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  between objects(moving) (stationary and moving) W23.0
    stationary W23.1
Jumped, jumping
  before moving object NEC X81.8
    motor vehicle X81.0
    subway train X81.1
    train X81.1
    undetermined whether accidental or intentional Y31
    boat(into water) voluntarily, without accident (to or on boat) W16.712
        accident to or on boat --see Accident, watercraft
        drowning or submersion W16.711
          suicide(attempt) X71.3
      striking bottom W16.722
        causing drowning W16.721
    building --see also Jumped, from, high placeW13.9
      burning(uncontrolled fire) X00.5
    high place NEC W17.89
      suicide(attempt) X80
      undetermined whether accidental or intentional Y30
    structure --see also Jumped, from, high placeW13.9
      burning(uncontrolled fire) X00.5
  into water W16.92
    causing drowning W16.91
    from, off watercraft --see Jumped, from, boat
      natural body W16.612
        causing drowning W16.611
        striking bottom W16.622
          causing drowning W16.621
      specified place NEC W16.812
        causing drowning W16.811
          bottom W16.822
            causing drowning W16.821
          wall W16.832
            causing drowning W16.831
      swimming pool W16.512
        causing drowning W16.511
          bottom W16.522
            causing drowning W16.521
          wall W16.532
            causing drowning W16.531
    suicide(attempt) X71.3