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Hailstones, injured by X39.8
Hanged herself or himself --see Hanging, self-inflicted
Hanging(accidental) --see also categoryT71
  legal execution --see Legal, intervention, specified means NEC
Heat(effects of) (excessive) X30
  due to
    man-made conditions W92
      on board watercraft V93.29
        fishing boat V93.22
        merchant ship V93.20
        passenger ship V93.21
        sailboat V93.24
        specified powered craft NEC V93.23
    weather(conditions) X30
    electric heating apparatus causing burning X16
    nuclear explosion in war operations --see War operations, nuclear weapons
  inappropriate in local application or packing in medical or surgical procedure Y63.5
  delayed following medical or surgical treatment without mention of misadventure --see Index to Diseases and Injuries, Complication(s)
  during medical or surgical treatment as misadventure --see Index to Diseases and Injuries, Complication(s)
  altitude(effects) - --see Air, pressure, low
  level of radioactivity, effects --see Radiation
  pressure(effects) - --see Air, pressure, high
  temperature, effects --see Heat
Hit, hitting(accidental) by --see Struck by
Hitting against --see Striking against
Homicide(attempt) (justifiable) --see Assault
  place, effects --see also Heat
  weather, effects X30
House fire(uncontrolled) --see Exposure, fire, uncontrolled, building
Humidity, causing problem X39.8
Hunger X58
Hurricane(any injury) X37.0
Hypobarism, hypobaropathy - --see Air, pressure, low