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 S37 - Injury of urinary and pelvic organs

 S37.4 - Injury of ovary

 S37.40 - Unspecified injury of ovary
 S37.401 - Unspecified injury of ovary, unilateral
 S37.402 - Unspecified injury of ovary, bilateral
 S37.409 - Unspecified injury of ovary, unspecified
 S37.42 - Contusion of ovary
 S37.421 - Contusion of ovary, unilateral
 S37.422 - Contusion of ovary, bilateral
 S37.429 - Contusion of ovary, unspecified
 S37.43 - Laceration of ovary
 S37.431 - Laceration of ovary, unilateral
 S37.432 - Laceration of ovary, bilateral
 S37.439 - Laceration of ovary, unspecified
 S37.49 - Other injury of ovary
 S37.491 - Other injury of ovary, unilateral
 S37.492 - Other injury of ovary, bilateral
 S37.499 - Other injury of ovary, unspecified