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X10Contact with hot drinks, food, fats and cooking oils
X10.0Contact with hot drinks
X10.1Contact with hot food
X10.2Contact with fats and cooking oils
X11Contact with hot tap-water
X11.0Contact with hot water in bath or tub
X11.1Contact with running hot water
X11.8Contact with other hot tap-water
X12Contact with other hot fluids
X13Contact with steam and other hot vapors
X13.0Inhalation of steam and other hot vapors
X13.1Other contact with steam and other hot vapors
X14Contact with hot air and other hot gases
X14.0Inhalation of hot air and gases
X14.1Other contact with hot air and other hot gases
X15Contact with hot household appliances
X15.0Contact with hot stove (kitchen)
X15.1Contact with hot toaster
X15.2Contact with hotplate
X15.3Contact with hot saucepan or skillet
X15.8Contact with other hot household appliances
X16Contact with hot heating appliances, radiators and pipes
X17Contact with hot engines, machinery and tools
X18Contact with other hot metals
X19Contact with other heat and hot substances