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B85Pediculosis and phthiriasis
B85.0Pediculosis due to Pediculus humanus capitis
B85.1Pediculosis due to Pediculus humanus corporis
B85.2Pediculosis, unspecified
B85.4Mixed pediculosis and phthiriasis
B87.0Cutaneous myiasis
B87.1Wound myiasis
B87.2Ocular myiasis
B87.3Nasopharyngeal myiasis
B87.4Aural myiasis
B87.8Myiasis of other sites
B87.81Genitourinary myiasis
B87.82Intestinal myiasis
B87.89Myiasis of other sites
B87.9Myiasis, unspecified
B88Other infestations
B88.0Other acariasis
B88.1Tungiasis [sandflea infestation]
B88.2Other arthropod infestations
B88.3External hirudiniasis
B88.8Other specified infestations
B88.9Infestation, unspecified
B89Unspecified parasitic disease