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H10.0Mucopurulent conjunctivitis
H10.01Acute follicular conjunctivitis
H10.011Acute follicular conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.012Acute follicular conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.013Acute follicular conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.019Acute follicular conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.02Other mucopurulent conjunctivitis
H10.021Other mucopurulent conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.022Other mucopurulent conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.023Other mucopurulent conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.029Other mucopurulent conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.1Acute atopic conjunctivitis
H10.10Acute atopic conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.11Acute atopic conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.12Acute atopic conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.13Acute atopic conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.2Other acute conjunctivitis
H10.21Acute toxic conjunctivitis
H10.211Acute toxic conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.212Acute toxic conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.213Acute toxic conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.219Acute toxic conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.22Pseudomembranous conjunctivitis
H10.221Pseudomembranous conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.222Pseudomembranous conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.223Pseudomembranous conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.229Pseudomembranous conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.23Serous conjunctivitis, except viral
H10.231Serous conjunctivitis, except viral, right eye
H10.232Serous conjunctivitis, except viral, left eye
H10.233Serous conjunctivitis, except viral, bilateral
H10.239Serous conjunctivitis, except viral, unspecified eye
H10.3Unspecified acute conjunctivitis
H10.30Unspecified acute conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.31Unspecified acute conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.32Unspecified acute conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.33Unspecified acute conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.4Chronic conjunctivitis
H10.40Unspecified chronic conjunctivitis
H10.401Unspecified chronic conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.402Unspecified chronic conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.403Unspecified chronic conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.409Unspecified chronic conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.41Chronic giant papillary conjunctivitis
H10.411Chronic giant papillary conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.412Chronic giant papillary conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.413Chronic giant papillary conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.419Chronic giant papillary conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.42Simple chronic conjunctivitis
H10.421Simple chronic conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.422Simple chronic conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.423Simple chronic conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.429Simple chronic conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.43Chronic follicular conjunctivitis
H10.431Chronic follicular conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.432Chronic follicular conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.433Chronic follicular conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.439Chronic follicular conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.44Vernal conjunctivitis
H10.45Other chronic allergic conjunctivitis
H10.50Unspecified blepharoconjunctivitis
H10.501Unspecified blepharoconjunctivitis, right eye
H10.502Unspecified blepharoconjunctivitis, left eye
H10.503Unspecified blepharoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.509Unspecified blepharoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.51Ligneous conjunctivitis
H10.511Ligneous conjunctivitis, right eye
H10.512Ligneous conjunctivitis, left eye
H10.513Ligneous conjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.519Ligneous conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.52Angular blepharoconjunctivitis
H10.521Angular blepharoconjunctivitis, right eye
H10.522Angular blepharoconjunctivitis, left eye
H10.523Angular blepharoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.529Angular blepharoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.53Contact blepharoconjunctivitis
H10.531Contact blepharoconjunctivitis, right eye
H10.532Contact blepharoconjunctivitis, left eye
H10.533Contact blepharoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H10.539Contact blepharoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H10.8Other conjunctivitis
H10.811Pingueculitis, right eye
H10.812Pingueculitis, left eye
H10.813Pingueculitis, bilateral
H10.819Pingueculitis, unspecified eye
H10.89Other conjunctivitis
H10.9Unspecified conjunctivitis
H11Other disorders of conjunctiva
H11.0Pterygium of eye
H11.00Unspecified pterygium of eye
H11.001Unspecified pterygium of right eye
H11.002Unspecified pterygium of left eye
H11.003Unspecified pterygium of eye, bilateral
H11.009Unspecified pterygium of unspecified eye
H11.01Amyloid pterygium
H11.011Amyloid pterygium of right eye
H11.012Amyloid pterygium of left eye
H11.013Amyloid pterygium of eye, bilateral
H11.019Amyloid pterygium of unspecified eye
H11.02Central pterygium of eye
H11.021Central pterygium of right eye
H11.022Central pterygium of left eye
H11.023Central pterygium of eye, bilateral
H11.029Central pterygium of unspecified eye
H11.03Double pterygium of eye
H11.031Double pterygium of right eye
H11.032Double pterygium of left eye
H11.033Double pterygium of eye, bilateral
H11.039Double pterygium of unspecified eye
H11.04Peripheral pterygium of eye, stationary
H11.041Peripheral pterygium, stationary, right eye
H11.042Peripheral pterygium, stationary, left eye
H11.043Peripheral pterygium, stationary, bilateral
H11.049Peripheral pterygium, stationary, unspecified eye
H11.05Peripheral pterygium of eye, progressive
H11.051Peripheral pterygium, progressive, right eye
H11.052Peripheral pterygium, progressive, left eye
H11.053Peripheral pterygium, progressive, bilateral
H11.059Peripheral pterygium, progressive, unspecified eye
H11.06Recurrent pterygium of eye
H11.061Recurrent pterygium of right eye
H11.062Recurrent pterygium of left eye
H11.063Recurrent pterygium of eye, bilateral
H11.069Recurrent pterygium of unspecified eye
H11.1Conjunctival degenerations and deposits
H11.10Unspecified conjunctival degenerations
H11.11Conjunctival deposits
H11.111Conjunctival deposits, right eye
H11.112Conjunctival deposits, left eye
H11.113Conjunctival deposits, bilateral
H11.119Conjunctival deposits, unspecified eye
H11.12Conjunctival concretions
H11.121Conjunctival concretions, right eye
H11.122Conjunctival concretions, left eye
H11.123Conjunctival concretions, bilateral
H11.129Conjunctival concretions, unspecified eye
H11.13Conjunctival pigmentations
H11.131Conjunctival pigmentations, right eye
H11.132Conjunctival pigmentations, left eye
H11.133Conjunctival pigmentations, bilateral
H11.139Conjunctival pigmentations, unspecified eye
H11.14Conjunctival xerosis, unspecified
H11.141Conjunctival xerosis, unspecified, right eye
H11.142Conjunctival xerosis, unspecified, left eye
H11.143Conjunctival xerosis, unspecified, bilateral
H11.149Conjunctival xerosis, unspecified, unspecified eye
H11.151Pinguecula, right eye
H11.152Pinguecula, left eye
H11.153Pinguecula, bilateral
H11.159Pinguecula, unspecified eye
H11.2Conjunctival scars
H11.21Conjunctival adhesions and strands (localized)
H11.211Conjunctival adhesions and strands (localized), right eye
H11.212Conjunctival adhesions and strands (localized), left eye
H11.213Conjunctival adhesions and strands (localized), bilateral
H11.219Conjunctival adhesions and strands (localized), unspecified eye
H11.22Conjunctival granuloma
H11.221Conjunctival granuloma, right eye
H11.222Conjunctival granuloma, left eye
H11.223Conjunctival granuloma, bilateral
H11.229Conjunctival granuloma, unspecified
H11.231Symblepharon, right eye
H11.232Symblepharon, left eye
H11.233Symblepharon, bilateral
H11.239Symblepharon, unspecified eye
H11.24Scarring of conjunctiva
H11.241Scarring of conjunctiva, right eye
H11.242Scarring of conjunctiva, left eye
H11.243Scarring of conjunctiva, bilateral
H11.249Scarring of conjunctiva, unspecified eye
H11.3Conjunctival hemorrhage
H11.30Conjunctival hemorrhage, unspecified eye
H11.31Conjunctival hemorrhage, right eye
H11.32Conjunctival hemorrhage, left eye
H11.33Conjunctival hemorrhage, bilateral
H11.4Other conjunctival vascular disorders and cysts
H11.41Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva
H11.411Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, right eye
H11.412Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, left eye
H11.413Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, bilateral
H11.419Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, unspecified eye
H11.42Conjunctival edema
H11.421Conjunctival edema, right eye
H11.422Conjunctival edema, left eye
H11.423Conjunctival edema, bilateral
H11.429Conjunctival edema, unspecified eye
H11.43Conjunctival hyperemia
H11.431Conjunctival hyperemia, right eye
H11.432Conjunctival hyperemia, left eye
H11.433Conjunctival hyperemia, bilateral
H11.439Conjunctival hyperemia, unspecified eye
H11.44Conjunctival cysts
H11.441Conjunctival cysts, right eye
H11.442Conjunctival cysts, left eye
H11.443Conjunctival cysts, bilateral
H11.449Conjunctival cysts, unspecified eye
H11.8Other specified disorders of conjunctiva
H11.81Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva
H11.811Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, right eye
H11.812Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, left eye
H11.813Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, bilateral
H11.819Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, unspecified eye
H11.821Conjunctivochalasis, right eye
H11.822Conjunctivochalasis, left eye
H11.823Conjunctivochalasis, bilateral
H11.829Conjunctivochalasis, unspecified eye
H11.89Other specified disorders of conjunctiva
H11.9Unspecified disorder of conjunctiva