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Q60Renal agenesis and other reduction defects of kidney
Q60.0Renal agenesis, unilateral
Q60.1Renal agenesis, bilateral
Q60.2Renal agenesis, unspecified
Q60.3Renal hypoplasia, unilateral
Q60.4Renal hypoplasia, bilateral
Q60.5Renal hypoplasia, unspecified
Q60.6Potter's syndrome
Q61Cystic kidney disease
Q61.0Congenital renal cyst
Q61.00Congenital renal cyst, unspecified
Q61.01Congenital single renal cyst
Q61.02Congenital multiple renal cysts
Q61.1Polycystic kidney, infantile type
Q61.11Cystic dilatation of collecting ducts
Q61.19Other polycystic kidney, infantile type
Q61.2Polycystic kidney, adult type
Q61.3Polycystic kidney, unspecified
Q61.4Renal dysplasia
Q61.5Medullary cystic kidney
Q61.8Other cystic kidney diseases
Q61.9Cystic kidney disease, unspecified
Q62Congenital obstructive defects of renal pelvis and congenital malformations of ureter
Q62.0Congenital hydronephrosis
Q62.1Congenital occlusion of ureter
Q62.10Congenital occlusion of ureter, unspecified
Q62.11Congenital occlusion of ureteropelvic junction
Q62.12Congenital occlusion of ureterovesical orifice
Q62.2Congenital megaureter
Q62.3Other obstructive defects of renal pelvis and ureter
Q62.31Congenital ureterocele, orthotopic
Q62.39Other obstructive defects of renal pelvis and ureter
Q62.4Agenesis of ureter
Q62.5Duplication of ureter
Q62.6Malposition of ureter
Q62.60Malposition of ureter, unspecified
Q62.61Deviation of ureter
Q62.62Displacement of ureter
Q62.63Anomalous implantation of ureter
Q62.69Other malposition of ureter
Q62.7Congenital vesico-uretero-renal reflux
Q62.8Other congenital malformations of ureter
Q63Other congenital malformations of kidney
Q63.0Accessory kidney
Q63.1Lobulated, fused and horseshoe kidney
Q63.2Ectopic kidney
Q63.3Hyperplastic and giant kidney
Q63.8Other specified congenital malformations of kidney
Q63.9Congenital malformation of kidney, unspecified
Q64Other congenital malformations of urinary system
Q64.1Exstrophy of urinary bladder
Q64.10Exstrophy of urinary bladder, unspecified
Q64.11Supravesical fissure of urinary bladder
Q64.12Cloacal extrophy of urinary bladder
Q64.19Other exstrophy of urinary bladder
Q64.2Congenital posterior urethral valves
Q64.3Other atresia and stenosis of urethra and bladder neck
Q64.31Congenital bladder neck obstruction
Q64.32Congenital stricture of urethra
Q64.33Congenital stricture of urinary meatus
Q64.39Other atresia and stenosis of urethra and bladder neck
Q64.4Malformation of urachus
Q64.5Congenital absence of bladder and urethra
Q64.6Congenital diverticulum of bladder
Q64.7Other and unspecified congenital malformations of bladder and urethra
Q64.70Unspecified congenital malformation of bladder and urethra
Q64.71Congenital prolapse of urethra
Q64.72Congenital prolapse of urinary meatus
Q64.73Congenital urethrorectal fistula
Q64.74Double urethra
Q64.75Double urinary meatus
Q64.79Other congenital malformations of bladder and urethra
Q64.8Other specified congenital malformations of urinary system
Q64.9Congenital malformation of urinary system, unspecified