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Kicked by
  animal NEC W55.82
  person(s) (accidentally) W50.1
    with intent to injure or kill Y04.0
    as, or caused by, a crowd or human stampede(with fall) W52
    assault Y04.0
    homicide(attempt) Y04.0
      fight Y04.0
      legal intervention
          bystander Y35.812
          law enforcement personnel Y35.811
          suspect Y35.813
Kicking against
  object W22.8
    sports equipment W21.9
    stationary wW22.09
      sports equipment W21.89
  person --see Striking against, person
  sports equipment W21.9
Killed, killing(accidentally) NOS --see also InjuryX58
    action --see War operations
    brawl, fight(hand) (fists) (foot) Y04.0
      by weapon --see also Assault
        cutting, piercing --see Assault, cutting or piercing instrument
        firearm --see Discharge, firearm, by type, homicide
    stated as
      accident NOS X58
      suicide --see Suicide
      undetermined whether accidental or intentional Y33
Knocked down(accidentally) (by) NOS X58
  animal(not being ridden) NEC --see also Struck by, by type of animal
  crowd or human stampede W52
  person W51
    in brawl, fight Y04.0
  transport vehicle NEC --see also Accident, transportV09.9