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L60Nail disorders
L60.0Ingrowing nail
L60.3Nail dystrophy
L60.4Beau's lines
L60.5Yellow nail syndrome
L60.8Other nail disorders
L60.9Nail disorder, unspecified
L62Nail disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
L63Alopecia areata
L63.0Alopecia (capitis) totalis
L63.1Alopecia universalis
L63.8Other alopecia areata
L63.9Alopecia areata, unspecified
L64Androgenic alopecia
L64.0Drug-induced androgenic alopecia
L64.8Other androgenic alopecia
L64.9Androgenic alopecia, unspecified
L65Other nonscarring hair loss
L65.0Telogen effluvium
L65.1Anagen effluvium
L65.2Alopecia mucinosa
L65.8Other specified nonscarring hair loss
L65.9Nonscarring hair loss, unspecified
L66Cicatricial alopecia [scarring hair loss]
L66.1Lichen planopilaris
L66.2Folliculitis decalvans
L66.3Perifolliculitis capitis abscedens
L66.4Folliculitis ulerythematosa reticulata
L66.8Other cicatricial alopecia
L66.9Cicatricial alopecia, unspecified
L67Hair color and hair shaft abnormalities
L67.0Trichorrhexis nodosa
L67.1Variations in hair color
L67.8Other hair color and hair shaft abnormalities
L67.9Hair color and hair shaft abnormality, unspecified
L68.1Acquired hypertrichosis lanuginosa
L68.2Localized hypertrichosis
L68.8Other hypertrichosis
L68.9Hypertrichosis, unspecified
L70.0Acne vulgaris
L70.1Acne conglobata
L70.2Acne varioliformis
L70.3Acne tropica
L70.4Infantile acne
L70.5Acné excoriée des jeunes filles
L70.8Other acne
L70.9Acne, unspecified
L71.0Perioral dermatitis
L71.8Other rosacea
L71.9Rosacea, unspecified
L72Follicular cysts of skin and subcutaneous tissue
L72.0Epidermal cyst
L72.1Pilar and trichodermal cyst
L72.11Pilar cyst
L72.12Trichodermal cyst
L72.2Steatocystoma multiplex
L72.3Sebaceous cyst
L72.8Other follicular cysts of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
L72.9Follicular cyst of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, unspecified
L73Other follicular disorders
L73.0Acne keloid
L73.1Pseudofolliculitis barbae
L73.2Hidradenitis suppurativa
L73.8Other specified follicular disorders
L73.9Follicular disorder, unspecified
L74Eccrine sweat disorders
L74.0Miliaria rubra
L74.1Miliaria crystallina
L74.2Miliaria profunda
L74.3Miliaria, unspecified
L74.5Focal hyperhidrosis
L74.51Primary focal hyperhidrosis
L74.510Primary focal hyperhidrosis, axilla
L74.511Primary focal hyperhidrosis, face
L74.512Primary focal hyperhidrosis, palms
L74.513Primary focal hyperhidrosis, soles
L74.519Primary focal hyperhidrosis, unspecified
L74.52Secondary focal hyperhidrosis
L74.8Other eccrine sweat disorders
L74.9Eccrine sweat disorder, unspecified
L75Apocrine sweat disorders
L75.2Apocrine miliaria
L75.8Other apocrine sweat disorders
L75.9Apocrine sweat disorder, unspecified