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J30Vasomotor and allergic rhinitis
J30.0Vasomotor rhinitis
J30.1Allergic rhinitis due to pollen
J30.2Other seasonal allergic rhinitis
J30.5Allergic rhinitis due to food
J30.8Other allergic rhinitis
J30.81Allergic rhinitis due to animal (cat) (dog) hair and dander
J30.89Other allergic rhinitis
J30.9Allergic rhinitis, unspecified
J31Chronic rhinitis, nasopharyngitis and pharyngitis
J31.0Chronic rhinitis
J31.1Chronic nasopharyngitis
J31.2Chronic pharyngitis
J32Chronic sinusitis
J32.0Chronic maxillary sinusitis
J32.1Chronic frontal sinusitis
J32.2Chronic ethmoidal sinusitis
J32.3Chronic sphenoidal sinusitis
J32.4Chronic pansinusitis
J32.8Other chronic sinusitis
J32.9Chronic sinusitis, unspecified
J33Nasal polyp
J33.0Polyp of nasal cavity
J33.1Polypoid sinus degeneration
J33.8Other polyp of sinus
J33.9Nasal polyp, unspecified
J34Other and unspecified disorders of nose and nasal sinuses
J34.0Abscess, furuncle and carbuncle of nose
J34.1Cyst and mucocele of nose and nasal sinus
J34.2Deviated nasal septum
J34.3Hypertrophy of nasal turbinates
J34.8Other specified disorders of nose and nasal sinuses
J34.81Nasal mucositis (ulcerative)
J34.89Other specified disorders of nose and nasal sinuses
J34.9Unspecified disorder of nose and nasal sinuses
J35Chronic diseases of tonsils and adenoids
J35.0Chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis
J35.01Chronic tonsillitis
J35.02Chronic adenoiditis
J35.03Chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis
J35.1Hypertrophy of tonsils
J35.2Hypertrophy of adenoids
J35.3Hypertrophy of tonsils with hypertrophy of adenoids
J35.8Other chronic diseases of tonsils and adenoids
J35.9Chronic disease of tonsils and adenoids, unspecified
J36Peritonsillar abscess
J37Chronic laryngitis and laryngotracheitis
J37.0Chronic laryngitis
J37.1Chronic laryngotracheitis
J38Diseases of vocal cords and larynx, not elsewhere classified
J38.0Paralysis of vocal cords and larynx
J38.00Paralysis of vocal cords and larynx, unspecified
J38.01Paralysis of vocal cords and larynx, unilateral
J38.02Paralysis of vocal cords and larynx, bilateral
J38.1Polyp of vocal cord and larynx
J38.2Nodules of vocal cords
J38.3Other diseases of vocal cords
J38.4Edema of larynx
J38.5Laryngeal spasm
J38.6Stenosis of larynx
J38.7Other diseases of larynx
J39Other diseases of upper respiratory tract
J39.0Retropharyngeal and parapharyngeal abscess
J39.1Other abscess of pharynx
J39.2Other diseases of pharynx
J39.3Upper respiratory tract hypersensitivity reaction, site unspecified
J39.8Other specified diseases of upper respiratory tract
J39.9Disease of upper respiratory tract, unspecified