspecified disorder F18.29
      in remission F18.21
    nicotine F17.200
      with disorder F17.209
        remission F17.201
        specified disorder NEC F17.208
        withdrawal F17.203
      chewing tobacco F17.220
        with disorder F17.229
          remission F17.221
          specified disorder NEC F17.228
          withdrawal F17.223
      cigarettes F17.210
        with disorder F17.219
          remission F17.211
          specified disorder NEC F17.218
          withdrawal F17.213
      specified product NEC F17.290
        with disorder F17.299
          remission F17.291
          specified disorder NEC F17.298
          withdrawal F17.293
    opioid F11.20
        intoxication F11.229
            delirium F11.221
            perceptual disturbance F11.222
          uncomplicated F11.220
        mood disorder F11.24
        other specified disorder F11.288
        psychosis F11.259
          delusions F11.250
          hallucinations F11.251
        sexual dysfunction F11.281
        sleep disorder F11.282
        unspecified disorder F11.29
        withdrawal F11.23
      in remission F11.21
    psychoactive NEC F19.20
        amnestic disorder F19.26
        anxiety disorder F19.280
        dementia F19.27
        intoxication F19.229
            delirium F19.221
            perceptual disturbance F19.222
          uncomplicated F19.220
        mood disorder F19.24
        other specified disorder F19.288
        psychosis F19.259
          delusions F19.250
          hallucinations F19.251
        sexual dysfunction F19.281
        sleep disorder F19.282
        unspecified disorder F19.29
        withdrawal F19.239
            delirium F19.231
            perceptual disturbance F19.232
          uncomplicated F19.230
    sedative, hypnotic or anxiolytic F13.20
        amnestic disorder F13.26
        anxiety disorder F13.280
        dementia, persisting F13.27
        intoxication F13.229
          with delirium F13.221
          uncomplicated F13.220
        mood disorder F13.24
        other specified disorder F13.288
        psychosis F13.259
          delusions F13.250
          hallucinations F13.251
        sexual dysfunction F13.281
        sleep disorder F13.282
        unspecified disorder F13.29
        withdrawal F13.239
            delirium F13.231
            perceptual disturbance F13.232
          uncomplicated F13.230
      in remission F13.21
    stimulant NEC F15.20
        anxiety disorder F15.280
        intoxication F15.229
            delirium F15.221
            perceptual disturbance F15.222
          uncomplicated F15.220
        mood disorder F15.24
        other specified disorder F15.288
        psychosis F15.259
          delusions F15.250
          hallucinations F15.251
        sexual dysfunction F15.281
        sleep disorder F15.282
        unspecified disorder F15.29
        withdrawal F15.23
      in remission F15.21
    alcohol(without remission) F10.20
      with remission F10.21
    bromide --see Dependence, drug, sedative
    carbamate F19.20
    chloride F19.20
    morphine --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  ganja --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  glue(airplane) (sniffing) --see Dependence, drug, inhalant
  glutethimide --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  hallucinogenics --see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
  hashish --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  hemp --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  heroin(salt) (any) --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  hypnotic NEC --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  Indian hemp --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  inhalants --see Dependence, drug, inhalant
  khat --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  laudanum --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  LSD(-25) (derivatives) --see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
  luminal --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  lysergic acid --see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
  maconha --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  marihuana --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
  meprobamate --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  mescaline --see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
  methadone --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  methamphetamine(s) --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  methaqualone --see Dependence, drug, sedative
    alcohol(without remission) F10.20
      with remission F10.21
    bromide --see Dependence, drug, sedative
    morphine --see Dependence, drug, opioid
    phenidate --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
    sulfonal --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  morphine(sulfate) (sulfite) (type) --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  narcotic(drug) NEC --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  nembutal --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  neraval --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  neravan --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  neurobarb --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  nicotine --see Dependence, drug, nicotine
  nitrous oxide F19.20
  nonbarbiturate sedatives and tranquilizers with similar effect --see Dependence, drug, sedative
    artificial heart(fully implantable) (mechanical) Z95.812
    aspirator Z99.0
    care provider(because of) Z74.9
      impaired mobility Z74.09
      need for
        assistance with personal care Z74.1
        continuous supervision Z74.3
      no other household member able to render care Z74.2
      specified reason NEC Z74.8
    machine Z99.89
      enabling NEC Z99.89
      specified type NEC Z99.89
    renal dialysis(hemodialysis) (peritoneal) Z99.2
    respirator Z99.11
    ventilator Z99.11
    wheelchair Z99.3
  opiate --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  opioids --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  opium(alkaloids) (derivatives) (tincture) --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  oxygen(long-term) (supplemental) Z99.81
  paraldehyde --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  paregoric --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  PCP(phencyclidine) --see also Abuse, drug, hallucinogenF16.20
  pentobarbital --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  pentobarbitone(sodium) --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  pentothal --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  peyote --see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
  phencyclidine(PCP) (and related substances) --see also Abuse, drug, hallucinogenF16.20
  phenmetrazine --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  phenobarbital --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  polysubstance F19.20
  psilocibin, psilocin, psilocyn, psilocyline --see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
  psychostimulant NEC --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  secobarbital --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  seconal --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  sedative NEC --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  specified drug NEC --see Dependence, drug
  stimulant NEC --see Dependence, drug, stimulant NEC
  substance NEC --see Dependence, drug
  supplemental oxygen Z99.81
  tobacco --see Dependence, drug, nicotine
    counseling and surveillance Z71.6
  tranquilizer NEC --see Dependence, drug, sedative
  vitamin B6 E53.1
  volatile solvents --see Dependence, drug, inhalant
  care-provider Z74.9
  passive F60.7
  reactions(persistent) F60.7
Depersonalization(in neurotic state) (neurotic) (syndrome) F48.1
  extracellular fluid E86.9
  plasma E86.1
  potassium E87.6
    nephropathy N25.89
  salt or sodium E87.1
    causing heat exhaustion or prostration T67.4
    nephropathy N28.9
  volume NOS E86.9
Deployment(current) (military) status Z56.82
  in theater or in support of military war, peacekeeping and humanitarian operations Z56.82
  personal history of Z91.82
    military war, peacekeeping and humanitarian deployment(current or past conflict) Z91.82
  returned from Z91.82
Depolarization, premature I49.40
  atrial I49.1
  junctional I49.2
  specified NEC I49.49
  ventricular I49.3
  bone in Boeck's sarcoid D86.89
  calcareous, calcium --see Calcification
    retina H35.89
    vitreous(body) (humor) --see Deposit, crystalline
  conjunctiva H11.11-
  cornea H18.00-
    argentous H18.02-
    due to metabolic disorder H18.03-
    Kayser-Fleischer ring H18.04-
    pigmentation --see Pigmentation, cornea
  crystalline, vitreous(body) (humor) H43.2-
  hemosiderin in old scars of cornea --see Pigmentation, cornea, stromal
  metallic in lens --see Cataract, specified NEC
  skin R23.8
  tooth, teeth(betel) (black) (green) (materia alba) (orange) (tobacco) K03.6
  urate, kidney --see Calculus, kidney
Depraved appetite --see Pica
  HDL cholesterol E78.6
Depression(acute) (mental) F32.9
  agitated(single episode) F32.2
  anaclitic --see Disorder, adjustment
  anxiety F41.8
    persistent F34.1
  arches --see also Deformity, limb, flat foot
  atypical(single episode) F32.8
  basal metabolic rate R94.8
  bone marrow D75.89
  central nervous system R09.2
  cerebral R29.818
    newborn P91.4
  cerebrovascular I67.9
  chest wall M95.4
  climacteric(single episode) F32.8
  endogenous(without psychotic symptoms) F33.2
    with psychotic symptoms F33.3
  functional activity R68.89
  hysterical F44.89
  involutional(single episode) F32.8
  major F32.9
    with psychotic symptoms F32.3
    recurrent --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
  manic-depressive --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
  masked(single episode) F32.8
  medullary G93.89
  menopausal(single episode) F32.8
  metatarsus --see Depression, arches
  monopolar F33.9
  nervous F34.1
  neurotic F34.1
  nose M95.0
  postnatal F53
  postpartum F53
  post-psychotic of schizophrenia F32.8
  post-schizophrenic F32.8
  psychogenic(reactive) (single episode) F32.9
  psychoneurotic F34.1
  psychotic(single episode) F32.3
    recurrent F33.3
  reactive(psychogenic) (single episode) F32.9
    psychotic(single episode) F32.3
  recurrent --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
  respiratory center G93.89
  seasonal --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
  senile F03
  severe, single episode F32.2
  situational F43.21
  skull Q67.4
  specified NEC(single episode) F32.8
  sternum M95.4
  visual field --see Defect, visual field
  vital(recurrent) (without psychotic symptoms) F33.2
    with psychotic symptoms F33.3
    single episode F32.2
  cultural Z60.3
  effects NOS T73.9
    specified NEC T73.8
  emotional NEC Z65.8
    affecting infant or child --see Maltreatment, child, psychological
  food T73.0
  protein --see Malnutrition
  sleep Z72.820
  social Z60.4
    affecting infant or child --see Maltreatment, child, psychological
  specified NEC T73.8
  vitamins --see Deficiency, vitamin
  water T73.1
  ankle(internal) --see Derangement, joint, ankle
  cartilage(articular) NEC --see Derangement, joint, articular cartilage, by site
    recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent
  cruciate ligament, anterior, current injury --see Sprain, knee, cruciate, anterior
  elbow(internal) --see Derangement, joint, elbow
  hip(joint) (internal) (old) --see Derangement, joint, hip
  joint(internal) M24.9
    ankylosis --see Ankylosis
    articular cartilage M24.10
      ankle M24.17-
      elbow M24.12-
      foot M24.17-
      hand M24.14-
      hip M24.15-
      knee NEC M23.9-
      loose body --see Loose, body
      shoulder M24.11-
      wrist M24.13-
    contracture --see Contraction, joint
    current injury --see also Dislocation
      knee, meniscus or cartilage --see Tear, meniscus
      pathological --see Dislocation, pathological
      recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent
    knee --see Derangement, knee
    ligament --see Disorder, ligament
    loose body --see Loose, body
    recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent
    specified type NEC M24.80
      ankle M24.87-
      elbow M24.82-
      foot joint M24.87-
      hand joint M24.84-
      hip M24.85-
      shoulder M24.81-
      wrist M24.83-
    temporomandibular M26.69
  knee(recurrent) M23.9-
    ligament disruption, spontaneous M23.60-
      anterior cruciate M23.61-
      capsular M23.67-
      instability, chronic M23.5-
      lateral collateral M23.64-
      medial collateral M23.63-
      posterior cruciate M23.62-
    loose body M23.4-
    meniscus M23.30-
      cystic M23.00-
        lateral M23.002
          anterior horn M23.04-
          posterior horn M23.05-
          specified NEC M23.06-
        medial M23.005
          anterior horn M23.01-
          posterior horn M23.02-
          specified NEC M23.03-
      degenerate --see Derangement, knee, meniscus, specified NEC
      detached --see Derangement, knee, meniscus, specified NEC
      due to old tear or injury M23.20-
        lateral M23.20-
          anterior horn M23.24-
          posterior horn M23.25-
          specified NEC M23.26-
        medial M23.20-
          anterior horn M23.21-
          posterior horn M23.22-
          specified NEC M23.23-
      retained --see Derangement, knee, meniscus, specified NEC
      specified NEC M23.30-
        lateral M23.30-
          anterior horn M23.34-
          posterior horn M23.35-
          specified NEC M23.36-
        medial M23.30-
          anterior horn M23.31-
          posterior horn M23.32-
          specified NEC M23.33-
    old M23.8X-
    specified NEC M23.8
  low back NEC --see Dorsopathy, specified NEC
  meniscus --see Derangement, knee, meniscus
  mental --see Psychosis
  patella, specified NEC --see Disorder, patella, derangement NEC
  semilunar cartilage(knee) --see Derangement, knee, meniscus, specified NEC
  shoulder(internal) --see Derangement, joint, shoulder
Dercum's disease E88.2
Derealization(neurotic) F48.1
Dermal --see condition
Dermaphytid --see Dermatophytosis
Dermatitis(eczematous) L30.9
  ab igne L59.0
  acarine B88.0
  actinic(due to sun) L57.8
    other than from sun L59.8
  allergic --see Dermatitis, contact, allergic
  ambustionis, due to burn or scald --see Burn
  amebic A06.7
  ammonia L22
  arsenical(ingested) L27.8
  artefacta L98.1
    psychogenic F54
  atopic L20.9
    psychogenic F54
    specified NEC L20.89
  autoimmune progesterone L30.8
  berlock, berloque L56.2
  blastomycotic B40.3
  blister beetle L24.89
  bullous, bullosa L13.9
    mucosynechial, atrophic L12.1
    seasonal L30.8
    specified NEC L13.8
  calorica L59.0
    due to burn or scald --see Burn
  caterpillar L24.89
  cercarial B65.3
  combustionis L59.0
    due to burn or scald --see Burn
  congelationis T69.1
  contact(occupational) L25.9
    allergic L23.9
      due to
        adhesives L23.1
        cement L23.5
        chemical products NEC L23.5
        chromium L23.0
        cosmetics L23.2
        dander(cat) (dog) L23.81
        drugs in contact with skin L23.3
        dyes L23.4
        food in contact with skin L23.6
        hair(cat) (dog) L23.81
        insecticide L23.5
        metals L23.0
        nickel L23.0
        plants, non-food L23.7
        plastic L23.5
        rubber L23.5
        specified agent NEC L23.89
    due to
      cement L25.3
      chemical products NEC L25.3
      cosmetics L25.0
      dander(cat) (dog) L23.81
      drugs in contact with skin L25.1
      dyes L25.2
      food in contact with skin L25.4
      hair(cat) (dog) L23.81
      plants, non-food L25.5
      specified agent NEC L25.8
    irritant L24.9
      due to
        cement L25.3
        chemical products NEC L24.5
        cosmetics L24.3
        detergents L24.0
        drugs in contact with skin L24.4
        food in contact with skin L24.6
        oils and greases L24.1
        plants, non-food L24.7
        solvents L24.2
        specified agent NEC L24.89
  contusiformis L52
  diabetic --see E08-E13 with .620
  diaper L22
  diphtheritica A36.3
  dry skin L85.3
  due to
    acetone(contact) (irritant) L24.2
    acids(contact) (irritant) L24.5
    adhesive(s) (allergic) (contact) (plaster) L23.1
      irritant L24.5
    alcohol(irritant) (skin contact) (substances in category T51) L24.2
      taken internally L27.8
    alkalis(contact) (irritant) L24.5
    arsenic(ingested) L27.8
    carbon disulfide(contact) (irritant) L24.2
    caustics(contact) (irritant) L24.5
    cement(contact) L25.3
    cereal(ingested) L27.2
    chemical(s) NEC L25.3
      taken internally L27.8
    chlorocompounds L24.2
    chromium(contact) (irritant) L24.81
    coffee(ingested) L27.2
    cold weather L30.8
    cosmetics(contact) L25.0
      allergic L23.2
      irritant L24.3
    cyclohexanes L24.2
    dander(cat) (dog) L23.81
    Demodex species B88.0
    Dermanyssus gallinae B88.0
    detergents(contact) (irritant) L24.0
    dichromate L24.81
    drugs and medicaments(generalized) (internal use) L27.0
      external --see Dermatitis, due to, drugs, in contact with skin
      in contact with skin L25.1
        allergic L23.3
        irritant L24.4
      localized skin eruption L27.1
      specified substance --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
    dyes(contact) L25.2
      allergic L23.4
      irritant L24.89
    epidermophytosis --see Dermatophytosis
    esters L24.2
    external irritant NEC L24.9
    fish(ingested) L27.2
    flour(ingested) L27.2
    food(ingested) L27.2
      in contact with skin L25.4
    fruit(ingested) L27.2
    furs(allergic) (contact) L23.81
    glues --see Dermatitis, due to, adhesives
    glycols L24.2
    greases NEC(contact) (irritant) L24.1
    hair(cat) (dog) L23.81
      objects and materials --see Burn
      weather or places L59.0
    hydrocarbons L24.2
    infrared rays L59.8
    ingestion, ingested substance L27.9
      chemical NEC L27.8
      drugs and medicaments --see Dermatitis, due to, drugs
      food L27.2
      specified NEC L27.8
    insecticide in contact with skin L24.5
    internal agent L27.9
      drugs and medicaments(generalized) --see Dermatitis, due to, drugs
      food L27.2
    irradiation --see Dermatitis, due to, radioactive substance
    ketones L24.2
    lacquer tree(allergic) (contact) L23.7
    light(sun) NEC L57.8
      acute L56.8
      other L59.8
    Liponyssoides sanguineus B88.0
    low temperature L30.8
    meat(ingested) L27.2
    metals, metal salts(contact) (irritant) L24.81
    milk(ingested) L27.2
    nickel(contact) (irritant) L24.81
    nylon(contact) (irritant) L24.5
    oils NEC(contact) (irritant) L24.1
    paint solvent(contact) (irritant) L24.2
    petroleum products(contact) (irritant) (substances in T52.0) L24.2
    plants NEC(contact) L25.5
      allergic L23.7
      irritant L24.7
    plasters(adhesive) (any) (allergic) (contact) L23.1
      irritant L24.5
    plastic(contact) L25.3
    preservatives(contact) --see Dermatitis, due to, chemical, in contact with skin
    primrose(allergic) (contact) L23.7
    primula(allergic) (contact) L23.7
    radiation L59.8
      nonionizing(chronic exposure) L57.8
      sun NEC L57.8
        acute L56.8
    radioactive substance L58.9
      acute L58.0
      chronic L58.1
    radium L58.9
      acute L58.0
      chronic L58.1
    ragweed(allergic) (contact) L23.7
    Rhus(allergic) (contact) (diversiloba) (radicans) (toxicodendron) (venenata) (verniciflua) L23.7
    rubber(contact) L24.5
    Senecio jacobaea(allergic) (contact) L23.7
    solvents(contact) (irritant) (substances in categories T52) L24.2
    specified agent NEC(contact) L25.8
      allergic L23.89
      irritant L24.89
    sunshine NEC L57.8
      acute L56.8
    tetrachlorethylene(contact) (irritant) L24.2
    toluene(contact) (irritant) L24.2
    turpentine(contact) L24.2
    ultraviolet rays(sun NEC) (chronic exposure) L57.8
      acute L56.8
    vaccine or vaccination L27.0
      specified substance --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
    varicose veins --see Varix, leg, with, inflammation
    X-rays L58.9
      acute L58.0
      chronic L58.1
  dyshydrotic L30.1
  dysmenorrheica N94.6
  escharotica --see Burn
  exfoliative, exfoliativa(generalized) L26
    neonatorum L00
  eyelid --see also Dermatosis, eyelid
    allergic H01.119
      left H01.116
        lower H01.115
        upper H01.114
      right H01.113
        lower H01.112
        upper H01.111
    contact --see Dermatitis, eyelid, allergic
    due to
      Demodex species B88.0
      herpes(zoster) B02.39
        simplex B00.59
    eczematous H01.139
      left H01.136
        lower H01.135
        upper H01.134
      right H01.133
        lower H01.132
        upper H01.131
  facta, factitia, factitial L98.1
    psychogenic F54
  flexural NEC L20.82
  friction L30.4
  fungus B36.9
    specified type NEC B36.8
  gangrenosa, gangrenous infantum L08.0
  harvest mite B88.0
  heat L59.0
  herpesviral, vesicular(ear) (lip) B00.1
  herpetiformis(bullous) (erythematous) (pustular) (vesicular) L13.0
    juvenile L12.2
    senile L12.0
  hiemalis L30.8
  hypostatic, hypostatica --see Varix, leg, with, inflammation
  infectious eczematoid L30.3
  infective L30.3
  irritant --see Dermatitis, contact, irritant
  Jacquet's(diaper dermatitis) L22
  Leptus B88.0
  lichenified NEC L28.0
  medicamentosa(generalized) (internal use) --see Dermatitis, due to drugs
  mite B88.0
  multiformis L13.0
    juvenile L12.2
  napkin L22
  neurotica L13.0
  nummular L30.0
  papillaris capillitii L73.0
  pellagrous E52
  perioral L71.0
  photocontact L56.2
  polymorpha dolorosa L13.0
  pruriginosa L13.0
  pruritic NEC L30.8
  psychogenic F54
  purulent L08.0
    contagious B08.02
    subcorneal L13.1
  pyococcal L08.0
  pyogenica L08.0
  repens L40.2
  Ritter's(exfoliativa) L00
  Schamberg's L81.7
  schistosome B65.3
  seasonal bullous L30.8
  seborrheic L21.9
    infantile L21.1
    specified NEC L21.8
  sensitization NOS L23.9
  septic L08.0
  solare L57.8
  specified NEC L30.8
  stasis I87.2
    with varicose ulcer --see Varix, leg, with ulcer, with inflammation
    due to postthrombotic syndrome --see Syndrome, postthrombotic
  suppurative L08.0
  traumatic NEC L30.4
  trophoneurotica L13.0
  ultraviolet(sun) (chronic exposure) L57.8
    acute L56.8
  varicose --see Varix, leg, with, inflammation
  vegetans L10.1
  verrucosa B43.0
  vesicular, herpesviral B00.1
Dermatoarthritis, lipoid E78.81
Dermatochalasis, eyelid H02.839
  left H02.836
    lower H02.835
    upper H02.834
  right H02.833
    lower H02.832
    upper H02.831
Dermatofibroma(lenticulare) --see Neoplasm, skin, benign
  protuberans --see Neoplasm, skin, uncertain behavior
Dermatofibrosarcoma(pigmented) (protuberans) --see Neoplasm, skin, malignant
Dermatographia L50.3
Dermatolysis(exfoliativa) (congenital) Q82.8
  acquired L57.4
  eyelids --see Blepharochalasis
  palpebrarum --see Blepharochalasis
  senile L57.4
Dermatomegaly NEC Q82.8
Dermatomucosomyositis M33.10
    myopathy M33.12
    respiratory involvement M33.11
    specified organ involvement NEC M33.19
Dermatomycosis B36.9
  furfuracea B36.0
  specified type NEC B36.8
Dermatomyositis(acute) (chronic) --see also Dermatopolymyositis
  in(due to) neoplastic disease --see also NeoplasmD49.9M36.0
Dermatoneuritis of children --see Poisoning, mercury
Dermatophilosis A48.8
Dermatophytid L30.2
Dermatophytide --see Dermatophytosis
Dermatophytosis(epidermophyton) (infection) (Microsporum) (tinea) (Trichophyton) B35.9
  beard B35.0
  body B35.4
  capitis B35.0
  corporis B35.4
  deep-seated B35.8
  disseminated B35.8
  foot B35.3
  granulomatous B35.8
  groin B35.6
  hand B35.2
  nail B35.1
  perianal(area) B35.6
  scalp B35.0
  specified NEC B35.8
Dermatopolymyositis M33.90
    myopathy M33.92
    respiratory involvement M33.91
    specified organ involvement NEC M33.99
  in neoplastic disease --see also NeoplasmD49.9M36.0
  juvenile M33.00
      myopathy M33.02
      respiratory involvement M33.01
      specified organ involvement NEC M33.09
  specified NEC M33.10
    myopathy M33.12
    respiratory involvement M33.11
    specified organ involvement NEC M33.19
Dermatopolyneuritis --see Poisoning, mercury
Dermatorrhexis Q79.6
  acquired L57.4
Dermatosclerosis --see also Scleroderma
  localized L94.0
Dermatosis L98.9
  Andrews' L08.89
  Bowen's --see Neoplasm, skin, in situ
  bullous L13.9
    specified NEC L13.8
  exfoliativa L26
    dermatitis --see Dermatitis, eyelid
    discoid lupus erythematosus --see Lupus, erythematosus, eyelid
    xeroderma --see Xeroderma, acquired, eyelid
  factitial L98.1
  febrile neutrophilic L98.2
  gonococcal A54.89
  herpetiformis L13.0
    juvenile L12.2
  linear IgA L13.8
  menstrual NEC L98.8
  neutrophilic, febrile L98.2
  occupational --see Dermatitis, contact
  papulosa nigra L82.1
  pigmentary L81.9
    progressive L81.7
    Schamberg's L81.7
  psychogenic F54
  purpuric, pigmented L81.7
  pustular, subcorneal L13.1
  transient acantholytic L11.1
Dermographia, dermographism L50.3
Dermoid(cyst) --see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
  with malignant transformation C56-
  due to radiation(nonionizing) L57.8
  infiltrative with thyrotoxicosis --see Thyrotoxicosis
  nephrogenic fibrosing L90.8
Dermophytosis --see Dermatophytosis
Descemetocele H18.73-
Descemet's membrane --see condition
Descending --see condition
Descensus uteri --see Prolapse, uterus
  rheumatism B38.0
  sore --see Ulcer, skin
Desertion(newborn) --see Maltreatment
Desmoid(extra-abdominal) (tumor) --see Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
  abdominal D48.1
Despondency F32.9
Desquamation, skin R23.4
Destruction, destructive --see also Damage
  articular facet --see also Derangement, joint, specified type NEC
    knee M23.8X-
    vertebra --see Spondylosis
  bone --see also Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
    syphilitic A52.77
  joint --see also Derangement, joint, specified type NEC
    sacroiliac M53.3
  rectal sphincter K62.89
  septum(nasal) J34.89
  tuberculous NEC --see Tuberculosis
  tympanum, tympanic membrane(nontraumatic) --see Disorder, tympanic membrane, specified NEC
  vertebral disc --see Degeneration, intervertebral disc
Destructiveness --see also Disorder, conduct
  adjustment reaction --see Disorder, adjustment
Desultory labor O62.2
  cartilage --see Sprain
  cervix, annular N88.8
    complicating delivery O71.3
  choroid(old) (postinfectional) (simple) (spontaneous) H31.40-
    hemorrhagic H31.41-
    serous H31.42-
  ligament --see Sprain
  meniscus(knee) --see also Derangement, knee, meniscus, specified NEC
    current injury --see Tear, meniscus
    due to old tear or injury --see Derangement, knee, meniscus, due to old tear
  retina(without retinal break) (serous) H33.2-
    with retinal:
      break H33.00-
        giant H33.03-
        multiple H33.02-
        single H33.01-
      dialysis H33.04-
    pigment epithelium --see Degeneration, retina, separation of layers, pigment epithelium detachment
    rhegmatogenous --see Detachment, retina, with retinal, break
    specified NEC H33.8
    total H33.05-
    traction H33.4-
  vitreous(body) H43.81
Detergent asthma J69.8
  epileptic F06.8
  general physical R53.81
  heart, cardiac --see Degeneration, myocardial
  mental --see Psychosis
  myocardial, myocardium --see Degeneration, myocardial
  senile(simple) R54
Deuteranomaly(anomalous trichromat) H53.53
Deuteranopia(complete) (incomplete) H53.53
  abnormal, bone Q79.9
  arrested R62.50
    bone --see Arrest, development or growth, bone
    child R62.50
    due to malnutrition E45
  defective, congenital --see also Anomaly, by site
    cauda equina Q06.3
    left ventricle Q24.8
      in hypoplastic left heart syndrome Q23.4
    valve Q24.8
      pulmonary Q22.3
  delayed --see also Delay, developmentR62.50
    arithmetical skills F81.2
    language(skills) (expressive) F80.1
    learning skill F81.9
    mixed skills F88
    motor coordination F82
    reading F81.0
    specified learning skill NEC F81.89
    speech F80.9
    spelling F81.81
    written expression F81.81
  imperfect, congenital --see also Anomaly, by site
    heart Q24.9
    lungs Q33.6
    bronchial tree Q32.4
    organ or site not listed --see Hypoplasia, by site
    respiratory system Q34.9
  sexual, precocious NEC E30.1
  tardy, mental --see also Disability, intellectualF79
Developmental --see condition
  testing, child --see Examination, child
Devergie's disease(pityriasis rubra pilaris) L44.0
  conjugate palsy(eye) (spastic) H51.0
  esophagus(acquired) K22.8
  eye, skew H51.8
  midline(jaw) (teeth) (dental arch) M26.29
    specified site NEC --see Malposition
  nasal septum J34.2
    congenital Q67.4
  opening and closing of the mandible M26.53
  organ or site, congenital NEC --see Malposition, congenital
  septum(nasal) (acquired) J34.2
    congenital Q67.4
  sexual F65.9
    bestiality F65.89
    erotomania F52.8
    exhibitionism F65.2
    fetishism, fetishistic F65.0
      transvestism F65.1
    frotteurism F65.81
    masochism F65.51
    multiple F65.89
    necrophilia F65.89
    nymphomania F52.8
    pederosis F65.4
    pedophilia F65.4
    sadism, sadomasochism F65.52
    satyriasis F52.8
    specified type NEC F65.89
    transvestism F64.1
    voyeurism F65.3
  teeth, midline M26.29
  trachea J39.8
  ureter, congenital Q62.61
  cerebral ventricle(communicating) in situ Z98.2
  contraceptive --see Contraceptive, device
  drainage, cerebrospinal fluid, in situ Z98.2
Devic's disease G36.0
  grip B33.0
  pinches(purpura simplex) D69.2
Devitalized tooth K04.99
Devonshire colic --see Poisoning, lead
Dextraposition, aorta Q20.3
  in tetralogy of Fallot Q21.3
Dextrinosis, limit(debrancher enzyme deficiency) E74.03
Dextrocardia(true) Q24.0
    complete transposition of viscera Q89.3
    situs inversus Q89.3
Dextrotransposition, aorta Q20.3
d-glycericacidemia E72.59
Dhat syndrome F48.8
Dhobi itch B35.6
Di George's syndrome D82.1
Di Guglielmo's disease C94.0-
Diabetes, diabetic(mellitus) (sugar) E11.9
    amyotrophy E11.44
    arthropathy NEC E11.618
    autonomic(poly)neuropathy E11.43
    cataract E11.36
    Charcot's joints E11.610
    chronic kidney disease E11.22
    circulatory complication NEC E11.59
    complication E11.8
      specified NEC E11.69
    dermatitis E11.620
    foot ulcer E11.621
    gangrene E11.52
    gastroparesis E11.43
    glomerulonephrosis, intracapillary E11.21
    glomerulosclerosis, intercapillary E11.21
    hyperglycemia E11.65
    hyperosmolarity E11.00
      with coma E11.01
    hypoglycemia E11.649
      with coma E11.641
    kidney complications NEC E11.29
    Kimmelsteil-Wilson disease E11.21
    loss of protective sensation(LOPS) --see Diabetes, by type, with neuropathy
    mononeuropathy E11.41
    myasthenia E11.44
    necrobiosis lipoidica E11.620
    nephropathy E11.21
    neuralgia E11.42
    neurologic complication NEC E11.49
    neuropathic arthropathy E11.610
    neuropathy E11.40
    ophthalmic complication NEC E11.39
    oral complication NEC E11.638
    periodontal disease E11.630
    peripheral angiopathy E11.51
      with gangrene E11.52
    polyneuropathy E11.42
    renal complication NEC E11.29
    renal tubular degeneration E11.29
    retinopathy E11.319
      with macular edema E11.311
      nonproliferative E11.329
        with macular edema E11.321
        mild E11.329
          with macular edema E11.321
        moderate E11.339
          with macular edema E11.331
        severe E11.349
          with macular edema E11.341
      proliferative E11.359
        with macular edema E11.351
    skin complication NEC E11.628
    skin ulcer NEC E11.622
  bronzed E83.110
  complicating pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by, diabetes
  dietary counseling and surveillance Z71.3
  due to drug or chemical E09.9
      amyotrophy E09.44
      arthropathy NEC E09.618
      autonomic(poly)neuropathy E09.43
      cataract E09.36
      Charcot's joints E09.610
      chronic kidney disease E09.22
      circulatory complication NEC E09.59
      complication E09.8
        specified NEC E09.69
      dermatitis E09.620
      foot ulcer E09.621
      gangrene E09.52
      gastroparesis E09.43
      glomerulonephrosis, intracapillary E09.21
      glomerulosclerosis, intercapillary E09.21
      hyperglycemia E09.65
      hyperosmolarity E09.00
        with coma E09.01
      hypoglycemia E09.649
        with coma E09.641
      ketoacidosis E09.10
        with coma E09.11
      kidney complications NEC E09.29
      Kimmelsteil-Wilson disease E09.21
      mononeuropathy E09.41
      myasthenia E09.44
      necrobiosis lipoidica E09.620
      nephropathy E09.21
      neuralgia E09.42
      neurologic complication NEC E09.49
      neuropathic arthropathy E09.610
      neuropathy E09.40
      ophthalmic complication NEC E09.39
      oral complication NEC E09.638
      periodontal disease E09.630
      peripheral angiopathy E09.51
        with gangrene E09.52
      polyneuropathy E09.42
      renal complication NEC E09.29
      renal tubular degeneration E09.29
      retinopathy E09.319
        with macular edema E09.311
        nonproliferative E09.329
          with macular edema E09.321
          mild E09.329
            with macular edema E09.321
          moderate E09.339
            with macular edema E09.331
          severe E09.349
            with macular edema E09.341
        proliferative E09.359
          with macular edema E09.351
      skin complication NEC E09.628
      skin ulcer NEC E09.622
  due to underlying condition E08.9
      amyotrophy E08.44
      arthropathy NEC E08.618
      autonomic(poly)neuropathy E08.43
      cataract E08.36
      Charcot's joints E08.610
      chronic kidney disease E08.22
      circulatory complication NEC E08.59
      complication E08.8
        specified NEC E08.69
      dermatitis E08.620
      foot ulcer E08.621
      gangrene E08.52
      gastroparesis E08.43
      glomerulonephrosis, intracapillary E08.21
      glomerulosclerosis, intercapillary E08.21
      hyperglycemia E08.65
      hyperosmolarity E08.00
        with coma E08.01
      hypoglycemia E08.649
        with coma E08.641
      ketoacidosis E08.10
        with coma E08.11
      kidney complications NEC E08.29
      Kimmelsteil-WIlson disease E08.21
      mononeuropathy E08.41
      myasthenia E08.44
      necrobiosis lipoidica E08.620
      nephropathy E08.21
      neuralgia E08.42
      neurologic complication NEC E08.49
      neuropathic arthropathy E08.610
      neuropathy E08.40
      ophthalmic complication NEC E08.39
      oral complication NEC E08.638
      periodontal disease E08.630
      peripheral angiopathy E08.51
        with gangrene E08.52
      polyneuropathy E08.42
      renal complication NEC E08.29
      renal tubular degeneration E08.29
      retinopathy E08.319
        with macular edema E08.311
        nonproliferative E08.329
          with macular edema E08.321
          mild E08.329
            with macular edema E08.321
          moderate E08.339
            with macular edema E08.331
          severe E08.349
            with macular edema E08.341
        proliferative E08.359
          with macular edema E08.351
      skin complication NEC E08.628
      skin ulcer NEC E08.622
  gestational(in pregnancy) O24.419
    affecting newborn P70.0
    diet controlled O24.410
    in childbirth O24.429
      diet controlled O24.420
      insulin(and diet) controlled O24.424
    insulin(and diet) controlled O24.414
    puerperal O24.439
      diet controlled O24.430
      insulin(and diet) controlled O24.434
  hepatogenous E13.9
  inadequately controlled - code to Diabetes, by type, with hyperglycemia
  insipidus E23.2
    nephrogenic N25.1
    pituitary E23.2
    vasopressin resistant N25.1
  insulin dependent - code to type of diabetes
  juvenile-onset --see Diabetes, type 1
  ketosis-prone --see Diabetes, type 1
  latent R73.09
  neonatal(transient) P70.2
  non-insulin dependent - code to type of diabetes
  out of control - code to Diabetes, by type, with hyperglycemia
  phosphate E83.39
  poorly controlled - code to Diabetes, by type, with hyperglycemia
  postpancreatectomy --see Diabetes, specified type NEC
  postprocedural --see Diabetes, specified type NEC
  secondary diabetes mellitus NEC --see Diabetes, specified type NEC
  specified type NEC E13.9
      amyotrophy E13.44
      arthropathy NEC E13.618
      autonomic(poly)neuropathy E13.43
      cataract E13.36
      Charcot's joints E13.610
      chronic kidney disease E13.22
      circulatory complication NEC E13.59
      complication E13.8
        specified NEC E13.69
      dermatitis E13.620
      foot ulcer E13.621
      gangrene E13.52
      gastroparesis E13.43
      glomerulonephrosis, intracapillary E13.21
      glomerulosclerosis, intercapillary E13.21
      hyperglycemia E13.65
      hyperosmolarity E13.00
        with coma E13.01
      hypoglycemia E13.649
        with coma E13.641
      ketoacidosis E13.10
        with coma E13.11
      kidney complications NEC E13.29
      Kimmelsteil-Wilson disease E13.21
      mononeuropathy E13.41
      myasthenia E13.44
      necrobiosis lipoidica E13.620
      nephropathy E13.21
      neuralgia E13.42
      neurologic complication NEC E13.49
      neuropathic arthropathy E13.610
      neuropathy E13.40
      ophthalmic complication NEC E13.39
      oral complication NEC E13.638
      periodontal disease E13.630
      peripheral angiopathy E13.51
        with gangrene E13.52
      polyneuropathy E13.42
      renal complication NEC E13.29
      renal tubular degeneration E13.29
      retinopathy E13.319
        with macular edema E13.311
        nonproliferative E13.329
          with macular edema E13.321
          mild E13.329
            with macular edema E13.321
          moderate E13.339
            with macular edema E13.331
          severe E13.349
            with macular edema E13.341
        proliferative E13.359
          with macular edema E13.351
      skin complication NEC E13.628
      skin ulcer NEC E13.622
  steroid-induced --see Diabetes, due to, drug or chemical
  type 1 E10.9
      amyotrophy E10.44
      arthropathy NEC E10.618
      autonomic(poly)neuropathy E10.43
      cataract E10.36
      Charcot's joints E10.610
      chronic kidney disease E10.22
      circulatory complication NEC E10.59
      complication E10.8
        specified NEC E10.69
      dermatitis E10.620
      foot ulcer E10.621
      gangrene E10.52
      gastroparesis E10.43
      glomerulonephrosis, intracapillary E10.21
      glomerulosclerosis, intercapillary E10.21
      hyperglycemia E10.65
      hypoglycemia E10.649
        with coma E10.641
      ketoacidosis E10.10
        with coma E10.11
      kidney complications NEC E10.29
      Kimmelsteil-Wilson disease E10.21
      mononeuropathy E10.41
      myasthenia E10.44
      necrobiosis lipoidica E10.620
      nephropathy E10.21
      neuralgia E10.42
      neurologic complication NEC E10.49
      neuropathic arthropathy E10.610
      neuropathy E10.40
      ophthalmic complication NEC E10.39
      oral complication NEC E10.638
      periodontal disease E10.630
      peripheral angiopathy E10.51
        with gangrene E10.52
      polyneuropathy E10.42
      renal complication NEC E10.29
      renal tubular degeneration E10.29
      retinopathy E10.319
        with macular edema E10.311
        nonproliferative E10.329
          with macular edema E10.321
          mild E10.329
            with macular edema E10.321
          moderate E10.339
            with macular edema E10.331
          severe E10.349
            with macular edema E10.341
        proliferative E10.359
          with macular edema E10.351
      skin complication NEC E10.628
      skin ulcer NEC E10.622
  type 2 E11.9
      amyotrophy E11.44
      arthropathy NEC E11.618
      autonomic(poly)neuropathy E11.43
      cataract E11.36
      Charcot's joints E11.610
      chronic kidney disease E11.22
      circulatory complication NEC E11.59
      complication E11.8
        specified NEC E11.69
      dermatitis E11.620
      foot ulcer E11.621
      gangrene E11.52
      gastroparesis E11.43
      glomerulonephrosis, intracapillary E11.21
      glomerulosclerosis, intercapillary E11.21
      hyperglycemia E11.65
      hyperosmolarity E11.00
        with coma E11.01
      hypoglycemia E11.649
        with coma E11.641
      kidney complications NEC E11.29
      Kimmelsteil-Wilson disease E11.21
      mononeuropathy E11.41
      myasthenia E11.44
      necrobiosis lipoidica E11.620
      nephropathy E11.21
      neuralgia E11.42
      neurologic complication NEC E11.49
      neuropathic arthropathy E11.610
      neuropathy E11.40
      ophthalmic complication NEC E11.39
      oral complication NEC E11.638
      periodontal disease E11.630
      peripheral angiopathy E11.51
        with gangrene E11.52
      polyneuropathy E11.42
      renal complication NEC E11.29
      renal tubular degeneration E11.29
      retinopathy E11.319
        with macular edema E11.311
        nonproliferative E11.329
          with macular edema E11.321
          mild E11.329
            with macular edema E11.321
          moderate E11.339
            with macular edema E11.331
          severe E11.349
            with macular edema E11.341
        proliferative E11.359
          with macular edema E11.351
      skin complication NEC E11.628
      skin ulcer NEC E11.622
Diacyclothrombopathia D69.1
Diagnosis deferred R69
Dialysis(intermittent) (treatment)
  noncompliance(with) Z91.15
  renal(hemodialysis) (peritoneal), status Z99.2
  retina, retinal --see Detachment, retina, with retinal, dialysis
Diamond-Blackfan anemia(congenital hypoplastic) D61.01
Diamond-Gardener syndrome(autoerythrocyte sensitization) D69.2
Diaper rash L22
Diaphoresis(excessive) R61
Diaphragm --see condition
Diaphragmalgia R07.1
Diaphragmatitis, diaphragmitis J98.6
Diaphysial aclasis Q78.6
Diaphysitis --see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
Diarrhea, diarrheal(disease) (infantile) (inflammatory) R19.7
  achlorhydric K31.83
  allergic K52.2
  amebic --see also AmebiasisA06.0
    with abscess --see Abscess, amebic
    acute A06.0
    chronic A06.1
    nondysenteric A06.2
  bacillary --see Dysentery, bacillary
  balantidial A07.0
  cachectic NEC K52.89
  Chilomastix A07.8
  choleriformis A00.1
  chronic(noninfectious) K52.9
  coccidial A07.3
  Cochin-China K90.1
    strongyloidiasis B78.0
  Dientamoeba A07.8
  dietetic K52.2
  drug-induced K52.1
  due to
    bacteria A04.9
      specified NEC A04.8
    Campylobacter A04.5
    Capillaria philippinensis B81.1
    Clostridium difficile A04.7
    Clostridium perfringens(C) (F) A04.8
    Cryptosporidium A07.2
    drugs K52.1
    Escherichia coli A04.4
      enteroaggregative A04.4
      enterohemorrhagic A04.3
      enteroinvasive A04.2
      enteropathogenic A04.0
      enterotoxigenic A04.1
      specified NEC A04.4
    food hypersensitivity K52.2
    Necator americanus B76.1
    S. japonicum B65.2
    specified organism NEC A08.8
      bacterial A04.8
      viral A08.39
    Staphylococcus A04.8
    Trichuris trichiuria B79
    virus --see Enteritis, viral
    Yersinia enterocolitica A04.6
  dysenteric A09
  endemic A09
  epidemic A09
  flagellate A07.9
  Flexner's(ulcerative) A03.1
  functional K59.1
    following gastrointestinal surgery K91.89
    psychogenic F45.8
  Giardia lamblia A07.1
  giardial A07.1
  hill K90.1
  infectious A09
  malarial --see Malaria
  mite B88.0
  mycotic NEC B49
  neonatal(noninfectious) P78.3
  nervous F45.8
  neurogenic K59.1
  noninfectious K52.9
  postgastrectomy K91.1
  postvagotomy K91.1
  protozoal A07.9
    specified NEC A07.8
  psychogenic F45.8
    bacterium NEC A04.8
    virus NEC A08.39
  strongyloidiasis B78.0
  toxic K52.1
  trichomonal A07.8
  tropical K90.1
  tuberculous A18.32
  viral --see Enteritis, viral
  cranial bones M84.88
    congenital NEC Q75.8
  joint(traumatic) --see Dislocation
  muscle M62.00
    ankle M62.07-
    congenital Q79.8
    foot M62.07-
    forearm M62.03-
    hand M62.04-
    lower leg M62.06-
    pelvic region M62.05-
    shoulder region M62.01-
    specified site NEC M62.08
    thigh M62.05-
    upper arm M62.02-
    complicating delivery O71.89
    congenital Q79.59
Diastema, tooth, teeth, fully erupted M26.32
Diastematomyelia Q06.2
Diataxia, cerebral G80.4
  allergic --see History, allergy
  bleeding(familial) D69.9
  cystine(familial) E72.00
  gouty --see Gout
  hemorrhagic(familial) D69.9
    newborn NEC P53
  spasmophilic R29.0
Diaz's disease or osteochondrosis(juvenile) (talus) --see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tarsus
Dibothriocephalus, dibothriocephaliasis(latus) (infection) (infestation) B70.0
  larval B70.1
Dicephalus, dicephaly Q89.4
Dichotomy, teeth K00.2
Dichromat, dichromatopsia(congenital) --see Deficiency, color vision
Dichuchwa A65
Dicroceliasis B66.2
Didelphia, didelphys --see Double uterus
Didymytis N45.1
  with orchitis N45.3
  inadequacy or deficiency E63.9
  surveillance and counseling Z71.3
Dietl's crisis N13.8
Dieulafoy lesion(hemorrhagic)
  duodenum K31.82
  esophagus K22.8
  intestine(colon) K63.81
  stomach K31.82
Difficult, difficulty(in)
  acculturation Z60.3
  feeding R63.3
    newborn P92.9
      breast P92.5
      specified NEC P92.8
    nonorganic(infant or child) F98.29
  intubation, in anesthesia T88.4
  mechanical, gastroduodenal stoma K91.89
    causing obstruction K91.3
  reading(developmental) F81.0
    secondary to emotional disorders F93.9
  spelling(specific) F81.81
    with reading disorder F81.89
    due to inadequate teaching Z55.8
  swallowing --see Dysphagia
  walking R26.2
    conditions NEC Z56.5
    schedule Z56.3
Diffuse --see condition
DiGeorge's syndrome(thymic hypoplasia) D82.1
Digestive --see condition
Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase disease(DPD) E88.89
Diktyoma --see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Dilaceration, tooth K00.4
  anus K59.8
    venule --see Hemorrhoids
  aorta(focal) (general) --see Ectasia, aorta
    with aneuysm --see Aneurysm, aorta
  artery --see Aneurysm
  bladder(sphincter) N32.89
    congenital Q64.79
  blood vessel I99.8
  bronchial J47.9
      exacerbation(acute) J47.1
      lower respiratory infection J47.0
  calyx(due to obstruction) --see Hydronephrosis
  capillaries I78.8
  cardiac(acute) (chronic) --see also Hypertrophy, cardiac
    congenital Q24.8
      valve NEC Q24.8
        pulmonary Q22.3
    valve --see Endocarditis
  cavum septi pellucidi Q06.8
  cervix(uteri) --see also Incompetency, cervix
    incomplete, poor, slow complicating delivery O62.0
  colon K59.3
    congenital Q43.1
    psychogenic F45.8
  common duct(acquired) K83.8
    congenital Q44.5
  cystic duct(acquired) K82.8
    congenital Q44.5
  duct, mammary --see Ectasia, mammary duct
  duodenum K59.8
  esophagus K22.8
    congenital Q39.5
    due to achalasia K22.0
  eustachian tube, congenital Q17.8
  gallbladder K82.8
  gastric --see Dilatation, stomach
  heart(acute) (chronic) --see also Hypertrophy, cardiac
    congenital Q24.8
    valve --see Endocarditis
  ileum K59.8
    psychogenic F45.8
  jejunum K59.8
    psychogenic F45.8
  kidney(calyx) (collecting structures) (cystic) (parenchyma) (pelvis) (idiopathic) N28.89
  lacrimal passages or duct --see Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
  lymphatic vessel I89.0
  mammary duct --see Ectasia, mammary duct
  Meckel's diverticulum(congenital) Q43.0
    malignant --see Table of Neoplasms, small intestine, malignant
  myocardium(acute) (chronic) --see Hypertrophy, cardiac
  organ or site, congenital NEC --see Distortion
  pancreatic duct K86.8
  pericardium --see Pericarditis
  pharynx J39.2
  prostate N42.89
    artery(idiopathic) I28.8
    valve, congenital Q22.3
  pupil H57.04
  rectum K59.3
  saccule, congenital Q16.5
  salivary gland(duct) K11.8
  sphincter ani K62.89
  stomach K31.89
    acute K31.0
    psychogenic F45.8
  submaxillary duct K11.8
  trachea, congenital Q32.1
  ureter(idiopathic) N28.82
    congenital Q62.2
    due to obstruction N13.4
  urethra(acquired) N36.8
  vasomotor I73.9
  vein I86.8
  ventricular, ventricle(acute) (chronic) --see also Hypertrophy, cardiac
    cerebral, congenital Q04.8
  venule NEC I86.8
  vesical orifice N32.89
Dilated, dilation --see Dilatation
Diminished, diminution
  hearing(acuity) --see Deafness
  sense or sensation(cold) (heat) (tactile) (vibratory) R20.8
  vision NEC H54.7
  vital capacity R94.2
Diminuta taenia B71.0
Dimitri-Sturge-Weber disease Q85.8
  parasacral, pilonidal or postanal --see Cyst, pilonidal
Dioctophyme renalis(infection) (infestation) B83.8
Dipetalonemiasis B74.4
Diphallus Q55.69
Diphtheria, diphtheritic(gangrenous) (hemorrhagic) A36.9
  carrier(suspected) Z22.2
  cutaneous A36.3
  faucial A36.0
  infection of wound A36.3
  laryngeal A36.2
  myocarditis A36.81
  nasal, anterior A36.89
  nasopharyngeal A36.1
  neurological complication A36.89
  pharyngeal A36.0
  specified site NEC A36.89
  tonsillar A36.0
Diphyllobothriasis(intestine) B70.0
  larval B70.1
Diplacusis H93.22-
Diplegia(upper limbs) G83.0
  congenital(cerebral) G80.8
  facial G51.0
  lower limbs G82.20
  spastic G80.1
Diplococcus, diplococcal --see condition
Diplopia H53.2
Dipsomania F10.20
    psychosis --see Psychosis, alcoholic
    remission F10.21
Dipylidiasis B71.1
Direction, teeth, abnormal, fully erupted M26.30
Dirofilariasis B74.8
Dirt-eating child F98.3
Disability, disabilities
  heart --see Disease, heart
  intellectual F79
      autistic features F84.9
    mild(I.Q.50-69) F70
    moderate(I.Q.35-49) F71
    profound(I.Q. under 20) F73
    severe(I.Q.20-34) F72
    specified level NEC F78
  knowledge acquisition F81.9
  learning F81.9
  limiting activities Z73.6
  spelling, specific F81.81
Disappearance of family member Z63.4
Disarticulation --see Amputation
  meaning traumatic amputation --see Amputation, traumatic
  abnormal finding in --see Abnormal, specimen
  breast(female) (male) N64.52
  diencephalic autonomic idiopathic --see Epilepsy, specified NEC
  ear --see also Otorrhea
    blood --see Otorrhagia
  excessive urine R35.8
  nipple N64.52
  penile R36.9
  postnasal R09.82
  prison, anxiety concerning Z65.2
  urethral R36.9
    without blood R36.0
    hematospermia R36.1
  vaginal N89.8
Discitis, diskitis M46.40
  cervical region M46.42
  cervicothoracic region M46.43
  lumbar region M46.46
  lumbosacral region M46.47
  multiple sites M46.49
  occipito-atlanto-axial region M46.41
  pyogenic --see Infection, intervertebral disc, pyogenic
  sacrococcygeal region M46.48
  thoracic region M46.44
  thoracolumbar region M46.45
  meniscus(congenital) Q68.6
  semilunar cartilage(congenital) --see Derangement, knee, meniscus, specified NEC
  nails L60.8
  teeth(posteruptive) K03.7
    during formation K00.8
  chest R07.89
  visual H53.14-
Discontinuity, ossicles, ear H74.2-
  boss Z56.4
  classmates Z55.4
  counselor Z64.4
  employer Z56.4
  family Z63.8
  fellow employees Z56.4
  in-laws Z63.1
  landlord Z59.2
  lodgers Z59.2
  neighbors Z59.2
  probation officer Z64.4
  social worker Z64.4
  teachers Z55.4
  workmates Z56.4
Discordant connection
  atrioventricular(congenital) Q20.5
  ventriculoarterial Q20.3
  centric occlusion maximum intercuspation M26.55
  leg length(acquired) --see Deformity, limb, unequal length
    congenital --see Defect, reduction, lower limb
  uterine size date O26.84-
  ethnic Z60.5
  political Z60.5
  racial Z60.5
  religious Z60.5
  sex Z60.5
Disease, diseased --see also Syndrome
  absorbent system I87.8
  acid-peptic K30
  Acosta's T70.29
  Adams-Stokes(-Morgagni) (syncope with heart block) I45.9
  Addison's anemia(pernicious) D51.0
  adenoids(and tonsils) J35.9
  adrenal(capsule) (cortex) (gland) (medullary) E27.9
    hyperfunction E27.0
    specified NEC E27.8
  ainhum L94.6
    obstructive, chronic J44.9
      due to
        cotton dust J66.0
        specific organic dusts NEC J66.8
    reactive --see Asthma
  akamushi(scrub typhus) A75.3
  Albers-Schönberg(marble bones) Q78.2
  Albert's --see Tendinitis, Achilles
  alimentary canal K63.9
  alligator-skin Q80.9
    acquired L85.0
  alpha heavy chain C88.3
  alpine T70.29
  altitude T70.20
  alveolar ridge
    edentulous K06.9
      specified NEC K06.8
  alveoli, teeth K08.9
  Alzheimer's G30.9F02.80
    with behavioral disturbance G30.9F02.81
    early onset G30.0F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G30.0F02.81
    late onset G30.1F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G30.1F02.81
    specified NEC G30.8F02.80
      with behavioral disturbance G30.8F02.81
  amyloid --see Amyloidosis
  Andersen's(glycogenosis IV) E74.09
  Andes T70.29
  Andrews'(bacterid) L08.89
  angiospastic I73.9
    cerebral G45.9
    vein I87.8
    chamber H21.9
    horn cell G12.29
  antiglomerular basement membrane(anti- GBM) antibody M31.0
    tubulo-interstitial nephritis N12
  antral --see Sinusitis, maxillary
  anus K62.9
    specified NEC K62.89
  aorta(nonsyphilitic) I77.9
    syphilitic NEC A52.02
  aortic(heart) (valve) I35.9
    rheumatic I06.9
  Apollo B30.3
  aponeuroses --see Enthesopathy
  appendix K38.9
    specified NEC K38.8
  aqueous(chamber) H21.9
  Arnold-Chiari --see Arnold-Chiari disease
  arterial I77.9
    occlusive --see Occlusion, by site
      due to stricture or stenosis I77.1
  arteriocardiorenal --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
  arteriolar(generalized) (obliterative) I77.9
  arteriorenal --see Hypertension, kidney
  arteriosclerotic --see also Arteriosclerosis
    cardiovascular --see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
    coronary(artery) --see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
    heart --see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
  artery I77.9
    cerebral I67.9
    coronary I25.10
      with angina pectoris --see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery),
  arthropod-borne NOS(viral) A94
    specified type NEC A93.8
  atticoantral, chronic H66.20
    left H66.22
      with right H66.23
    right H66.21
      with left H66.23
  auditory canal --see Disorder, ear, external
  auricle, ear NEC --see Disorder, pinna
  Australian X A83.4
  autoimmune(systemic) NOS M35.9
    hemolytic(cold type) (warm type) D59.1
      drug-induced D59.0
    thyroid E06.3
  aviator's --see Effect, adverse, high altitude
  Ayala's Q78.5
  Ayerza's(pulmonary artery sclerosis with pulmonary hypertension) I27.0
  Babington's(familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
  bacterial A49.9
    specified NEC A48.8
    zoonotic A28.9
      specified type NEC A28.8
  Baelz's(cheilitis glandularis apostematosa) K13.0
  bagasse J67.1
  balloon --see Effect, adverse, high altitude
  Bang's(brucella abortus) A23.1
  Bannister's T78.3
  barometer makers' --see Poisoning, mercury
  Barraquer(-Simons') (progressive lipodystrophy) E88.1
  Barrett's --see Barrett's, esophagus
  Bartholin's gland N75.9
  basal ganglia G25.9
    degenerative G23.9
      specified NEC G23.8
    specified NEC G25.89
  Basedow's(exophthalmic goiter) --see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
  Bateman's B08.1
  Batten-Steinert G71.11
  Battey A31.0
  Beard's(neurasthenia) F48.8
    idiopathic mural endomyocardial I42.3
    myotonia congenita G71.12
  Begbie's(exophthalmic goiter) --see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
  behavioral, organic F07.9
  Beigel's(white piedra) B36.2
  Benson's --see Deposit, crystalline
  Bernard-Soulier(thrombopathy) D69.1
  Bernhardt(-Roth) --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, meralgia paresthetica
  Biermer's(pernicious anemia) D51.0
  bile duct(common) (hepatic) K83.9
    with calculus, stones --see Calculus, bile duct
    specified NEC K83.8
  biliary(tract) K83.9
    specified NEC K83.8
  Billroth's --see Spina bifida
  bird fancier's J67.2
  black lung J60
  bladder N32.9
    in(due to)
      schistosomiasis(bilharziasis) B65.0N33
    specified NEC N32.89
  bleeder's D66
  blood D75.9
    forming organs D75.9
    vessel I99.9
  Bloodgood's --see Mastopathy, cystic
  Bodechtel-Guttmann(subacute sclerosing panencephalitis) A81.1
  bone --see also Disorder, bone
    aluminum M83.4
    fibrocystic NEC
      jaw M27.49
  bone-marrow D75.9
  Borna A83.9
  Bornholm(epidemic pleurodynia) B33.0
  Bouchard's(myopathic dilatation of the stomach) K31.0
  Bouillaud's(rheumatic heart disease) I01.9
  Bourneville(-Brissaud) (tuberous sclerosis) Q85.1
  Bouveret(-Hoffmann) (paroxysmal tachycardia) I47.9
  bowel K63.9
    functional K59.9
      psychogenic F45.8
  brain G93.9
    arterial, artery I67.9
    arteriosclerotic I67.2
    congenital Q04.9
    degenerative --see Degeneration, brain
    inflammatory --see Encephalitis
    organic G93.9
      arteriosclerotic I67.2
    parasitic NEC B71.9G94
    senile NEC G31.1
    specified NEC G93.89
  breast --see also Disorder, breastN64.9
    cystic(chronic) --see Mastopathy, cystic
    fibrocystic --see Mastopathy, cystic
      female, unspecified side C50.91-
      male, unspecified side C50.92-
    specified NEC N64.89
  Breda's --see Yaws
  Bretonneau's(diphtheritic malignant angina) A36.0
  Bright's --see Nephritis
    arteriosclerotic --see Hypertension, kidney
  Brill's(recrudescent typhus) A75.1
  Brill-Zinsser(recrudescent typhus) A75.1
  Brion-Kayser --see Fever, paratyphoid
    beta E78.2
    ligament(noninflammatory) N83.9
      inflammatory --see Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
      specified NEC N83.8
  Brocq-Duhring(dermatitis herpetiformis) L13.0
      dermatitis herpetiformis L13.0
      prurigo L28.2
  bronchopulmonary J98.4
  bronchus NEC J98.09
  bronze Addison's E27.1
    tuberculous A18.7
  budgerigar fancier's J67.2
  bullous L13.9
    chronic of childhood L12.2
    specified NEC L13.8
  Buerger's(thromboangiitis obliterans) I73.1
  Bürger-Grütz(essential familial hyperlipemia) E78.3
  bursa --see Bursopathy
  caisson T70.3
  California --see Coccidioidomycosis
  capillaries I78.9
    specified NEC I78.8
  Carapata A68.0
  cardiac --see Disease, heart
  cardiopulmonary, chronic I27.9
  cardiorenal(hepatic) (hypertensive) (vascular) --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
  cardiovascular(atherosclerotic) I25.10
    with angina pectoris --see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery),
    congenital Q28.9
    newborn P29.9
      specified NEC P29.89
    hypertensive --see Hypertension, heart
    renal(hypertensive) --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
    syphilitic(asymptomatic) A52.00
  cartilage --see Disorder, cartilage
  Castellani's A69.8
  cat-scratch A28.1
  Cavare's(familial periodic paralysis) G72.3
  cecum K63.9
  celiac(adult) (infantile) K90.0
  cellular tissue L98.9
  central core G71.2
  cerebellar, cerebellum --see Disease, brain
  cerebral --see also Disease, brain
    degenerative --see Degeneration, brain
  cerebrospinal G96.9
  cerebrovascular I67.9
    acute I67.89
      embolic I63.4-
      thrombotic I63.3-
    arteriosclerotic I67.2
    specified NEC I67.89
  cervix(uteri) (noninflammatory) N88.9
    inflammatory --see Cervicitis
    specified NEC N88.8
  Chabert's A22.9
  Chandler's(osteochondritis dissecans, hip) --see Osteochondritis, dissecans, hip
  Charlouis --see Yaws
  Chédiak-Steinbrinck(-Higashi) (congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules) E70.330
  chest J98.9
  Chiari's(hepatic vein thrombosis) I82.0
  Chicago B40.9
  Chignon B36.8
  chigo, chigoe B88.1
  childhood granulomatous D71
  Chinese liver fluke B66.1
  chlamydial A74.9
    specified NEC A74.89
  cholecystic K82.9
  choroid H31.9
    specified NEC H31.8
  Christmas D67
  chronic bullous of childhood L12.2
  chylomicron retention E78.3
  ciliary body H21.9
    specified NEC H21.89
  circulatory(system) NEC I99.8
    newborn P29.9
    syphilitic A52.00
      congenital A50.54
  coagulation factor deficiency(congenital) --see Defect, coagulation
  coccidioidal --see Coccidioidomycosis
    agglutinin or hemoglobinuria D59.1
      paroxysmal D59.6
    hemagglutinin(chronic) D59.1
  collagen NOS(nonvascular) (vascular) M35.9
    specified NEC M35.8
  colon K63.9
    functional K59.9
      congenital Q43.2
    ischemic K55.0
  combined system --see Degeneration, combined
  compressed air T70.3
  Concato's(pericardial polyserositis) A19.9
    nontubercular I31.1
    pleural --see Pleurisy, with effusion
  conjunctiva H11.9
    chlamydial A74.0
    specified NEC H11.89
    viral B30.9
      specified NEC B30.8
  connective tissue, systemic(diffuse) M35.9
    in(due to)
      hypogammaglobulinemia D80.1M36.8
      ochronosis E70.29M36.8
    specified NEC M35.8
  Conor and Bruch's(boutonneuse fever) A77.1
  Cooper's --see Mastopathy, cystic
  Cori's(glycogenosis III) E74.03
  corkhandler's or corkworker's J67.3
  cornea H18.9
    specified NEC H18.89-
  coronary(artery) --see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
    congenital Q24.5
    ostial, syphilitic(aortic) (mitral) (pulmonary) A52.03
  corpus cavernosum N48.9
    specified NEC N48.89
  Cotugno's --see Sciatica
  coxsackie(virus) NEC B34.1
  cranial nerve NOS G52.9
  Creutzfeldt-Jakob --see Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or syndrome
  Crocq's(acrocyanosis) I73.89
  Crohn's --see Enteritis, regional
  Curschmann G71.11
    breast(chronic) --see Mastopathy, cystic
    kidney, congenital Q61.9
    liver, congenital Q44.6
    lung J98.4
      congenital Q33.0
  cytomegalic inclusion(generalized) B25.9
    with pneumonia B25.0
    congenital P35.1
  cytomegaloviral B25.9
    specified NEC B25.8
  Czerny's(periodic hydrarthrosis of the knee) --see Effusion, joint, knee
  Daae(-Finsen) (epidemic pleurodynia) B33.0
  Darling's --see Histoplasmosis capsulati
  Débove's(splenomegaly) R16.1
  deer fly --see Tularemia
  Degos' I77.89
  demyelinating, demyelinizating(nervous system) G37.9
    multiple sclerosis G35
    specified NEC G37.8
  dense deposit --see also N00-N07 with fourth character .6N05.6
  deposition, hydroxyapatite --see Disease, hydroxyapatite deposition
  de Quervain's(tendon sheath) M65.4
    thyroid(subacute granulomatous thyroiditis) E06.1
  Devergie's(pityriasis rubra pilaris) L44.0
  Devic's G36.0
  diaphorase deficiency D74.0
  diaphragm J98.6
  diarrheal, infectious NEC A09
  digestive system K92.9
    specified NEC K92.89
  disc, degenerative --see Degeneration, intervertebral disc
  discogenic --see also Displacement, intervertebral disc NEC
    with myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
  diverticular --see Diverticula
  Dubois(thymus) A50.59E35
  Duchenne-Griesinger G71.0
    muscular dystrophy G71.0
    pseudohypertrophy, muscles G71.0
  ductless glands E34.9
  Duhring's(dermatitis herpetiformis) L13.0
  duodenum K31.9
    specified NEC K31.89
  Dupré's(meningism) R29.1
  Dupuytren's(muscle contracture) M72.0
  Durand-Nicholas-Favre(climatic bubo) A55
  Duroziez's(congenital mitral stenosis) Q23.2
  ear --see Disorder, ear
  Eberth's --see Fever, typhoid
  Ebola(virus) A98.4
  Ebstein's heart Q22.5
  Echinococcus --see Echinococcus
  echovirus NEC B34.1
  Eddowes'(brittle bones and blue sclera) Q78.0
  edentulous(alveolar) ridge K06.9
    specified NEC K06.8
  Edsall's T67.2
  Eichstedt's(pityriasis versicolor) B36.0
  Ellis-van Creveld(chondroectodermal dysplasia) Q77.6
  end stage renal(ESRD) N18.6
    due to hypertension I12.0
  endocrine glands or system NEC E34.9
  endomyocardial(eosinophilic) I42.3
  English(rickets) E55.0
  enteroviral, enterovirus NEC B34.1
    central nervous system NEC A88.8
  epidemic B99.9
    specified NEC B99.8
  epididymis N50.9
  Erb(-Landouzy) G71.0
  Erdheim-Chester(ECD) E88.89
  esophagus K22.9
    functional K22.4
    psychogenic F45.8
    specified NEC K22.8
  Eulenburg's(congenital paramyotonia) G71.19
  eustachian tube --see Disorder, eustachian tube
    auditory canal --see Disorder, ear, external
    ear --see Disorder, ear, external
  extrapyramidal G25.9
    specified NEC G25.89
  eye H57.9
    anterior chamber H21.9
    inflammatory NEC H57.8
    muscle(external) --see Strabismus
    specified NEC H57.8
    syphilitic --see Oculopathy, syphilitic
  eyeball H44.9
    specified NEC H44.89
  eyelid --see Disorder, eyelid
    specified NEC --see Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
  eyeworm of Africa B74.3
  facial nerve(seventh) G51.9
    newborn(birth injury) P11.3
  Fahr(of brain) G23.8
  Fahr Volhard(of kidney) I12.-
  fallopian tube(noninflammatory) N83.9
    inflammatory --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    specified NEC N83.8
  familial periodic paralysis G72.3
  Fanconi's(congenital pancytopenia) D61.09
  fascia NEC --see also Disorder, muscle
    inflammatory --see Myositis
    specified NEC M62.89
  Fauchard's(periodontitis) --see Periodontitis
  Favre-Durand-Nicolas(climatic bubo) A55
  Fede's K14.0
  Feer's --see Poisoning, mercury
  female pelvic inflammatory --see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatoryN73.9
    syphilitic(secondary) A51.42
    tuberculous A18.17
  Fernels'(aortic aneurysm) I71.9
  fibrocaseous of lung --see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
  fibrocystic --see Fibrocystic disease
  Fiedler's(leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
  fifth B08.3
  file-cutter's --see Poisoning, lead
  fish-skin Q80.9
    acquired L85.0
  Flajani(-Basedow) (exophthalmic goiter) --see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
  flax-dresser's J66.1
  fluke --see Infestation, fluke
  foot and mouth B08.8
  foot process N04.9
  Forbes'(glycogenosis III) E74.03
  Fordyce-Fox(apocrine miliaria) L75.2
  Fordyce's(ectopic sebaceous glands) (mouth) Q38.6
  Forestier's(rhizomelic pseudopolyarthritis) M35.3
    meaning ankylosing hyperostosis --see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
    neuralgia --see Neuralgia, trigeminal
    scarlatina anginosa A38.9
  Fournier(gangrene) N49.3
    female N76.89
  fourth B08.8
  Fox(-Fordyce) (apocrine miliaria) L75.2
  Francis' --see Tularemia
  Franklin C88.2
  Frei's(climatic bubo) A55
    combined systemic or ataxia G11.1
    myoclonia G25.3
  frontal sinus --see Sinusitis, frontal
  fungus NEC B49
  Gaisböck's(polycythemia hypertonica) D75.1
  gallbladder K82.9
    calculus --see Calculus, gallbladder
    cholecystitis --see Cholecystitis
    cholesterolosis K82.4
    fistula --see Fistula, gallbladder
    hydrops K82.1
    obstruction --see Obstruction, gallbladder
    perforation K82.2
    specified NEC K82.8
  gamma heavy chain C88.2
  Gamna's(siderotic splenomegaly) D73.2
  Gamstorp's(adynamia episodica hereditaria) G72.3
  Gandy-Nanta(siderotic splenomegaly) D73.2
  ganister J62.8
  gastric --see Disease, stomach
  gastroesophageal reflux(GERD) K21.9
    with esophagitis K21.0
  gastrointestinal(tract) K92.9
    amyloid E85.4
    functional K59.9
      psychogenic F45.8
    specified NEC K92.89
  Gee(-Herter) (-Heubner) (-Thaysen) (nontropical sprue) K90.0
  genital organs
    female N94.9
    male N50.9
  Gerhardt's(erythromelalgia) I73.81
  Gibert's(pityriasis rosea) L42
  Gierke's(glycogenosis I) E74.01
  Gilles de la Tourette's(motor-verbal tic) F95.2
  gingiva K06.9
    specified NEC K06.8
  gland(lymph) I89.9
  Glanzmann's(hereditary hemorrhagic thrombasthenia) D69.1
  glass-blower's(cataract) --see Cataract, specified NEC
    salivary gland hypertrophy K11.1
  Glisson's --see Rickets
  globe H44.9
    specified NEC H44.89
  glomerular --see also Glomerulonephritis
    with edema --see Nephrosis
    acute --see Nephritis, acute
    chronic --see Nephritis, chronic
    minimal change N05.0
    rapidly progressive N01.9
  glycogen storage E74.00
    Andersen's E74.09
    Cori's E74.03
    Forbes' E74.03
    generalized E74.00
    glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency E74.01
    heart E74.02I43
    hepatorenal E74.09
    Hers' E74.09
    liver and kidney E74.09
    McArdle's E74.04
    muscle phosphofructokinase E74.09
    myocardium E74.02I43
    Pompe's E74.02
    Tauri's E74.09
    type 0 E74.09
    type I E74.01
    type II E74.02
    type III E74.03
    type IV E74.09
    type V E74.04
    type VI-XI E74.09
    Von Gierke's E74.01
  Goldstein's(familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
  gonococcal NOS A54.9
  graft-versus-host(GVH) D89.813
    acute D89.810
    acute on chronic D89.812
    chronic D89.811
  grainhandler's J67.8
  granulomatous(childhood) (chronic) D71
  Graves'(exophthalmic goiter) --see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
  Griesinger's --see Ancylostomiasis
  Grisel's M43.6
  Gruby's(tinea tonsurans) B35.0
  Guillain-Barré G61.0
  Guinon's(motor-verbal tic) F95.2
  gum K06.9
  gynecological N94.9
  H(Hartnup's) E72.02
  Haff --see Poisoning, mercury
  Hageman(congenital factor XII deficiency) D68.2
  hair(color) (shaft) L67.9
    follicles L73.9
      specified NEC L73.8
  Hamman's(spontaneous mediastinal emphysema) J98.2
  hand, foot and mouth B08.4
  Hansen's --see Leprosy
  Hantavirus, with pulmonary manifestations B33.4
    with renal manifestations A98.5
  Harada's H30.81-
  Hartnup(pellagra-cerebellar ataxia-renal aminoaciduria) E72.02
  Hart's(pellagra-cerebellar ataxia-renal aminoaciduria) E72.02
  Hashimoto's(struma lymphomatosa) E06.3
  Hb --see Disease, hemoglobin
  heart(organic) I51.9
      pulmonary edema(acute) --see also Failure, ventricular, leftI50.1
      rheumatic fever(conditions in I00)
        active I01.9
          with chorea I02.0
          specified NEC I01.8
        inactive or quiescent(with chorea) I09.9
          specified NEC I09.89
    amyloid E85.4I43
    aortic(valve) I35.9
    arteriosclerotic or sclerotic(senile) --see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
    artery, arterial --see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
    beer drinkers' I42.6
    beriberi(wet) E51.12
    black I27.0
    congenital Q24.9
      cyanotic Q24.9
      specified NEC Q24.8
    coronary --see Disease, heart, ischemic
    cryptogenic I51.9
    fibroid --see Myocarditis
    functional I51.89
      psychogenic F45.8
    glycogen storage E74.02I43
    gonococcal A54.83
    hypertensive --see Hypertension, heart
    hyperthyroid --see also HyperthyroidismE05.90I43
      with thyroid storm E05.91I43
    ischemic(chronic or with a stated duration of over 4 weeks) I25.9
      atherosclerotic(of) I25.10
        with angina pectoris --see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery)
        coronary artery bypass graft --see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery),
      cardiomyopathy I25.5
      diagnosed on ECG or other special investigation, but currently presenting no symptoms I25.6
      silent I25.6
      specified form NEC I25.89
    kyphoscoliotic I27.1
    meningococcal A39.50
      endocarditis A39.51
      myocarditis A39.52
      pericarditis A39.53
    mitral I05.9
      specified NEC I05.8
    muscular --see Degeneration, myocardial
    psychogenic(functional) F45.8
    pulmonary(chronic) I27.9
      in schistosomiasis B65.9I52
      specified NEC I27.89
    rheumatic(chronic) (inactive) (old) (quiescent) (with chorea) I09.9
      active or acute I01.9
        with chorea(acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham's) I02.0
      specified NEC I09.89
    senile --see Myocarditis
    syphilitic A52.06
      aortic A52.03
        aneurysm A52.01
      congenital A50.54I52
    thyrotoxic --see also ThyrotoxicosisE05.90I43
      with thyroid storm E05.91I43
    valve, valvular(obstructive) (regurgitant) --see also Endocarditis
      congenital NEC Q24.8
        pulmonary Q22.3
    vascular --see Disease, cardiovascular
  heavy chain NEC C88.2
    alpha C88.3
    gamma C88.2
    mu C88.2
      maculata et circinata L42
      rubra pilaris L44.0
    prurigo L28.2
  hematopoietic organs D75.9
  hemoglobin or Hb
    abnormal(mixed) NEC D58.2
      with thalassemia D56.9
    AS genotype D57.3
    Bart's D56.0
    C(Hb-C) D58.2
      with other abnormal hemoglobin NEC D58.2
      elliptocytosis D58.1
      Hb-S D57.2-
      sickle-cell D57.2-
      thalassemia D56.8
    Constant Spring D58.2
    D(Hb-D) D58.2
    E(Hb-E) D58.2
    E-beta thalassemia D56.5
    elliptocytosis D58.1
    H(Hb-H) (thalassemia) D56.0
      with other abnormal hemoglobin NEC D56.9
      Constant Spring D56.0
    I thalassemia D56.9
    M D74.0
    S or SS D57.1
    SC D57.2-
    SD D57.8-
    SE D57.8-
    spherocytosis D58.0
    unstable, hemolytic D58.2
  hemolytic(newborn) P55.9
    autoimmune(cold type) (warm type) D59.1
    drug-induced D59.0
    due to or with
        ABO(blood group) P55.1
        blood(group) (Duffy) (K(ell)) (Kidd) (Lewis) (M) (S) NEC P55.8
        Rh(blood group) (factor) P55.0
      Rh negative mother P55.0
    specified type NEC P55.8
    unstable hemoglobin D58.2
  hemorrhagic D69.9
    newborn P53
  Henoch(-Schönlein) (purpura nervosa) D69.0
  hepatic --see Disease, liver
  hepatobiliary K83.9
    toxic K71.9
  hepatolenticular E83.01
  heredodegenerative NEC
    spinal cord G95.89
  herpesviral, disseminated B00.7
  Hers'(glycogenosis VI) E74.09
  Herter(-Gee) (-Heubner) (nontropical sprue) K90.0
  Heubner-Herter(nontropical sprue) K90.0
  high fetal gene or hemoglobin thalassemia D56.9
  Hildenbrand's --see Typhus
  hip(joint) M25.9
    congenital Q65.89
    suppurative M00.9
    tuberculous A18.02
  His(-Werner) (trench fever) A79.0
  Hodgson's I71.2
    ruptured I71.1
  Holla --see Spherocytosis
  hookworm B76.9
    specified NEC B76.8
  host-versus-graft D89.813
    acute D89.810
    acute on chronic D89.812
    chronic D89.811
  human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) B20
  Huntington's G10
  Hutchinson's(cheiropompholyx) --see Hutchinson's disease
  hyaline(diffuse) (generalized)
    membrane(lung) (newborn) P22.0
      adult J80
  hydatid --see Echinococcus
  hydroxyapatite deposition M11.00
    ankle M11.07-
    elbow M11.02-
    foot joint M11.07-
    hand joint M11.04-
    hip M11.05-
    knee M11.06-
    multiple site M11.09
    shoulder M11.01-
    vertebra M11.08
    wrist M11.03-
  hyperkinetic --see Hyperkinesia
  hypertensive --see Hypertension
  hypophysis E23.7
  Iceland G93.3
  I-cell E77.0
  immune D89.9
  immunoproliferative(malignant) C88.9
    small intestinal C88.3
    specified NEC C88.8
  inclusion B25.9
    salivary gland B25.9
  infectious, infective B99.9
    congenital P37.9
      specified NEC P37.8
      viral P35.9
        specified type NEC P35.8
    specified NEC B99.8
    penis N48.29
      abscess N48.21
      cellulitis N48.22
    prepuce N47.7
      balanoposthitis N47.6
    tubo-ovarian --see Salpingo-oophoritis
  intervertebral disc --see also Disorder, disc
    with myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
    cervical, cervicothoracic --see Disorder, disc, cervical
        myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, cervical, with myelopathy
        neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy --see Disorder, disc, cervical, with neuritis
        specified NEC --see Disorder, disc, cervical, specified type NEC
      myelopathy M51.06
      neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.16
      specified NEC M51.86
      neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.17
      specified NEC M51.87
    specified NEC --see Disorder, disc, specified NEC
      myelopathy M51.04
      neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy M51.14
      specified NEC M51.84
      myelopathy M51.05
      neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy M51.15
      specified NEC M51.85
  intestine K63.9
    functional K59.9
      psychogenic F45.8
      specified NEC K59.8
    organic K63.9
    protozoal A07.9
    specified NEC K63.89
  iris H21.9
    specified NEC H21.89
  iron metabolism or storage E83.10
  island(scrub typhus) A75.3
  itai-itai --see Poisoning, cadmium
  Jakob-Creutzfeldt --see Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or syndrome
  jaw M27.9
    fibrocystic M27.49
    specified NEC M27.8
  jigger B88.1
  joint --see also Disorder, joint
    Charcot's --see Arthropathy, neuropathic (Charcot)
    degenerative --see Osteoarthritis
      multiple M15.9
      spine --see Spondylosis
    hypertrophic --see Osteoarthritis
    sacroiliac M53.3
    specified NEC --see Disorder, joint, specified type NEC
    spine NEC --see Dorsopathy
    suppurative --see Arthritis, pyogenic or pyemic
  Jourdain's(acute gingivitis) K05.00
    nonplaque induced K05.01
    plaque induced K05.00
  Kaschin-Beck(endemic polyarthritis) M12.10
    ankle M12.17-
    elbow M12.12-
    foot joint M12.17-
    hand joint M12.14-
    hip M12.15-
    knee M12.16-
    multiple site M12.19
    shoulder M12.11-
    vertebra M12.18
    wrist M12.13-
  Katayama B65.2
  Kedani(scrub typhus) A75.3
  Keshan E59
  kidney(functional) (pelvis) N28.9
    chronic N18.9
      hypertensive --see Hypertension, kidney
      stage 1 N18.1
      stage 2(mild) N18.2
      stage 3(moderate) N18.3
      stage 4(severe) N18.4
      stage 5 N18.5
    complicating pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by, renal disease
    cystic(congenital) Q61.9
    diabetic --see E08-E13 with .22
    fibrocystic(congenital) Q61.8
    hypertensive --see Hypertension, kidney
    in(due to)
      schistosomiasis(bilharziasis) B65.9N29
    multicystic Q61.4
    polycystic Q61.3
      adult type Q61.2
      childhood type NEC Q61.19
        collecting duct dilatation Q61.11
  Kimmelstiel(-Wilson) (intercapillary polycystic (congenital) glomerulosclerosis) --see E08-E13 with .21
  Kimura D21.9
    specified site(see Neoplasm, connective tissue benign)
  Kinnier Wilson's(hepatolenticular degeneration) E83.01
  kissing --see Mononucleosis, infectious
  Klebs' --see also GlomerulonephritisN05.-
  Klippel-Feil(brevicollis) Q76.1
  Köhler-Pellegrini-Stieda(calcification, knee joint) --see Bursitis, tibial collateral
  Kok Q89.8
  König's(osteochondritis dissecans) --see Osteochondritis, dissecans
  Korsakoff's(nonalcoholic) F04
    alcoholic F10.96
      with dependence F10.26
  Kostmann's(infantile genetic agranulocytosis) D70.0
  kuru A81.81
  Kyasanur Forest A98.2
  labyrinth, ear --see Disorder, ear, inner
  lacrimal system --see Disorder, lacrimal system
  Lafora's --see Epilepsy, generalized, idiopathic
  Lancereaux-Mathieu(leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
  Landry's G61.0
  Larrey-Weil(leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
  larynx J38.7
  legionnaires' A48.1
    nonpneumonic A48.2
  Lenegre's I44.2
  lens H27.9
    specified NEC H27.8
  Lev's(acquired complete heart block) I44.2
  Lewy body(dementia) G31.83F02.80
    with behavioral disturbance G31.83F02.81
  Lichtheim's(subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) D51.0
  Lightwood's(renal tubular acidosis) N25.89
  Lignac's(cystinosis) E72.04
  lip K13.0
  lipid-storage E75.6
    specified NEC E75.5
  Lipschütz's N76.6
  liver(chronic) (organic) K76.9
    alcoholic(chronic) K70.9
      acute --see Disease, liver, alcoholic, hepatitis
      cirrhosis K70.30
        with ascites K70.31
      failure K70.40
        with coma K70.41
      fatty liver K70.0
      fibrosis K70.2
      hepatitis K70.10
        with ascites K70.11
      sclerosis K70.2
    cystic, congenital Q44.6
    drug-induced(idiosyncratic) (toxic) (predictable) (unpredictable) --see Disease, liver, toxic
    end stage K72.90
      due to hepatitis --see Hepatitis
    fatty, nonalcoholic(NAFLD) K76.0
      alcoholic K70.0
    fibrocystic(congenital) Q44.6
      Chinese B66.1
      oriental B66.1
      sheep B66.3
    glycogen storage E74.09K77
    in(due to)
      schistosomiasis(bilharziasis) B65.9K77
    inflammatory K75.9
      alcoholic K70.1
      specified NEC K75.89
    polycystic(congenital) Q44.6
    toxic K71.9
        cholestasis K71.0
        cirrhosis(liver) K71.7
        fibrosis(liver) K71.7
        focal nodular hyperplasia K71.8
        hepatic granuloma K71.8
        hepatic necrosis K71.10
          with coma K71.11
        hepatitis NEC K71.6
          acute K71.2
            active K71.50
              with ascites K71.51
            lobular K71.4
            persistent K71.3
          lupoid K71.50
            with ascites K71.51
        peliosis hepatis K71.8
        veno-occlusive disease(VOD) of liver K71.8
    veno-occlusive K76.5
  Lobo's(keloid blastomycosis) B48.0
  Lobstein's(brittle bones and blue sclera) Q78.0
  Ludwig's(submaxillary cellulitis) K12.2
  lumbosacral region M53.87
  lung J98.4
    black J60
    congenital Q33.9
    cystic J98.4
      congenital Q33.0
    fibroid(chronic) --see Fibrosis, lung
    fluke B66.4
      oriental B66.4
      amyloidosis E85.4J99
      sarcoidosis D86.0
      Sjögren's syndrome M35.02
        lupus erythematosus M32.13
        sclerosis M34.81
    interstitial J84.9
      of childhood, specified NEC J84.848
      respiratory bronchiolitis J84.115
      specified NEC J84.89
    obstructive(chronic) J44.9
          bronchitis J44.0
          exacerbation NEC J44.1
          lower respiratory infection J44.0
        alveolitis, allergic J67.9
        asthma J44.9
        bronchiectasis J47.9
            exacerbation(acute) J47.1
            lower respiratory infection J47.0
        bronchitis J44.9
            exacerbation(acute) J44.1
            lower respiratory infection J44.0
        emphysema J44.9
        hypersensitivity pneumonitis J67.9
      decompensated J44.1
          exacerbation(acute) J44.1
    polycystic J98.4
      congenital Q33.0
    rheumatoid(diffuse) (interstitial) --see Rheumatoid, lung
  Lutembacher's(atrial septal defect with mitral stenosis) Q21.1
  Lyme A69.20
  lymphatic(gland) (system) (channel) (vessel) I89.9
  lymphoproliferative D47.9
    specified NEC D47.Z9
    T-gamma D47.Z9
    X-linked D82.3
  Magitot's M27.2
  malarial --see Malaria
  malignant --see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
  Manson's B65.1
  maple bark J67.6
  maple-syrup-urine E71.0
  Marburg(virus) A98.3
  Marion's(bladder neck obstruction) N32.0
  Marsh's(exophthalmic goiter) --see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
  mastoid(process) --see Disorder, ear, middle
  Mathieu's(leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
  Maxcy's A75.2
  McArdle(-Schmid-Pearson) (glycogenosis V) E74.04
  mediastinum J98.5
  medullary center(idiopathic) (respiratory) G93.89
  Meige's(chronic hereditary edema) Q82.0
  meningococcal --see Infection, meningococcal
  mental F99
    organic F09
  mesenchymal M35.9
  mesenteric embolic K55.0
  metabolic, metabolism E88.9
    bilirubin E80.7
  metal-polisher's J62.8
  metastatic --see also Neoplasm, secondary, by siteC79.9
  microvascular - code to condition
    atrophy Q43.8
    inclusion(MVD) Q43.8
  middle ear --see Disorder, ear, middle
  Mikulicz'(dryness of mouth, absent or decreased lacrimation) K11.8
  Milroy's(chronic hereditary edema) Q82.0
  Minamata --see Poisoning, mercury
  minicore G71.2
  Minor's G95.19
  Minot's(hemorrhagic disease, newborn) P53
  Minot-von Willebrand-Jürgens(angiohemophilia) D68.0
  Mitchell's(erythromelalgia) I73.81
  mitral(valve) I05.9
    nonrheumatic I34.9
  mixed connective tissue M35.1
  moldy hay J67.0
  Monge's T70.29
  Morgagni-Adams-Stokes(syncope with heart block) I45.9
  Morgagni's(syndrome) (hyperostosis frontalis interna) M85.2
  Morton's(with metatarsalgia) --see Lesion, nerve, plantar
  Morvan's G60.8
  motor neuron(bulbar) (familial) (mixed type) (spinal) G12.20
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis G12.21
    progressive bulbar palsy G12.22
    specified NEC G12.29
  moyamoya I67.5
  mu heavy chain disease C88.2
  multicore G71.2
  muscle --see also Disorder, muscle
    inflammatory --see Myositis
    ocular(external) --see Strabismus
  musculoskeletal system, soft tissue --see also Disorder, soft tissue
    specified NEC --see Disorder, soft tissue, specified type NEC
  mushroom workers' J67.5
  mycotic B49
  myelodysplastic, not classified C94.6
  myeloproliferative, not classified C94.6
    chronic D47.1
  myocardium, myocardial --see also Degeneration, myocardialI51.5
    primary(idiopathic) I42.9
  myoneural G70.9
  Naegeli's D69.1
  nails L60.9
    specified NEC L60.8
  Nairobi(sheep virus) A93.8
  nasal J34.9
  nemaline body G71.2
  nerve --see Disorder, nerve
  nervous system G98.8
    autonomic G90.9
    central G96.9
      specified NEC G96.8
    congenital Q07.9
    parasympathetic G90.9
    specified NEC G98.8
    sympathetic G90.9
    vegetative G90.9
  neuromuscular system G70.9
  Newcastle B30.8
  Nicolas(-Durand)-Favre (climatic bubo) A55
  nipple N64.9
    Paget's C50.01-
      female C50.01-
      male C50.02-
  Nishimoto(-Takeuchi) I67.5
  nonarthropod-borne NOS(viral) B34.9
    enterovirus NEC B34.1
  nonautoimmune hemolytic D59.4
    drug-induced D59.2
  Nonne-Milroy-Meige(chronic hereditary edema) Q82.0
  nose J34.9
  nucleus pulposus --see Disorder, disc
  nutritional E63.9
  oast-house-urine E72.19
      herpesviral B00.50
      zoster B02.30
  obliterative vascular I77.1
  Ohara's --see Tularemia
  Opitz's(congestive splenomegaly) D73.2
  Oppenheim-Urbach(necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum) --see E08-E13 with .620
  optic nerve NEC --see Disorder, nerve, optic
  orbit --see Disorder, orbit
  Oriental liver fluke B66.1
  Oriental lung fluke B66.4
  Ormond's N13.5
  Oropouche virus A93.0
  Osler-Rendu(familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
  osteofibrocystic E21.0
  Otto's M24.7
  outer ear --see Disorder, ear, external
  ovary(noninflammatory) N83.9
    cystic N83.20
    inflammatory --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    polycystic E28.2
    specified NEC N83.8
  Owren's(congenital) --see Defect, coagulation
  pancreas K86.9
    cystic K86.2
    fibrocystic E84.9
    specified NEC K86.8
  panvalvular I08.9
    specified NEC I08.8
  parametrium(noninflammatory) N83.9
  parasitic B89
    cerebral NEC B71.9G94
    intestinal NOS B82.9
    mouth B37.0
    skin NOS B88.9
    specified type --see Infestation
    tongue B37.0
  parathyroid(gland) E21.5
    specified NEC E21.4
  Parkinson's G20
  parodontal K05.6
  Parrot's(syphilitic osteochondritis) A50.02
  Parry's(exophthalmic goiter) --see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
  Parson's(exophthalmic goiter) --see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
  Paxton's(white piedra) B36.2
  pearl-worker's --see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
  Pellegrini-Stieda(calcification, knee joint) --see Bursitis, tibial collateral
  pelvis, pelvic
    female NOS N94.9
      specified NEC N94.89
    gonococcal(acute) (chronic) A54.24
    inflammatory(female) N73.9
      acute N73.0
      chronic N73.1
      specified NEC N73.8
      syphilitic(secondary) A51.42
        late A52.76
      tuberculous A18.17
    organ, female N94.9
    peritoneum, female NEC N94.89
  penis N48.9
    inflammatory N48.29
      abscess N48.21
      cellulitis N48.22
    specified NEC N48.89
  periapical tissues NOS K04.90
  periodontal K05.6
    specified NEC K05.5
  periosteum --see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
    arterial I73.9
    autonomic nervous system G90.9
    nerves --see Polyneuropathy
    vascular NOS I73.9
  peritoneum K66.9
    pelvic, female NEC N94.89
    specified NEC K66.8
  persistent mucosal(middle ear) H66.20
    left H66.22
      with right H66.23
    right H66.21
      with left H66.23
  Petit's --see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
  pharynx J39.2
    specified NEC J39.2
  Phocas' --see Mastopathy, cystic
  photochromogenic(acid-fast bacilli) (pulmonary) A31.0
    nonpulmonary A31.9
  Pick's G31.01F02.80
    with behavioral disturbance G31.01F02.81
  pigeon fancier's J67.2
  pineal gland E34.8
  pink --see Poisoning, mercury
  Pinkus'(lichen nitidus) L44.1
  pinworm B80
  Piry virus A93.8
  pituitary(gland) E23.7
  pituitary-snuff-taker's J67.8
  pleura(cavity) J94.9
    specified NEC J94.8
  pneumatic drill(hammer) T75.21
  Pollitzer's(hidradenitis suppurativa) L73.2
    kidney or renal Q61.3
      adult type Q61.2
      childhood type NEC Q61.19
        collecting duct dilatation Q61.11
    liver or hepatic Q44.6
    lung or pulmonary J98.4
      congenital Q33.0
    ovary, ovaries E28.2
    spleen Q89.09
  polyethylene T84.05-
  Pompe's(glycogenosis II) E74.02
  Posadas-Wernicke B38.9
  Potain's(pulmonary edema) --see Edema, lung
  prepuce N47.8
    inflammatory N47.7
      balanoposthitis N47.6
  Pringle's(tuberous sclerosis) Q85.1
  prion, central nervous system A81.9
    specified NEC A81.89
  prostate N42.9
    specified NEC N42.89
  protozoal B64
    acanthamebiasis --see Acanthamebiasis
    African trypanosomiasis --see African trypanosomiasis
    babesiosis B60.0
    Chagas disease --see Chagas disease
    intestine, intestinal A07.9
    leishmaniasis --see Leishmaniasis
    malaria --see Malaria
    naegleriasis B60.2
    pneumocystosis B59
    specified organism NEC B60.8
    toxoplasmosis --see Toxoplasmosis
  pseudo-Hurler's E77.0
  psychiatric F99
  psychotic --see Psychosis
  Puente's(simple glandular cheilitis) K13.0
  puerperal --see also PuerperalO90.89
  pulmonary --see also Disease, lung
    artery I28.9
    chronic obstructive J44.9
        acute bronchitis J44.0
        exacerbation(acute) J44.1
        lower respiratory infection(acute) J44.0
      decompensated J44.1
          exacerbation(acute) J44.1
    heart I27.9
      specified NEC I27.89
    hypertensive(vascular) I27.0
    valve I37.9
      rheumatic I09.89
  pulp(dental) NOS K04.90
  pulseless M31.4
  Putnam's(subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) D51.0
  Pyle(-Cohn) (craniometaphyseal dysplasia) Q78.5
  ragpicker's or ragsorter's A22.1
  Raynaud's --see Raynaud's disease
  reactive airway --see Asthma
  Reclus'(cystic) --see Mastopathy, cystic
  rectum K62.9
    specified NEC K62.89
  Refsum's(heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis) G60.1
  renal(functional) (pelvis) --see also Disease, kidneyN28.9
      edema --see Nephrosis
      glomerular lesion --see Glomerulonephritis
        with edema --see Nephrosis
      interstitial nephritis N12
    acute N28.9
    chronic --see also Disease, kidney, chronicN18.9
    cystic, congenital Q61.9
    diabetic --see E08-E13 with .22
    end-stage(failure) N18.6
      due to hypertension I12.0
    fibrocystic(congenital) Q61.8
    hypertensive --see Hypertension, kidney
    lupus M32.14
    phosphate-losing(tubular) N25.0
    polycystic(congenital) Q61.3
      adult type Q61.2
      childhood type NEC Q61.19
        collecting duct dilatation Q61.11
    rapidly progressive N01.9
    subacute N01.9
  Rendu-Osler-Weber(familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
  renovascular(arteriosclerotic) --see Hypertension, kidney
  respiratory(tract) J98.9
    acute or subacute NOS J06.9
      due to
        chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors(inhalation) J68.3
        external agent J70.9
          specified NEC J70.8
        radiation J70.0
        smoke inhalation J70.5
      noninfectious J39.8
    chronic NOS J98.9
      due to
        chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors J68.4
        external agent J70.9
          specified NEC J70.8
        radiation J70.1
      newborn P27.9
        specified NEC P27.8
    due to
      chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors J68.9
        acute or subacute NEC J68.3
        chronic J68.4
      external agent J70.9
        specified NEC J70.8
    newborn P28.9
      specified type NEC P28.89
    upper J39.9
      acute or subacute J06.9
      noninfectious NEC J39.8
      specified NEC J39.8
      streptococcal J06.9
  retina, retinal H35.9
    Batten's or Batten-Mayou E75.4H36
    specified NEC H35.89
  rheumatoid --see Arthritis, rheumatoid
  rickettsial NOS A79.9
    specified type NEC A79.89
  Riga(-Fede) (cachectic aphthae) K14.0
  Riggs'(compound periodontitis) --see Periodontitis
  Ritter's L00
  Rivalta's(cervicofacial actinomycosis) A42.2
  Robles'(onchocerciasis) B73.01
  Roger's(congenital interventricular septal defect) Q21.0
  Rosenthal's(factor XI deficiency) D68.1
  Rossbach's(hyperchlorhydria) K30
  Ross River B33.1
  Rotes Quérol --see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
  Roth(-Bernhardt) --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, meralgia paresthetica
  Runeberg's(progressive pernicious anemia) D51.0
  sacroiliac NEC M53.3
  salivary gland or duct K11.9
    inclusion B25.9
    specified NEC K11.8
    virus B25.9
  sandworm B76.9
  Schimmelbusch's --see Mastopathy, cystic
  Schmorl's --see Schmorl's disease or nodes
  Schönlein(-Henoch) (purpura rheumatica) D69.0
  Schottmüller's --see Fever, paratyphoid
  Schultz's(agranulocytosis) --see Agranulocytosis
  Schwalbe-Ziehen-Oppenheim G24.1
  Schwartz-Jampel G71.13
  sclera H15.9
    specified NEC H15.89
  scrofulous(tuberculous) A18.2
  scrotum N50.9
  sebaceous glands L73.9
  semilunar cartilage, cystic --see also Derangement, knee, meniscus, cystic
  seminal vesicle N50.9
  serum NEC --see also Reaction, serumT80.69
  sexually transmitted A64
      herpesviral infection --see Herpes, anogenital
      warts A63.0
    chancroid A57
    chlamydial infection --see Chlamydia
    gonorrhea --see Gonorrhea
    granuloma inguinale A58
    specified organism NEC A63.8
    syphilis --see Syphilis
    trichomoniasis --see Trichomoniasis
  Sézary C84.1-
  shimamushi(scrub typhus) A75.3
  shipyard B30.0
  sickle-cell D57.1
    with crisis(vasoocclusive pain) D57.00
        acute chest syndrome D57.01
        splenic sequestration D57.02
    elliptocytosis D57.8-
    Hb-C D57.20
      with crisis(vasoocclusive pain) D57.219
          acute chest syndrome D57.211
          splenic sequestration D57.212
      without crisis D57.20
    Hb-SD D57.80
      with crisis D57.819
          acute chest syndrome D57.811
          splenic sequestration D57.812
    Hb-SE D57.80
      with crisis D57.819
          acute chest syndrome D57.811
          splenic sequestration D57.812
    specified NEC D57.80
      with crisis D57.819
          acute chest syndrome D57.811
          splenic sequestration D57.812
    spherocytosis D57.80
      with crisis D57.819
          acute chest syndrome D57.811
          splenic sequestration D57.812
    thalassemia D57.40
      with crisis(vasoocclusive pain) D57.419
          acute chest syndrome D57.411
          splenic sequestration D57.412
      without crisis D57.40
  silo-filler's J68.8
    bronchitis J68.0
    pneumonitis J68.0
    pulmonary edema J68.1
  simian B B00.4
  Simons'(progressive lipodystrophy) E88.1
  sin nombre virus B33.4
  sinus --see Sinusitis
  Sirkari's B55.0
  sixth B08.20
    due to human herpesvirus 6 B08.21
    due to human herpesvirus 7 B08.22
  skin L98.9
    due to metabolic disorder NEC E88.9L99
    specified NEC L98.8
  slim(HIV) B20
  small vessel I73.9
  Sneddon-Wilkinson(subcorneal pustular dermatosis) L13.1
  South African creeping B88.0
  spinal(cord) G95.9
    congenital Q06.9
    specified NEC G95.89
  spine --see also Spondylopathy
    joint --see Dorsopathy
    tuberculous A18.01
  spinocerebellar(hereditary) G11.9
    specified NEC G11.8
  spleen D73.9
    amyloid E85.4D77
    organic D73.9
    polycystic Q89.09
    postinfectional D73.89
  sponge-diver's --see Toxicity, venom, marine animal, sea anemone
  Startle Q89.8
  Steinert's G71.11
  Sticker's(erythema infectiosum) B08.3
  Stieda's(calcification, knee joint) --see Bursitis, tibial collateral
  Stokes'(exophthalmic goiter) --see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
  Stokes-Adams(syncope with heart block) I45.9
  stomach K31.9
    functional, psychogenic F45.8
    specified NEC K31.89
  stonemason's J62.8
    glycogen --see Disease, glycogen storage
    mucopolysaccharide --see Mucopolysaccharidosis
  striatopallidal system NEC G25.89
  Stuart-Prower(congenital factor X deficiency) D68.2
  Stuart's(congenital factor X deficiency) D68.2
  subcutaneous tissue --see Disease, skin
  supporting structures of teeth K08.9
    specified NEC K08.8
  suprarenal(capsule) (gland) E27.9
    hyperfunction E27.0
    specified NEC E27.8
  sweat glands L74.9
    specified NEC L74.8
  Sweeley-Klionsky E75.21
  Swift(-Feer) --see Poisoning, mercury
  swimming-pool granuloma A31.1
  Sylvest's(epidemic pleurodynia) B33.0
  sympathetic nervous system G90.9
  synovium --see Disorder, synovium
  syphilitic --see Syphilis
  systemic tissue mast cell C96.2
  tanapox(virus) B08.71
  Tangier E78.6
  Tarral-Besnier(pityriasis rubra pilaris) L44.0
  Tauri's E74.09
  tear duct --see Disorder, lacrimal system
  tendon, tendinous --see also Disorder, tendon
    nodular --see Trigger finger
  terminal vessel I73.9
  testis N50.9
  thalassemia Hb-S --see Disease, sickle-cell, thalassemia
  Thaysen-Gee(nontropical sprue) K90.0
  Thomsen G71.12
  throat J39.2
    septic J02.0
  thromboembolic --see Embolism
  thymus(gland) E32.9
    specified NEC E32.8
  thyroid(gland) E07.9
    heart --see also HyperthyroidismE05.90I43
      with thyroid storm E05.91I43
    specified NEC E07.89
  Tietze's M94.0
  tongue K14.9
    specified NEC K14.8
  tonsils, tonsillar(and adenoids) J35.9
  tooth, teeth K08.9
    hard tissues K03.9
      specified NEC K03.89
    pulp NEC K04.99
    specified NEC K08.8
  Tourette's F95.2
  trachea NEC J39.8
  tricuspid I07.9
    nonrheumatic I36.9
  triglyceride-storage E75.5
  trophoblastic --see Mole, hydatidiform
  tsutsugamushi A75.3
  tube(fallopian) (noninflammatory) N83.9
    inflammatory --see Salpingitis
    specified NEC N83.8
  tuberculous NEC --see Tuberculosis
  tubo-ovarian(noninflammatory) N83.9
    inflammatory --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    specified NEC N83.8
  tubotympanic, chronic --see Otitis, media, suppurative, chronic, tubotympanic
  tubulo-interstitial N15.9
    specified NEC N15.8
  tympanum --see Disorder, tympanic membrane
  Uhl's Q24.8
  Underwood's(sclerema neonatorum) P83.0
  Unverricht(-Lundborg) --see Epilepsy, generalized, idiopathic
  Urbach-Oppenheim(necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum) --see E08-E13 with .620
  ureter N28.9
    in(due to)
      schistosomiasis(bilharziasis) B65.0N29
  urethra N36.9
    specified NEC N36.8
  urinary(tract) N39.9
    bladder N32.9
      specified NEC N32.89
    specified NEC N39.8
  uterus(noninflammatory) N85.9
    infective --see Endometritis
    inflammatory --see Endometritis
    specified NEC N85.8
  uveal tract(anterior) H21.9
    posterior H31.9
  vagabond's B85.1
  vagina, vaginal(noninflammatory) N89.9
    inflammatory NEC N76.89
    specified NEC N89.8
  valve, valvular I38
    multiple I08.9
      specified NEC I08.8
  van Creveld-von Gierke(glycogenosis I) E74.01
  vas deferens N50.9
  vascular I99.9
    arteriosclerotic --see Arteriosclerosis
    ciliary body NEC --see Disorder, iris, vascular
    hypertensive --see Hypertension
    iris NEC --see Disorder, iris, vascular
    obliterative I77.1
      peripheral I73.9
    occlusive I99.8
    peripheral(occlusive) I73.9
      in diabetes mellitus --see E08-E13 with .51
  vasomotor I73.9
  vasospastic I73.9
  vein I87.9
  venereal --see also Disease, sexually transmittedA64
    chlamydial NEC A56.8
      anus A56.3
      genitourinary NOS A56.2
      pharynx A56.4
      rectum A56.3
    fifth A55
    sixth A55
    specified nature or type NEC A63.8
  vertebra, vertebral --see also Spondylopathy
    disc --see Disorder, disc
  vibration --see Vibration, adverse effects
  viral, virus --see also Disease, by type of virusB34.9
    arbovirus NOS A94
    arthropod-borne NOS A94
    congenital P35.9
      specified NEC P35.8
    Hanta(with renal manifestations) (Dobrava) (Puumala) (Seoul) A98.5
      with pulmonary manifestations(Andes) (Bayou) (Bermejo) (Black Creek Canal) (Choclo) (Juquitiba) (Laguna negra) (Lechiguanas) (New York) (Oran) (Sin nombre) B33.4
    Hantaan(Korean hemorrhagic fever) A98.5
    human immunodeficiency(HIV) B20
    Kunjin A83.4
    nonarthropod-borne NOS B34.9
    Powassan A84.8
    Rocio(encephalitis) A83.6
    Sin nombre(Hantavirus) (cardio)-pulmonary syndrome) B33.4
    Tahyna B33.8
    vesicular stomatitis A93.8
  vitreous H43.9
    specified NEC H43.89
  vocal cord J38.3
  Volkmann's, acquired T79.6
  von Eulenburg's(congenital paramyotonia) G71.19
  von Gierke's(glycogenosis I) E74.01
  von Graefe's --see Strabismus, paralytic, ophthalmoplegia, progressive
  von Willebrand(-Jürgens) (angiohemophilia) D68.0
  Vrolik's(osteogenesis imperfecta) Q78.0
  vulva(noninflammatory) N90.9
    inflammatory NEC N76.89
    specified NEC N90.89
  Wallgren's(obstruction of splenic vein with collateral circulation) I87.8
  Wassilieff's(leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
  wasting NEC R64
    due to malnutrition E41
  Waterhouse-Friderichsen A39.1
  Wegner's(syphilitic osteochondritis) A50.02
  Weil's(leptospiral jaundice of lung) A27.0
  Weir Mitchell's(erythromelalgia) I73.81
  Werdnig-Hoffmann G12.0
  Wermer's E31.21
  Werner-His(trench fever) A79.0
  Werner-Schultz(neutropenic splenomegaly) D73.81
  Wernicke-Posadas B38.9
  whipworm B79
  white blood cells D72.9
    specified NEC D72.89
  white matter R90.82
  white-spot, meaning lichen sclerosus et atrophicus L90.0
    penis N48.0
    vulva N90.4
  Wilkie's K55.1
  Wilkinson-Sneddon(subcorneal pustular dermatosis) L13.1
  Willis' --see Diabetes
  Wilson's(hepatolenticular degeneration) E83.01
  woolsorter's A22.1
  yaba monkey tumor B08.72
  yaba pox(virus) B08.72
  zoonotic, bacterial A28.9
    specified type NEC A28.8
Disfigurement(due to scar) L90.5
Disgerminoma --see Dysgerminoma
DISH(diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis) --see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
Disinsertion, retina --see Detachment, retina
Dislocatable hip, congenital Q65.6
  with fracture --see Fracture
  acromioclavicular(joint) S43.10-
    with displacement
      100%-200% S43.12-
      more than 200% S43.13-
    inferior S43.14-
    posterior S43.15-
  ankle S93.0-
  astragalus --see Dislocation, ankle
  atlantoaxial S13.121
  atlantooccipital S13.111
  atloidooccipital S13.111
  breast bone S23.29
  capsule, joint - code by site under Dislocation
  carpal(bone) --see Dislocation, wrist
  carpometacarpal(joint) NEC S63.05-
    thumb S63.04-
  cartilage(joint) - code by site under Dislocation
  cervical spine(vertebra) --see Dislocation, vertebra, cervical
  chronic --see Dislocation, recurrent
  clavicle --see Dislocation, acromioclavicular joint
  coccyx S33.2
  congenital NEC Q68.8
  coracoid --see Dislocation, shoulder
  costal cartilage S23.29
  costochondral S23.29
  cricoarytenoid articulation S13.29
  cricothyroid articulation S13.29
  dorsal vertebra --see Dislocation, vertebra, thoracic
  ear ossicle --see Discontinuity, ossicles, ear
  elbow S53.10-
    congenital Q68.8
    pathological --see Dislocation, pathological NEC, elbow
    radial head alone --see Dislocation, radial head
    recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, elbow
    traumatic S53.10-
      anterior S53.11-
      lateral S53.14-
      medial S53.13-
      posterior S53.12-
      specified type NEC S53.19-
  eye, nontraumatic --see Luxation, globe
  eyeball, nontraumatic --see Luxation, globe
    distal end --see Dislocation, knee
    proximal end --see Dislocation, hip
    distal end --see Dislocation, ankle
    proximal end --see Dislocation, knee
  finger S63.25-
    index S63.25-
    interphalangeal S63.27-
      distal S63.29-
        index S63.29-
        little S63.29-
        middle S63.29-
        ring S63.29-
      index S63.27-
      little S63.27-
      middle S63.27-
      proximal S63.28-
        index S63.28-
        little S63.28-
        middle S63.28-
        ring S63.28-
      ring S63.27-
    little S63.25-
    metacarpophalangeal S63.26-
      index S63.26-
      little S63.26-
      middle S63.26-
      ring S63.26-
    middle S63.25-
    recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, finger
    ring S63.25-
    thumb --see Dislocation, thumb
  foot S93.30-
    recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, foot
    specified site NEC S93.33-
    tarsal joint S93.31-
    tarsometatarsal joint S93.32-
    toe --see Dislocation, toe
  fracture --see Fracture
  glenohumeral(joint) --see Dislocation, shoulder
  glenoid --see Dislocation, shoulder
  habitual --see Dislocation, recurrent
  hip S73.00-
    anterior S73.03-
      obturator S73.02-
    central S73.04-
    congenital(total) Q65.2
      bilateral Q65.1
      partial Q65.5
        bilateral Q65.4
        unilateral Q65.3-
      unilateral Q65.0-
    developmental M24.85-
    pathological --see Dislocation, pathological NEC, hip
    posterior S73.01-
    recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, hip
  humerus, proximal end --see Dislocation, shoulder
  incomplete --see Subluxation, by site
  incus --see Discontinuity, ossicles, ear
  infracoracoid --see Dislocation, shoulder
  innominate(pubic junction) (sacral junction) S33.39
    acetabulum --see Dislocation, hip
    finger S63.279
      distal S63.29-
        index S63.29-
        little S63.29-
        middle S63.29-
        ring S63.29-
      index S63.27-
      little S63.27-
      middle S63.27-
      proximal S63.28-
        index S63.28-
        little S63.28-
        middle S63.28-
        ring S63.28-
      ring S63.27-
    foot or toe --see Dislocation, toe
    thumb S63.12-
      distal joint S63.14-
      proximal joint S63.13-
  jaw(cartilage) (meniscus) S03.0
  joint prosthesis --see Complications, joint prosthesis, mechanical, displacement, by site
  knee S83.106
    cap --see Dislocation, patella
    congenital Q68.2
    old M23.8X-
    patella --see Dislocation, patella
    pathological --see Dislocation, pathological NEC, knee
    proximal tibia
      anteriorly S83.11-
      laterally S83.14-
      medially S83.13-
      posteriorly S83.12-
    recurrent --see also Derangement, knee, specified NEC
    specified type NEC S83.19-
  lacrimal gland H04.16-
  lens(complete) H27.10
    anterior H27.12-
    congenital Q12.1
    ocular implant --see Complications, intraocular lens
    partial H27.11-
    posterior H27.13-
    traumatic S05.8X-
  ligament - code by site under Dislocation
  lumbar(vertebra) --see Dislocation, vertebra, lumbar
  lumbosacral(vertebra) --see also Dislocation, vertebra, lumbar
    congenital Q76.49
  mandible S03.0
  meniscus(knee) --see Tear, meniscus
    other sites - code by site under Dislocation
    distal end --see Dislocation, finger
    proximal end S63.06-
    finger S63.26-
      index S63.26-
      little S63.26-
      middle S63.26-
      ring S63.26-
    thumb S63.11-
  metatarsal(bone) --see Dislocation, foot
  metatarsophalangeal(joint(s)) --see Dislocation, toe
  midcarpal(joint) S63.03-
  midtarsal(joint) --see Dislocation, foot
  neck S13.20
    specified site NEC S13.29
    vertebra --see Dislocation, vertebra, cervical
  nose(septal cartilage) S03.1
  occipitoatloid S13.111
  old --see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC
  ossicles, ear --see Discontinuity, ossicles, ear
  partial --see Subluxation, by site
  patella S83.006
    congenital Q74.1
    lateral S83.01-
    recurrent(nontraumatic) M22.0-
      incomplete M22.1-
    specified type NEC S83.09-
  pathological NEC M24.30
    ankle M24.37-
    elbow M24.32-
    foot joint M24.37-
    hand joint M24.34-
    hip M24.35-
    knee M24.36-
    lumbosacral joint M53.2
    pelvic region --see Dislocation, pathological, hip
    sacroiliac M53.2
    shoulder M24.31-
    wrist M24.33-
  pelvis NEC S33.30
    specified NEC S33.39
    finger or hand --see Dislocation, finger
    foot or toe --see Dislocation, toe
  prosthesis, internal --see Complications, prosthetic device, by site, mechanical
  radial head S53.006
    anterior S53.01-
    posterior S53.02-
    specified type NEC S53.09-
  radiocarpal(joint) S63.02-
  radiohumeral(joint) --see Dislocation, radial head
    distal S63.01-
    proximal --see Dislocation, elbow
    distal end --see Dislocation, wrist
    proximal end --see Dislocation, radial head
  recurrent M24.40
    ankle M24.47-
    elbow M24.42-
    finger M24.44-
    foot joint M24.47-
    hand joint M24.44-
    hip M24.45-
    knee M24.46-
      patella --see Dislocation, patella, recurrent
    patella --see Dislocation, patella, recurrent
    sacroiliac M53.2
    shoulder M24.41-
    toe M24.47-
    vertebra --see also subcategoryM43.5
      atlantoaxial M43.4
        with myelopathy M43.3
    wrist M24.43-
  rib(cartilage) S23.29
  sacrococcygeal S33.2
  sacroiliac(joint) (ligament) S33.2
    congenital Q74.2
    recurrent M53.2
  sacrum S33.2
  scaphoid(bone) (hand) (wrist) --see Dislocation, wrist
    foot --see Dislocation, foot
  scapula --see Dislocation, shoulder, girdle, scapula
  semilunar cartilage, knee --see Tear, meniscus
  septal cartilage(nose) S03.1
  septum(nasal) (old) J34.2
  sesamoid bone - code by site under Dislocation
  shoulder(blade) (ligament) (joint) (traumatic) S43.006
    acromioclavicular --see Dislocation, acromioclavicular
    chronic --see Dislocation, recurrent, shoulder
    congenital Q68.8
    girdle S43.30-
      scapula S43.31-
      specified site NEC S43.39-
    humerus S43.00-
      anterior S43.01-
      inferior S43.03-
      posterior S43.02-
    pathological --see Dislocation, pathological NEC, shoulder
    recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, shoulder
    specified type NEC S43.08-
    cervical --see Dislocation, vertebra, cervical
    congenital Q76.49
    due to birth trauma P11.5
    lumbar --see Dislocation, vertebra, lumbar
    thoracic --see Dislocation, vertebra, thoracic
  spontaneous --see Dislocation, pathological
  sternoclavicular(joint) S43.206
    anterior S43.21-
    posterior S43.22-
  sternum S23.29
  subglenoid --see Dislocation, shoulder
  symphysis pubis S33.4
  talus --see Dislocation, ankle
  tarsal(bone(s)) (joint(s)) --see Dislocation, foot
  tarsometatarsal(joint(s)) --see Dislocation, foot
  temporomandibular(joint) S03.0
  thigh, proximal end --see Dislocation, hip
  thorax S23.20
    specified site NEC S23.29
    vertebra --see Dislocation, vertebra
  thumb S63.10-
    interphalangeal joint --see Dislocation, interphalangeal (joint), thumb
    metacarpophalangeal joint --see Dislocation, metacarpophalangeal (joint), thumb
  thyroid cartilage S13.29
    distal end --see Dislocation, ankle
    proximal end --see Dislocation, knee
    distal --see Dislocation, ankle
    superior --see Dislocation, knee
  toe(s) S93.106
    great S93.10-
      interphalangeal joint S93.11-
      metatarsophalangeal joint S93.12-
    interphalangeal joint S93.119
    lesser S93.106
      interphalangeal joint S93.11-
      metatarsophalangeal joint S93.12-
    metatarsophalangeal joint S93.12-
  tooth S03.2
  trachea S23.29
    distal end S63.07-
    proximal end --see Dislocation, elbow
  ulnohumeral(joint) --see Dislocation, elbow
  vertebra(articular process) (body) (traumatic)
    cervical S13.101
      atlantoaxial joint S13.121
      atlantooccipital joint S13.111
      atloidooccipital joint S13.111
      joint between
        C0 and C1 S13.111
        C1 and C2 S13.121
        C2 and C3 S13.131
        C3 and C4 S13.141
        C4 and C5 S13.151
        C5and C6 S13.161
        C6and C7 S13.171
        C7and T1 S13.181
      occipitoatloid joint S13.111
    congenital Q76.49
    lumbar S33.101
      joint between
        L1and L2 S33.111
        L2and L3 S33.121
        L3 and L4 S33.131
        L4and L5 S33.141
    nontraumatic --see Displacement, intervertebral disc
    partial --see Subluxation, by site
    recurrent NEC M43.5
    thoracic S23.101
      joint between
        T1 and T2 S23.111
        T2 and T3 S23.121
        T3 and T4 S23.123
        T4 and T5 S23.131
        T5 and T6 S23.133
        T6 and T7 S23.141
        T7 and T8 S23.143
        T8 and T9 S23.151
        T9 and T10 S23.153
        T10 and T11 S23.161
        T11 and T12 S23.163
        T12 and L1 S23.171
  wrist(carpal bone) S63.006
    carpometacarpal joint --see Dislocation, carpometacarpal (joint)
    distal radioulnar joint --see Dislocation, radioulnar (joint), distal
    metacarpal bone, proximal --see Dislocation, metacarpal (bone), proximal end
    midcarpal --see Dislocation, midcarpal (joint)
    radiocarpal joint --see Dislocation, radiocarpal (joint)
    recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, wrist
    specified site NEC S63.09-
    ulna --see Dislocation, ulna, distal end
  xiphoid cartilage S23.29
Disorder(of) --see also Disease
  acantholytic L11.9
    specified NEC L11.8
    psychotic --see Psychosis, acute
    stress F43.0
  adjustment(grief) F43.20
      anxiety F43.22
        with depressed mood F43.23
      conduct disturbance F43.24
        with emotional disturbance F43.25
      depressed mood F43.21
        with anxiety F43.23
      other specified symptom F43.29
  adrenal(capsule) (gland) (medullary) E27.9
    specified NEC E27.8
  adrenogenital E25.9
    drug-induced E25.8
    iatrogenic E25.8
    idiopathic E25.8
  adult personality(and behavior) F69
    specified NEC F68.8
  affective(mood) --see Disorder, mood
  aggressive, unsocialized F91.1
  alcohol-related F10.99
      amnestic disorder, persisting F10.96
      anxiety disorder F10.980
      dementia, persisting F10.97
      intoxication F10.929
        with delirium F10.921
        uncomplicated F10.920
      mood disorder F10.94
      other specified F10.988
      psychotic disorder F10.959
          delusions F10.950
          hallucinations F10.951
      sexual dysfunction F10.981
      sleep disorder F10.982
  allergic --see Allergy
  alveolar NEC J84.09
    cystathioninuria E72.19
    cystinosis E72.04
    cystinuria E72.01
    glycinuria E72.09
    homocystinuria E72.11
    metabolism --see Disturbance, metabolism, amino-acid
      specified NEC E72.8
    neonatal, transitory P74.8
    renal transport NEC E72.09
    transport NEC E72.09
  amnesic, amnestic
    alcohol-induced F10.96
      with dependence F10.26
    due to(secondary to) general medical condition F04
    psychoactive NEC-induced F19.96
        abuse F19.16
        dependence F19.26
    sedative, hypnotic or anxiolytic-induced F13.96
      with dependence F13.26
  anaerobic glycolysis with anemia D55.2
  anxiety F41.9
    due to(secondary to)
      alcohol F10.980
      amphetamine F15.980
          abuse F15.180
          dependence F15.280
      anxiolytic F13.980
          abuse F13.180
          dependence F13.280
      caffeine F15.980
          abuse F15.180
          dependence F15.280
      cannabis F12.980
          abuse F12.180
          dependence F12.280
      cocaine F14.980
          abuse F14.180
          dependence F14.180
      general medical condition F06.4
      hallucinogen F16.980
          abuse F16.180
          dependence F16.280
      hypnotic F13.980
          abuse F13.180
          dependence F13.280
      inhalant F18.980
          abuse F18.180
          dependence F18.280
      phencyclidine F16.980
          abuse F16.180
          dependence F16.280
      psychoactive substance NEC F19.980
          abuse F19.180
          dependence F19.280
      sedative F13.980
          abuse F13.180
          dependence F13.280
      volatile solvents F18.980
          abuse F18.180
          dependence F18.280
    generalized F41.1
      with depression(mild) F41.8
      specified NEC F41.3
    organic F06.4
    phobic F40.9
      of childhood F40.8
    specified NEC F41.8
  aortic valve --see Endocarditis, aortic
  aromatic amino-acid metabolism E70.9
    specified NEC E70.8
  arteriole NEC I77.89
  artery NEC I77.89
  articulation --see Disorder, joint
    disinhibited F94.2
    reactive F94.1
  attention-deficit hyperactivity(adolescent) (adult) (child) F90.9
    combined type F90.2
    hyperactive type F90.1
    inattentive type F90.0
    specified type NEC F90.8
  attention-deficit without hyperactivity(adolescent) (adult) (child) F90.0
  auditory processing(central) H93.25
  autistic F84.0
  autonomic nervous system G90.9
    specified NEC G90.8
  avoidant, child or adolescent F40.10
    acid-base E87.8
      mixed E87.4
    electrolyte E87.8
    fluid NEC E87.8
  behavioral(disruptive) --see Disorder, conduct
  beta-amino-acid metabolism E72.8
  bile acid and cholesterol metabolism E78.70
    Barth syndrome E78.71
    other specified E78.79
    Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome E78.72
  bilirubin excretion E80.6
    movement H51.9
        excess H51.12
        insufficiency H51.11
      internuclear ophthalmoplegia --see Ophthalmoplegia, internuclear
      palsy of conjugate gaze H51.0
      specified type NEC H51.8
    vision NEC --see Disorder, vision, binocular
  bipolar(I) F31.9
    current episode
      depressed F31.9
        with psychotic features F31.5
        without psychotic features F31.30
          mild F31.31
          moderate F31.32
          severe(without psychotic features) F31.4
            with psychotic features F31.5
      hypomanic F31.0
      manic F31.9
        with psychotic features F31.2
        without psychotic features F31.10
          mild F31.11
          moderate F31.12
          severe(without psychotic features) F31.13
            with psychotic features F31.2
      mixed F31.60
        mild F31.61
        moderate F31.62
        severe(without psychotic features) F31.63
          with psychotic features F31.64
      severe depression(without psychotic features) F31.4
        with psychotic features F31.5
    in remission(currently) F31.70
      in full remission
        most recent episode
          depressed F31.76
          hypomanic F31.72
          manic F31.74
          mixed F31.78
      in partial remission
        most recent episode
          depressed F31.75
          hypomanic F31.71
          manic F31.73
          mixed F31.77
    specified NEC F31.89
    II F31.81
    organic F06.30
    single manic episode F30.9
      mild F30.11
      moderate F30.12
      severe(without psychotic symptoms) F30.13
        with psychotic symptoms F30.2
  bladder N32.9
    functional NEC N31.9
    in schistosomiasis B65.0N33
    specified NEC N32.89
  bleeding D68.9
  blood D75.9
    in congenital early syphilis A50.09D77
  body dysmorphic F45.22
  bone M89.9
    continuity M84.9
      specified type NEC M84.80
        ankle M84.87-
        fibula M84.86-
        foot M84.87-
        hand M84.84-
        humerus M84.82-
        neck M84.88
        pelvis M84.859
        radius M84.83-
        rib M84.88
        shoulder M84.81-
        skull M84.88
        thigh M84.85-
        tibia M84.86-
        ulna M84.83-
        vertebra M84.88
    density and structure M85.9
      cyst --see also Cyst, bone, specified type NEC
        aneurysmal --see Cyst, bone, aneurysmal
        solitary --see Cyst, bone, solitary
      diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis --see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
      fibrous dysplasia(monostotic) --see Dysplasia, fibrous, bone
      fluorosis --see Fluorosis, skeletal
      hyperostosis of skull M85.2
      osteitis condensans --see Osteitis, condensans
      specified type NEC M85.8-
        ankle M85.87-
        foot M85.87-
        forearm M85.83-
        hand M85.84-
        lower leg M85.86-
        multiple sites M85.89
        neck M85.88
        rib M85.88
        shoulder M85.81-
        skull M85.88
        thigh M85.85-
        upper arm M85.82-
        vertebra M85.88
    development and growth NEC M89.20
      carpus M89.24-
      clavicle M89.21-
      femur M89.25-
      fibula M89.26-
      finger M89.24-
      humerus M89.22-
      ilium M89.259
      ischium M89.259
      metacarpus M89.24-
      metatarsus M89.27-
      multiple sites M89.29
      neck M89.28
      radius M89.23-
      rib M89.28
      scapula M89.21-
      skull M89.28
      tarsus M89.27-
      tibia M89.26-
      toe M89.27-
      ulna M89.23-
      vertebra M89.28
    specified type NEC M89.8X-
  brachial plexus G54.0
  branched-chain amino-acid metabolism E71.2
    specified NEC E71.19
  breast N64.9
    agalactia --see Agalactia
    associated with
      lactation O92.70
        specified NEC O92.79
      pregnancy O92.20
        specified NEC O92.29
      puerperium O92.20
        specified NEC O92.29
    cracked nipple --see Cracked nipple
    galactorrhea --see Galactorrhea
    hypogalactia O92.4
    lactation disorder NEC O92.79
    mastitis --see Mastitis
    nipple infection --see Infection, nipple
    retracted nipple --see Retraction, nipple
    specified type NEC N64.89
  Briquet's F45.0
  bullous, in diseases classified elsewhere L14
  cannabis use
    due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, cannabis
    due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
    absorption, intestinal NEC E74.39
    metabolism(congenital) E74.9
      specified NEC E74.8
  cardiac, functional I51.89
  carnitine metabolism E71.40
  cartilage M94.9
    articular NEC --see Derangement, joint, articular cartilage
      chondrocalcinosis --see Chondrocalcinosis
    specified type NEC M94.8X-
      articular --see Derangement, joint, articular cartilage
      multiple sites M94.8X0
    due to(secondary to) known physiological condition F06.1
    organic F06.1
  central auditory processing H93.25
    region NEC M53.82
    root(nerve) NEC G54.2
  character NOS F60.9
  childhood disintegrative NEC F84.3
  cholesterol and bile acid metabolism E78.70
    Barth syndrome E78.71
    other specified E78.79
    Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome E78.72
  choroid H31.9
    atrophy --see Atrophy, choroid
    degeneration --see Degeneration, choroid
    detachment --see Detachment, choroid
    dystrophy --see Dystrophy, choroid
    hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, choroid
    rupture --see Rupture, choroid
    scar --see Scar, chorioretinal
    solar retinopathy --see Retinopathy, solar
    specified type NEC H31.8
  ciliary body --see Disorder, iris
    degeneration --see Degeneration, ciliary body
  coagulation(factor) --see also Defect, coagulationD68.9
    newborn, transient P61.6
  coccyx NEC M53.3
  cognitive F09
    due to(secondary to) general medical condition F09
    persisting R41.89
      due to
        alcohol F10.97
          with dependence F10.27
        anxiolytics F13.97
          with dependence F13.27
        hypnotics F13.97
          with dependence F13.27
        sedatives F13.97
          with dependence F13.27
        specified substance NEC F19.97
            abuse F19.17
            dependence F19.27
  communication F80.9
  conduct(childhood) F91.9
    adjustment reaction --see Disorder, adjustment
    adolescent onset type F91.2
    childhood onset type F91.1
    compulsive F63.9
    confined to family context F91.0
    depressive F91.8
    group type F91.2
    hyperkinetic --see Disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity
    oppositional defiance F91.3
    socialized F91.2
    solitary aggressive type F91.1
    specified NEC F91.8
    unsocialized(aggressive) F91.1
  conduction, heart I45.9
  congenital glycosylation(CDG) E74.8
  conjunctiva H11.9
    infection --see Conjunctivitis
  connective tissue, localized L94.9
    specified NEC L94.8
  conversion --see Disorder, dissociative
  convulsive(secondary) --see Convulsions
  cornea H18.9
    deformity --see Deformity, cornea
    degeneration --see Degeneration, cornea
    deposits --see Deposit, cornea
    due to contact lens H18.82-
      specified as edema --see Edema, cornea
    edema --see Edema, cornea
    keratitis --see Keratitis
    keratoconjunctivitis --see Keratoconjunctivitis
    membrane change --see Change, corneal membrane
    neovascularization --see Neovascularization, cornea
    scar --see Opacity, cornea
    specified type NEC H18.89-
    ulcer --see Ulcer, cornea
  corpus cavernosum N48.9
  cranial nerve --see Disorder, nerve, cranial
  cyclothymic F34.0
  defiant oppositional F91.3
  delusional(persistent) (systematized) F22
    induced F24
  depersonalization F48.1
  depressive F32.9
    major F32.9
      with psychotic symptoms F32.3
      in remission(full) F32.5
        partial F32.4
      recurrent F33.9
      single episode F32.9
        mild F32.0
        moderate F32.1
        severe(without psychotic symptoms) F32.2
          with psychotic symptoms F32.3
    organic F06.31
    recurrent F33.9
      current episode
        mild F33.0
        moderate F33.1
        severe(without psychotic symptoms) F33.2
          with psychotic symptoms F33.3
      in remission F33.40
        full F33.42
        partial F33.41
      specified NEC F33.8
    single episode --see Episode, depressive
  developmental F89
    arithmetical skills F81.2
    coordination(motor) F82
    expressive writing F81.81
    language F80.9
      expressive F80.1
      mixed receptive and expressive F80.2
      receptive type F80.2
      specified NEC F80.89
    learning F81.9
      arithmetical F81.2
      reading F81.0
    mixed F88
    motor coordination or function F82
    pervasive F84.9
      specified NEC F84.8
    phonological F80.0
    reading F81.0
    scholastic skills --see also Disorder, learning
      mixed F81.89
    specified NEC F88
    speech F80.9
      articulation F80.0
      specified NEC F80.89
    written expression F81.81
  diaphragm J98.6
  digestive(system) K92.9
    newborn P78.9
      specified NEC P78.89
    postprocedural --see Complication, gastrointestinal
    psychogenic F45.8
  disc(intervertebral) M51.9
        cervical region M50.00
        cervicothoracic region M50.03
        high cervical region M50.01
        lumbar region M51.06
        mid-cervical region M50.02
        sacrococcygeal region M53.3
        thoracic region M51.04
        thoracolumbar region M51.05
        cervical region M50.10
        cervicothoracic region M50.13
        high cervical region M50.11
        lumbar region M51.16
        lumbosacral region M51.17
        mid-cervical region M50.12
        sacrococcygeal region M53.3
        thoracic region M51.14
        thoracolumbar region M51.15
    cervical M50.90
        myelopathy M50.00
          C2-C3 M50.01
          C3-C4 M50.01
          C4-C5 M50.02
          C5-C6 M50.02
          C6-C7 M50.02
          C7-T1 M50.03
          cervicothoracic region M50.03
          high cervical region M50.01
          mid-cervical region M50.02
        neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy M50.10
          C2-C3 M50.11
          C3-C4 M50.11
          C4-C5 M50.12
          C5-C6 M50.12
          C6-C7 M50.12
          C7-T1 M50.13
          cervicothoracic region M50.13
          high cervical region M50.11
          mid-cervical region M50.12
      C2-C3 M50.91
      C3-C4 M50.91
      C4-C5 M50.92
      C5-C6 M50.92
      C6-C7 M50.92
      C7-T1 M50.93
      cervicothoracic region M50.93
      degeneration M50.30
        C2-C3 M50.31
        C3-C4 M50.31
        C4-C5 M50.32
        C5-C6 M50.32
        C6-C7 M50.32
        C7-T1 M50.33
        cervicothoracic region M50.33
        high cervical region M50.31
        mid-cervical region M50.32
      displacement M50.20
        C2-C3 M50.21
        C3-C4 M50.21
        C4-C5 M50.22
        C5-C6 M50.22
        C6-C7 M50.22
        C7-T1 M50.23
        cervicothoracic region M50.23
        high cervical region M50.21
        mid-cervical region M50.22
      high cervical region M50.91
      mid-cervical region M50.92
      specified type NEC M50.80
        C2-C3 M50.81
        C3-C4 M50.81
        C4-C5 M50.82
        C5-C6 M50.82
        C6-C7 M50.82
        C7-T1 M50.83
        cervicothoracic region M50.83
        high cervical region M50.81
        mid-cervical region M50.82
    specified NEC
      lumbar region M51.86
      lumbosacral region M51.87
      sacrococcygeal region M53.3
      thoracic region M51.84
      thoracolumbar region M51.85
  disinhibited attachment(childhood) F94.2
  disintegrative, childhood NEC F84.3
  disruptive behavior F98.9
  dissocial personality F60.2
  dissociative F44.9
      motor function F44.4
        and sensation F44.7
      sensation F44.6
        and motor function F44.7
    brief reactive F43.0
    due to(secondary to) general medical condition F06.8
    mixed F44.7
    organic F06.8
    other specified NEC F44.89
  double heterozygous sickling --see Disease, sickle-cell
  dream anxiety F51.5
  drug induced hemorrhagic D68.32
  drug related F19.99
    abuse --see Abuse, drug
    dependence --see Dependence, drug
  dysmorphic body F45.1
  dysthymic F34.1
  ear H93.9-
    bleeding --see Otorrhagia
    deafness --see Deafness
    degenerative H93.09-
    discharge --see Otorrhea
    external H61.9-
      auditory canal stenosis --see Stenosis, external ear canal
      exostosis --see Exostosis, external ear canal
      impacted cerumen --see Impaction, cerumen
      otitis --see Otitis, externa
      perichondritis --see Perichondritis, ear
      pinna --see Disorder, pinna
      specified type NEC H61.89-
        in diseases classified elsewhere H62.8X-
    inner H83.9-
      vestibular dysfunction --see Disorder, vestibular function
    middle H74.9-
      adhesive H74.1-
      ossicle --see Abnormal, ear ossicles
      polyp --see Polyp, ear (middle)
      specified NEC, in diseases classified elsewhere H75.8-
    postprocedural --see Complications, ear, procedure
    specified NEC, in diseases classified elsewhere H94.8-
  eating(adult) (psychogenic) F50.9
    anorexia --see Anorexia
    bulimia F50.2
    child F98.29
      pica F98.3
      rumination disorder F98.21
    pica F50.8
      childhood F98.3
  electrolyte(balance) NEC E87.8
      abortion --see Abortion by type complicated by specified condition NEC
      ectopic pregnancy O08.5
      molar pregnancy O08.5
    acidosis(metabolic) (respiratory) E87.2
    alkalosis(metabolic) (respiratory) E87.3
  elimination, transepidermal L87.9
    specified NEC L87.8
  emotional(persistent) F34.9
    of childhood F93.9
      specified NEC F93.8
  endocrine E34.9
    postprocedural E89.89
      specified NEC E89.89
  erectile(male) (organic) --see also Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectileN52.9
    nonorganic F52.21
  erythematous --see Erythema
  esophagus K22.9
    functional K22.4
    psychogenic F45.8
  eustachian tube H69.9-
    infection --see Salpingitis, eustachian
    obstruction --see Obstruction, eustachian tube
    patulous --see Patulous, eustachian tube
    specified NEC H69.8-
  extrapyramidal G25.9
    in diseases classified elsewhere G26
    specified type NEC G25.89
  eye H57.9
    postprocedural --see Complication, postprocedural, eye
  eyelid H02.9
    cyst --see Cyst, eyelid
    degenerative H02.70
      chloasma --see Chloasma, eyelid
      madarosis --see Madarosis
      specified type NEC H02.79
      vitiligo --see Vitiligo, eyelid
      xanthelasma --see Xanthelasma
    dermatochalasis --see Dermatochalasis
    edema --see Edema, eyelid
    elephantiasis --see Elephantiasis, eyelid
    foreign body, retained --see Foreign body, retained, eyelid
    function H02.59
      abnormal innervation syndrome --see Syndrome, abnormal innervation
      blepharochalasis --see Blepharochalasis
      blepharoclonus --see Blepharoclonus
      blepharophimosis --see Blepharophimosis
      blepharoptosis --see Blepharoptosis
      lagophthalmos --see Lagophthalmos
      lid retraction --see Retraction, lid
    hypertrichosis --see Hypertrichosis, eyelid
    specified type NEC H02.89
    vascular H02.879
      left H02.876
        lower H02.875
        upper H02.874
      right H02.873
        lower H02.872
        upper H02.871
  factitious F68.10
    with predominantly
      psychological symptoms F68.11
        with physical symptoms F68.13
      physical symptoms F68.12
        with psychological symptoms F68.13
  factor, coagulation --see Defect, coagulation
  fatty acid
    metabolism E71.30
      specified NEC E71.39
      LCAD E71.310
      MCAD E71.311
      SCAD E71.312
      specified deficiency NEC E71.318
  feeding(infant or child) --see also Disorder, eatingR63.3
  feigned(with obvious motivation) Z76.5
    without obvious motivation --see Disorder, factitious
    hypoactive sexual desire F52.0
    orgasmic F52.31
    sexual arousal F52.22
  fibroblastic M72.9
    specified NEC M72.8
    adult onset F98.5
    childhood onset F80.81
      cerebral infarction I69.323
      cerebrovascular disease I69.923
        specified disease NEC I69.823
      intracerebral hemorrhage I69.123
      nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage NEC I69.223
      subarachnoid hemorrhage I69.023
    in conditions classified elsewhere R47.82
  fluid balance E87.8
  follicular(skin) L73.9
    specified NEC L73.8
  fructose metabolism E74.10
    essential fructosuria E74.11
    fructokinase deficiency E74.11
    fructose-1, 6-diphosphatase deficiency E74.19
    hereditary fructose intolerance E74.12
    other specified E74.19
  functional polymorphonuclear neutrophils D71
  gallbladder, biliary tract and pancreas in diseases classified elsewhere K87
  gamma-glutamyl cycle E72.8
  gastric(functional) K31.9
    motility K30
    psychogenic F45.8
    secretion K30
  gastrointestinal(functional) NOS K92.9
    newborn P78.9
    psychogenic F45.8
  gender-identity or -role F64.9
    childhood F64.2
    effect on relationship F66
    of adolescence or adulthood(nontranssexual) F64.1
    specified NEC F64.8
    uncertainty F66
  genitourinary system
    female N94.9
    male N50.9
    psychogenic F45.8
  globe H44.9
    degenerated condition H44.50
      absolute glaucoma H44.51-
      atrophy H44.52-
      leucocoria H44.53-
    degenerative H44.30
      chalcosis H44.31-
      myopia H44.2-
      siderosis H44.32-
      specified type NEC H44.39-
    endophthalmitis --see Endophthalmitis
    foreign body, retained --see Foreign body, intraocular, old, retained
    hemophthalmos --see Hemophthalmos
    hypotony H44.40
      due to
        ocular fistula H44.42-
        specified disorder NEC H44.43-
      flat anterior chamber H44.41-
      primary H44.44-
    luxation --see Luxation, globe
    specified type NEC H44.89
  glomerular(in) N05.9
    amyloidosis E85.4N08
    cryoglobulinemia D89.1N08
    disseminated intravascular coagulation D65N08
    Fabry's disease E75.21N08
    familial lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency E78.6N08
    Goodpasture's syndrome M31.0
    hemolytic-uremic syndrome D59.3
    Henoch(-Schönlein) purpura D69.0N08
    malariae malaria B52.0
    microscopic polyangiitis M31.7N08
    multiple myeloma C90.0-N08
    mumps B26.83
    schistosomiasis B65.9N08
    sepsis NEC A41.-N08
      streptococcal A40.-N08
    sickle-cell disorders D57.-N08
    strongyloidiasis B78.9N08
    subacute bacterial endocarditis I33.0N08
    syphilis A52.75
    systemic lupus erythematosus M32.14
    thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura M31.1N08
    Waldenström macroglobulinemia C88.0N08
    Wegener's granulomatosis M31.31
  gluconeogenesis E74.4
  glucosaminoglycan metabolism --see Disorder, metabolism, glucosaminoglycan
  glycine metabolism E72.50
    d-glycericacidemia E72.59
    hyperhydroxyprolinemia E72.59
    hyperoxaluria E72.53
    hyperprolinemia E72.59
    non-ketotic hyperglycinemia E72.51
    oxalosis E72.53
    oxaluria E72.53
    sarcosinemia E72.59
    trimethylaminuria E72.52
  glycoprotein metabolism E77.9
    specified NEC E77.8
  habit(and impulse) F63.9
    involving sexual behavior NEC F65.9
    specified NEC F63.89
  heart action I49.9
  hematological D75.9
    newborn(transient) P61.9
      specified NEC P61.8
  hematopoietic organs D75.9
  hemorrhagic NEC D69.9
    drug-induced D68.32
    due to
      extrinsic circulating anticoagulants D68.32
      increase in
        anti-IIa D68.32
        anti-Xa D68.32
        circulating anticoagulants D68.318
        increase in
          antithrombin D68.318
          anti-VIIIa D68.318
          anti-IXa D68.318
          anti-XIa D68.318
    following childbirth O72.3
  hemostasis --see Defect, coagulation
  histidine metabolism E70.40
    histidinemia E70.41
    other specified E70.49
  hyperkinetic --see Disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity
  hyperleucine-isoleucinemia E71.19
  hypervalinemia E71.19
  hypoactive sexual desire F52.0
  hypochondriacal F45.20
    body dysmorphic F45.22
    neurosis F45.21
    other specified F45.29
    dissociative F44.81
    of childhood F93.8
  immune mechanism(immunity) D89.9
    specified type NEC D89.89
  impaired renal tubular function N25.9
    specified NEC N25.89
  impulse(control) F63.9
    pelvic, in diseases classified elsewhere N74
    penis N48.29
      abscess N48.21
      cellulitis N48.22
  integument, newborn P83.9
    specified NEC P83.8
  intermittent explosive F63.81
  internal secretion pancreas --see Increased, secretion, pancreas, endocrine
  intestine, intestinal
    carbohydrate absorption NEC E74.39
      postoperative K91.2
    functional NEC K59.9
      postoperative K91.89
    psychogenic F45.8
    vascular K55.9
      chronic K55.1
      specified NEC K55.8
  intraoperative(intraprocedural) --see Complications, intraoperative
  involuntary emotional expression(IEED) F48.2
  iris H21.9
    adhesions --see Adhesions, iris
    atrophy --see Atrophy, iris
    chamber angle recession --see Recession, chamber angle
    cyst --see Cyst, iris
    degeneration --see Degeneration, iris
    in diseases classified elsewhere H22
    iridodialysis --see Iridodialysis
    iridoschisis --see Iridoschisis
    miotic pupillary cyst --see Cyst, pupillary
      abnormality --see Abnormality, pupillary
      membrane --see Membrane, pupillary
    specified type NEC H21.89
    vascular NEC H21.1X-
  iron metabolism E83.10
    specified NEC E83.19
  isovaleric acidemia E71.110
  jaw, developmental M27.0
    temporomandibular --see Anomaly, dentofacial, temporomandibular joint
  joint M25.9
    derangement --see Derangement, joint
    effusion --see Effusion, joint
    fistula --see Fistula, joint
    hemarthrosis --see Hemarthrosis
    instability --see Instability, joint
    osteophyte --see Osteophyte
    pain --see Pain, joint
    psychogenic F45.8
    specified type NEC M25.80
      ankle M25.87-
      elbow M25.82-
      foot joint M25.87-
      hand joint M25.84-
      hip M25.85-
      knee M25.86-
      shoulder M25.81-
      wrist M25.83-
    stiffness --see Stiffness, joint
  ketone metabolism E71.32
  kidney N28.9
    functional(tubular) N25.9
      schistosomiasis B65.9N29
    tubular function N25.9
      specified NEC N25.89
  lacrimal system H04.9
    changes H04.69
      fistula --see Fistula, lacrimal
    gland H04.19
      atrophy --see Atrophy, lacrimal gland
      cyst --see Cyst, lacrimal, gland
      dacryops --see Dacryops
      dislocation --see Dislocation, lacrimal gland
      dry eye syndrome --see Syndrome, dry eye
      infection --see Dacryoadenitis
    granuloma --see Granuloma, lacrimal
    inflammation --see Inflammation, lacrimal
    obstruction --see Obstruction, lacrimal
    specified NEC H04.89
  lactation NEC O92.79
  language(developmental) F80.9
    expressive F80.1
    mixed receptive and expressive F80.2
    receptive F80.2
  late luteal phase dysphoric N94.89
  learning(specific) F81.9
    acalculia R48.8
    alexia R48.0
    mathematics F81.2
    reading F81.0
    specified NEC F81.89
    spelling F81.81
    written expression F81.81
  lens H27.9
    aphakia --see Aphakia
    cataract --see Cataract
    dislocation --see Dislocation, lens
    specified type NEC H27.8
  ligament M24.20
    ankle M24.27-
    attachment, spine --see Enthesopathy, spinal
    elbow M24.22-
    foot joint M24.27-
    hand joint M24.24-
    hip M24.25-
    knee --see Derangement, knee, specified NEC
    shoulder M24.21-
    vertebra M24.28
    wrist M24.23-
  ligamentous attachments --see also Enthesopathy
    spine --see Enthesopathy, spinal
    metabolism, congenital E78.9
    storage E75.6
      specified NEC E75.5
    deficiency(familial) E78.6
    metabolism E78.9
      specified NEC E78.89
  liver K76.9
    malarial B54K77
  low back --see also Dorsopathy, specified NEC
    plexus G54.1
    root(nerve) NEC G54.4
  lung, interstitial, drug-induced J70.4
    acute J70.2
    chronic J70.3
  lymphoproliferative, post-transplant(PTLD) D47.Z1
  lysine and hydroxylysine metabolism E72.3
    erectile(organic) --see also Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectileN52.9
      nonorganic F52.21
    hypoactive sexual desire F52.0
    orgasmic F52.32
  manic F30.9
    organic F06.33
  mastoid --see also Disorder, ear, middle
    postprocedural --see Complications, ear, procedure
  meniscus --see Derangement, knee, meniscus
  menopausal N95.9
    specified NEC N95.8
  menstrual N92.6
    psychogenic F45.8
    specified NEC N92.5
  mental(or behavioral) (nonpsychotic) F99
    due to(secondary to)
        due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, stimulant
        due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, stimulant
      brain disease, damage and dysfunction F09
      caffeine use
        due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, stimulant
        due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, stimulant
      cannabis use
        due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, cannabis
        due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
      general medical condition F09
      sedative or hypnotic use
        due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, sedative
        due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, sedative
      tobacco(nicotine) use --see Dependence, drug, nicotine
    following organic brain damage F07.9
      frontal lobe syndrome F07.0
      personality change F07.0
      postconcussional syndrome F07.81
      specified NEC F07.89
    infancy, childhood or adolescence F98.9
    neurotic --see Neurosis
    organic or symptomatic F09
    presenile, psychotic F03
    problem NEC
    psychoneurotic --see Neurosis
    psychotic --see Psychosis
    puerperal F53
    senile, psychotic NEC F03
  metabolic, amino acid, transitory, newborn P74.8
  metabolism NOS E88.9
    amino-acid E72.9
      aromatic E70.9
        albinism --see Albinism
        histidine E70.40
          histidinemia E70.41
          other specified E70.49
        hyperphenylalaninemia E70.1
          classical phenylketonuria E70.0
        other specified E70.8
        tryptophan E70.5
        tyrosine E70.20
          hypertyrosinemia E70.21
          other specified E70.29
      branched chain E71.2
        3-methylglutaconic aciduria E71.111
        hyperleucine-isoleucinemia E71.19
        hypervalinemia E71.19
        isovaleric acidemia E71.110
        maple syrup urine disease E71.0
        methylmalonic acidemia E71.120
        organic aciduria NEC E71.118
        other specified E71.19
        proprionate NEC E71.128
        proprionic acidemia E71.121
      glycine E72.50
        d-glycericacidemia E72.59
        hyperhydroxyprolinemia E72.59
        hyperoxaluria E72.53
        hyperprolinemia E72.59
        non-ketotic hyperglycinemia E72.51
        other specified E72.59
        sarcosinemia E72.59
        trimethylaminuria E72.52
      hydroxylysine E72.3
      lysine E72.3
      ornithine E72.4
      other specified E72.8
        beta-amino acid E72.8
        gamma-glutamyl cycle E72.8
      straight-chain E72.8
      sulfur-bearing E72.10
        homocystinuria E72.11
        methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency E72.12
        other specified E72.19
    bile acid and cholesterol metabolism E78.70
    bilirubin E80.7
      specified NEC E80.6
    calcium E83.50
      hypercalcemia E83.52
      hypocalcemia E83.51
      other specified E83.59
    carbohydrate E74.9
      specified NEC E74.8
    cholesterol and bile acid metabolism E78.70
    congenital E88.9
    copper E83.00
      Wilson's disease E83.01
      specified type NEC E83.09
    cystinuria E72.01
    fructose E74.10
    galactose E74.20
    glucosaminoglycan E76.9
      mucopolysaccharidosis --see Mucopolysaccharidosis
      specified NEC E76.8
    glutamine E72.8
    glycine E72.50
    glycogen storage(hepatorenal) E74.09
    glycoprotein E77.9
      specified NEC E77.8
    glycosaminoglycan E76.9
      specified NEC E76.8
    in labor and delivery O75.89
    iron E83.10
    isoleucine E71.19
    leucine E71.19
    lipoid E78.9
    lipoprotein E78.9
      specified NEC E78.89
    magnesium E83.40
      hypermagnesemia E83.41
      hypomagnesemia E83.42
      other specified E83.49
    mineral E83.9
      specified NEC E83.89
    mitochondrial E88.40
      MELAS syndrome E88.41
      MERRF syndrome(myoclonic epilepsy associated with ragged-red fibers) E88.42
      other specified E88.49
    ornithine E72.4
    phosphatases E83.30
    phosphorus E83.30
      acid phosphatase deficiency E83.39
      hypophosphatasia E83.39
      hypophosphatemia E83.39
        familial E83.31
      other specified E83.39
      pseudovitamin D deficiency E83.32
    plasma protein NEC E88.09
    porphyrin --see Porphyria
    postprocedural E89.89
      specified NEC E89.89
    purine E79.9
      specified NEC E79.8
    pyrimidine E79.9
      specified NEC E79.8
    pyruvate E74.4
    serine E72.8
    sodium E87.8
    specified NEC E88.89
    threonine E72.8
    valine E71.19
    zinc E83.2
  methylmalonic acidemia E71.120
  micturition NEC R39.19
    feeling of incomplete emptying R39.14
    hesitancy R39.11
    poor stream R39.12
    psychogenic F45.8
    split stream R39.13
    straining R39.16
    urgency R39.15
  mitochondrial metabolism E88.40
  mitral(valve) --see Endocarditis, mitral
    anxiety and depressive F41.8
    of scholastic skills(developmental) F81.89
    receptive expressive language F80.2
  mood F39
    bipolar --see Disorder, bipolar
    depressive --see Disorder, depressive
    due to(secondary to)
      alcohol F10.94
      amphetamine F15.94
          abuse F15.14
          dependence F15.24
      anxiolytic F13.94
          abuse F13.14
          dependence F13.24
      cocaine F14.94
          abuse F14.14
          dependence F14.24
      general medical condition F06.30
      hallucinogen F16.94
          abuse F16.14
          dependence F16.24
      hypnotic F13.94
          abuse F13.14
          dependence F13.24
      inhalant F18.94
          abuse F18.14
          dependence F18.24
      opioid F11.94
          abuse F11.14
          dependence F11.24
      phencyclidine(PCP) F16.94
          abuse F16.14
          dependence F16.24
      physiological condition F06.30
          depressive features F06.31
          major depressive-like episode F06.32
          manic features F06.33
          mixed features F06.34
      psychoactive substance NEC F19.94
          abuse F19.14
          dependence F19.24
      sedative F13.94
          abuse F13.14
          dependence F13.24
      volatile solvents F18.94
          abuse F18.14
          dependence F18.24
    manic episode F30.9
      with psychotic symptoms F30.2
      in remission(full) F30.4
        partial F30.3
      specified type NEC F30.8
      without psychotic symptoms F30.10
        mild F30.11
        moderate F30.12
        severe F30.13
    organic F06.30
      right hemisphere F07.89
    persistent F34.9
      cyclothymia F34.0
      dysthymia F34.1
      specified type NEC F34.8
    recurrent F39
    right hemisphere organic F07.89
  movement G25.9
    drug-induced G25.70
      akathisia G25.71
      specified NEC G25.79
    hysterical F44.4
    in diseases classified elsewhere G26
    periodic limb G47.61
      sleep related G47.61
    specified NEC G25.89
    sleep related NEC G47.69
    stereotyped F98.4
    treatment-induced G25.9
  multiple personality F44.81
  muscle M62.9
    attachment, spine --see Enthesopathy, spinal
    in trichinellosis --see Trichinellosis, with muscle disorder
    psychogenic F45.8
    specified type NEC M62.89
    tone, newborn P94.9
      specified NEC P94.8
    attachments --see also Enthesopathy
      spine --see Enthesopathy, spinal
    urethra N36.44
  musculoskeletal system, soft tissue --see Disorder, soft tissue
    postprocedural M96.89
    psychogenic F45.8
  myoneural G70.9
    due to lead G70.1
    specified NEC G70.89
    toxic G70.1
  myotonic NEC G71.19
  nail, in diseases classified elsewhere L62
  neck region NEC --see Dorsopathy, specified NEC
  nerve G58.9
    abducent NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
    accessory G52.8
    acoustic H93.3
    auditory H93.3
    auriculotemporal G50.8
    axillary G54.0
    cerebral --see Disorder, nerve, cranial
    cranial G52.9
      eighth H93.3
      eleventh G52.8
      fifth G50.9
      first G52.0
      fourth NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
      multiple G52.7
      ninth G52.1
      second NEC --see Disorder, nerve, optic
      seventh NEC G51.8
      sixth NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
      specified NEC G52.8
      tenth G52.2
      third NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, third nerve
      twelfth G52.3
    entrapment --see Neuropathy, entrapment
    facial G51.9
      specified NEC G51.8
    femoral --see Lesion, nerve, femoral
    glossopharyngeal NEC G52.1
    hypoglossal G52.3
    intercostal G58.0
      cutaneous of thigh --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, meralgia paresthetica
      popliteal --see Lesion, nerve, popliteal
    lower limb --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb
    medial popliteal --see Lesion, nerve, popliteal, medial
    median NEC --see Lesion, nerve, median
    multiple G58.7
    oculomotor NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, third nerve
    olfactory G52.0
    optic NEC H47.09-
      hemorrhage into sheath --see Hemorrhage, optic nerve
      ischemic H47.01-
    peroneal --see Lesion, nerve, popliteal
    phrenic G58.8
    plantar --see Lesion, nerve, plantar
    pneumogastric G52.2
    posterior tibial --see Syndrome, tarsal tunnel
    radial --see Lesion, nerve, radial
    recurrent laryngeal G52.2
    root G54.9
      cervical G54.2
      lumbosacral G54.1
      specified NEC G54.8
      thoracic G54.3
    sciatic NEC --see Lesion, nerve, sciatic
    specified NEC G58.8
      lower limb --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, specified NEC
      upper limb --see Mononeuropathy, upper limb, specified NEC
    sympathetic G90.9
    tibial --see Lesion, nerve, popliteal, medial
    trigeminal G50.9
      specified NEC G50.8
    trochlear NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
    ulnar --see Lesion, nerve, ulnar
    upper limb --see Mononeuropathy, upper limb
    vagus G52.2
  nervous system G98.8
    autonomic(peripheral) G90.9
      specified NEC G90.8
    central G96.9
      specified NEC G96.8
    parasympathetic G90.9
    specified NEC G98.8
    sympathetic G90.9
    vegetative G90.9
  neurohypophysis NEC E23.3
  neurological NEC R29.818
  neuromuscular G70.9
    hereditary NEC G71.9
    specified NEC G70.89
    toxic G70.1
  neurotic F48.9
    specified NEC F48.8
  neutrophil, polymorphonuclear D71
  nicotine use --see Dependence, drug, nicotine
  nightmare F51.5
  nose J34.9
    specified NEC J34.89
  obsessive-compulsive F42
  odontogenesis NOS K00.9
  opioid use
      opioid-induced psychotic disorder F11.959
          delusions F11.950
          hallucinations F11.951
    due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, opioid
    due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, opioid
  oppositional defiant F91.3
    chiasm H47.49
      due to
        inflammatory disorder H47.41
        neoplasm H47.42
        vascular disorder H47.43
    disc H47.39-
      coloboma --see Coloboma, optic disc
      drusen --see Drusen, optic disc
      pseudopapilledema --see Pseudopapilledema
    radiations --see Disorder, visual, pathway
    tracts --see Disorder, visual, pathway
  orbit H05.9
    cyst --see Cyst, orbit
    deformity --see Deformity, orbit
    edema --see Edema, orbit
    enophthalmos --see Enophthalmos
    exophthalmos --see Exophthalmos
    hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, orbit
    inflammation --see Inflammation, orbit
    myopathy --see Myopathy, extraocular muscles
    retained foreign body --see Foreign body, orbit, old
    specified type NEC H05.89
    anxiety F06.4
    catatonic F06.1
    delusional F06.2
    dissociative F06.8
    emotionally labile(asthenic) F06.8
    mood(affective) F06.30
    schizophrenia-like F06.2
  orgasmic(female) F52.31
    male F52.32
  ornithine metabolism E72.4
  overanxious F41.1
    of childhood F93.8
    with related psychological factors F45.42
    exclusively related to psychological factors F45.41
  pancreatic internal secretion E16.9
    specified NEC E16.8
  panic F41.0
    with agoraphobia F40.01
  papulosquamous L44.9
    in diseases classified elsewhere L45
    specified NEC L44.8
  paranoid F22
    induced F24
    shared F24
  parathyroid(gland) E21.5
    specified NEC E21.4
  parietoalveolar NEC J84.09
  paroxysmal, mixed R56.9
  patella M22.9-
    chondromalacia --see Chondromalacia, patella
    derangement NEC M22.3X-
      dislocation --see Dislocation, patella, recurrent
      subluxation --see Dislocation, patella, recurrent, incomplete
    specified NEC M22.8X-
  patellofemoral M22.2X-
  pentose phosphate pathway with anemia D55.1
  perception, due to hallucinogens F16.983
      abuse F16.183
      dependence F16.283
  peripheral nervous system NEC G64
  peroxisomal E71.50
      neonatal adrenoleukodystrophy E71.511
      specified disorder NEC E71.518
      Zellweger syndrome E71.510
    rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata E71.540
    specified form NEC E71.548
      group 1 E71.518
      group 2 E71.53
      group 3 E71.542
    X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy E71.529
      adolescent E71.521
      adrenomyeloneuropathy E71.522
      childhood E71.520
      specified form NEC E71.528
    Zellweger-like syndrome E71.541
    (somatoform) pain F45.41
    affective(mood) F34.9
  personality --see also PersonalityF60.9
    affective F34.0
    aggressive F60.3
    amoral F60.2
    anankastic F60.5
    antisocial F60.2
    anxious F60.6
    asocial F60.2
    asthenic F60.7
    avoidant F60.6
    borderline F60.3
    change(secondary) due to general medical condition F07.0
    compulsive F60.5
    cyclothymic F34.0
    dependent(passive) F60.7
    depressive F34.1
    dissocial F60.2
    emotional instability F60.3
    expansive paranoid F60.0
    explosive F60.3
    following organic brain damage F07.9
    histrionic F60.4
    hyperthymic F34.0
    hypothymic F34.1
    hysterical F60.4
    immature F60.89
    inadequate F60.7
    labile F60.3
    mixed(nonspecific) F60.89
    moral deficiency F60.2
    narcissistic F60.81
    negativistic F60.89
    obsessional F60.5
    obsessive(-compulsive) F60.5
    organic F07.9
    overconscientious F60.5
    paranoid F60.0
    passive(-dependent) F60.7
    passive-aggressive F60.89
    pathological NEC F60.9
    pseudosocial F60.2
    psychopathic F60.2
    schizoid F60.1
    schizotypal F21
    self-defeating F60.7
    specified NEC F60.89
    type A F60.5
    unstable(emotional) F60.3
  pervasive, developmental F84.9
  phobic anxiety, childhood F40.8
  phosphate-losing tubular N25.0
  pigmentation L81.9
    choroid, congenital Q14.3
    diminished melanin formation L81.6
    iron L81.8
    specified NEC L81.8
  pinna(noninfective) H61.10-
    deformity, acquired H61.11-
    hematoma H61.12-
    perichondritis --see Perichondritis, ear
    specified type NEC H61.19-
  pituitary gland E23.7
    iatrogenic(postprocedural) E89.3
    specified NEC E23.6
  platelets D69.1
  plexus G54.9
    specified NEC G54.8
  polymorphonuclear neutrophils D71
  porphyrin metabolism --see Porphyria
  postconcussional F07.81
  posthallucinogen perception F16.983
      abuse F16.183
      dependence F16.283
  postmenopausal N95.9
    specified NEC N95.8
  postprocedural(postoperative) --see Complications, postprocedural
  post-transplant lymphoproliferative D47.Z1
  post-traumatic stress(PTSD) F43.10
    acute F43.11
    chronic F43.12
  premenstrual dysphoric(PMDD) N94.3
  prepuce N47.8
  propionic acidemia E71.121
  prostate N42.9
    specified NEC N42.89
  psychogenic NOS --see also conditionF45.9
    anxiety F41.8
    appetite F50.9
    asthenic F48.8
    cardiovascular(system) F45.8
    compulsive F42
    cutaneous F54
    depressive F32.9
    digestive(system) F45.8
    dysmenorrheic F45.8
    dyspneic F45.8
    endocrine(system) F54
    eye NEC F45.8
    feeding --see Disorder, eating
    functional NEC F45.8
    gastric F45.8
    gastrointestinal(system) F45.8
    genitourinary(system) F45.8
    heart(function) (rhythm) F45.8
    hyperventilatory F45.8
    hypochondriacal --see Disorder, hypochondriacal
    intestinal F45.8
    joint F45.8
    learning F81.9
    limb F45.8
    lymphatic(system) F45.8
    menstrual F45.8
    micturition F45.8
    monoplegic NEC F44.4
    motor F44.4
    muscle F45.8
    musculoskeletal F45.8
    neurocirculatory F45.8
    obsessive F42
    occupational F48.8
    organ or part of body NEC F45.8
    paralytic NEC F44.4
    phobic F40.9
    physical NEC F45.8
    rectal F45.8
    respiratory(system) F45.8
    rheumatic F45.8
    sexual(function) F52.9
    skin(allergic) (eczematous) F54
    sleep F51.9
    specified part of body NEC F45.8
    stomach F45.8
  psychological F99
    associated with
      disease classified elsewhere F54
        development F66
        relationship F66
      uncertainty about gender identity F66
  psychomotor NEC F44.4
    hysterical F44.4
  psychoneurotic --see also Neurosis
    mixed NEC F48.8
  psychophysiologic --see Disorder, somatoform
  psychosexual F65.9
    development F66
    identity of childhood F64.2
  psychosomatic NOS --see Disorder, somatoform
    multiple F45.0
    undifferentiated F45.1
  psychotic --see Psychosis
    transient(acute) F23
  puberty E30.9
    specified NEC E30.8
  pulmonary(valve) --see Endocarditis, pulmonary
  purine metabolism E79.9
  pyrimidine metabolism E79.9
  pyruvate metabolism E74.4
  reactive attachment(childhood) F94.1
  reading R48.0
    developmental(specific) F81.0
  receptive language F80.2
  receptor, hormonal, peripheral --see also Syndrome, androgen insensitivityE34.50
  recurrent brief depressive F33.8
  reflex R29.2
  refraction H52.7
    aniseikonia H52.32
    anisometropia H52.31
    astigmatism --see Astigmatism
    hypermetropia --see Hypermetropia
    myopia --see Myopia
    presbyopia H52.4
    specified NEC H52.6
  relationship F68.8
    due to sexual orientation F66
  REM sleep behavior G47.52
  renal function, impaired(tubular) N25.9
  resonance R49.9
    specified NEC R49.8
  respiratory function, impaired --see also Failure, respiration
    postprocedural --see Complication, postoperative, respiratory system
    psychogenic F45.8
  retina H35.9
    angioid streaks H35.33
    changes in vascular appearance H35.01-
    degeneration --see Degeneration, retina
    dystrophy(hereditary) --see Dystrophy, retina
    edema H35.81
    hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, retina
    ischemia H35.82
    macular degeneration --see Degeneration, macula
    microaneurysms H35.04-
    microvascular abnormality NEC H35.09
    neovascularization --see Neovascularization, retina
    retinopathy --see Retinopathy
    separation of layers H35.70
      central serous chorioretinopathy H35.71-
      pigment epithelium detachment(serous) H35.72-
        hemorrhagic H35.73-
    specified type NEC H35.89
    telangiectasis --see Telangiectasis, retina
    vasculitis --see Vasculitis, retina
  retroperitoneal K68.9
  right hemisphere organic affective F07.89
  rumination(infant or child) F98.21
  sacrum, sacrococcygeal NEC M53.3
  schizoaffective F25.9
    bipolar type F25.0
    depressive type F25.1
    manic type F25.0
    mixed type F25.0
    specified NEC F25.8
  schizoid of childhood F84.5
  schizophreniform F20.81
    brief F23
  schizotypal(personality) F21
  secretion, thyrocalcitonin E07.0
  seizure --see also EpilepsyG40.909
    intractable G40.919
      with status epilepticus G40.911
  semantic pragmatic F80.89
    with autism F84.0
  sense of smell R43.1
    psychogenic F45.8
  separation anxiety, of childhood F93.0
    arousal, female F52.22
    aversion F52.1
    function, psychogenic F52.9
    maturation F66
    nonorganic F52.9
    preference --see also Deviation, sexualF65.9
      fetishistic transvestism F65.1
    relationship F66
  shyness, of childhood and adolescence F40.10
  sibling rivalry F93.8
  sickle-cell(sickling) (homozygous) --see Disease, sickle-cell
    heterozygous D57.3
    specified type NEC D57.8-
    trait D57.3
  sinus(nasal) J34.9
    specified NEC J34.89
  skin L98.9
    atrophic L90.9
      specified NEC L90.8
    granulomatous L92.9
      specified NEC L92.8
    hypertrophic L91.9
      specified NEC L91.8
    infiltrative NEC L98.6
    newborn P83.9
      specified NEC P83.8
    psychogenic(allergic) (eczematous) F54
  sleep G47.9
    breathing-related --see Apnea, sleep
    circadian rhythm G47.20
      advance sleep phase type G47.22
      delayed sleep phase type G47.21
      due to
          abuse F10.182
          dependence F10.282
          use F10.982
          abuse F15.182
          dependence F15.282
          use F15.982
          abuse F15.182
          dependence F15.282
          use F15.982
          abuse F14.182
          dependence F14.282
          use F14.982
        drug NEC
          abuse F19.182
          dependence F19.282
          use F19.982
          abuse F11.182
          dependence F11.282
          use F11.982
        psychoactive substance NEC
          abuse F19.182
          dependence F19.282
          use F19.982
        sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic
          abuse F13.182
          dependence F13.282
          use F13.982
        stimulant NEC
          abuse F15.182
          dependence F15.282
          use F15.982
      free running type G47.24
      in conditions classified elsewhere G47.27
      irregular sleep wake type G47.23
      jet lag type G47.25
      shift work type G47.26
      specified NEC G47.29
    due to
        abuse F10.182
        dependence F10.282
        use F10.982
        abuse F15.182
        dependence F15.282
        use F15.982
        abuse F13.182
        dependence F13.282
        use F13.982
        abuse F15.182
        dependence F15.282
        use F15.982
        abuse F14.182
        dependence F14.282
        use F14.982
      drug NEC
        abuse F19.182
        dependence F19.282
        use F19.982
        abuse F13.182
        dependence F13.282
        use F13.982
        abuse F11.182
        dependence F11.282
        use F11.982
      psychoactive substance NEC
        abuse F19.182
        dependence F19.282
        use F19.982
        abuse F13.182
        dependence F13.282
        use F13.982
      stimulant NEC
        abuse F15.182
        dependence F15.282
        use F15.982
    emotional F51.9
    excessive somnolence --see Hypersomnia
    hypersomnia type --see Hypersomnia
    initiating or maintaining --see Insomnia
    nightmares F51.5
    nonorganic F51.9
      specified NEC F51.8
    parasomnia type G47.50
    specified NEC G47.8
    terrors F51.4
    walking F51.3
  sleep-wake pattern or schedule --see Disorder, sleep, circadian rhythm
    anxiety of childhood F40.10
    functioning in childhood F94.9
      specified NEC F94.8
  soft tissue M79.9
    ankle M79.9
    due to use, overuse and pressure M70.90
      ankle M70.97-
      bursitis --see Bursitis
      foot M70.97-
      forearm M70.93-
      hand M70.94-
      lower leg M70.96-
      multiple sites M70.99
      pelvic region M70.95-
      shoulder region M70.91-
      specified site NEC M70.98
      specified type NEC M70.80
        ankle M70.87-
        foot M70.87-
        forearm M70.83-
        hand M70.84-
        lower leg M70.86-
        multiple sites M70.89
        pelvic region M70.85-
        shoulder region M70.81-
        specified site NEC M70.88
        thigh M70.85-
        upper arm M70.82-
      thigh M70.95-
      upper arm M70.92-
    foot M79.9
    forearm M79.9
    hand M79.9
    lower leg M79.9
    multiple sites M79.9
    occupational --see Disorder, soft tissue, due to use, overuse and pressure
    pelvic region M79.9
    shoulder region M79.9
    specified type NEC M79.89
    thigh M79.9
    upper arm M79.9
  somatization F45.0
  somatoform F45.9
    pain(persistent) F45.41
    somatization(multiple) (long-lasting) F45.0
    specified NEC F45.8
    undifferentiated F45.1
  somnolence, excessive --see Hypersomnia
    arithmetical F81.2
    developmental, of motor F82
    reading F81.0
    speech and language F80.9
    spelling F81.81
    written expression F81.81
  speech R47.9
    articulation(functional) (specific) F80.0
    developmental F80.9
    specified NEC R47.89
  spelling(specific) F81.81
  spine --see also Dorsopathy
    ligamentous or muscular attachments, peripheral --see Enthesopathy, spinal
    specified NEC --see Dorsopathy, specified NEC
  stereotyped, habit or movement F98.4
  stomach(functional) --see Disorder, gastric
  stress F43.9
    post-traumatic F43.10
      acute F43.11
      chronic F43.12
  sulfur-bearing amino-acid metabolism E72.10
  sweat gland(eccrine) L74.9
    apocrine L75.9
      specified NEC L75.8
    specified NEC L74.8
  synovium M67.90
    acromioclavicular M67.91-
    ankle M67.97-
    elbow M67.92-
    foot M67.97-
    forearm M67.93-
    hand M67.94-
    hip M67.95-
    knee M67.96-
    multiple sites M67.99
    rupture --see Rupture, synovium
    shoulder M67.91-
    specified type NEC M67.80
      acromioclavicular M67.81-
      ankle M67.87-
      elbow M67.82-
      foot M67.87-
      hand M67.84-
      hip M67.85-
      knee M67.86-
      multiple sites M67.89
      wrist M67.83-
    synovitis --see Synovitis
    upper arm M67.92-
    wrist M67.93-
  temperature regulation, newborn P81.9
    specified NEC P81.8
  temporomandibular joint --see Anomaly, dentofacial, temporomandibular joint
  tendon M67.90
    acromioclavicular M67.91-
    ankle M67.97-
    contracture --see Contracture, tendon
    elbow M67.92-
    foot M67.97-
    forearm M67.93-
    hand M67.94-
    hip M67.95-
    knee M67.96-
    multiple sites M67.99
    rupture --see Rupture, tendon
    shoulder M67.91-
    specified type NEC M67.80
      acromioclavicular M67.81-
      ankle M67.87-
      elbow M67.82-
      foot M67.87-
      hand M67.84-
      hip M67.85-
      knee M67.86-
      multiple sites M67.89
      trunk M67.88
      wrist M67.83-
    synovitis --see Synovitis
    tendinitis --see Tendinitis
    tenosynovitis --see Tenosynovitis
    trunk M67.98
    upper arm M67.92-
    wrist M67.93-
  thoracic root(nerve) NEC G54.3
  thyrocalcitonin hypersecretion E07.0
  thyroid(gland) E07.9
    function NEC, neonatal, transitory P72.2
    iodine-deficiency related E01.8
    specified NEC E07.89
  tic --see Tic
  tooth K08.9
    development K00.9
      specified NEC K00.8
    eruption K00.6
  Tourette's F95.2
  trance and possession F44.89
  tricuspid(valve) --see Endocarditis, tricuspid
  tryptophan metabolism E70.5
  tubular, phosphate-losing N25.0
    brucellosis A23.9N16
    cystinosis E72.04
    diphtheria A36.84
    glycogen storage disease E74.00N16
    leukemia NEC C95.9-N16
    lymphoma NEC C85.9-N16
    mixed cryoglobulinemia D89.1N16
    multiple myeloma C90.0-N16
    Salmonella infection A02.25
    sarcoidosis D86.84
    sepsis A41.9N16
      streptococcal A40.9N16
    systemic lupus erythematosus M32.15
    toxoplasmosis B58.83
    transplant rejection T86.91N16
    Wilson's disease E83.01N16
  tubulo-renal function, impaired N25.9
    specified NEC N25.89
  tympanic membrane H73.9-
    atrophy --see Atrophy, tympanic membrane
    infection --see Myringitis
    perforation --see Perforation, tympanum
    specified NEC H73.89-
  unsocialized aggressive F91.1
  urea cycle metabolism E72.20
    argininemia E72.21
    arginosuccinic aciduria E72.22
    citrullinemia E72.23
    ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency E72.4
    other specified E72.29
  ureter(in) N28.9
    schistosomiasis B65.0N29
    tuberculosis A18.11
  urethra N36.9
    specified NEC N36.8
  urinary system N39.9
    specified NEC N39.8
  valve, heart
    aortic --see Endocarditis, aortic
    mitral --see Endocarditis, mitral
    pulmonary --see Endocarditis, pulmonary
      aortic --see Endocarditis, aortic, rheumatic
      mitral --see Endocarditis, mitral
      pulmonary --see Endocarditis, pulmonary, rheumatic
      tricuspid --see Endocarditis, tricuspid
    tricuspid --see Endocarditis, tricuspid
  vestibular function H81.9-
    specified NEC H81.8
      in diseases classified elsewhere H82.-
    vertigo --see Vertigo
  vision, binocular H53.30
    abnormal retinal correspondence H53.31
    diplopia H53.2
    fusion with defective stereopsis H53.32
    simultaneous perception H53.33
    suppression H53.34
      blindness H47.619
        left brain H47.612
        right brain H47.611
      due to
        inflammatory disorder H47.629
          left brain H47.622
          right brain H47.621
        neoplasm H47.639
          left brain H47.632
          right brain H47.631
        vascular disorder H47.649
          left brain H47.642
          right brain H47.641
    pathway H47.9
      due to
        inflammatory disorder H47.51-
        neoplasm H47.52-
        vascular disorder H47.53-
      optic chiasm --see Disorder, optic, chiasm
  vitreous body H43.9
    crystalline deposits --see Deposit, crystalline
    degeneration --see Degeneration, vitreous
    hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, vitreous
    opacities --see Opacity, vitreous
    prolapse --see Prolapse, vitreous
    specified type NEC H43.89
  voice R49.9
    specified type NEC R49.8
  volatile solvent use
    due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, inhalant
    due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, inhalant
  white blood cells D72.9
    specified NEC D72.89
  withdrawing, child or adolescent F40.10
Disorientation R41.0
Displacement, displaced
  acquired traumatic of bone, cartilage, joint, tendon NEC --see Dislocation
  adrenal gland(congenital) Q89.1
  appendix, retrocecal(congenital) Q43.8
  auricle(congenital) Q17.4
  bladder(acquired) N32.89
    congenital Q64.19
  brachial plexus(congenital) Q07.8
  brain stem, caudal(congenital) Q04.8
  canaliculus(lacrimalis), congenital Q10.6
  cardia through esophageal hiatus(congenital) Q40.1
  cerebellum, caudal(congenital) Q04.8
  cervix --see Malposition, uterus
  colon(congenital) Q43.3
  device, implant or graft --see also Complications, by site and type, mechanicalT85.628
    arterial graft NEC --see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical, vascular
    breast(implant) T85.42
    catheter NEC T85.628
      dialysis(renal) T82.42
        intraperitoneal T85.621
      infusion NEC T82.524
        spinal(epidural) (subdural) T85.620
      urinary(indwelling) T83.028
        cystostomy T83.020
    electronic(electrode) (pulse generator) (stimulator) --see Complication, electronic stimulator
    fixation, internal(orthopedic) NEC --see Complication, fixation device, mechanical
    gastrointestinal --see Complications, prosthetic device, mechanical, gastrointestinal device
    genital NEC T83.428
      intrauterine contraceptive device T83.32
      penile prosthesis T83.420
    heart NEC --see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical
    joint prosthesis --see Complications, joint prosthesis, mechanical
    ocular --see Complications, prosthetic device, mechanical, ocular device
    orthopedic NEC --see Complication, orthopedic, device or graft, mechanical
    specified NEC T85.628
    urinary NEC --see also Complication, genitourinary, device, urinary, mechanical
      graft T83.22
    vascular NEC --see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical
    ventricular intracranial shunt T85.02
  electronic stimulator
    bone T84.320
    cardiac --see Complications, cardiac device, electronic
    nervous system --see Complication, prosthetic device, mechanical, electronic nervous system stimulator
    urinary --see Complications, electronic stimulator, urinary
  esophageal mucosa into cardia of stomach, congenital Q39.8
  esophagus(acquired) K22.8
    congenital Q39.8
  eyeball(acquired) (lateral) (old) --see Displacement, globe
    congenital Q15.8
    current --see Avulsion, eye
  fallopian tube(acquired) N83.4
    congenital Q50.6
    opening(congenital) Q50.6
  gallbladder(congenital) Q44.1
  gastric mucosa(congenital) Q40.2
  globe(acquired) (old) (lateral) H05.21-
    current --see Avulsion, eye
  heart(congenital) Q24.8
    acquired I51.89
  hymen(upward) (congenital) Q52.4
  intervertebral disc NEC
    with myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
    cervical, cervicothoracic(with) M50.20
      myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, cervical, with myelopathy
      neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy --see Disorder, disc, cervical, with neuritis
    due to trauma --see Dislocation, vertebra
    lumbar region M51.26
        myelopathy M51.06
        neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.16
    lumbosacral region M51.27
        neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.17
    sacrococcygeal region M53.3
    thoracic region M51.24
        myelopathy M51.04
        neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy M51.14
    thoracolumbar region M51.25
        myelopathy M51.05
        neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy M51.15
  intrauterine device T83.32
  kidney(acquired) N28.83
    congenital Q63.2
  lachrymal, lacrimal apparatus or duct(congenital) Q10.6
  lens, congenital Q12.1
  macula(congenital) Q14.1
  Meckel's diverticulum Q43.0
    malignant --see Table of Neoplasms, small intestine, malignant
  nail(congenital) Q84.6
    acquired L60.8
  opening of Wharton's duct in mouth Q38.4
  organ or site, congenital NEC --see Malposition, congenital
  ovary(acquired) N83.4
    congenital Q50.39
    free in peritoneal cavity(congenital) Q50.39
    into hernial sac N83.4
  oviduct(acquired) N83.4
    congenital Q50.6
  parathyroid(gland) E21.4
  parotid gland(congenital) Q38.4
  punctum lacrimale(congenital) Q10.6
  sacro-iliac(joint) (congenital) Q74.2
    current injury S33.2
    old M53.2
  salivary gland(any) (congenital) Q38.4
  spleen(congenital) Q89.09
  stomach, congenital Q40.2
  sublingual duct Q38.4
  tongue(downward) (congenital) Q38.3
  tooth, teeth, fully erupted M26.30
    horizontal M26.33
    vertical M26.34
  trachea(congenital) Q32.1
  ureter or ureteric opening or orifice(congenital) Q62.62
  uterine opening of oviducts or fallopian tubes Q50.6
  uterus, uterine --see Malposition, uterus
  ventricular septum Q21.0
    with rudimentary ventricle Q20.4
  between native and reconstructed breast N65.1
  fiber-type G71.2
Disruptio uteri --see Rupture, uterus
  ciliary body NEC H21.89
  closure of
    cornea T81.31
    craniotomy T81.32
    fascia(muscular) (superficial) T81.32
    internal organ or tissue T81.32
    laceration(external) (internal) T81.33
    ligament T81.32
    mucosa T81.31
    muscle or muscle flap T81.32
    ribs or rib cage T81.32
    skin and subcutaneous tissue(full-thickness) (superficial) T81.31
    skull T81.32
    sternum(sternotomy) T81.32
    tendon T81.32
    traumatic laceration(external) (internal) T81.33
  family Z63.8
    due to
      absence of family member due to military deployment Z63.31
      absence of family member NEC Z63.32
      alcoholism and drug addiction in family Z63.72
      bereavement Z63.4
      death(assumed) or disappearance of family member Z63.4
      divorce or separation Z63.5
      drug addiction in family Z63.72
      return of family member from military deployment(current or past conflict) Z63.71
      stressful life events NEC Z63.79
  iris NEC H21.89
  ligament(s) --see also Sprain
      current injury --see Dislocation, knee
      old(chronic) --see Derangement, knee, ligament, instability, chronic
      spontaneous NEC --see Derangement, knee, disruption ligament
  ossicular chain --see Discontinuity, ossicles, ear
  pelvic ring(stable) S32.810
    unstable S32.811
  wound T81.30
    episiotomy O90.1
    operation T81.31
      cesarean O90.0
      external operation wound(superficial) T81.31
      internal operation wound(deep) T81.32
    perineal(obstetric) O90.1
    traumatic injury repair T81.33
  traumatic injury wound repair T81.33
Dissatisfaction with
  employment Z56.9
  school environment Z55.4
Dissecting --see condition
  aorta I71.00
    abdominal I71.02
    thoracic I71.01
    thoracoabdominal I71.03
    carotid I77.71
    cerebral(nonruptured) I67.0
      ruptured --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
    coronary I25.42
    iliac I77.72
    renal I77.73
    specified NEC I77.79
    vertebral I77.74
  traumatic --see Wound, open, by site
  vascular I99.8
  wound --see Wound, open
Disseminated --see condition
  auriculoventricular or atrioventricular(AV) (any degree) (isorhythmic) I45.89
    with heart block I44.2
  interference I45.89
Dissociative reaction, state F44.9
Dissolution, vertebra --see Osteoporosis
Distension, distention
  abdomen R14.0
  bladder N32.89
  cecum K63.89
  colon K63.89
  gallbladder K82.8
  intestine K63.89
  kidney N28.89
  liver K76.89
  seminal vesicle N50.8
  stomach K31.89
    acute K31.0
    psychogenic F45.8
  ureter --see Dilatation, ureter
  uterus N85.8
Distoma hepaticum infestation B66.3
Distomiasis B66.9
  bile passages B66.3
  hemic B65.9
  hepatic B66.3
    due to Clonorchis sinensis B66.1
  intestinal B66.5
  liver B66.3
    due to Clonorchis sinensis B66.1
  lung B66.4
  pulmonary B66.4
Distomolar(fourth molar) K00.1
Disto-occlusion(Division I) (Division II) M26.212
Distortion(s) (congenital)
  adrenal(gland) Q89.1
  arm NEC Q68.8
  bile duct or passage Q44.5
  bladder Q64.79
  brain Q04.9
  cervix(uteri) Q51.9
  chest(wall) Q67.8
    bones Q76.8
  clavicle Q74.0
  clitoris Q52.6
  coccyx Q76.49
  common duct Q44.5
  coronary Q24.5
  cystic duct Q44.5
  ear(auricle) (external) Q17.3
    inner Q16.5
    middle Q16.4
      ossicles Q16.3
  endocrine NEC Q89.2
  eustachian tube Q17.8
  eye(adnexa) Q15.8
  face bone(s) NEC Q75.8
  fallopian tube Q50.6
  femur NEC Q68.8
  fibula NEC Q68.8
  finger(s) Q68.1
  foot Q66.9
  genitalia, genital organ(s)
    female Q52.8
      external Q52.79
      internal NEC Q52.8
  gyri Q04.8
  hand bone(s) Q68.1
  heart(auricle) (ventricle) Q24.8
    valve(cusp) Q24.8
  hepatic duct Q44.5
  humerus NEC Q68.8
  hymen Q52.4
  intrafamilial communications Z63.8
  jaw NEC M26.89
  labium(majus) (minus) Q52.79
  leg NEC Q68.8
  lens Q12.8
  liver Q44.7
  lumbar spine Q76.49
    with disproportion O33.8
      causing obstructed labor O65.0
  lumbosacral(joint) (region) Q76.49
    kyphosis --see Kyphosis, congenital
    lordosis --see Lordosis, congenital
  nerve Q07.8
  nose Q30.8
    of Corti Q16.5
    or site not listed --see Anomaly, by site
  ossicles, ear Q16.3
  oviduct Q50.6
  pancreas Q45.3
  parathyroid(gland) Q89.2
  pituitary(gland) Q89.2
  radius NEC Q68.8
  sacroiliac joint Q74.2
  sacrum Q76.49
  scapula Q74.0
  shoulder girdle Q74.0
  skull bone(s) NEC Q75.8
      anencephalus Q00.0
      encephalocele --see Encephalocele
      hydrocephalus Q03.9
        with spina bifida --see Spina bifida, with hydrocephalus
      microcephaly Q02
  spinal cord Q06.8
  spine Q76.49
    kyphosis --see Kyphosis, congenital
    lordosis --see Lordosis, congenital
  spleen Q89.09
  sternum NEC Q76.7
  thorax(wall) Q67.8
    bony Q76.8
  thymus(gland) Q89.2
  thyroid(gland) Q89.2
  tibia NEC Q68.8
  toe(s) Q66.9
  tongue Q38.3
  trachea(cartilage) Q32.1
  ulna NEC Q68.8
  ureter Q62.8
  urethra Q64.79
    causing obstruction Q64.39
  uterus Q51.9
  vagina Q52.4
  vertebra Q76.49
    kyphosis --see Kyphosis, congenital
    lordosis --see Lordosis, congenital
  visual --see also Disturbance, vision
    shape and size H53.15
  vulva Q52.79
  wrist(bones) (joint) Q68.8
  abdomen --see Pain, abdominal
  acute respiratory(adult) (child) J80
  epigastric R10.13
  fetal P84
    complicating pregnancy --see Stress, fetal
  gastrointestinal(functional) K30
    psychogenic F45.8
  intestinal(functional) NOS K59.9
    psychogenic F45.8
  maternal, during labor and delivery O75.0
  respiratory R06.00
    adult J80
    child J80
    newborn P22.9
      specified NEC P22.8
    orthopnea R06.01
    psychogenic F45.8
    shortness of breath R06.02
    specified type NEC R06.09
Distribution vessel, atypical Q27.9
  coronary artery Q24.5
  precerebral Q28.1
Districhiasis L68.8
Disturbance(s) --see also Disease
  absorption K90.9
    calcium E58
    carbohydrate K90.4
    fat K90.4
      pancreatic K90.3
    protein K90.4
    starch K90.4
    vitamin --see Deficiency, vitamin
  acid-base equilibrium E87.8
    mixed E87.4
  activity and attention(with hyperkinesis) --see Disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity
  amino acid transport E72.00
  assimilation, food K90.9
  auditory nerve, except deafness H93.3
  behavior --see Disorder, conduct
  blood clotting(mechanism) --see also Defect, coagulationD68.9
    nerve --see Disorder, nerve, cranial
    status, newborn P91.9
      specified NEC P91.8
  circulatory I99.9
  conduct --see also Disorder, conductF91.9
    adjustment reaction --see Disorder, adjustment
    compulsive F63.9
    disruptive F91.9
    hyperkinetic --see Disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity
    socialized F91.2
    specified NEC F91.8
    unsocialized F91.1
  coordination R27.8
  cranial nerve --see Disorder, nerve, cranial
  deep sensibility --see Disturbance, sensation
  digestive K30
    psychogenic F45.8
  electrolyte --see also Imbalance, electrolyte
    newborn, transitory P74.4
      hyperammonemia P74.6
      potassium balance P74.3
      sodium balance P74.2
      specified type NEC P74.4
  emotions specific to childhood and adolescence F93.9
      anxiety and fearfulness NEC F93.8
      elective mutism F94.0
      oppositional disorder F91.3
      sensitivity(withdrawal) F40.10
      shyness F40.10
      social withdrawal F40.10
    involving relationship problems F93.8
    mixed F93.8
    specified NEC F93.8
  endocrine(gland) E34.9
    neonatal, transitory P72.9
      specified NEC P72.8
  equilibrium R42
  fructose metabolism E74.10
  gait --see Gait
    hysterical F44.4
    psychogenic F44.4
  gastrointestinal(functional) K30
    psychogenic F45.8
  habit, child F98.9
  hearing, except deafness and tinnitus --see Abnormal, auditory perception
  heart, functional(conditions in I44-I50)
    due to presence of(cardiac) prosthesis I97.19-
    postoperative I97.89
      cardiac surgery I97.19-
  hormones E34.9
  innervation uterus(parasympathetic) (sympathetic) N85.8
  keratinization NEC
    gingiva K05.10
      nonplaque induced K05.11
      plaque induced K05.10
    lip K13.0
    oral(mucosa) (soft tissue) K13.29
    tongue K13.29
  learning(specific) --see Disorder, learning
  memory --see Amnesia
    mild, following organic brain damage F06.8
  mental F99
    associated with diseases classified elsewhere F54
  metabolism E88.9
      abortion --see Abortion, by type with other specified complication
      ectopic pregnancy O08.5
      molar pregnancy O08.5
    amino-acid E72.9
      aromatic E70.9
      branched-chain E71.2
      straight-chain E72.8
      sulfur-bearing E72.10
    ammonia E72.20
    arginine E72.21
    arginosuccinic acid E72.22
    carbohydrate E74.9
    cholesterol E78.9
    citrulline E72.23
    cystathionine E72.19
    general E88.9
    glutamine E72.8
    histidine E70.40
    homocystine E72.19
    hydroxylysine E72.3
    in labor or delivery O75.89
    iron E83.10
    lipoid E78.9
    lysine E72.3
    methionine E72.19
    neonatal, transitory P74.9
      calcium and magnesium P71.9
        specified type NEC P71.8
      carbohydrate metabolism P70.9
        specified type NEC P70.8
      specified NEC P74.8
    ornithine E72.4
    phosphate E83.39
    sodium NEC E87.8
    threonine E72.8
    tryptophan E70.5
    tyrosine E70.20
    urea cycle E72.20
  motor R29.2
  nervous, functional R45.0
  neuromuscular mechanism(eye), due to syphilis A52.15
  nutritional E63.9
    nail L60.3
  ocular motion H51.9
    psychogenic F45.8
  oculogyric H51.8
    psychogenic F45.8
  oculomotor H51.9
    psychogenic F45.8
  olfactory nerve R43.1
  optic nerve NEC --see Disorder, nerve, optic
  oral epithelium, including tongue NEC K13.29
  perceptual due to
    alcohol withdrawal F10.232
    amphetamine intoxication F15.922
        abuse F15.122
        dependence F15.222
    anxiolytic withdrawal F13.232
    cannabis intoxication(acute) F12.922
        abuse F12.122
        dependence F12.222
    cocaine intoxication(acute) F14.922
        abuse F14.122
        dependence F14.222
    hypnotic withdrawal F13.232
    opioid intoxication(acute) F11.922
        abuse F11.122
        dependence F11.222
    phencyclidine intoxication(acute) F19.922
        abuse F19.122
        dependence F19.222
    sedative withdrawal F13.232
  personality(pattern) (trait) --see also Disorder, personalityF60.9
    following organic brain damage F07.9
  polyglandular E31.9
    specified NEC E31.8
  potassium balance, newborn P74.3
  psychogenic F45.9
  psychomotor F44.4
  psychophysical visual H53.16
  pupillary --see Anomaly, pupil, function
  reflex R29.2
  rhythm, heart I49.9
  salivary secretion K11.7
  sensation(cold) (heat) (localization) (tactile discrimination) (texture) (vibratory) NEC R20.9
    hysterical F44.6
    skin R20.9
      anesthesia R20.0
      hyperesthesia R20.3
      hypoesthesia R20.1
      paresthesia R20.2
      specified type NEC R20.8
    smell R43.9
      and taste(mixed) R43.8
      anosmia R43.0
      parosmia R43.1
      specified NEC R43.8
    taste R43.9
      and smell(mixed) R43.8
      parageusia R43.2
      specified NEC R43.8
  sensory --see Disturbance, sensation
  situational(transient) --see also Disorder, adjustment
    acute F43.0
  sleep G47.9
    nonorganic origin F51.9
  smell --see Disturbance, sensation, smell
  sociopathic F60.2
  sodium balance, newborn P74.2
  speech R47.9
    developmental F80.9
    specified NEC R47.89
  stomach(functional) K31.9
  sympathetic(nerve) G90.9
  taste --see Disturbance, sensation, taste
    regulation, newborn P81.9
      specified NEC P81.8
    sense R20.8
      hysterical F44.6
    eruption K00.6
    formation K00.4
    structure, hereditary NEC K00.5
  touch --see Disturbance, sensation
  vascular I99.9
    arteriosclerotic --see Arteriosclerosis
  vasomotor I73.9
  vasospastic I73.9
  vision, visual H53.9
      cerebral infarction I69.398
      cerebrovascular disease I69.998
        specified NEC I69.898
      intracerebral hemorrhage I69.198
      nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage NEC I69.298
      specified disease NEC I69.898
      subarachnoid hemorrhage I69.098
    psychophysical H53.16
    specified NEC H53.8
    subjective H53.10
      day blindness H53.11
      discomfort H53.14-
      distortions of shape and size H53.15
        sudden H53.13-
        transient H53.12-
      specified type NEC H53.19
  voice R49.9
    psychogenic F44.4
    specified NEC R49.8
Diuresis R35.8
Diver's palsy, paralysis or squeeze T70.3
Diverticulitis(acute) K57.92
  bladder --see Cystitis
  ileum --see Diverticulitis, intestine, small
  intestine K57.92
      abscess, perforation or peritonitis K57.80
        with bleeding K57.81
      bleeding K57.93
    congenital Q43.8
    large K57.32
        abscess, perforation or peritonitis K57.20
          with bleeding K57.21
        bleeding K57.33
        small intestine K57.52
            abscess, perforation or peritonitis K57.40
              with bleeding K57.41
            bleeding K57.53
    small K57.12
        abscess, perforation or peritonitis K57.00
          with bleeding K57.01
        bleeding K57.13
        large intestine K57.52
            abscess, perforation or peritonitis K57.40
              with bleeding K57.41
            bleeding K57.53
Diverticulosis K57.90
  with bleeding K57.91
  large intestine K57.30
      bleeding K57.31
      small intestine K57.50
        with bleeding K57.51
  small intestine K57.10
      bleeding K57.11
      large intestine K57.50
        with bleeding K57.51
Diverticulum, diverticula(multiple) K57.90
  appendix(noninflammatory) K38.2
  bladder(sphincter) N32.3
    congenital Q64.6
  bronchus(congenital) Q32.4
    acquired J98.09
  calyx, calyceal(kidney) N28.89
  cardia(stomach) K31.4
  cecum --see Diverticulosis, intestine, large
    congenital Q43.8
  colon --see Diverticulosis, intestine, large
    congenital Q43.8
  duodenum --see Diverticulosis, intestine, small
    congenital Q43.8
  epiphrenic(esophagus) K22.5
  esophagus(congenital) Q39.6
    acquired(epiphrenic) (pulsion) (traction) K22.5
  eustachian tube --see Disorder, eustachian tube, specified NEC
  fallopian tube N83.8
  gastric K31.4
  heart(congenital) Q24.8
  ileum --see Diverticulosis, intestine, small
  jejunum --see Diverticulosis, intestine, small
  kidney(pelvis) (calyces) N28.89
    with calculus --see Calculus, kidney
  Meckel's(displaced) (hypertrophic) Q43.0
    malignant --see Table of Neoplasms, small intestine, malignant
  midthoracic K22.5
  organ or site, congenital NEC --see Distortion
  pericardium(congenital) (cyst) Q24.8
    acquired I31.8
  pharyngoesophageal(congenital) Q39.6
    acquired K22.5
  pharynx(congenital) Q38.7
  rectosigmoid --see Diverticulosis, intestine, large
    congenital Q43.8
  rectum --see Diverticulosis, intestine, large
  Rokitansky's K22.5
  seminal vesicle N50.8
  sigmoid --see Diverticulosis, intestine, large
    congenital Q43.8
  stomach(acquired) K31.4
    congenital Q40.2
  trachea(acquired) J39.8
  ureter(acquired) N28.89
    congenital Q62.8
  ureterovesical orifice N28.89
  urethra(acquired) N36.1
    congenital Q64.79
  ventricle, left(congenital) Q24.8
  vesical N32.3
    congenital Q64.6
  Zenker's(esophagus) K22.5
  cervix uteri(acquired) N88.8
  glans penis Q55.69
  labia minora(congenital) Q52.79
  ligament(partial or complete) (current) --see also Sprain
    with open wound --see Wound, open
  muscle(partial or complete) (current) --see also Injury, muscle
    with open wound --see Wound, open
  nerve(traumatic) --see Injury, nerve
  spinal cord --see Injury, spinal cord, by region
  vein I87.8
Divorce, causing family disruption Z63.5
Dix-Hallpike neurolabyrinthitis --see Neuronitis, vestibular
Dizziness R42
  hysterical F44.89
  psychogenic F45.8
DMAC(disseminated mycobacterium avium- intracellulare complex) A31.2
DNR(do not resuscitate) Z66
Doan-Wiseman syndrome(primary splenic neutropenia) --see Agranulocytosis
Doehle-Heller aortitis A52.02
Dog bite --see Bite
Dohle body panmyelopathic syndrome D72.0
Dolichocephaly Q67.2
Dolichocolon Q43.8
Dolichostenomelia --see Syndrome, Marfan's
Donohue's syndrome E34.8
Donor(organ or tissue) Z52.9
  blood(whole) Z52.000
    autologous Z52.010
    specified component(lymphocytes) (platelets) NEC Z52.008
      autologous Z52.018
      specified donor NEC Z52.098
    specified donor NEC Z52.090
    stem cells Z52.001
      autologous Z52.011
      specified donor NEC Z52.091
  bone Z52.20
    autologous Z52.21
    marrow Z52.3
    specified type NEC Z52.29
  cornea Z52.5
  egg(Oocyte) Z52.819
    age 35 and over Z52.812
      anonymous recipient Z52.812
      designated recipient Z52.813
    under age 35 Z52.810
      anonymous recipient Z52.810
      designated recipient Z52.811
  kidney Z52.4
  liver Z52.6
  lung Z52.89
  lymphocyte --see Donor, blood, specified components NEC
  Oocyte --see Donor, egg
  platelets Z52.008
  potential, examination of Z00.5
  semen Z52.89
  skin Z52.10
    autologous Z52.11
    specified type NEC Z52.19
  specified organ or tissue NEC Z52.89
  sperm Z52.89
Donovanosis A58
Dorsalgia M54.9
  psychogenic F45.41
  specified NEC M54.89
Dorsopathy M53.9
  deforming M43.9
    specified NEC M43.8
  specified NEC M53.80
    cervical region M53.82
    cervicothoracic region M53.83
    lumbar region M53.86
    lumbosacral region M53.87
    occipito-atlanto-axial region M53.81
    sacrococcygeal region M53.88
    thoracic region M53.84
    thoracolumbar region M53.85
  albumin E88.09
  aortic arch Q25.4
  auditory canal Q17.8
  auricle(heart) Q20.8
  bladder Q64.79
  cervix Q51.820
    with doubling of uterus(and vagina) Q51.10
      with obstruction Q51.11
  inlet ventricle Q20.4
  kidney with double pelvis(renal) Q63.0
  meatus urinarius Q64.75
  monster Q89.4
    left ventricle Q20.2
    right ventricle Q20.1
  pelvis(renal) with double ureter Q62.5
  tongue Q38.3
  ureter(one or both sides) Q62.5
    with double pelvis(renal) Q62.5
  urethra Q64.74
  urinary meatus Q64.75
  uterus Q51.2
      doubling of cervix(and vagina) Q51.10
        with obstruction Q51.11
    in pregnancy or childbirth O34.59-
      causing obstructed labor O65.5
  vagina Q52.10
    with doubling of uterus(and cervix) Q51.10
      with obstruction Q51.11
  vision H53.2
  vulva Q52.79
Douglas' pouch, cul-de-sac --see condition
Down syndrome Q90.9
  meiotic nondisjunction Q90.0
  mitotic nondisjunction Q90.1
  mosaicism Q90.1
  translocation Q90.2
DPD(dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency) E88.89
Dracontiasis B72
Dracunculiasis, dracunculosis B72
Dream state, hysterical F44.89
Dreschlera(hawaiiensis) (infection) B43.8
Drepanocytic anemia --see Disease, sickle-cell
Dresbach's syndrome(elliptocytosis) D58.1
Dressler's syndrome I24.1
Drift, ulnar --see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, forearm
  excessive, to excess NEC(without dependence) F10.10
    habitual(continual) (without remission) F10.20
      with remission F10.21
Drip, postnasal(chronic) R09.82
  due to
    allergic rhinitis --see Rhinitis, allergic
    common cold J00
    gastroesophageal reflux --see Reflux, gastroesophageal
    nasopharyngitis --see Nasopharyngitis
    other know condition - code to condition
    sinusitis --see Sinusitis
  facial R29.810
    cerebrovascular disease I69.992
      cerebral infarction I69.392
      intracerebral hemorrhage I69.192
      nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage NEC I69.292
      specified disease NEC I69.892
      subarachnoid hemorrhage I69.092
  attack NEC R55
  finger --see Deformity, finger
  foot --see Deformity, limb, foot, drop
  hematocrit(precipitous) R71.0
  hemoglobin R71.0
  toe --see Deformity, toe, specified NEC
  wrist --see Deformity, limb, wrist drop
Dropped heart beats I45.9
Dropsy, dropsical --see also Hydrops
  abdomen R18.8
  brain --see Hydrocephalus
  cardiac, heart --see Failure, heart, congestive
  gangrenous --see Gangrene
  heart --see Failure, heart, congestive
  kidney --see Nephrosis
  lung --see Edema, lung
  newborn due to isoimmunization P56.0
  pericardium --see Pericarditis
Drowned, drowning(near) T75.1
Drowsiness R40.0
  abuse counseling and surveillance Z71.51
  addiction --see Dependence
  dependence --see Dependence
  habit --see Dependence
  harmful use --see Abuse, drug
  induced fever R50.2
  overdose --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
  poisoning --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
  resistant organism infection --see also Resistant, organism, to, drugZ16.30
    long term(current) (prophylactic) --see Therapy, drug long-term (current) (prophylactic)
    short term - omit code
  wrong substance given or taken in error --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
Drunkenness(without dependence) F10.129
  acute in alcoholism F10.229
  chronic(without remission) F10.20
    with remission F10.21
  pathological(without dependence) F10.129
    with dependence F10.229
  sleep F51.9
  macula(degenerative) (retina) --see Degeneration, macula, drusen
  optic disc H47.32-
Dry, dryness --see also condition
  larynx J38.7
  mouth R68.2
    due to dehydration E86.0
  nose J34.89
  socket(teeth) M27.3
  throat J39.2
DSAP L56.5
Duane's syndrome H50.81-
Dubin-Johnson disease or syndrome E80.6
Dubois' disease(thymus gland) A50.59E35
Dubowitz' syndrome Q87.1
Duchenne-Aran muscular atrophy G12.21
Duchenne-Griesinger disease G71.0
  disease or syndrome
    motor neuron disease G12.22
    muscular dystrophy G71.0
  locomotor ataxia(syphilitic) A52.11
    birth injury P14.0
    due to or associated with
      motor neuron disease G12.22
      muscular dystrophy G71.0
Ducrey's chancre A57
Duct, ductus --see condition
Duhring's disease(dermatitis herpetiformis) L13.0
Dullness, cardiac(decreased) (increased) R01.2
Dumb ague --see Malaria
Dumbness --see Aphasia
Dumdum fever B55.0
Dumping syndrome(postgastrectomy) K91.1
Duodenitis(nonspecific) (peptic) K29.80
  with bleeding K29.81
Duodenocholangitis --see Cholangitis
Duodenum, duodenal --see condition
Duplay's bursitis or periarthritis --see Tendinitis, calcific, shoulder
Duplication, duplex --see also Accessory
  alimentary tract Q45.8
  anus Q43.4
  appendix(and cecum) Q43.4
  biliary duct(any) Q44.5
  bladder Q64.79
  cecum(and appendix) Q43.4
  cervix Q51.820
  chromosome NEC
    with complex rearrangements NEC Q92.5
    seen only at prometaphase Q92.8
  cystic duct Q44.5
  digestive organs Q45.8
  esophagus Q39.8
  frontonasal process Q75.8
  intestine(large) (small) Q43.4
  kidney Q63.0
  liver Q44.7
  pancreas Q45.3
  penis Q55.69
  respiratory organs NEC Q34.8
  salivary duct Q38.4
  spinal cord(incomplete) Q06.2
  stomach Q40.2
Dupré's disease(meningism) R29.1
Dupuytren's contraction or disease M72.0
Durand-Nicolas-Favre disease A55
Durotomy(inadvertent) (incidental) G97.41
Duroziez's disease(congenital mitral stenosis) Q23.2
Dutton's relapsing fever(West African) A68.1
Dwarfism E34.3
  achondroplastic Q77.4
  congenital E34.3
  constitutional E34.3
  hypochondroplastic Q77.4
  hypophyseal E23.0
  infantile E34.3
  Laron-type E34.3
  Lorain(-Levi) type E23.0
  metatropic Q77.8
  nephrotic-glycosuric(with hypophosphatemic rickets) E72.09
  nutritional E45
  pancreatic K86.8
  pituitary E23.0
  renal N25.0
  thanatophoric Q77.1
Dyke-Young anemia(secondary) (symptomatic) D59.1
Dysacusis --see Abnormal, auditory perception
Dysadrenocortism E27.9
  hyperfunction E27.0
Dysarthria R47.1
    cerebral infarction I69.322
    cerebrovascular disease I69.922
      specified disease NEC I69.822
    intracerebral hemorrhage I69.122
    nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage NEC I69.222
    subarachnoid hemorrhage I69.022
Dysautonomia(familial) G90.1
Dysbarism T70.3
Dysbasia R26.2
  angiosclerotica intermittens I73.9
  hysterical F44.4
  lordotica(progressiva) G24.1
  nonorganic origin F44.4
  psychogenic F44.4
Dysbetalipoproteinemia(familial) E78.2
Dyscalculia R48.8
  developmental F81.2
Dyschezia K59.00
Dyschondroplasia(with hemangiomata) Q78.4
Dyschromia(skin) L81.9
Dyscollagenosis M35.9
Dyscranio-pygo-phalangy Q87.0
  blood(with) D75.9
    antepartum hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, antepartum, with coagulation defect
    newborn P61.9
      specified type NEC P61.8
    intrapartum hemorrhage O67.0
    puerperal, postpartum O72.3
  polyglandular, pluriglandular E31.9
Dysendocrinism E34.9
Dysentery, dysenteric(catarrhal) (diarrhea) (epidemic) (hemorrhagic) (infectious) (sporadic) (tropical) A09
  abscess, liver A06.4
  amebic --see also AmebiasisA06.0
    with abscess --see Abscess, amebic
    acute A06.0
    chronic A06.1
  arthritis --see also category M01A09
    bacillary --see also category M01A03.9
  bacillary A03.9
    arthritis --see also category M01A03.9
    Boyd A03.2
    Flexner A03.1
    Schmitz(-Stutzer) A03.0
    Shiga(-Kruse) A03.0
    Shigella A03.9
      boydii A03.2
      dysenteriae A03.0
      flexneri A03.1
      group A A03.0
      group B A03.1
      group C A03.2
      group D A03.3
      sonnei A03.3
      specified type NEC A03.8
    Sonne A03.3
    specified type NEC A03.8
  balantidial A07.0
  Balantidium coli A07.0
  Boyd's A03.2
  candidal B37.82
  Chilomastix A07.8
  Chinese A03.9
  coccidial A07.3
  Dientamoeba(fragilis) A07.8
  Embadomonas A07.8
  Entamoeba, entamebic --see Dysentery, amebic
  Flexner-Boyd A03.2
  Flexner's A03.1
  Giardia lamblia A07.1
  Hiss-Russell A03.1
  Lamblia A07.1
  leishmanial B55.0
  malarial --see Malaria
  metazoal B82.0
  monilial B37.82
  protozoal A07.9
  Salmonella A02.0
  schistosomal B65.1
  Schmitz(-Stutzer) A03.0
  Shiga(-Kruse) A03.0
  Shigella NOS --see Dysentery, bacillary
  Sonne A03.3
  strongyloidiasis B78.0
  trichomonal A07.8
  viral --see also Enteritis, viralA08.4
Dysequilibrium R42
Dysesthesia R20.8
  hysterical F44.6
Dysfibrinogenemia(congenital) D68.2
  adrenal E27.9
    hyperfunction E27.0
    due to alcohol G31.2
    somatoform F45.8
  bladder N31.9
    neurogenic NOS --see Dysfunction, bladder, neuromuscular
    neuromuscular NOS N31.9
      atonic(motor) (sensory) N31.2
      autonomous N31.2
      flaccid N31.2
      nonreflex N31.2
      reflex N31.1
      specified NEC N31.8
      uninhibited N31.0
  bleeding, uterus N93.8
  cerebral G93.89
  colon K59.9
    psychogenic F45.8
  colostomy K94.03
  cystic duct K82.8
  cystostomy(stoma) --see Complications, cystostomy
  ejaculatory N53.19
    anejaculatory orgasm N53.13
    painful N53.12
    premature F52.4
    retarded N53.11
  endocrine NOS E34.9
  endometrium N85.8
  enterostomy K94.13
  gallbladder K82.8
  gastrostomy(stoma) K94.23
  gland, glandular NOS E34.9
  heart I51.89
  hemoglobin D75.89
  hepatic K76.89
  hypophysis E23.7
  hypothalamic NEC E23.3
  ileostomy(stoma) K94.13
  jejunostomy(stoma) K94.13
  kidney --see Disease, renal
  labyrinthine H83.2
  left ventricular, following sudden emotional stress I51.81
  liver K76.89
  male --see Dysfunction, sexual, male
  orgasmic(female) F52.31
    male F52.32
  ovary E28.9
    specified NEC E28.8
  papillary muscle I51.89
  parathyroid E21.4
  physiological NEC R68.89
    psychogenic F59
  pineal gland E34.8
  pituitary(gland) E23.3
  platelets D69.1
  polyglandular E31.9
    specified NEC E31.8
  psychophysiologic F59
  psychosexual F52.9
      dyspareunia F52.6
      premature ejaculation F52.4
      vaginismus F52.5
  pylorus K31.9
  rectum K59.9
    psychogenic F45.8
  reflex(sympathetic) --see Syndrome, pain, complex regional I
  segmental --see Dysfunction, somatic
  senile R54
  sexual(due to) R37
    alcohol F10.981
    amphetamine F15.981
        abuse F15.181
        dependence F15.281
    anxiolytic F13.981
        abuse F13.181
        dependence F13.281
    cocaine F14.981