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M26Dentofacial anomalies [including malocclusion]
M26.0Major anomalies of jaw size
M26.00Unspecified anomaly of jaw size
M26.01Maxillary hyperplasia
M26.02Maxillary hypoplasia
M26.03Mandibular hyperplasia
M26.04Mandibular hypoplasia
M26.07Excessive tuberosity of jaw
M26.09Other specified anomalies of jaw size
M26.1Anomalies of jaw-cranial base relationship
M26.10Unspecified anomaly of jaw-cranial base relationship
M26.11Maxillary asymmetry
M26.12Other jaw asymmetry
M26.19Other specified anomalies of jaw-cranial base relationship
M26.2Anomalies of dental arch relationship
M26.20Unspecified anomaly of dental arch relationship
M26.21Malocclusion, Angle's class
M26.211Malocclusion, Angle's class I
M26.212Malocclusion, Angle's class II
M26.213Malocclusion, Angle's class III
M26.219Malocclusion, Angle's class, unspecified
M26.22Open occlusal relationship
M26.220Open anterior occlusal relationship
M26.221Open posterior occlusal relationship
M26.23Excessive horizontal overlap
M26.24Reverse articulation
M26.25Anomalies of interarch distance
M26.29Other anomalies of dental arch relationship
M26.3Anomalies of tooth position of fully erupted tooth or teeth
M26.30Unspecified anomaly of tooth position of fully erupted tooth or teeth
M26.31Crowding of fully erupted teeth
M26.32Excessive spacing of fully erupted teeth
M26.33Horizontal displacement of fully erupted tooth or teeth
M26.34Vertical displacement of fully erupted tooth or teeth
M26.35Rotation of fully erupted tooth or teeth
M26.36Insufficient interocclusal distance of fully erupted teeth (ridge)
M26.37Excessive interocclusal distance of fully erupted teeth
M26.39Other anomalies of tooth position of fully erupted tooth or teeth
M26.4Malocclusion, unspecified
M26.5Dentofacial functional abnormalities
M26.50Dentofacial functional abnormalities, unspecified
M26.51Abnormal jaw closure
M26.52Limited mandibular range of motion
M26.53Deviation in opening and closing of the mandible
M26.54Insufficient anterior guidance
M26.55Centric occlusion maximum intercuspation discrepancy
M26.56Non-working side interference
M26.57Lack of posterior occlusal support
M26.59Other dentofacial functional abnormalities
M26.6Temporomandibular joint disorders
M26.60Temporomandibular joint disorder, unspecified
M26.61Adhesions and ankylosis of temporomandibular joint
M26.62Arthralgia of temporomandibular joint
M26.63Articular disc disorder of temporomandibular joint
M26.69Other specified disorders of temporomandibular joint
M26.7Dental alveolar anomalies
M26.70Unspecified alveolar anomaly
M26.71Alveolar maxillary hyperplasia
M26.72Alveolar mandibular hyperplasia
M26.73Alveolar maxillary hypoplasia
M26.74Alveolar mandibular hypoplasia
M26.79Other specified alveolar anomalies
M26.8Other dentofacial anomalies
M26.81Anterior soft tissue impingement
M26.82Posterior soft tissue impingement
M26.89Other dentofacial anomalies
M26.9Dentofacial anomaly, unspecified
M27Other diseases of jaws
M27.0Developmental disorders of jaws
M27.1Giant cell granuloma, central
M27.2Inflammatory conditions of jaws
M27.3Alveolitis of jaws
M27.4Other and unspecified cysts of jaw
M27.40Unspecified cyst of jaw
M27.49Other cysts of jaw
M27.5Periradicular pathology associated with previous endodontic treatment
M27.51Perforation of root canal space due to endodontic treatment
M27.52Endodontic overfill
M27.53Endodontic underfill
M27.59Other periradicular pathology associated with previous endodontic treatment
M27.6Endosseous dental implant failure
M27.61Osseointegration failure of dental implant
M27.62Post-osseointegration biological failure of dental implant
M27.63Post-osseointegration mechanical failure of dental implant
M27.69Other endosseous dental implant failure
M27.8Other specified diseases of jaws
M27.9Disease of jaws, unspecified