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B90Sequelae of tuberculosis
B90.0Sequelae of central nervous system tuberculosis
B90.1Sequelae of genitourinary tuberculosis
B90.2Sequelae of tuberculosis of bones and joints
B90.8Sequelae of tuberculosis of other organs
B90.9Sequelae of respiratory and unspecified tuberculosis
B91Sequelae of poliomyelitis
B92Sequelae of leprosy
B94Sequelae of other and unspecified infectious and parasitic diseases
B94.0Sequelae of trachoma
B94.1Sequelae of viral encephalitis
B94.2Sequelae of viral hepatitis
B94.8Sequelae of other specified infectious and parasitic diseases
B94.9Sequelae of unspecified infectious and parasitic disease