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Tackle in sport W03
Terrorism(involving) Y38.80
  biological weapons Y38.6X-
  chemical weapons Y38.7X-
  conflagration Y38.3X-
  drowning and submersion Y38.89-
  explosion Y38.2X-
    destruction of aircraft Y38.1X-
    marine weapons Y38.0X-
  fire Y38.3X-
  firearms Y38.4X-
  hot substances Y38.5X-
  lasers Y38.89-
  nuclear weapons Y38.5X-
  piercing or stabbing instruments Y38.89-
  secondary effects Y38.9X-
  specified method NEC Y38.89-
  suicide bomber Y38.81-
Thirst X58
Threat to breathing
  aspiration --see Aspiration
  due to cave-in, falling earth or substance NEC T71
  against part(any) of or object in transport vehicle (in motion) NEC --see also Accident, transport
    high place, homicide(attempt) Y01
    machinery --see Contact, with, by type of machine
    transport vehicle NEC --see also Accident, transportV89.9
  off --see Thrown, from
Thunderbolt T75.0
  causing fire --see Exposure, fire
Tidal wave(any injury) NEC --see Forces of nature, tidal wave
  overdose(drug) --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
  poison --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
Tornado(any injury) X37.1
Torrential rain(any injury) X37.8
Torture X58
Trampled by animal NEC W55.89
  between objects(moving) (stationary and moving) --see Caught
  by part(any) of
    motorcycle V29.88
    pedal cycle V19.88
    transport vehicle NEC --see also Accident, transportV89.9
Travel(effects) (sickness) T75.3
Tree falling on or hitting(accidentally) (person) W20.8
    animal W01.0
      with fall W01.0
    carpet, rug or(small) object W22.8
      with fall W18.09
    person W51
      with fall W03
        due to ice or snow W00.0
  without fall W18.40
    due to
      specified NEC W18.49
      stepping from one level to another W18.43
      stepping into hole or opening W18.42
      stepping on object W18.41
Twisted by person(s) (accidentally) W50.2
  with intent to injure or kill Y04.0
  as, or caused by, a crowd or human stampede(with fall) W52
  assault Y04.0
  homicide(attempt) Y04.0
    fight Y04.0
    legal intervention --see Legal, intervention, manhandling
Twisting, excessive Y93