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Radiation(exposure to)
  arc lamps W89.0
  atomic power plant(malfunction) NEC W88.1
  complication of or abnormal reaction to medical radiotherapy Y84.2
  electromagnetic, ionizing W88.0
  gamma rays W88.1
    war operations(from or following nuclear explosion) --see War operations
  inadvertent exposure of patient(receiving test or therapy) Y63.3
  infrared(heaters and lamps) W90.1
    excessive heat from W92
  ionized, ionizing(particles, artificially accelerated)
    radioisotopes W88.1
    specified NEC W88.8
    x-rays W88.0
  isotopes, radioactive --see Radiation, radioactive isotopes
  laser(s) W90.2
    in war operations --see War operations
    misadventure in medical care Y63.2
  light sources(man-made visible and ultraviolet) W89.9
    natural X32
    specified NEC W89.8
    tanning bed W89.1
    welding light W89.0
  man-made visible light W89.9
    specified NEC W89.8
    tanning bed W89.1
    welding light W89.0
  microwave W90.8
  misadventure in medical or surgical procedure Y63.2
  natural NEC X39.08
    radon X39.01
  overdose(in medical or surgical procedure) Y63.2
  radar W90.0
  radioactive isotopes(any) W88.1
    atomic power plant malfunction W88.1
    misadventure in medical or surgical treatment Y63.2
  radiofrequency W90.0
  radium NEC W88.1
  sun X32
  ultraviolet(light) (man-made) W89.9
    natural X32
    specified NEC W89.8
    tanning bed W89.1
    welding light W89.0
  welding arc, torch, or light W89.0
    excessive heat from W92
  x-rays(hard) (soft) W88.0
Range disease W94.11
Rape(attempted) T74.2-
Rat bite W53.11
Reaction, abnormal to medical procedure --see also Complication of or following, by type of procedureY84.9
  with misadventure --see Misadventure
  biologicals --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
  drugs --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
  vaccine --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
  airgun W34.110
  BB gun W34.110
  firearn NEC W34.19
  gas, air or spring-operated gun NEC W34.118
  handgun W32.1
  hunting rifle W33.12
  larger firearm W33.10
    specified NEC W33.19
  machine gun W33.13
  paintball gun W34.111
  pellet W34.110
  shotgun W33.11
  Very pistol [flare] W34.19
Reduction in
  atmospheric pressure - --see Air, pressure, change
Rock falling on or hitting(accidentally) (person) W20.8
  in cave-in W20.0
Run over(accidentally) (by)
  animal(not being ridden) NEC W55.89
  machinery --see Contact, with, by specified type of machine
  transport vehicle NEC --see also Accident, transportV09.9
    intentional homicide(attempt) Y03.0
    motor NEC V09.20
      intentional homicide(attempt) Y03.0
  before moving object X81.8
    motor vehicle X81.0
Running off, away
  animal(being ridden) --see also Accident, transportV80.918
    not being ridden W55.89
  animal-drawn vehicle NEC --see also Accident, transportV80.928
  highway, road(way), street
    transport vehicle NEC --see also Accident, transportV89.9
Rupture pressurized devices --see Explosion, by type of device