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D50Iron deficiency anemia
D50.0Iron deficiency anemia secondary to blood loss (chronic)
D50.1Sideropenic dysphagia
D50.8Other iron deficiency anemias
D50.9Iron deficiency anemia, unspecified
D51Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia
D51.0Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia due to intrinsic factor deficiency
D51.1Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia due to selective vitamin B12 malabsorption with proteinuria
D51.2Transcobalamin II deficiency
D51.3Other dietary vitamin B12 deficiency anemia
D51.8Other vitamin B12 deficiency anemias
D51.9Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia, unspecified
D52Folate deficiency anemia
D52.0Dietary folate deficiency anemia
D52.1Drug-induced folate deficiency anemia
D52.8Other folate deficiency anemias
D52.9Folate deficiency anemia, unspecified
D53Other nutritional anemias
D53.0Protein deficiency anemia
D53.1Other megaloblastic anemias, not elsewhere classified
D53.2Scorbutic anemia
D53.8Other specified nutritional anemias
D53.9Nutritional anemia, unspecified
D55Anemia due to enzyme disorders
D55.0Anemia due to glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase [G6PD] deficiency
D55.1Anemia due to other disorders of glutathione metabolism
D55.2Anemia due to disorders of glycolytic enzymes
D55.3Anemia due to disorders of nucleotide metabolism
D55.8Other anemias due to enzyme disorders
D55.9Anemia due to enzyme disorder, unspecified
D56.0Alpha thalassemia
D56.1Beta thalassemia
D56.2Delta-beta thalassemia
D56.3Thalassemia minor
D56.4Hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin [HPFH]
D56.5Hemoglobin E-beta thalassemia
D56.8Other thalassemias
D56.9Thalassemia, unspecified
D57Sickle-cell disorders
D57.0Hb-SS disease with crisis
D57.00Hb-SS disease with crisis, unspecified
D57.01Hb-SS disease with acute chest syndrome
D57.02Hb-SS disease with splenic sequestration
D57.1Sickle-cell disease without crisis
D57.2Sickle-cell/Hb-C disease
D57.20Sickle-cell/Hb-C disease without crisis
D57.21Sickle-cell/Hb-C disease with crisis
D57.211Sickle-cell/Hb-C disease with acute chest syndrome
D57.212Sickle-cell/Hb-C disease with splenic sequestration
D57.219Sickle-cell/Hb-C disease with crisis, unspecified
D57.3Sickle-cell trait
D57.4Sickle-cell thalassemia
D57.40Sickle-cell thalassemia without crisis
D57.41Sickle-cell thalassemia with crisis
D57.411Sickle-cell thalassemia with acute chest syndrome
D57.412Sickle-cell thalassemia with splenic sequestration
D57.419Sickle-cell thalassemia with crisis, unspecified
D57.8Other sickle-cell disorders
D57.80Other sickle-cell disorders without crisis
D57.81Other sickle-cell disorders with crisis
D57.811Other sickle-cell disorders with acute chest syndrome
D57.812Other sickle-cell disorders with splenic sequestration
D57.819Other sickle-cell disorders with crisis, unspecified
D58Other hereditary hemolytic anemias
D58.0Hereditary spherocytosis
D58.1Hereditary elliptocytosis
D58.2Other hemoglobinopathies
D58.8Other specified hereditary hemolytic anemias
D58.9Hereditary hemolytic anemia, unspecified
D59Acquired hemolytic anemia
D59.0Drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia
D59.1Other autoimmune hemolytic anemias
D59.2Drug-induced nonautoimmune hemolytic anemia
D59.3Hemolytic-uremic syndrome
D59.4Other nonautoimmune hemolytic anemias
D59.5Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria [Marchiafava-Micheli]
D59.6Hemoglobinuria due to hemolysis from other external causes
D59.8Other acquired hemolytic anemias
D59.9Acquired hemolytic anemia, unspecified
D60Acquired pure red cell aplasia [erythroblastopenia]
D60.0Chronic acquired pure red cell aplasia
D60.1Transient acquired pure red cell aplasia
D60.8Other acquired pure red cell aplasias
D60.9Acquired pure red cell aplasia, unspecified
D61Other aplastic anemias and other bone marrow failure syndromes
D61.0Constitutional aplastic anemia
D61.01Constitutional (pure) red blood cell aplasia
D61.09Other constitutional aplastic anemia
D61.1Drug-induced aplastic anemia
D61.2Aplastic anemia due to other external agents
D61.3Idiopathic aplastic anemia
D61.8Other specified aplastic anemias and other bone marrow failure syndromes
D61.810Antineoplastic chemotherapy induced pancytopenia
D61.811Other drug-induced pancytopenia
D61.818Other pancytopenia
D61.89Other specified aplastic anemias and other bone marrow failure syndromes
D61.9Aplastic anemia, unspecified
D62Acute posthemorrhagic anemia
D63Anemia in chronic diseases classified elsewhere
D63.0Anemia in neoplastic disease
D63.1Anemia in chronic kidney disease
D63.8Anemia in other chronic diseases classified elsewhere
D64Other anemias
D64.0Hereditary sideroblastic anemia
D64.1Secondary sideroblastic anemia due to disease
D64.2Secondary sideroblastic anemia due to drugs and toxins
D64.3Other sideroblastic anemias
D64.4Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia
D64.8Other specified anemias
D64.81Anemia due to antineoplastic chemotherapy
D64.89Other specified anemias
D64.9Anemia, unspecified
D65Disseminated intravascular coagulation [defibrination syndrome]
D66Hereditary factor VIII deficiency
D67Hereditary factor IX deficiency
D68Other coagulation defects
D68.0Von Willebrand's disease
D68.1Hereditary factor XI deficiency
D68.2Hereditary deficiency of other clotting factors
D68.3Hemorrhagic disorder due to circulating anticoagulants
D68.31Hemorrhagic disorder due to intrinsic circulating anticoagulants, antibodies, or inhibitors
D68.311Acquired hemophilia
D68.312Antiphospholipid antibody with hemorrhagic disorder
D68.318Other hemorrhagic disorder due to intrinsic circulating anticoagulants, antibodies, or inhibitors
D68.32Hemorrhagic disorder due to extrinsic circulating anticoagulants
D68.4Acquired coagulation factor deficiency
D68.5Primary thrombophilia
D68.51Activated protein C resistance
D68.52Prothrombin gene mutation
D68.59Other primary thrombophilia
D68.6Other thrombophilia
D68.61Antiphospholipid syndrome
D68.62Lupus anticoagulant syndrome
D68.69Other thrombophilia
D68.8Other specified coagulation defects
D68.9Coagulation defect, unspecified
D69Purpura and other hemorrhagic conditions
D69.0Allergic purpura
D69.1Qualitative platelet defects
D69.2Other nonthrombocytopenic purpura
D69.3Immune thrombocytopenic purpura
D69.4Other primary thrombocytopenia
D69.41Evans syndrome
D69.42Congenital and hereditary thrombocytopenia purpura
D69.49Other primary thrombocytopenia
D69.5Secondary thrombocytopenia
D69.51Posttransfusion purpura
D69.59Other secondary thrombocytopenia
D69.6Thrombocytopenia, unspecified
D69.8Other specified hemorrhagic conditions
D69.9Hemorrhagic condition, unspecified
D70.0Congenital agranulocytosis
D70.1Agranulocytosis secondary to cancer chemotherapy
D70.2Other drug-induced agranulocytosis
D70.3Neutropenia due to infection
D70.4Cyclic neutropenia
D70.8Other neutropenia
D70.9Neutropenia, unspecified
D71Functional disorders of polymorphonuclear neutrophils
D72Other disorders of white blood cells
D72.0Genetic anomalies of leukocytes
D72.8Other specified disorders of white blood cells
D72.81Decreased white blood cell count
D72.818Other decreased white blood cell count
D72.819Decreased white blood cell count, unspecified
D72.82Elevated white blood cell count
D72.820Lymphocytosis (symptomatic)
D72.821Monocytosis (symptomatic)
D72.823Leukemoid reaction
D72.828Other elevated white blood cell count
D72.829Elevated white blood cell count, unspecified
D72.89Other specified disorders of white blood cells
D72.9Disorder of white blood cells, unspecified
D73Diseases of spleen
D73.2Chronic congestive splenomegaly
D73.3Abscess of spleen
D73.4Cyst of spleen
D73.5Infarction of spleen
D73.8Other diseases of spleen
D73.81Neutropenic splenomegaly
D73.89Other diseases of spleen
D73.9Disease of spleen, unspecified
D74.0Congenital methemoglobinemia
D74.8Other methemoglobinemias
D74.9Methemoglobinemia, unspecified
D75Other and unspecified diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
D75.0Familial erythrocytosis
D75.1Secondary polycythemia
D75.8Other specified diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
D75.82Heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)
D75.89Other specified diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
D75.9Disease of blood and blood-forming organs, unspecified
D76Other specified diseases with participation of lymphoreticular and reticulohistiocytic tissue
D76.1Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis
D76.2Hemophagocytic syndrome, infection-associated
D76.3Other histiocytosis syndromes
D77Other disorders of blood and blood-forming organs in diseases classified elsewhere
D78Intraoperative and postprocedural complications of the spleen
D78.0Intraoperative hemorrhage and hematoma of the spleen complicating a procedure
D78.01Intraoperative hemorrhage and hematoma of the spleen complicating a procedure on the spleen
D78.02Intraoperative hemorrhage and hematoma of the spleen complicating other procedure
D78.1Accidental puncture and laceration of the spleen during a procedure
D78.11Accidental puncture and laceration of the spleen during a procedure on the spleen
D78.12Accidental puncture and laceration of the spleen during other procedure
D78.2Postprocedural hemorrhage and hematoma of the spleen following a procedure
D78.21Postprocedural hemorrhage and hematoma of the spleen following a procedure on the spleen
D78.22Postprocedural hemorrhage and hematoma of the spleen following other procedure
D78.8Other intraoperative and postprocedural complications of the spleen
D78.81Other intraoperative complications of the spleen
D78.89Other postprocedural complications of the spleen
D80Immunodeficiency with predominantly antibody defects
D80.0Hereditary hypogammaglobulinemia
D80.1Nonfamilial hypogammaglobulinemia
D80.2Selective deficiency of immunoglobulin A [IgA]
D80.3Selective deficiency of immunoglobulin G [IgG] subclasses
D80.4Selective deficiency of immunoglobulin M [IgM]
D80.5Immunodeficiency with increased immunoglobulin M [IgM]
D80.6Antibody deficiency with near-normal immunoglobulins or with hyperimmunoglobulinemia
D80.7Transient hypogammaglobulinemia of infancy
D80.8Other immunodeficiencies with predominantly antibody defects
D80.9Immunodeficiency with predominantly antibody defects, unspecified
D81Combined immunodeficiencies
D81.0Severe combined immunodeficiency [SCID] with reticular dysgenesis
D81.1Severe combined immunodeficiency [SCID] with low T- and B-cell numbers
D81.2Severe combined immunodeficiency [SCID] with low or normal B-cell numbers
D81.3Adenosine deaminase [ADA] deficiency
D81.4Nezelof's syndrome
D81.5Purine nucleoside phosphorylase [PNP] deficiency
D81.6Major histocompatibility complex class I deficiency
D81.7Major histocompatibility complex class II deficiency
D81.8Other combined immunodeficiencies
D81.81Biotin-dependent carboxylase deficiency
D81.810Biotinidase deficiency
D81.818Other biotin-dependent carboxylase deficiency
D81.819Biotin-dependent carboxylase deficiency, unspecified
D81.89Other combined immunodeficiencies
D81.9Combined immunodeficiency, unspecified
D82Immunodeficiency associated with other major defects
D82.0Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome
D82.1Di George's syndrome
D82.2Immunodeficiency with short-limbed stature
D82.3Immunodeficiency following hereditary defective response to Epstein-Barr virus
D82.4Hyperimmunoglobulin E [IgE] syndrome
D82.8Immunodeficiency associated with other specified major defects
D82.9Immunodeficiency associated with major defect, unspecified
D83Common variable immunodeficiency
D83.0Common variable immunodeficiency with predominant abnormalities of B-cell numbers and function
D83.1Common variable immunodeficiency with predominant immunoregulatory T-cell disorders
D83.2Common variable immunodeficiency with autoantibodies to B- or T-cells
D83.8Other common variable immunodeficiencies
D83.9Common variable immunodeficiency, unspecified
D84Other immunodeficiencies
D84.0Lymphocyte function antigen-1 [LFA-1] defect
D84.1Defects in the complement system
D84.8Other specified immunodeficiencies
D84.9Immunodeficiency, unspecified
D86.0Sarcoidosis of lung
D86.1Sarcoidosis of lymph nodes
D86.2Sarcoidosis of lung with sarcoidosis of lymph nodes
D86.3Sarcoidosis of skin
D86.8Sarcoidosis of other sites
D86.81Sarcoid meningitis
D86.82Multiple cranial nerve palsies in sarcoidosis
D86.83Sarcoid iridocyclitis
D86.84Sarcoid pyelonephritis
D86.85Sarcoid myocarditis
D86.86Sarcoid arthropathy
D86.87Sarcoid myositis
D86.89Sarcoidosis of other sites
D86.9Sarcoidosis, unspecified
D89Other disorders involving the immune mechanism, not elsewhere classified
D89.0Polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia
D89.2Hypergammaglobulinemia, unspecified
D89.3Immune reconstitution syndrome
D89.8Other specified disorders involving the immune mechanism, not elsewhere classified
D89.81Graft-versus-host disease
D89.810Acute graft-versus-host disease
D89.811Chronic graft-versus-host disease
D89.812Acute on chronic graft-versus-host disease
D89.813Graft-versus-host disease, unspecified
D89.82Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome [ALPS]
D89.89Other specified disorders involving the immune mechanism, not elsewhere classified
D89.9Disorder involving the immune mechanism, unspecified