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H15Disorders of sclera
H15.00Unspecified scleritis
H15.001Unspecified scleritis, right eye
H15.002Unspecified scleritis, left eye
H15.003Unspecified scleritis, bilateral
H15.009Unspecified scleritis, unspecified eye
H15.01Anterior scleritis
H15.011Anterior scleritis, right eye
H15.012Anterior scleritis, left eye
H15.013Anterior scleritis, bilateral
H15.019Anterior scleritis, unspecified eye
H15.02Brawny scleritis
H15.021Brawny scleritis, right eye
H15.022Brawny scleritis, left eye
H15.023Brawny scleritis, bilateral
H15.029Brawny scleritis, unspecified eye
H15.03Posterior scleritis
H15.031Posterior scleritis, right eye
H15.032Posterior scleritis, left eye
H15.033Posterior scleritis, bilateral
H15.039Posterior scleritis, unspecified eye
H15.04Scleritis with corneal involvement
H15.041Scleritis with corneal involvement, right eye
H15.042Scleritis with corneal involvement, left eye
H15.043Scleritis with corneal involvement, bilateral
H15.049Scleritis with corneal involvement, unspecified eye
H15.05Scleromalacia perforans
H15.051Scleromalacia perforans, right eye
H15.052Scleromalacia perforans, left eye
H15.053Scleromalacia perforans, bilateral
H15.059Scleromalacia perforans, unspecified eye
H15.09Other scleritis
H15.091Other scleritis, right eye
H15.092Other scleritis, left eye
H15.093Other scleritis, bilateral
H15.099Other scleritis, unspecified eye
H15.10Unspecified episcleritis
H15.101Unspecified episcleritis, right eye
H15.102Unspecified episcleritis, left eye
H15.103Unspecified episcleritis, bilateral
H15.109Unspecified episcleritis, unspecified eye
H15.11Episcleritis periodica fugax
H15.111Episcleritis periodica fugax, right eye
H15.112Episcleritis periodica fugax, left eye
H15.113Episcleritis periodica fugax, bilateral
H15.119Episcleritis periodica fugax, unspecified eye
H15.12Nodular episcleritis
H15.121Nodular episcleritis, right eye
H15.122Nodular episcleritis, left eye
H15.123Nodular episcleritis, bilateral
H15.129Nodular episcleritis, unspecified eye
H15.8Other disorders of sclera
H15.81Equatorial staphyloma
H15.811Equatorial staphyloma, right eye
H15.812Equatorial staphyloma, left eye
H15.813Equatorial staphyloma, bilateral
H15.819Equatorial staphyloma, unspecified eye
H15.82Localized anterior staphyloma
H15.821Localized anterior staphyloma, right eye
H15.822Localized anterior staphyloma, left eye
H15.823Localized anterior staphyloma, bilateral
H15.829Localized anterior staphyloma, unspecified eye
H15.83Staphyloma posticum
H15.831Staphyloma posticum, right eye
H15.832Staphyloma posticum, left eye
H15.833Staphyloma posticum, bilateral
H15.839Staphyloma posticum, unspecified eye
H15.84Scleral ectasia
H15.841Scleral ectasia, right eye
H15.842Scleral ectasia, left eye
H15.843Scleral ectasia, bilateral
H15.849Scleral ectasia, unspecified eye
H15.85Ring staphyloma
H15.851Ring staphyloma, right eye
H15.852Ring staphyloma, left eye
H15.853Ring staphyloma, bilateral
H15.859Ring staphyloma, unspecified eye
H15.89Other disorders of sclera
H15.9Unspecified disorder of sclera
H16.0Corneal ulcer
H16.00Unspecified corneal ulcer
H16.001Unspecified corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.002Unspecified corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.003Unspecified corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.009Unspecified corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.01Central corneal ulcer
H16.011Central corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.012Central corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.013Central corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.019Central corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.02Ring corneal ulcer
H16.021Ring corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.022Ring corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.023Ring corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.029Ring corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.03Corneal ulcer with hypopyon
H16.031Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, right eye
H16.032Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, left eye
H16.033Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, bilateral
H16.039Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, unspecified eye
H16.04Marginal corneal ulcer
H16.041Marginal corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.042Marginal corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.043Marginal corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.049Marginal corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.05Mooren's corneal ulcer
H16.051Mooren's corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.052Mooren's corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.053Mooren's corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.059Mooren's corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.06Mycotic corneal ulcer
H16.061Mycotic corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.062Mycotic corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.063Mycotic corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.069Mycotic corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.07Perforated corneal ulcer
H16.071Perforated corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.072Perforated corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.073Perforated corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.079Perforated corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.1Other and unspecified superficial keratitis without conjunctivitis
H16.10Unspecified superficial keratitis
H16.101Unspecified superficial keratitis, right eye
H16.102Unspecified superficial keratitis, left eye
H16.103Unspecified superficial keratitis, bilateral
H16.109Unspecified superficial keratitis, unspecified eye
H16.11Macular keratitis
H16.111Macular keratitis, right eye
H16.112Macular keratitis, left eye
H16.113Macular keratitis, bilateral
H16.119Macular keratitis, unspecified eye
H16.12Filamentary keratitis
H16.121Filamentary keratitis, right eye
H16.122Filamentary keratitis, left eye
H16.123Filamentary keratitis, bilateral
H16.129Filamentary keratitis, unspecified eye
H16.131Photokeratitis, right eye
H16.132Photokeratitis, left eye
H16.133Photokeratitis, bilateral
H16.139Photokeratitis, unspecified eye
H16.14Punctate keratitis
H16.141Punctate keratitis, right eye
H16.142Punctate keratitis, left eye
H16.143Punctate keratitis, bilateral
H16.149Punctate keratitis, unspecified eye
H16.20Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis
H16.201Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16.202Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16.203Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16.209Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16.21Exposure keratoconjunctivitis
H16.211Exposure keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16.212Exposure keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16.213Exposure keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16.219Exposure keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16.22Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjögren's
H16.221Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjögren's, right eye
H16.222Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjögren's, left eye
H16.223Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjögren's, bilateral
H16.229Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjögren's, unspecified eye
H16.23Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis
H16.231Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16.232Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16.233Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16.239Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16.24Ophthalmia nodosa
H16.241Ophthalmia nodosa, right eye
H16.242Ophthalmia nodosa, left eye
H16.243Ophthalmia nodosa, bilateral
H16.249Ophthalmia nodosa, unspecified eye
H16.25Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis
H16.251Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16.252Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16.253Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16.259Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16.26Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement
H16.261Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement, right eye
H16.262Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement, left eye
H16.263Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement, bilateral
H16.269Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement, unspecified eye
H16.29Other keratoconjunctivitis
H16.291Other keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16.292Other keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16.293Other keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16.299Other keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16.3Interstitial and deep keratitis
H16.30Unspecified interstitial keratitis
H16.301Unspecified interstitial keratitis, right eye
H16.302Unspecified interstitial keratitis, left eye
H16.303Unspecified interstitial keratitis, bilateral
H16.309Unspecified interstitial keratitis, unspecified eye
H16.31Corneal abscess
H16.311Corneal abscess, right eye
H16.312Corneal abscess, left eye
H16.313Corneal abscess, bilateral
H16.319Corneal abscess, unspecified eye
H16.32Diffuse interstitial keratitis
H16.321Diffuse interstitial keratitis, right eye
H16.322Diffuse interstitial keratitis, left eye
H16.323Diffuse interstitial keratitis, bilateral
H16.329Diffuse interstitial keratitis, unspecified eye
H16.33Sclerosing keratitis
H16.331Sclerosing keratitis, right eye
H16.332Sclerosing keratitis, left eye
H16.333Sclerosing keratitis, bilateral
H16.339Sclerosing keratitis, unspecified eye
H16.39Other interstitial and deep keratitis
H16.391Other interstitial and deep keratitis, right eye
H16.392Other interstitial and deep keratitis, left eye
H16.393Other interstitial and deep keratitis, bilateral
H16.399Other interstitial and deep keratitis, unspecified eye
H16.4Corneal neovascularization
H16.40Unspecified corneal neovascularization
H16.401Unspecified corneal neovascularization, right eye
H16.402Unspecified corneal neovascularization, left eye
H16.403Unspecified corneal neovascularization, bilateral
H16.409Unspecified corneal neovascularization, unspecified eye
H16.41Ghost vessels (corneal)
H16.411Ghost vessels (corneal), right eye
H16.412Ghost vessels (corneal), left eye
H16.413Ghost vessels (corneal), bilateral
H16.419Ghost vessels (corneal), unspecified eye
H16.42Pannus (corneal)
H16.421Pannus (corneal), right eye
H16.422Pannus (corneal), left eye
H16.423Pannus (corneal), bilateral
H16.429Pannus (corneal), unspecified eye
H16.43Localized vascularization of cornea
H16.431Localized vascularization of cornea, right eye
H16.432Localized vascularization of cornea, left eye
H16.433Localized vascularization of cornea, bilateral
H16.439Localized vascularization of cornea, unspecified eye
H16.44Deep vascularization of cornea
H16.441Deep vascularization of cornea, right eye
H16.442Deep vascularization of cornea, left eye
H16.443Deep vascularization of cornea, bilateral
H16.449Deep vascularization of cornea, unspecified eye
H16.8Other keratitis
H16.9Unspecified keratitis
H17Corneal scars and opacities
H17.0Adherent leukoma
H17.00Adherent leukoma, unspecified eye
H17.01Adherent leukoma, right eye
H17.02Adherent leukoma, left eye
H17.03Adherent leukoma, bilateral
H17.1Central corneal opacity
H17.10Central corneal opacity, unspecified eye
H17.11Central corneal opacity, right eye
H17.12Central corneal opacity, left eye
H17.13Central corneal opacity, bilateral
H17.8Other corneal scars and opacities
H17.81Minor opacity of cornea
H17.811Minor opacity of cornea, right eye
H17.812Minor opacity of cornea, left eye
H17.813Minor opacity of cornea, bilateral
H17.819Minor opacity of cornea, unspecified eye
H17.82Peripheral opacity of cornea
H17.821Peripheral opacity of cornea, right eye
H17.822Peripheral opacity of cornea, left eye
H17.823Peripheral opacity of cornea, bilateral
H17.829Peripheral opacity of cornea, unspecified eye
H17.89Other corneal scars and opacities
H17.9Unspecified corneal scar and opacity
H18Other disorders of cornea
H18.0Corneal pigmentations and deposits
H18.00Unspecified corneal deposit
H18.001Unspecified corneal deposit, right eye
H18.002Unspecified corneal deposit, left eye
H18.003Unspecified corneal deposit, bilateral
H18.009Unspecified corneal deposit, unspecified eye
H18.01Anterior corneal pigmentations
H18.011Anterior corneal pigmentations, right eye
H18.012Anterior corneal pigmentations, left eye
H18.013Anterior corneal pigmentations, bilateral
H18.019Anterior corneal pigmentations, unspecified eye
H18.02Argentous corneal deposits
H18.021Argentous corneal deposits, right eye
H18.022Argentous corneal deposits, left eye
H18.023Argentous corneal deposits, bilateral
H18.029Argentous corneal deposits, unspecified eye
H18.03Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders
H18.031Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders, right eye
H18.032Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders, left eye
H18.033Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders, bilateral
H18.039Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders, unspecified eye
H18.04Kayser-Fleischer ring
H18.041Kayser-Fleischer ring, right eye
H18.042Kayser-Fleischer ring, left eye
H18.043Kayser-Fleischer ring, bilateral
H18.049Kayser-Fleischer ring, unspecified eye
H18.05Posterior corneal pigmentations
H18.051Posterior corneal pigmentations, right eye
H18.052Posterior corneal pigmentations, left eye
H18.053Posterior corneal pigmentations, bilateral
H18.059Posterior corneal pigmentations, unspecified eye
H18.06Stromal corneal pigmentations
H18.061Stromal corneal pigmentations, right eye
H18.062Stromal corneal pigmentations, left eye
H18.063Stromal corneal pigmentations, bilateral
H18.069Stromal corneal pigmentations, unspecified eye
H18.1Bullous keratopathy
H18.10Bullous keratopathy, unspecified eye
H18.11Bullous keratopathy, right eye
H18.12Bullous keratopathy, left eye
H18.13Bullous keratopathy, bilateral
H18.2Other and unspecified corneal edema
H18.20Unspecified corneal edema
H18.21Corneal edema secondary to contact lens
H18.211Corneal edema secondary to contact lens, right eye
H18.212Corneal edema secondary to contact lens, left eye
H18.213Corneal edema secondary to contact lens, bilateral
H18.219Corneal edema secondary to contact lens, unspecified eye
H18.22Idiopathic corneal edema
H18.221Idiopathic corneal edema, right eye
H18.222Idiopathic corneal edema, left eye
H18.223Idiopathic corneal edema, bilateral
H18.229Idiopathic corneal edema, unspecified eye
H18.23Secondary corneal edema
H18.231Secondary corneal edema, right eye
H18.232Secondary corneal edema, left eye
H18.233Secondary corneal edema, bilateral
H18.239Secondary corneal edema, unspecified eye
H18.3Changes of corneal membranes
H18.30Unspecified corneal membrane change
H18.31Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane
H18.311Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane, right eye
H18.312Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane, left eye
H18.313Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane, bilateral
H18.319Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane, unspecified eye
H18.32Folds in Descemet's membrane
H18.321Folds in Descemet's membrane, right eye
H18.322Folds in Descemet's membrane, left eye
H18.323Folds in Descemet's membrane, bilateral
H18.329Folds in Descemet's membrane, unspecified eye
H18.33Rupture in Descemet's membrane
H18.331Rupture in Descemet's membrane, right eye
H18.332Rupture in Descemet's membrane, left eye
H18.333Rupture in Descemet's membrane, bilateral
H18.339Rupture in Descemet's membrane, unspecified eye
H18.4Corneal degeneration
H18.40Unspecified corneal degeneration
H18.41Arcus senilis
H18.411Arcus senilis, right eye
H18.412Arcus senilis, left eye
H18.413Arcus senilis, bilateral
H18.419Arcus senilis, unspecified eye
H18.42Band keratopathy
H18.421Band keratopathy, right eye
H18.422Band keratopathy, left eye
H18.423Band keratopathy, bilateral
H18.429Band keratopathy, unspecified eye
H18.43Other calcerous corneal degeneration
H18.441Keratomalacia, right eye
H18.442Keratomalacia, left eye
H18.443Keratomalacia, bilateral
H18.449Keratomalacia, unspecified eye
H18.45Nodular corneal degeneration
H18.451Nodular corneal degeneration, right eye
H18.452Nodular corneal degeneration, left eye
H18.453Nodular corneal degeneration, bilateral
H18.459Nodular corneal degeneration, unspecified eye
H18.46Peripheral corneal degeneration
H18.461Peripheral corneal degeneration, right eye
H18.462Peripheral corneal degeneration, left eye
H18.463Peripheral corneal degeneration, bilateral
H18.469Peripheral corneal degeneration, unspecified eye
H18.49Other corneal degeneration
H18.5Hereditary corneal dystrophies
H18.50Unspecified hereditary corneal dystrophies
H18.51Endothelial corneal dystrophy
H18.52Epithelial (juvenile) corneal dystrophy
H18.53Granular corneal dystrophy
H18.54Lattice corneal dystrophy
H18.55Macular corneal dystrophy
H18.59Other hereditary corneal dystrophies
H18.60Keratoconus, unspecified
H18.601Keratoconus, unspecified, right eye
H18.602Keratoconus, unspecified, left eye
H18.603Keratoconus, unspecified, bilateral
H18.609Keratoconus, unspecified, unspecified eye
H18.61Keratoconus, stable
H18.611Keratoconus, stable, right eye
H18.612Keratoconus, stable, left eye
H18.613Keratoconus, stable, bilateral
H18.619Keratoconus, stable, unspecified eye
H18.62Keratoconus, unstable
H18.621Keratoconus, unstable, right eye
H18.622Keratoconus, unstable, left eye
H18.623Keratoconus, unstable, bilateral
H18.629Keratoconus, unstable, unspecified eye
H18.7Other and unspecified corneal deformities
H18.70Unspecified corneal deformity
H18.71Corneal ectasia
H18.711Corneal ectasia, right eye
H18.712Corneal ectasia, left eye
H18.713Corneal ectasia, bilateral
H18.719Corneal ectasia, unspecified eye
H18.72Corneal staphyloma
H18.721Corneal staphyloma, right eye
H18.722Corneal staphyloma, left eye
H18.723Corneal staphyloma, bilateral
H18.729Corneal staphyloma, unspecified eye
H18.731Descemetocele, right eye
H18.732Descemetocele, left eye
H18.733Descemetocele, bilateral
H18.739Descemetocele, unspecified eye
H18.79Other corneal deformities
H18.791Other corneal deformities, right eye
H18.792Other corneal deformities, left eye
H18.793Other corneal deformities, bilateral
H18.799Other corneal deformities, unspecified eye
H18.8Other specified disorders of cornea
H18.81Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea
H18.811Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea, right eye
H18.812Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea, left eye
H18.813Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea, bilateral
H18.819Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea, unspecified eye
H18.82Corneal disorder due to contact lens
H18.821Corneal disorder due to contact lens, right eye
H18.822Corneal disorder due to contact lens, left eye
H18.823Corneal disorder due to contact lens, bilateral
H18.829Corneal disorder due to contact lens, unspecified eye
H18.83Recurrent erosion of cornea
H18.831Recurrent erosion of cornea, right eye
H18.832Recurrent erosion of cornea, left eye
H18.833Recurrent erosion of cornea, bilateral
H18.839Recurrent erosion of cornea, unspecified eye
H18.89Other specified disorders of cornea
H18.891Other specified disorders of cornea, right eye
H18.892Other specified disorders of cornea, left eye
H18.893Other specified disorders of cornea, bilateral
H18.899Other specified disorders of cornea, unspecified eye
H18.9Unspecified disorder of cornea
H20.0Acute and subacute iridocyclitis
H20.00Unspecified acute and subacute iridocyclitis
H20.01Primary iridocyclitis
H20.011Primary iridocyclitis, right eye
H20.012Primary iridocyclitis, left eye
H20.013Primary iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20.019Primary iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20.02Recurrent acute iridocyclitis
H20.021Recurrent acute iridocyclitis, right eye
H20.022Recurrent acute iridocyclitis, left eye
H20.023Recurrent acute iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20.029Recurrent acute iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20.03Secondary infectious iridocyclitis
H20.031Secondary infectious iridocyclitis, right eye
H20.032Secondary infectious iridocyclitis, left eye
H20.033Secondary infectious iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20.039Secondary infectious iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20.04Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis
H20.041Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis, right eye
H20.042Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis, left eye
H20.043Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20.049Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20.051Hypopyon, right eye
H20.052Hypopyon, left eye
H20.053Hypopyon, bilateral
H20.059Hypopyon, unspecified eye
H20.1Chronic iridocyclitis
H20.10Chronic iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20.11Chronic iridocyclitis, right eye
H20.12Chronic iridocyclitis, left eye
H20.13Chronic iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20.2Lens-induced iridocyclitis
H20.20Lens-induced iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20.21Lens-induced iridocyclitis, right eye
H20.22Lens-induced iridocyclitis, left eye
H20.23Lens-induced iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20.8Other iridocyclitis
H20.81Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis
H20.811Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, right eye
H20.812Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, left eye
H20.813Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, bilateral
H20.819Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, unspecified eye
H20.82Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome
H20.821Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, right eye
H20.822Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, left eye
H20.823Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, bilateral
H20.829Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, unspecified eye
H20.9Unspecified iridocyclitis
H21Other disorders of iris and ciliary body
H21.00Hyphema, unspecified eye
H21.01Hyphema, right eye
H21.02Hyphema, left eye
H21.03Hyphema, bilateral
H21.1Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body
H21.1XOther vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body
H21.1X1Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body, right eye
H21.1X2Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body, left eye
H21.1X3Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body, bilateral
H21.1X9Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body, unspecified eye
H21.2Degeneration of iris and ciliary body
H21.21Degeneration of chamber angle
H21.211Degeneration of chamber angle, right eye
H21.212Degeneration of chamber angle, left eye
H21.213Degeneration of chamber angle, bilateral
H21.219Degeneration of chamber angle, unspecified eye
H21.22Degeneration of ciliary body
H21.221Degeneration of ciliary body, right eye
H21.222Degeneration of ciliary body, left eye
H21.223Degeneration of ciliary body, bilateral
H21.229Degeneration of ciliary body, unspecified eye
H21.23Degeneration of iris (pigmentary)
H21.231Degeneration of iris (pigmentary), right eye
H21.232Degeneration of iris (pigmentary), left eye
H21.233Degeneration of iris (pigmentary), bilateral
H21.239Degeneration of iris (pigmentary), unspecified eye
H21.24Degeneration of pupillary margin
H21.241Degeneration of pupillary margin, right eye
H21.242Degeneration of pupillary margin, left eye
H21.243Degeneration of pupillary margin, bilateral
H21.249Degeneration of pupillary margin, unspecified eye
H21.251Iridoschisis, right eye
H21.252Iridoschisis, left eye
H21.253Iridoschisis, bilateral
H21.259Iridoschisis, unspecified eye
H21.26Iris atrophy (essential) (progressive)
H21.261Iris atrophy (essential) (progressive), right eye
H21.262Iris atrophy (essential) (progressive), left eye
H21.263Iris atrophy (essential) (progressive), bilateral
H21.269Iris atrophy (essential) (progressive), unspecified eye
H21.27Miotic pupillary cyst
H21.271Miotic pupillary cyst, right eye
H21.272Miotic pupillary cyst, left eye
H21.273Miotic pupillary cyst, bilateral
H21.279Miotic pupillary cyst, unspecified eye
H21.29Other iris atrophy
H21.3Cyst of iris, ciliary body and anterior chamber
H21.30Idiopathic cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber
H21.301Idiopathic cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, right eye
H21.302Idiopathic cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, left eye
H21.303Idiopathic cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, bilateral
H21.309Idiopathic cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, unspecified eye
H21.31Exudative cysts of iris or anterior chamber
H21.311Exudative cysts of iris or anterior chamber, right eye
H21.312Exudative cysts of iris or anterior chamber, left eye
H21.313Exudative cysts of iris or anterior chamber, bilateral
H21.319Exudative cysts of iris or anterior chamber, unspecified eye
H21.32Implantation cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber
H21.321Implantation cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, right eye
H21.322Implantation cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, left eye
H21.323Implantation cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, bilateral
H21.329Implantation cysts of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, unspecified eye
H21.33Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber
H21.331Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, right eye
H21.332Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, left eye
H21.333Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, bilateral
H21.339Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, unspecified eye
H21.34Primary cyst of pars plana
H21.341Primary cyst of pars plana, right eye
H21.342Primary cyst of pars plana, left eye
H21.343Primary cyst of pars plana, bilateral
H21.349Primary cyst of pars plana, unspecified eye
H21.35Exudative cyst of pars plana
H21.351Exudative cyst of pars plana, right eye
H21.352Exudative cyst of pars plana, left eye
H21.353Exudative cyst of pars plana, bilateral
H21.359Exudative cyst of pars plana, unspecified eye
H21.4Pupillary membranes
H21.40Pupillary membranes, unspecified eye
H21.41Pupillary membranes, right eye
H21.42Pupillary membranes, left eye
H21.43Pupillary membranes, bilateral
H21.5Other and unspecified adhesions and disruptions of iris and ciliary body
H21.50Unspecified adhesions of iris
H21.501Unspecified adhesions of iris, right eye
H21.502Unspecified adhesions of iris, left eye
H21.503Unspecified adhesions of iris, bilateral
H21.509Unspecified adhesions of iris and ciliary body, unspecified eye
H21.51Anterior synechiae (iris)
H21.511Anterior synechiae (iris), right eye
H21.512Anterior synechiae (iris), left eye
H21.513Anterior synechiae (iris), bilateral
H21.519Anterior synechiae (iris), unspecified eye
H21.521Goniosynechiae, right eye
H21.522Goniosynechiae, left eye
H21.523Goniosynechiae, bilateral
H21.529Goniosynechiae, unspecified eye
H21.531Iridodialysis, right eye
H21.532Iridodialysis, left eye
H21.533Iridodialysis, bilateral
H21.539Iridodialysis, unspecified eye
H21.54Posterior synechiae (iris)
H21.541Posterior synechiae (iris), right eye
H21.542Posterior synechiae (iris), left eye
H21.543Posterior synechiae (iris), bilateral
H21.549Posterior synechiae (iris), unspecified eye
H21.55Recession of chamber angle
H21.551Recession of chamber angle, right eye
H21.552Recession of chamber angle, left eye
H21.553Recession of chamber angle, bilateral
H21.559Recession of chamber angle, unspecified eye
H21.56Pupillary abnormalities
H21.561Pupillary abnormality, right eye
H21.562Pupillary abnormality, left eye
H21.563Pupillary abnormality, bilateral
H21.569Pupillary abnormality, unspecified eye
H21.8Other specified disorders of iris and ciliary body
H21.81Floppy iris syndrome
H21.82Plateau iris syndrome (post-iridectomy) (postprocedural)
H21.89Other specified disorders of iris and ciliary body
H21.9Unspecified disorder of iris and ciliary body
H22Disorders of iris and ciliary body in diseases classified elsewhere