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N60Benign mammary dysplasia
N60.0Solitary cyst of breast
N60.01Solitary cyst of right breast
N60.02Solitary cyst of left breast
N60.09Solitary cyst of unspecified breast
N60.1Diffuse cystic mastopathy
N60.11Diffuse cystic mastopathy of right breast
N60.12Diffuse cystic mastopathy of left breast
N60.19Diffuse cystic mastopathy of unspecified breast
N60.2Fibroadenosis of breast
N60.21Fibroadenosis of right breast
N60.22Fibroadenosis of left breast
N60.29Fibroadenosis of unspecified breast
N60.3Fibrosclerosis of breast
N60.31Fibrosclerosis of right breast
N60.32Fibrosclerosis of left breast
N60.39Fibrosclerosis of unspecified breast
N60.4Mammary duct ectasia
N60.41Mammary duct ectasia of right breast
N60.42Mammary duct ectasia of left breast
N60.49Mammary duct ectasia of unspecified breast
N60.8Other benign mammary dysplasias
N60.81Other benign mammary dysplasias of right breast
N60.82Other benign mammary dysplasias of left breast
N60.89Other benign mammary dysplasias of unspecified breast
N60.9Unspecified benign mammary dysplasia
N60.91Unspecified benign mammary dysplasia of right breast
N60.92Unspecified benign mammary dysplasia of left breast
N60.99Unspecified benign mammary dysplasia of unspecified breast
N61Inflammatory disorders of breast
N62Hypertrophy of breast
N63Unspecified lump in breast
N64Other disorders of breast
N64.0Fissure and fistula of nipple
N64.1Fat necrosis of breast
N64.2Atrophy of breast
N64.3Galactorrhea not associated with childbirth
N64.5Other signs and symptoms in breast
N64.51Induration of breast
N64.52Nipple discharge
N64.53Retraction of nipple
N64.59Other signs and symptoms in breast
N64.8Other specified disorders of breast
N64.81Ptosis of breast
N64.82Hypoplasia of breast
N64.89Other specified disorders of breast
N64.9Disorder of breast, unspecified
N65Deformity and disproportion of reconstructed breast
N65.0Deformity of reconstructed breast
N65.1Disproportion of reconstructed breast