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J90Pleural effusion, not elsewhere classified
J91Pleural effusion in conditions classified elsewhere
J91.0Malignant pleural effusion
J91.8Pleural effusion in other conditions classified elsewhere
J92Pleural plaque
J92.0Pleural plaque with presence of asbestos
J92.9Pleural plaque without asbestos
J93Pneumothorax and air leak
J93.0Spontaneous tension pneumothorax
J93.1Other spontaneous pneumothorax
J93.11Primary spontaneous pneumothorax
J93.12Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax
J93.8Other pneumothorax and air leak
J93.81Chronic pneumothorax
J93.82Other air leak
J93.83Other pneumothorax
J93.9Pneumothorax, unspecified
J94Other pleural conditions
J94.0Chylous effusion
J94.8Other specified pleural conditions
J94.9Pleural condition, unspecified