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G70Myasthenia gravis and other myoneural disorders
G70.0Myasthenia gravis
G70.00Myasthenia gravis without (acute) exacerbation
G70.01Myasthenia gravis with (acute) exacerbation
G70.1Toxic myoneural disorders
G70.2Congenital and developmental myasthenia
G70.8Other specified myoneural disorders
G70.80Lambert-Eaton syndrome, unspecified
G70.81Lambert-Eaton syndrome in disease classified elsewhere
G70.89Other specified myoneural disorders
G70.9Myoneural disorder, unspecified
G71Primary disorders of muscles
G71.0Muscular dystrophy
G71.1Myotonic disorders
G71.11Myotonic muscular dystrophy
G71.12Myotonia congenita
G71.13Myotonic chondrodystrophy
G71.14Drug induced myotonia
G71.19Other specified myotonic disorders
G71.2Congenital myopathies
G71.3Mitochondrial myopathy, not elsewhere classified
G71.8Other primary disorders of muscles
G71.9Primary disorder of muscle, unspecified
G72Other and unspecified myopathies
G72.0Drug-induced myopathy
G72.1Alcoholic myopathy
G72.2Myopathy due to other toxic agents
G72.3Periodic paralysis
G72.4Inflammatory and immune myopathies, not elsewhere classified
G72.41Inclusion body myositis [IBM]
G72.49Other inflammatory and immune myopathies, not elsewhere classified
G72.8Other specified myopathies
G72.81Critical illness myopathy
G72.89Other specified myopathies
G72.9Myopathy, unspecified
G73Disorders of myoneural junction and muscle in diseases classified elsewhere
G73.1Lambert-Eaton syndrome in neoplastic disease
G73.3Myasthenic syndromes in other diseases classified elsewhere
G73.7Myopathy in diseases classified elsewhere