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B50Plasmodium falciparum malaria
B50.0Plasmodium falciparum malaria with cerebral complications
B50.8Other severe and complicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria
B50.9Plasmodium falciparum malaria, unspecified
B51Plasmodium vivax malaria
B51.0Plasmodium vivax malaria with rupture of spleen
B51.8Plasmodium vivax malaria with other complications
B51.9Plasmodium vivax malaria without complication
B52Plasmodium malariae malaria
B52.0Plasmodium malariae malaria with nephropathy
B52.8Plasmodium malariae malaria with other complications
B52.9Plasmodium malariae malaria without complication
B53Other specified malaria
B53.0Plasmodium ovale malaria
B53.1Malaria due to simian plasmodia
B53.8Other malaria, not elsewhere classified
B54Unspecified malaria
B55.0Visceral leishmaniasis
B55.1Cutaneous leishmaniasis
B55.2Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis
B55.9Leishmaniasis, unspecified
B56African trypanosomiasis
B56.0Gambiense trypanosomiasis
B56.1Rhodesiense trypanosomiasis
B56.9African trypanosomiasis, unspecified
B57Chagas' disease
B57.0Acute Chagas' disease with heart involvement
B57.1Acute Chagas' disease without heart involvement
B57.2Chagas' disease (chronic) with heart involvement
B57.3Chagas' disease (chronic) with digestive system involvement
B57.30Chagas' disease with digestive system involvement, unspecified
B57.31Megaesophagus in Chagas' disease
B57.32Megacolon in Chagas' disease
B57.39Other digestive system involvement in Chagas' disease
B57.4Chagas' disease (chronic) with nervous system involvement
B57.40Chagas' disease with nervous system involvement, unspecified
B57.41Meningitis in Chagas' disease
B57.42Meningoencephalitis in Chagas' disease
B57.49Other nervous system involvement in Chagas' disease
B57.5Chagas' disease (chronic) with other organ involvement
B58.0Toxoplasma oculopathy
B58.00Toxoplasma oculopathy, unspecified
B58.01Toxoplasma chorioretinitis
B58.09Other toxoplasma oculopathy
B58.1Toxoplasma hepatitis
B58.2Toxoplasma meningoencephalitis
B58.3Pulmonary toxoplasmosis
B58.8Toxoplasmosis with other organ involvement
B58.81Toxoplasma myocarditis
B58.82Toxoplasma myositis
B58.83Toxoplasma tubulo-interstitial nephropathy
B58.89Toxoplasmosis with other organ involvement
B58.9Toxoplasmosis, unspecified
B60Other protozoal diseases, not elsewhere classified
B60.10Acanthamebiasis, unspecified
B60.11Meningoencephalitis due to Acanthamoeba (culbertsoni)
B60.12Conjunctivitis due to Acanthamoeba
B60.13Keratoconjunctivitis due to Acanthamoeba
B60.19Other acanthamebic disease
B60.8Other specified protozoal diseases
B64Unspecified protozoal disease