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X30Exposure to excessive natural heat
X31Exposure to excessive natural cold
X32Exposure to sunlight
X35Volcanic eruption
X36Avalanche, landslide and other earth movements
X36.0Collapse of dam or man-made structure causing earth movement
X36.1Avalanche, landslide, or mudslide
X37Cataclysmic storm
X37.2Blizzard (snow)(ice)
X37.3Dust storm
X37.41Tidal wave due to earthquake or volcanic eruption
X37.42Tidal wave due to storm
X37.43Tidal wave due to landslide
X37.8Other cataclysmic storms
X37.9Unspecified cataclysmic storm
X39Exposure to other forces of nature
X39.0Exposure to natural radiation
X39.01Exposure to radon
X39.08Exposure to other natural radiation
X39.8Other exposure to forces of nature