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K65.0Generalized (acute) peritonitis
K65.1Peritoneal abscess
K65.2Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis
K65.4Sclerosing mesenteritis
K65.8Other peritonitis
K65.9Peritonitis, unspecified
K66Other disorders of peritoneum
K66.0Peritoneal adhesions (postprocedural) (postinfection)
K66.8Other specified disorders of peritoneum
K66.9Disorder of peritoneum, unspecified
K67Disorders of peritoneum in infectious diseases classified elsewhere
K68Disorders of retroperitoneum
K68.1Retroperitoneal abscess
K68.11Postprocedural retroperitoneal abscess
K68.12Psoas muscle abscess
K68.19Other retroperitoneal abscess
K68.9Other disorders of retroperitoneum