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E20.0Idiopathic hypoparathyroidism
E20.8Other hypoparathyroidism
E20.9Hypoparathyroidism, unspecified
E21Hyperparathyroidism and other disorders of parathyroid gland
E21.0Primary hyperparathyroidism
E21.1Secondary hyperparathyroidism, not elsewhere classified
E21.2Other hyperparathyroidism
E21.3Hyperparathyroidism, unspecified
E21.4Other specified disorders of parathyroid gland
E21.5Disorder of parathyroid gland, unspecified
E22Hyperfunction of pituitary gland
E22.0Acromegaly and pituitary gigantism
E22.2Syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone
E22.8Other hyperfunction of pituitary gland
E22.9Hyperfunction of pituitary gland, unspecified
E23Hypofunction and other disorders of the pituitary gland
E23.1Drug-induced hypopituitarism
E23.2Diabetes insipidus
E23.3Hypothalamic dysfunction, not elsewhere classified
E23.6Other disorders of pituitary gland
E23.7Disorder of pituitary gland, unspecified
E24Cushing's syndrome
E24.0Pituitary-dependent Cushing's disease
E24.1Nelson's syndrome
E24.2Drug-induced Cushing's syndrome
E24.3Ectopic ACTH syndrome
E24.4Alcohol-induced pseudo-Cushing's syndrome
E24.8Other Cushing's syndrome
E24.9Cushing's syndrome, unspecified
E25Adrenogenital disorders
E25.0Congenital adrenogenital disorders associated with enzyme deficiency
E25.8Other adrenogenital disorders
E25.9Adrenogenital disorder, unspecified
E26.0Primary hyperaldosteronism
E26.01Conn's syndrome
E26.02Glucocorticoid-remediable aldosteronism
E26.09Other primary hyperaldosteronism
E26.1Secondary hyperaldosteronism
E26.8Other hyperaldosteronism
E26.81Bartter's syndrome
E26.89Other hyperaldosteronism
E26.9Hyperaldosteronism, unspecified
E27Other disorders of adrenal gland
E27.0Other adrenocortical overactivity
E27.1Primary adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.2Addisonian crisis
E27.3Drug-induced adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.4Other and unspecified adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.40Unspecified adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.49Other adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.5Adrenomedullary hyperfunction
E27.8Other specified disorders of adrenal gland
E27.9Disorder of adrenal gland, unspecified
E28Ovarian dysfunction
E28.0Estrogen excess
E28.1Androgen excess
E28.2Polycystic ovarian syndrome
E28.3Primary ovarian failure
E28.31Premature menopause
E28.310Symptomatic premature menopause
E28.319Asymptomatic premature menopause
E28.39Other primary ovarian failure
E28.8Other ovarian dysfunction
E28.9Ovarian dysfunction, unspecified
E29Testicular dysfunction
E29.0Testicular hyperfunction
E29.1Testicular hypofunction
E29.8Other testicular dysfunction
E29.9Testicular dysfunction, unspecified
E30Disorders of puberty, not elsewhere classified
E30.0Delayed puberty
E30.1Precocious puberty
E30.8Other disorders of puberty
E30.9Disorder of puberty, unspecified
E31Polyglandular dysfunction
E31.0Autoimmune polyglandular failure
E31.1Polyglandular hyperfunction
E31.2Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] syndromes
E31.20Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] syndrome, unspecified
E31.21Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] type I
E31.22Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] type IIA
E31.23Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] type IIB
E31.8Other polyglandular dysfunction
E31.9Polyglandular dysfunction, unspecified
E32Diseases of thymus
E32.0Persistent hyperplasia of thymus
E32.1Abscess of thymus
E32.8Other diseases of thymus
E32.9Disease of thymus, unspecified
E34Other endocrine disorders
E34.0Carcinoid syndrome
E34.1Other hypersecretion of intestinal hormones
E34.2Ectopic hormone secretion, not elsewhere classified
E34.3Short stature due to endocrine disorder
E34.4Constitutional tall stature
E34.5Androgen insensitivity syndrome
E34.50Androgen insensitivity syndrome, unspecified
E34.51Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome
E34.52Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome
E34.8Other specified endocrine disorders
E34.9Endocrine disorder, unspecified
E35Disorders of endocrine glands in diseases classified elsewhere