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G50Disorders of trigeminal nerve
G50.0Trigeminal neuralgia
G50.1Atypical facial pain
G50.8Other disorders of trigeminal nerve
G50.9Disorder of trigeminal nerve, unspecified
G51Facial nerve disorders
G51.0Bell's palsy
G51.1Geniculate ganglionitis
G51.2Melkersson's syndrome
G51.3Clonic hemifacial spasm
G51.4Facial myokymia
G51.8Other disorders of facial nerve
G51.9Disorder of facial nerve, unspecified
G52Disorders of other cranial nerves
G52.0Disorders of olfactory nerve
G52.1Disorders of glossopharyngeal nerve
G52.2Disorders of vagus nerve
G52.3Disorders of hypoglossal nerve
G52.7Disorders of multiple cranial nerves
G52.8Disorders of other specified cranial nerves
G52.9Cranial nerve disorder, unspecified
G53Cranial nerve disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
G54Nerve root and plexus disorders
G54.0Brachial plexus disorders
G54.1Lumbosacral plexus disorders
G54.2Cervical root disorders, not elsewhere classified
G54.3Thoracic root disorders, not elsewhere classified
G54.4Lumbosacral root disorders, not elsewhere classified
G54.5Neuralgic amyotrophy
G54.6Phantom limb syndrome with pain
G54.7Phantom limb syndrome without pain
G54.8Other nerve root and plexus disorders
G54.9Nerve root and plexus disorder, unspecified
G55Nerve root and plexus compressions in diseases classified elsewhere
G56Mononeuropathies of upper limb
G56.0Carpal tunnel syndrome
G56.00Carpal tunnel syndrome, unspecified upper limb
G56.01Carpal tunnel syndrome, right upper limb
G56.02Carpal tunnel syndrome, left upper limb
G56.1Other lesions of median nerve
G56.10Other lesions of median nerve, unspecified upper limb
G56.11Other lesions of median nerve, right upper limb
G56.12Other lesions of median nerve, left upper limb
G56.2Lesion of ulnar nerve
G56.20Lesion of ulnar nerve, unspecified upper limb
G56.21Lesion of ulnar nerve, right upper limb
G56.22Lesion of ulnar nerve, left upper limb
G56.3Lesion of radial nerve
G56.30Lesion of radial nerve, unspecified upper limb
G56.31Lesion of radial nerve, right upper limb
G56.32Lesion of radial nerve, left upper limb
G56.4Causalgia of upper limb
G56.40Causalgia of unspecified upper limb
G56.41Causalgia of right upper limb
G56.42Causalgia of left upper limb
G56.8Other specified mononeuropathies of upper limb
G56.80Other specified mononeuropathies of unspecified upper limb
G56.81Other specified mononeuropathies of right upper limb
G56.82Other specified mononeuropathies of left upper limb
G56.9Unspecified mononeuropathy of upper limb
G56.90Unspecified mononeuropathy of unspecified upper limb
G56.91Unspecified mononeuropathy of right upper limb
G56.92Unspecified mononeuropathy of left upper limb
G57Mononeuropathies of lower limb
G57.0Lesion of sciatic nerve
G57.00Lesion of sciatic nerve, unspecified lower limb
G57.01Lesion of sciatic nerve, right lower limb
G57.02Lesion of sciatic nerve, left lower limb
G57.1Meralgia paresthetica
G57.10Meralgia paresthetica, unspecified lower limb
G57.11Meralgia paresthetica, right lower limb
G57.12Meralgia paresthetica, left lower limb
G57.2Lesion of femoral nerve
G57.20Lesion of femoral nerve, unspecified lower limb
G57.21Lesion of femoral nerve, right lower limb
G57.22Lesion of femoral nerve, left lower limb
G57.3Lesion of lateral popliteal nerve
G57.30Lesion of lateral popliteal nerve, unspecified lower limb
G57.31Lesion of lateral popliteal nerve, right lower limb
G57.32Lesion of lateral popliteal nerve, left lower limb
G57.4Lesion of medial popliteal nerve
G57.40Lesion of medial popliteal nerve, unspecified lower limb
G57.41Lesion of medial popliteal nerve, right lower limb
G57.42Lesion of medial popliteal nerve, left lower limb
G57.5Tarsal tunnel syndrome
G57.50Tarsal tunnel syndrome, unspecified lower limb
G57.51Tarsal tunnel syndrome, right lower limb
G57.52Tarsal tunnel syndrome, left lower limb
G57.6Lesion of plantar nerve
G57.60Lesion of plantar nerve, unspecified lower limb
G57.61Lesion of plantar nerve, right lower limb
G57.62Lesion of plantar nerve, left lower limb
G57.7Causalgia of lower limb
G57.70Causalgia of unspecified lower limb
G57.71Causalgia of right lower limb
G57.72Causalgia of left lower limb
G57.8Other specified mononeuropathies of lower limb
G57.80Other specified mononeuropathies of unspecified lower limb
G57.81Other specified mononeuropathies of right lower limb
G57.82Other specified mononeuropathies of left lower limb
G57.9Unspecified mononeuropathy of lower limb
G57.90Unspecified mononeuropathy of unspecified lower limb
G57.91Unspecified mononeuropathy of right lower limb
G57.92Unspecified mononeuropathy of left lower limb
G58Other mononeuropathies
G58.0Intercostal neuropathy
G58.7Mononeuritis multiplex
G58.8Other specified mononeuropathies
G58.9Mononeuropathy, unspecified
G59Mononeuropathy in diseases classified elsewhere