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H80.0Otosclerosis involving oval window, nonobliterative
H80.00Otosclerosis involving oval window, nonobliterative, unspecified ear
H80.01Otosclerosis involving oval window, nonobliterative, right ear
H80.02Otosclerosis involving oval window, nonobliterative, left ear
H80.03Otosclerosis involving oval window, nonobliterative, bilateral
H80.1Otosclerosis involving oval window, obliterative
H80.10Otosclerosis involving oval window, obliterative, unspecified ear
H80.11Otosclerosis involving oval window, obliterative, right ear
H80.12Otosclerosis involving oval window, obliterative, left ear
H80.13Otosclerosis involving oval window, obliterative, bilateral
H80.2Cochlear otosclerosis
H80.20Cochlear otosclerosis, unspecified ear
H80.21Cochlear otosclerosis, right ear
H80.22Cochlear otosclerosis, left ear
H80.23Cochlear otosclerosis, bilateral
H80.8Other otosclerosis
H80.80Other otosclerosis, unspecified ear
H80.81Other otosclerosis, right ear
H80.82Other otosclerosis, left ear
H80.83Other otosclerosis, bilateral
H80.9Unspecified otosclerosis
H80.90Unspecified otosclerosis, unspecified ear
H80.91Unspecified otosclerosis, right ear
H80.92Unspecified otosclerosis, left ear
H80.93Unspecified otosclerosis, bilateral
H81Disorders of vestibular function
H81.0Ménière's disease
H81.01Ménière's disease, right ear
H81.02Ménière's disease, left ear
H81.03Ménière's disease, bilateral
H81.09Ménière's disease, unspecified ear
H81.1Benign paroxysmal vertigo
H81.10Benign paroxysmal vertigo, unspecified ear
H81.11Benign paroxysmal vertigo, right ear
H81.12Benign paroxysmal vertigo, left ear
H81.13Benign paroxysmal vertigo, bilateral
H81.2Vestibular neuronitis
H81.20Vestibular neuronitis, unspecified ear
H81.21Vestibular neuronitis, right ear
H81.22Vestibular neuronitis, left ear
H81.23Vestibular neuronitis, bilateral
H81.3Other peripheral vertigo
H81.31Aural vertigo
H81.311Aural vertigo, right ear
H81.312Aural vertigo, left ear
H81.313Aural vertigo, bilateral
H81.319Aural vertigo, unspecified ear
H81.39Other peripheral vertigo
H81.391Other peripheral vertigo, right ear
H81.392Other peripheral vertigo, left ear
H81.393Other peripheral vertigo, bilateral
H81.399Other peripheral vertigo, unspecified ear
H81.4Vertigo of central origin
H81.41Vertigo of central origin, right ear
H81.42Vertigo of central origin, left ear
H81.43Vertigo of central origin, bilateral
H81.49Vertigo of central origin, unspecified ear
H81.8Other disorders of vestibular function
H81.8XOther disorders of vestibular function
H81.8X1Other disorders of vestibular function, right ear
H81.8X2Other disorders of vestibular function, left ear
H81.8X3Other disorders of vestibular function, bilateral
H81.8X9Other disorders of vestibular function, unspecified ear
H81.9Unspecified disorder of vestibular function
H81.90Unspecified disorder of vestibular function, unspecified ear
H81.91Unspecified disorder of vestibular function, right ear
H81.92Unspecified disorder of vestibular function, left ear
H81.93Unspecified disorder of vestibular function, bilateral
H82Vertiginous syndromes in diseases classified elsewhere
H82.1Vertiginous syndromes in diseases classified elsewhere, right ear
H82.2Vertiginous syndromes in diseases classified elsewhere, left ear
H82.3Vertiginous syndromes in diseases classified elsewhere, bilateral
H82.9Vertiginous syndromes in diseases classified elsewhere, unspecified ear
H83Other diseases of inner ear
H83.01Labyrinthitis, right ear
H83.02Labyrinthitis, left ear
H83.03Labyrinthitis, bilateral
H83.09Labyrinthitis, unspecified ear
H83.1Labyrinthine fistula
H83.11Labyrinthine fistula, right ear
H83.12Labyrinthine fistula, left ear
H83.13Labyrinthine fistula, bilateral
H83.19Labyrinthine fistula, unspecified ear
H83.2Labyrinthine dysfunction
H83.2XLabyrinthine dysfunction
H83.2X1Labyrinthine dysfunction, right ear
H83.2X2Labyrinthine dysfunction, left ear
H83.2X3Labyrinthine dysfunction, bilateral
H83.2X9Labyrinthine dysfunction, unspecified ear
H83.3Noise effects on inner ear
H83.3XNoise effects on inner ear
H83.3X1Noise effects on right inner ear
H83.3X2Noise effects on left inner ear
H83.3X3Noise effects on inner ear, bilateral
H83.3X9Noise effects on inner ear, unspecified ear
H83.8Other specified diseases of inner ear
H83.8XOther specified diseases of inner ear
H83.8X1Other specified diseases of right inner ear
H83.8X2Other specified diseases of left inner ear
H83.8X3Other specified diseases of inner ear, bilateral
H83.8X9Other specified diseases of inner ear, unspecified ear
H83.9Unspecified disease of inner ear
H83.90Unspecified disease of inner ear, unspecified ear
H83.91Unspecified disease of right inner ear
H83.92Unspecified disease of left inner ear
H83.93Unspecified disease of inner ear, bilateral