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H55Nystagmus and other irregular eye movements
H55.00Unspecified nystagmus
H55.01Congenital nystagmus
H55.02Latent nystagmus
H55.03Visual deprivation nystagmus
H55.04Dissociated nystagmus
H55.09Other forms of nystagmus
H55.8Other irregular eye movements
H55.81Saccadic eye movements
H55.89Other irregular eye movements
H57Other disorders of eye and adnexa
H57.0Anomalies of pupillary function
H57.00Unspecified anomaly of pupillary function
H57.01Argyll Robertson pupil, atypical
H57.05Tonic pupil
H57.051Tonic pupil, right eye
H57.052Tonic pupil, left eye
H57.053Tonic pupil, bilateral
H57.059Tonic pupil, unspecified eye
H57.09Other anomalies of pupillary function
H57.1Ocular pain
H57.10Ocular pain, unspecified eye
H57.11Ocular pain, right eye
H57.12Ocular pain, left eye
H57.13Ocular pain, bilateral
H57.8Other specified disorders of eye and adnexa
H57.9Unspecified disorder of eye and adnexa