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L10.0Pemphigus vulgaris
L10.1Pemphigus vegetans
L10.2Pemphigus foliaceous
L10.3Brazilian pemphigus [fogo selvagem]
L10.4Pemphigus erythematosus
L10.5Drug-induced pemphigus
L10.8Other pemphigus
L10.81Paraneoplastic pemphigus
L10.89Other pemphigus
L10.9Pemphigus, unspecified
L11Other acantholytic disorders
L11.0Acquired keratosis follicularis
L11.1Transient acantholytic dermatosis [Grover]
L11.8Other specified acantholytic disorders
L11.9Acantholytic disorder, unspecified
L12.0Bullous pemphigoid
L12.1Cicatricial pemphigoid
L12.2Chronic bullous disease of childhood
L12.3Acquired epidermolysis bullosa
L12.30Acquired epidermolysis bullosa, unspecified
L12.31Epidermolysis bullosa due to drug
L12.35Other acquired epidermolysis bullosa
L12.8Other pemphigoid
L12.9Pemphigoid, unspecified
L13Other bullous disorders
L13.0Dermatitis herpetiformis
L13.1Subcorneal pustular dermatitis
L13.8Other specified bullous disorders
L13.9Bullous disorder, unspecified
L14Bullous disorders in diseases classified elsewhere