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Q50Congenital malformations of ovaries, fallopian tubes and broad ligaments
Q50.0Congenital absence of ovary
Q50.01Congenital absence of ovary, unilateral
Q50.02Congenital absence of ovary, bilateral
Q50.1Developmental ovarian cyst
Q50.2Congenital torsion of ovary
Q50.3Other congenital malformations of ovary
Q50.31Accessory ovary
Q50.32Ovarian streak
Q50.39Other congenital malformation of ovary
Q50.4Embryonic cyst of fallopian tube
Q50.5Embryonic cyst of broad ligament
Q50.6Other congenital malformations of fallopian tube and broad ligament
Q51Congenital malformations of uterus and cervix
Q51.0Agenesis and aplasia of uterus
Q51.1Doubling of uterus with doubling of cervix and vagina
Q51.10Doubling of uterus with doubling of cervix and vagina without obstruction
Q51.11Doubling of uterus with doubling of cervix and vagina with obstruction
Q51.2Other doubling of uterus
Q51.3Bicornate uterus
Q51.4Unicornate uterus
Q51.5Agenesis and aplasia of cervix
Q51.6Embryonic cyst of cervix
Q51.7Congenital fistulae between uterus and digestive and urinary tracts
Q51.8Other congenital malformations of uterus and cervix
Q51.81Other congenital malformations of uterus
Q51.810Arcuate uterus
Q51.811Hypoplasia of uterus
Q51.818Other congenital malformations of uterus
Q51.82Other congenital malformations of cervix
Q51.820Cervical duplication
Q51.821Hypoplasia of cervix
Q51.828Other congenital malformations of cervix
Q51.9Congenital malformation of uterus and cervix, unspecified
Q52Other congenital malformations of female genitalia
Q52.0Congenital absence of vagina
Q52.1Doubling of vagina
Q52.10Doubling of vagina, unspecified
Q52.11Transverse vaginal septum
Q52.12Longitudinal vaginal septum
Q52.2Congenital rectovaginal fistula
Q52.3Imperforate hymen
Q52.4Other congenital malformations of vagina
Q52.5Fusion of labia
Q52.6Congenital malformation of clitoris
Q52.7Other and unspecified congenital malformations of vulva
Q52.70Unspecified congenital malformations of vulva
Q52.71Congenital absence of vulva
Q52.79Other congenital malformations of vulva
Q52.8Other specified congenital malformations of female genitalia
Q52.9Congenital malformation of female genitalia, unspecified
Q53Undescended and ectopic testicle
Q53.0Ectopic testis
Q53.00Ectopic testis, unspecified
Q53.01Ectopic testis, unilateral
Q53.02Ectopic testes, bilateral
Q53.1Undescended testicle, unilateral
Q53.10Unspecified undescended testicle, unilateral
Q53.11Abdominal testis, unilateral
Q53.12Ectopic perineal testis, unilateral
Q53.2Undescended testicle, bilateral
Q53.20Undescended testicle, unspecified, bilateral
Q53.21Abdominal testis, bilateral
Q53.22Ectopic perineal testis, bilateral
Q53.9Undescended testicle, unspecified
Q54.0Hypospadias, balanic
Q54.1Hypospadias, penile
Q54.2Hypospadias, penoscrotal
Q54.3Hypospadias, perineal
Q54.4Congenital chordee
Q54.8Other hypospadias
Q54.9Hypospadias, unspecified
Q55Other congenital malformations of male genital organs
Q55.0Absence and aplasia of testis
Q55.1Hypoplasia of testis and scrotum
Q55.2Other and unspecified congenital malformations of testis and scrotum
Q55.20Unspecified congenital malformations of testis and scrotum
Q55.22Retractile testis
Q55.23Scrotal transposition
Q55.29Other congenital malformations of testis and scrotum
Q55.3Atresia of vas deferens
Q55.4Other congenital malformations of vas deferens, epididymis, seminal vesicles and prostate
Q55.5Congenital absence and aplasia of penis
Q55.6Other congenital malformations of penis
Q55.61Curvature of penis (lateral)
Q55.62Hypoplasia of penis
Q55.63Congenital torsion of penis
Q55.64Hidden penis
Q55.69Other congenital malformation of penis
Q55.7Congenital vasocutaneous fistula
Q55.8Other specified congenital malformations of male genital organs
Q55.9Congenital malformation of male genital organ, unspecified
Q56Indeterminate sex and pseudohermaphroditism
Q56.0Hermaphroditism, not elsewhere classified
Q56.1Male pseudohermaphroditism, not elsewhere classified
Q56.2Female pseudohermaphroditism, not elsewhere classified
Q56.3Pseudohermaphroditism, unspecified
Q56.4Indeterminate sex, unspecified