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    from, in, on, hitting
      machinery --see Contact, with, by type of machine
  set in motion by
    accidental explosion or rupture of pressure vessel W38
    firearm --see Discharge, firearm, by type
    machine(ry) --see Contact, with, by type of machine
Overdose(drug) --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
  radiation Y63.2
Overexertion Y93
Overexposure(accidental) (to)
  cold --see also Exposure, coldX31
    due to man-made conditions --see Exposure, cold, man-made
  heat --see also HeatX30
  radiation --see Radiation
  radioactivity W88.0
  sun(sunburn) X32
  weather NEC --see Forces of nature
  wind NEC --see Forces of nature
Overheated --see Heat
  machinery --see Contact, with, by type of machine
  transport vehicle NEC --see also Accident, transportV89.9
  watercraft(causing drowning, submersion) --see also Drowning, due to, accident to, watercraft, overturning
    causing injury except drowning or submersion --see Accident, watercraft, causing, injury NEC