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H53Visual disturbances
H53.0Amblyopia ex anopsia
H53.00Unspecified amblyopia
H53.001Unspecified amblyopia, right eye
H53.002Unspecified amblyopia, left eye
H53.003Unspecified amblyopia, bilateral
H53.009Unspecified amblyopia, unspecified eye
H53.01Deprivation amblyopia
H53.011Deprivation amblyopia, right eye
H53.012Deprivation amblyopia, left eye
H53.013Deprivation amblyopia, bilateral
H53.019Deprivation amblyopia, unspecified eye
H53.02Refractive amblyopia
H53.021Refractive amblyopia, right eye
H53.022Refractive amblyopia, left eye
H53.023Refractive amblyopia, bilateral
H53.029Refractive amblyopia, unspecified eye
H53.03Strabismic amblyopia
H53.031Strabismic amblyopia, right eye
H53.032Strabismic amblyopia, left eye
H53.033Strabismic amblyopia, bilateral
H53.039Strabismic amblyopia, unspecified eye
H53.1Subjective visual disturbances
H53.10Unspecified subjective visual disturbances
H53.11Day blindness
H53.12Transient visual loss
H53.121Transient visual loss, right eye
H53.122Transient visual loss, left eye
H53.123Transient visual loss, bilateral
H53.129Transient visual loss, unspecified eye
H53.13Sudden visual loss
H53.131Sudden visual loss, right eye
H53.132Sudden visual loss, left eye
H53.133Sudden visual loss, bilateral
H53.139Sudden visual loss, unspecified eye
H53.14Visual discomfort
H53.141Visual discomfort, right eye
H53.142Visual discomfort, left eye
H53.143Visual discomfort, bilateral
H53.149Visual discomfort, unspecified
H53.15Visual distortions of shape and size
H53.16Psychophysical visual disturbances
H53.19Other subjective visual disturbances
H53.3Other and unspecified disorders of binocular vision
H53.30Unspecified disorder of binocular vision
H53.31Abnormal retinal correspondence
H53.32Fusion with defective stereopsis
H53.33Simultaneous visual perception without fusion
H53.34Suppression of binocular vision
H53.4Visual field defects
H53.40Unspecified visual field defects
H53.41Scotoma involving central area
H53.411Scotoma involving central area, right eye
H53.412Scotoma involving central area, left eye
H53.413Scotoma involving central area, bilateral
H53.419Scotoma involving central area, unspecified eye
H53.42Scotoma of blind spot area
H53.421Scotoma of blind spot area, right eye
H53.422Scotoma of blind spot area, left eye
H53.423Scotoma of blind spot area, bilateral
H53.429Scotoma of blind spot area, unspecified eye
H53.43Sector or arcuate defects
H53.431Sector or arcuate defects, right eye
H53.432Sector or arcuate defects, left eye
H53.433Sector or arcuate defects, bilateral
H53.439Sector or arcuate defects, unspecified eye
H53.45Other localized visual field defect
H53.451Other localized visual field defect, right eye
H53.452Other localized visual field defect, left eye
H53.453Other localized visual field defect, bilateral
H53.459Other localized visual field defect, unspecified eye
H53.46Homonymous bilateral field defects
H53.461Homonymous bilateral field defects, right side
H53.462Homonymous bilateral field defects, left side
H53.469Homonymous bilateral field defects, unspecified side
H53.47Heteronymous bilateral field defects
H53.48Generalized contraction of visual field
H53.481Generalized contraction of visual field, right eye
H53.482Generalized contraction of visual field, left eye
H53.483Generalized contraction of visual field, bilateral
H53.489Generalized contraction of visual field, unspecified eye
H53.5Color vision deficiencies
H53.50Unspecified color vision deficiencies
H53.52Acquired color vision deficiency
H53.59Other color vision deficiencies
H53.6Night blindness
H53.60Unspecified night blindness
H53.61Abnormal dark adaptation curve
H53.62Acquired night blindness
H53.63Congenital night blindness
H53.69Other night blindness
H53.7Vision sensitivity deficiencies
H53.71Glare sensitivity
H53.72Impaired contrast sensitivity
H53.8Other visual disturbances
H53.9Unspecified visual disturbance
H54Blindness and low vision
H54.0Blindness, both eyes
H54.1Blindness, one eye, low vision other eye
H54.10Blindness, one eye, low vision other eye, unspecified eyes
H54.11Blindness, right eye, low vision left eye
H54.12Blindness, left eye, low vision right eye
H54.2Low vision, both eyes
H54.3Unqualified visual loss, both eyes
H54.4Blindness, one eye
H54.40Blindness, one eye, unspecified eye
H54.41Blindness, right eye, normal vision left eye
H54.42Blindness, left eye, normal vision right eye
H54.5Low vision, one eye
H54.50Low vision, one eye, unspecified eye
H54.51Low vision, right eye, normal vision left eye
H54.52Low vision, left eye, normal vision right eye
H54.6Unqualified visual loss, one eye
H54.60Unqualified visual loss, one eye, unspecified
H54.61Unqualified visual loss, right eye, normal vision left eye
H54.62Unqualified visual loss, left eye, normal vision right eye
H54.7Unspecified visual loss
H54.8Legal blindness, as defined in USA