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W50Accidental hit, strike, kick, twist, bite or scratch by another person
W50.0Accidental hit or strike by another person
W50.1Accidental kick by another person
W50.2Accidental twist by another person
W50.3Accidental bite by another person
W50.4Accidental scratch by another person
W51Accidental striking against or bumped into by another person
W52Crushed, pushed or stepped on by crowd or human stampede
W53Contact with rodent
W53.0Contact with mouse
W53.01Bitten by mouse
W53.09Other contact with mouse
W53.1Contact with rat
W53.11Bitten by rat
W53.19Other contact with rat
W53.2Contact with squirrel
W53.21Bitten by squirrel
W53.29Other contact with squirrel
W53.8Contact with other rodent
W53.81Bitten by other rodent
W53.89Other contact with other rodent
W54Contact with dog
W54.0Bitten by dog
W54.1Struck by dog
W54.8Other contact with dog
W55Contact with other mammals
W55.0Contact with cat
W55.01Bitten by cat
W55.03Scratched by cat
W55.09Other contact with cat
W55.1Contact with horse
W55.11Bitten by horse
W55.12Struck by horse
W55.19Other contact with horse
W55.2Contact with cow
W55.21Bitten by cow
W55.22Struck by cow
W55.29Other contact with cow
W55.3Contact with other hoof stock
W55.31Bitten by other hoof stock
W55.32Struck by other hoof stock
W55.39Other contact with other hoof stock
W55.4Contact with pig
W55.41Bitten by pig
W55.42Struck by pig
W55.49Other contact with pig
W55.5Contact with raccoon
W55.51Bitten by raccoon
W55.52Struck by raccoon
W55.59Other contact with raccoon
W55.8Contact with other mammals
W55.81Bitten by other mammals
W55.82Struck by other mammals
W55.89Other contact with other mammals
W56Contact with nonvenomous marine animal
W56.0Contact with dolphin
W56.01Bitten by dolphin
W56.02Struck by dolphin
W56.09Other contact with dolphin
W56.1Contact with sea lion
W56.11Bitten by sea lion
W56.12Struck by sea lion
W56.19Other contact with sea lion
W56.2Contact with orca
W56.21Bitten by orca
W56.22Struck by orca
W56.29Other contact with orca
W56.3Contact with other marine mammals
W56.31Bitten by other marine mammals
W56.32Struck by other marine mammals
W56.39Other contact with other marine mammals
W56.4Contact with shark
W56.41Bitten by shark
W56.42Struck by shark
W56.49Other contact with shark
W56.5Contact with other fish
W56.51Bitten by other fish
W56.52Struck by other fish
W56.59Other contact with other fish
W56.8Contact with other nonvenomous marine animals
W56.81Bitten by other nonvenomous marine animals
W56.82Struck by other nonvenomous marine animals
W56.89Other contact with other nonvenomous marine animals
W57Bitten or stung by nonvenomous insect and other nonvenomous arthropods
W58Contact with crocodile or alligator
W58.0Contact with alligator
W58.01Bitten by alligator
W58.02Struck by alligator
W58.03Crushed by alligator
W58.09Other contact with alligator
W58.1Contact with crocodile
W58.11Bitten by crocodile
W58.12Struck by crocodile
W58.13Crushed by crocodile
W58.19Other contact with crocodile
W59Contact with other nonvenomous reptiles
W59.0Contact with nonvenomous lizards
W59.01Bitten by nonvenomous lizards
W59.02Struck by nonvenomous lizards
W59.09Other contact with nonvenomous lizards
W59.1Contact with nonvenomous snakes
W59.11Bitten by nonvenomous snake
W59.12Struck by nonvenomous snake
W59.13Crushed by nonvenomous snake
W59.19Other contact with nonvenomous snake
W59.2Contact with turtles
W59.21Bitten by turtle
W59.22Struck by turtle
W59.29Other contact with turtle
W59.8Contact with other nonvenomous reptiles
W59.81Bitten by other nonvenomous reptiles
W59.82Struck by other nonvenomous reptiles
W59.83Crushed by other nonvenomous reptiles
W59.89Other contact with other nonvenomous reptiles
W60Contact with nonvenomous plant thorns and spines and sharp leaves
W61Contact with birds (domestic) (wild)
W61.0Contact with parrot
W61.01Bitten by parrot
W61.02Struck by parrot
W61.09Other contact with parrot
W61.1Contact with macaw
W61.11Bitten by macaw
W61.12Struck by macaw
W61.19Other contact with macaw
W61.2Contact with other psittacines
W61.21Bitten by other psittacines
W61.22Struck by other psittacines
W61.29Other contact with other psittacines
W61.3Contact with chicken
W61.32Struck by chicken
W61.33Pecked by chicken
W61.39Other contact with chicken
W61.4Contact with turkey
W61.42Struck by turkey
W61.43Pecked by turkey
W61.49Other contact with turkey
W61.5Contact with goose
W61.51Bitten by goose
W61.52Struck by goose
W61.59Other contact with goose
W61.6Contact with duck
W61.61Bitten by duck
W61.62Struck by duck
W61.69Other contact with duck
W61.9Contact with other birds
W61.91Bitten by other birds
W61.92Struck by other birds
W61.99Other contact with other birds
W62Contact with nonvenomous amphibians
W62.0Contact with nonvenomous frogs
W62.1Contact with nonvenomous toads
W62.9Contact with other nonvenomous amphibians
W64Exposure to other animate mechanical forces