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Rabbit fever --see Tularemia
Rabies A82.9
  contact Z20.3
  exposure to Z20.3
  inoculation reaction --see Complications, vaccination
  sylvatic A82.0
  urban A82.1
Rachischisis --see Spina bifida
Rachitic --see also condition
  deformities of spine(late effect) (sequelae) E64.3
  pelvis(late effect) (sequelae) E64.3
    with disproportion(fetopelvic) O33.0
      causing obstructed labor O65.0
Rachitis, rachitism(acute) (tarda) --see also Rickets
  renalis N25.0
  sequelae E64.3
Radial nerve --see condition
  burn --see Burn
  effects NOS T66
  sickness NOS T66
  therapy, encounter for Z51.0
Radiculitis(pressure) (vertebrogenic) --see Radiculopathy
Radiculomyelitis --see also Encephalitis
  toxic, due to
    Clostridium tetani A35
    Corynebacterium diphtheriae A36.82
Radiculopathy M54.10
  cervical region M54.12
  cervicothoracic region M54.13
  due to
    disc disorder
      C3 M50.11
      C4 M50.11
      C5 M50.12
      C6 M50.12
      C7 M50.12
      C8 M50.13
    displacement of intervertebral disc --see Disorder, disc, with, radiculopathy
  leg M54.1-
  lumbar region M54.16
  lumbosacral region M54.17
  occipito-atlanto-axial region M54.11
  postherpetic B02.29
  sacrococcygeal region M54.18
  syphilitic A52.11
  thoracic region(with visceral pain) M54.14
  thoracolumbar region M54.15
Radiodermal burns(acute, chronic, or occupational) --see Burn
Radiodermatitis L58.9
  acute L58.0
  chronic L58.1
Radiotherapy session Z51.0
Rage, meaning rabies --see Rabies
Ragpicker's disease A22.1
Ragsorter's disease A22.1
Raillietiniasis B71.8
Railroad neurosis F48.8
Railway spine F48.8
Raised --see also Elevated
  antibody titer R76.0
Rake teeth, tooth M26.39
Rales R09.89
Ramifying renal pelvis Q63.8
Ramsay-Hunt disease or syndrome --see also Hunt's diseaseB02.21
  meaning dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica G11.1
Ranula K11.6
  congenital Q38.4
    confirmed T74.21
    suspected T76.21
  alleged, observation or examination, ruled out
    adult Z04.41
    child Z04.42
    confirmed T74.22
    suspected T76.22
  feeble pulse, due to shock, following injury T79.4
  heart(beat) R00.0
    psychogenic F45.8
  second stage(delivery) O62.3
  time-zone change syndrome --see Disorder, sleep, circadian rhythm, psychogenic
Rarefaction, bone --see Disorder, bone, density and structure, specified NEC
Rash(toxic) R21
  canker A38.9
  diaper L22
  drug(internal use) L27.0
    contact --see also Dermatitis, due to, drugs, externalL25.1
  following immunization T88.1
  food --see Dermatitis, due to, food
  heat L74.0
  napkin(psoriasiform) L22
  nettle --see Urticaria
  pustular L08.0
  rose R21
    epidemic B06.9
  scarlet A38.9
  serum --see also Reaction, serumT80.69
  wandering tongue K14.1
Rasmussen aneurysm --see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
Rasmussen encephalitis G04.81
Rat-bite fever A25.9
  due to Streptobacillus moniliformis A25.1
  spirochetal(morsus muris) A25.0
Rathke's pouch tumor D44.3
Raymond(-Céstan) syndrome I65.8
Raynaud's disease, phenomenon or syndrome(secondary) I73.00
  with gangrene(symmetric) I73.01
RDS(newborn) (type I) P22.0
  type II P22.1
Reaction --see also Disorder
  adaptation --see Disorder, adjustment
  adjustment(anxiety) (conduct disorder) (depressiveness) (distress) --see Disorder, adjustment
      mutism, elective(child) (adolescent) F94.0
    food(any) (ingested) NEC T78.1
      anaphylactic --see Shock, anaphylactic, due to food
  affective --see Disorder, mood
  allergic --see Allergy
  anaphylactic --see Shock, anaphylactic
  anaphylactoid --see Shock, anaphylactic
  anesthesia --see Anesthesia, complication
  antitoxin(prophylactic) (therapeutic) --see Complications, vaccination
  anxiety F41.1
  Arthus --see Arthus' phenomenon
  asthenic F48.8
  combat and operational stress F43.0
  compulsive F42
  conversion F44.9
  crisis, acute F43.0
  deoxyribonuclease(DNA) (DNase) hypersensitivity D69.2
  depressive(single episode) F32.9
    affective(single episode) F31.4
      recurrent episode F33.9
    neurotic F34.1
    psychoneurotic F34.1
    psychotic F32.3
    recurrent --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
  dissociative F44.9
  drug NEC T88.7
    addictive --see Dependence, drug
      transmitted via placenta or breast milk --see Absorption, drug, addictive, through placenta
    allergic --see Allergy, drug
    lichenoid L43.2
    newborn P93.8
      gray baby syndrome P93.0
    overdose or poisoning(by accident) --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
    photoallergic L56.1
    phototoxic L56.0
    withdrawal --see Dependence, by drug, with, withdrawal
      infant of dependent mother P96.1
      newborn P96.1
    wrong substance given or taken(by accident) --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
  fear F40.9
    child(abnormal) F93.8
  febrile nonhemolytic transfusion(FNHTR) R50.84
  fluid loss, cerebrospinal G97.1
    body NEC --see Granuloma, foreign body
      in operative wound(inadvertently left) --see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
    substance accidentally left during a procedure(chemical) (powder) (talc) T81.60
      aseptic peritonitis T81.61
      body or object(instrument) (sponge) (swab) --see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
      specified reaction NEC T81.69
  grief --see Disorder, adjustment
  Herxheimer's R68.89
  hyperkinetic --see Hyperkinesia
  hypochondriacal F45.20
  hypoglycemic, due to insulin E16.0
    with coma(diabetic) --see Diabetes, coma
      nondiabetic E15
    therapeutic misadventure T38.3
  hypomanic F30.8
  hysterical F44.9
  immunization --see Complications, vaccination
    ABO blood group(infusion) (transfusion) --see Complication(s), transfusion, incompatibility reaction, ABO
      delayed serologic T80.39
    minor blood group(Duffy) (E) (K(ell)) (Kidd) (Lewis) (M) (N) (P) (S) T80.89
    Rh(factor) (infusion) (transfusion) --see Complication(s), transfusion, incompatibility reaction, Rh (factor)
  inflammatory --see Infection
  infusion --see Complications, infusion
  inoculation(immune serum) --see Complications, vaccination
  insulin T38.3-
  involutional psychotic --see Disorder, depressive
  leukemoid D72.823
    basophilic D72.823
    lymphocytic D72.823
    monocytic D72.823
    myelocytic D72.823
    neutrophilic D72.823
    due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, hallucinogen
    due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
  lumbar puncture G97.1
  manic-depressive --see Disorder, bipolar
  neurasthenic F48.8
  neurogenic --see Neurosis
  neurotic F48.9
  neurotic-depressive F34.1
  nitritoid --see Crisis, nitritoid
      cell mediated immunity measurement of gamma interferon antigen response without active tuberculosis R76.12
      QuantiFERON-TB test(QFT) without active tuberculosis R76.12
      tuberculin test --see also Reaction, tuberculin skin testR76.11
  obsessive-compulsive F42
  organic, acute or subacute --see Delirium
  paranoid(acute) F23
    chronic F22
    senile F03
  passive dependency F60.7
  phobic F40.9
  post-traumatic stress, uncomplicated Z73.3
  psychogenic F99
  psychoneurotic --see also Neurosis
    compulsive F42
    depersonalization F48.1
    depressive F34.1
    hypochondriacal F45.20
    neurasthenic F48.8
    obsessive F42
  psychophysiologic --see Disorder, somatoform
  psychosomatic --see Disorder, somatoform
  psychotic --see Psychosis
  scarlet fever toxin --see Complications, vaccination
  schizophrenic F23
    acute(brief) (undifferentiated) F23
    latent F21
    undifferentiated(acute) (brief) F23
  serological for syphilis --see Serology for syphilis
  serum T80.69
    anaphylactic(immediate) --see also Shock, anaphylacticT80.59
    specified reaction NEC
      due to
        administration of blood and blood products T80.61
        immunization T80.62
        serum specified NEC T80.69
        vaccination T80.62
  situational --see Disorder, adjustment
  somatization --see Disorder, somatoform
  spinal puncture G97.1
  stress(severe) F43.9
    acute(agitation) ("daze") (disorientation) (disturbance of consciousness) (flight reaction) (fugue) F43.0
    specified NEC F43.8
  surgical procedure --see Complications, surgical procedure
  tetanus antitoxin --see Complications, vaccination
  toxic, to local anesthesia T81.89
    in labor and delivery O74.4
    in pregnancy O29.3X-
    postpartum, puerperal O89.3
  toxin-antitoxin --see Complications, vaccination
  transfusion(blood) (bone marrow) (lymphocytes) (allergic) --see Complications, transfusion
  tuberculin skin test, abnormal R76.11
  vaccination(any) --see Complications, vaccination
  withdrawing, child or adolescent F93.8
Reactive airway disease --see Asthma
Reactive depression --see Reaction, depressive
    balanced(in) Q95.9
      abnormal individual(autosomal) Q95.2
        non-sex(autosomal) chromosomes Q95.2
        sex/non-sex chromosomes Q95.3
      specified NEC Q95.8
Recalcitrant patient --see Noncompliance
Recanalization, thrombus --see Thrombosis
Recession, receding
  chamber angle(eye) H21.55-
  chin M26.09
  gingival(generalized) (localized) (postinfective) (postoperative) K06.0
Recklinghausen disease Q85.01
  bones E21.0
Reclus' disease(cystic) --see Mastopathy, cystic
Recrudescent typhus(fever) A75.1
Recruitment, auditory H93.21-
Rectalgia K62.89
Rectitis K62.89
  female(without uterine prolapse) N81.6
    with uterine prolapse N81.4
      incomplete N81.2
  in pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by, abnormal, pelvic organs or tissues NEC
  male K62.3
Rectosigmoid junction --see condition
Rectosigmoiditis K63.89
  ulcerative(chronic) K51.30
      complication K51.319
        abscess K51.314
        fistula K51.313
        obstruction K51.312
        rectal bleeding K51.311
        specified NEC K51.318
Rectourethral --see condition
Rectovaginal --see condition
Rectovesical --see condition
Rectum, rectal --see condition
Recurrent --see condition
  pregnancy loss --see Loss (of), pregnancy, recurrent
Red bugs B88.0
Red-cedar lung or pneumonitis J67.8
Red tide --see also Table of Drugs and ChemicalsT65.82-
  mobility Z74.09
  ventilatory or vital capacity R94.2
Redundant, redundancy
  anus(congenital) Q43.8
  clitoris N90.89
  colon(congenital) Q43.8
  foreskin(congenital) N47.8
  intestine(congenital) Q43.8
  labia N90.6
  organ or site, congenital NEC --see Accessory
  panniculus(abdominal) E65
  prepuce(congenital) N47.8
  pylorus K31.89
  rectum(congenital) Q43.8
  scrotum N50.8
  sigmoid(congenital) Q43.8
  skin(of face) L57.4
    eyelids --see Blepharochalasis
  stomach K31.89
Reduplication --see Duplication
Reflex R29.2
  hyperactive gag J39.2
  pupillary, abnormal --see Anomaly, pupil, function
  vasoconstriction I73.9
  vasovagal R55
Reflux K21.9
  acid K21.9
  esophageal K21.9
    with esophagitis K21.0
    newborn P78.83
  gastroesophageal K21.9
    with esophagitis K21.0
  mitral --see Insufficiency, mitral
  ureteral --see Reflux, vesicoureteral
  vesicoureteral(with scarring) N13.70
      nephropathy N13.729
        with hydroureter N13.739
          bilateral N13.732
          unilateral N13.731
        bilateral N13.722
        unilateral N13.721
        without hydroureter N13.729
          bilateral N13.722
          unilateral N13.721
      pyelonephritis(chronic) N11.0
    congenital Q62.7
    without nephropathy N13.71
Reforming, artificial openings --see Attention to, artificial, opening
Refractive error --see Disorder, refraction
Refsum's disease or syndrome G60.1
Refusal of
  food, psychogenic F50.8
  treatment(because of) Z53.20
    left against medical advice(AMA) Z53.21
    patient's decision NEC Z53.29
    reasons of belief or group pressure Z53.1
Regional --see condition
Regurgitation R11.10
  aortic(valve) --see Insufficiency, aortic
  food --see also Vomiting
    with reswallowing --see Rumination
    newborn P92.1
  gastric contents --see Vomiting
  heart --see Endocarditis
  mitral(valve) --see Insufficiency, mitral
    congenital Q23.3
  myocardial --see Endocarditis
  pulmonary(valve) (heart) I37.1
    congenital Q22.2
    syphilitic A52.03
  tricuspid --see Insufficiency, tricuspid
  valve, valvular --see Endocarditis
    congenital Q24.8
  vesicoureteral --see Reflux, vesicoureteral
Reifenstein syndrome E34.52
Reinsertion, contraceptive device Z30.433
Reiter's disease, syndrome, or urethritis M02.30
  ankle M02.37-
  elbow M02.32-
  foot joint M02.37-
  hand joint M02.34-
  hip M02.35-
  knee M02.36-
  multiple site M02.39
  shoulder M02.31-
  vertebra M02.38
  wrist M02.33-
Reichmann's disease or syndrome K31.89
  food, psychogenic F50.8
  transplant T86.91
    bone T86.830
      marrow T86.01
    cornea T86.840
    heart T86.21
      with lung(s) T86.31
    intestine T86.850
    kidney T86.11
    liver T86.41
    lung(s) T86.810
      with heart T86.31
    organ(immune or nonimmune cause) T86.91
    pancreas T86.890
    skin(allograft) (autograft) T86.820
    specified NEC T86.890
    stem cell(peripheral blood) (umbilical cord) T86.5
Relapsing fever A68.9
  Carter's(Asiatic) A68.1
  Dutton's(West African) A68.1
  Koch's A68.9
  louse-borne(epidemic) A68.0
  Novy's(American) A68.1
  Obermeyers's(European) A68.0
  Spirillum A68.9
  tick-borne(endemic) A68.1
    open anterior M26.220
    open posterior M26.221
  anus(sphincter) K62.89
    psychogenic F45.8
  arch(foot) --see also Deformity, limb, flat foot
  back ligaments --see Instability, joint, spine
  bladder(sphincter) N31.2
  cardioesophageal K21.9
  cervix --see Incompetency, cervix
  diaphragm J98.6
  joint(capsule) (ligament) (paralytic) --see Flail, joint
    congenital NEC Q74.8
  lumbosacral(joint) M53.2
  pelvic floor N81.89
  perineum N81.89
  posture R29.3
  rectum(sphincter) K62.89
  sacroiliac(joint) M53.2
  scrotum N50.8
  urethra(sphincter) N36.44
  vesical N31.2
Release from prison, anxiety concerning Z65.2
  canal of Cloquet Q14.0
  capsule(opaque) Q14.8
Remittent fever(malarial) B54
  canal of Cloquet Q14.0
  capsule(opaque) Q14.8
  cervix, cervical stump(acquired) (postoperative) N88.8
  cystic duct, postcholecystectomy K91.5
  fingernail L60.8
    congenital Q84.6
  meniscus, knee --see Derangement, knee, meniscus, specified NEC
  thyroglossal duct Q89.2
  tonsil J35.8
    infected(chronic) J35.01
  urachus Q64.4
Removal(from) (of)
    arm Z44.00-
      complete Z44.01-
      partial Z44.02-
    eye Z44.2-
    leg Z44.10-
      complete Z44.11-
      partial Z44.12-
  breast implant Z45.81
  cardiac pulse generator(battery) (end-of-life) Z45.010
  catheter(urinary) (indwelling) Z46.6
    from artificial opening --see Attention to, artificial, opening
    non-vascular Z46.82
    vascular NEC Z45.2
  drains Z48.03
  device Z46.9
    contraceptive Z30.432
    implanted NEC Z45.89
    specified NEC Z46.89
  dressing(nonsurgical) Z48.00
    surgical Z48.01
    fixation device - code to fracture with seventh character D
    prosthesis, prosthetic device Z44.9
      breast Z44.3-
      specified NEC Z44.8
  home in childhood(to foster home or institution) Z62.29
  ileostomy Z43.2
  insulin pump Z46.81
  myringotomy device(stent) (tube) Z45.82
  nervous system device NEC Z46.2
    brain neuropacemaker Z46.2
    visual substitution device Z46.2
      implanted Z45.31
  non-vascular catheter Z46.82
  orthodontic device Z46.4
  organ, prophylactic(for neoplasia management) --see Prophylactic, organ removal
  staples Z48.02
    ureteral Z46.6
  suture Z48.02
  urinary device Z46.6
  vascular access device or catheter Z45.2
  arcuatus Q63.1
  mobile, mobilis N28.89
    congenital Q63.8
  unguliformis Q63.1
Renal --see condition
Rendu-Osler-Weber disease or syndrome I78.0
Reninoma D41.0-
Renon-Delille syndrome E23.3
Reovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.5
Repeated falls NEC R29.6
Replaced chromosome by dicentric ring Q93.2
Replacement by artificial or mechanical device or prosthesis of
  bladder Z96.0
  blood vessel NEC Z95.828
  bone NEC Z96.7
  cochlea Z96.21
  coronary artery Z95.5
  eustachian tube Z96.29
  eye globe Z97.0
  heart Z95.812
    valve Z95.2
      prosthetic Z95.2
      specified NEC Z95.4
      xenogenic Z95.3
  intestine Z96.89
  joint Z96.60
    hip --see Presence, hip joint implant
    knee --see Presence, knee joint implant
    specified site NEC Z96.698
  larynx Z96.3
  lens Z96.1
  limb(s) --see Presence, artificial, limb
  mandible NEC(for tooth root implant(s)) Z96.5
  organ NEC Z96.89
  peripheral vessel NEC Z95.828
  stapes Z96.29
  teeth Z97.2
  tendon Z96.7
  tissue NEC Z96.89
  tooth root(s) Z96.5
  vessel NEC Z95.828
    coronary(artery) Z95.5
Request for expert evidence Z04.8
Reserve, decreased or low
  cardiac --see Disease, heart
  kidney N28.89
Residual --see also condition
  ovary syndrome N99.83
  state, schizophrenic F20.5
  urine R39.19
Resistance, resistant(to)
  activated protein C D68.51
  complicating pregnancy O26.89
  insulin E88.81
        aminoglycosides Z16.29
        amoxicillin Z16.11
        ampicillin Z16.11
        antibiotic(s) Z16.20
          multiple Z16.24
          specified NEC Z16.29
        antifungal Z16.32
        antimicrobial(single) Z16.30
          multiple Z16.35
          specified NEC Z16.39
        antimycbacterial(single) Z16.341
          multiple Z16.342
        antiparasitic Z16.31
        antiviral Z16.33
        beta lactam antibiotics Z16.10
          specified NEC Z16.19
        cephalosporins Z16.19
        extended beta lactamase(ESBL) Z16.12
        fluoroquinolones Z16.23
        macrolides Z16.29
        methicillin --see MRSA
        multiple drugs(MDRO)
          antibiotics Z16.24
        penicillins Z16.11
        quinine(and related compounds) Z16.31
        quinolones Z16.23
        sulfonamides Z16.29
        tetracyclines Z16.29
        tuberculostatics(single) Z16.341
          multiple Z16.342
        vancomycin Z16.21
          related antibiotics Z16.22
  thyroid hormone E07.89
  dental(roots) K03.3
    alveoli M26.79
  teeth(external) (internal) (pathological) (roots) K03.3
  Cheyne-Stokes R06.3
  decreased due to shock, following injury T79.4
  disorder of, psychogenic F45.8
  insufficient, or poor R06.89
    newborn P28.5
  painful R07.1
  sighing, psychogenic F45.8
Respiratory --see also condition
  distress syndrome(newborn) (type I) P22.0
    type II P22.1
  syncytial virus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.4
Respite care Z75.5
  photoallergic L56.1
  phototoxic L56.0
Restless legs(syndrome) G25.81
Restlessness R45.1
Restriction of housing space Z59.1
    aesthetically inadequate or displeasing K08.56
    defective K08.50
      specified NEC K08.59
    failure of marginal integrity K08.51
    failure of periodontal anatomical intergrity K08.54
  organ continuity from previous sterilization(tuboplasty) (vasoplasty) Z31.0
    aftercare Z31.42
    contours biologically incompatible with oral health K08.54
    open margins K08.51
    overhanging K08.52
    poor aesthetic K08.56
    poor gingival margins K08.51
  unsatisfactory, of tooth K08.50
    specified NEC K08.59
Restorative material(dental)
  allergy to K08.55
  fractured K08.539
    with loss of material K08.531
    without loss of material K08.530
  unrepairable overhanging of K08.52
Rests, ovarian, in fallopian tube Q50.6
Restzustand(schizophrenic) F20.5
Retained --see also Retention
  cholelithiasis following cholecystectomy K91.86
  foreign body fragments(type of) Z18.9
    acrylics Z18.2
    animal quill(s) or spines Z18.31
    cement Z18.83
    concrete Z18.83
    crystalline Z18.83
    depleted isotope Z18.09
    depleted uranium Z18.01
    diethylhexylphthalates Z18.2
    glass Z18.81
    isocyanate Z18.2
    magnetic metal Z18.11
    metal Z18.10
    nonmagnectic metal Z18.12
    nontherapeutic radioactive Z18.09
    organic NEC Z18.39
    plastic Z18.2
    quill(s) (animal) Z18.31
    radioactive(nontherapeutic) NEC Z18.09
    specified NEC Z18.89
    spine(s) (animal) Z18.31
    stone Z18.83
    tooth(teeth) Z18.32
    wood Z18.33
  fragments(type of ) Z18.9
    acrylics Z18.2
    animal quill(s) or spines Z18.31
    cement Z18.83
    concrete Z18.83
    crystalline Z18.83
    depleted isotope Z18.09
    depleted uranium Z18.01
    diethylhexylphthalates Z18.2
    glass Z18.81
    isocyanate Z18.2
    magnetic metal Z18.11
    metal Z18.10
    nonmagnectic metal Z18.12
    nontherapeutic radioactive Z18.09
    organic NEC Z18.39
    plastic Z18.2
    quill(s) (animal) Z18.31
    radioactive(nontherapeutic) NEC Z18.09
    specified NEC Z18.89
    spine(s) (animal) Z18.31
    stone Z18.83
    tooth(teeth) Z18.32
    wood Z18.33
  gallstones, following cholecystectomy K91.86
  development, developmental, specific --see Disorder, developmental
  endochondral bone growth --see Disorder, bone, development or growth
  growth R62.50
    due to malnutrition E45
  mental --see Disability, intellectual
  motor function, specific F82
  physical(child) R62.52
    due to malnutrition E45
  reading(specific) F81.0
  spelling(specific) (without reading disorder) F81.81
Retching --see Vomiting
Retention --see also Retained
  bladder --see Retention, urine
  carbon dioxide E87.2
  cholelithiasis following cholecystectomy K91.86
  cyst --see Cyst
    fetus(at or near term) (mother) O36.4
      early fetal death O02.1
    ovum O02.0
  decidua(fragments) (following delivery) (with hemorrhage) O72.2
    without hemorrhage O73.1
  deciduous tooth K00.6
  dental root K08.3
  fecal --see Constipation
    dead O36.4
      early O02.1
  fluid R60.9
  foreign body --see also Foreign body, retained
    current trauma - code as Foreign body, by site or type
  gallstones, following cholecystectomy K91.86
  gastric K31.89
  intrauterine contraceptive device, in pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by, retention, intrauterine device
  membranes(complicating delivery) (with hemorrhage) O72.2
    with abortion --see Abortion, by type
    without hemorrhage O73.1
  meniscus --see Derangement, meniscus
  menses N94.89
  milk(puerperal, postpartum) O92.79
  nitrogen, extrarenal R39.2
  ovary syndrome N99.83
  placenta(total) (with hemorrhage) O72.0
    without hemorrhage O73.0
    portions or fragments(with hemorrhage) O72.2
      without hemorrhage O73.1
  products of conception
    early pregnancy(dead fetus) O02.1
      delivery(with hemorrhage) O72.2
        without hemorrhage O73.1
  secundines(following delivery) (with hemorrhage) O72.0
    without hemorrhage O73.0
    complicating puerperium(delayed hemorrhage) O72.2
    partial O72.2
      without hemorrhage O73.1
  smegma, clitoris N90.89
  urine R33.9
    due to hyperplasia(hypertrophy) of prostate --see Hyperplasia, prostate
    drug-induced R33.0
    organic R33.8
      drug-induced R33.0
    psychogenic F45.8
    specified NEC R33.8
  water(in tissues) --see Edema
Reticular erythematous mucinosis L98.5
Reticulation, dust --see Pneumoconiosis
Reticulocytosis R70.1
  acute infantile C96.0
  leukemic C91.4-
  malignant C96.9
  nonlipid C96.0
Reticulohistiocytoma(giant-cell) D76.3
Reticuloid, actinic L57.1
  acute of infancy C96.0
  hemophagocytic, familial D76.1
  histiocytic medullary C96.9
  lipomelanotic I89.8
  malignant(midline) C86.0
  nonlipid C96.0
  polymorphic C86.0
  Sézary --see Sézary disease
Retina, retinal --see also condition
  dark area D49.81
Retinitis --see also Inflammation, chorioretinal
  albuminurica N18.9H32
  diabetic --see Diabetes, retinitis
  disciformis --see Degeneration, macula
  focal --see Inflammation, chorioretinal, focal
  gravidarum --see Pregnancy, complicated by, specified pregnancy-related condition NEC
  juxtapapillaris --see Inflammation, chorioretinal, focal, juxtapapillary
  luetic --see Retinitis, syphilitic
  pigmentosa H35.52
  proliferans --see Disorder, globe, degenerative, specified type NEC
  proliferating --see Disorder, globe, degenerative, specified type NEC
  renal N18.9H32
  syphilitic(early) (secondary) A51.43
    central, recurrent A52.71
    congenital(early) A50.01H32
    late A52.71
  tuberculous A18.53
Retinoblastoma C69.2-
  differentiated C69.2-
  undifferentiated C69.2-
Retinochoroiditis --see also Inflammation, chorioretinal
  disseminated --see Inflammation, chorioretinal, disseminated
    syphilitic A52.71
  focal --see Inflammation, chorioretinal
  juxtapapillaris --see Inflammation, chorioretinal, focal, juxtapapillary
Retinopathy(background) H35.00
  arteriosclerotic I70.8H35.0-
  atherosclerotic I70.8H35.0-
  central serous --see Chorioretinopathy, central serous
  Coats H35.02-
  diabetic --see Diabetes, retinopathy
  exudative H35.02-
  hypertensive H35.03-
  in(due to)
    diabetes --see Diabetes, retinopathy
    sickle-cell disorders D57.-H36
  of prematurity H35.10-
    stage 0 H35.11-
    stage 1 H35.12-
    stage 2 H35.13-
    stage 3 H35.14-
    stage 4 H35.15-
    stage 5 H35.16-
  pigmentary, congenital --see Dystrophy, retina
  proliferative NEC H35.2-
    diabetic --see Diabetes, retinopathy, proliferative
    sickle-cell D57.-H36
  solar H31.02-
Retinoschisis H33.10-
  congenital Q14.1
  specified type NEC H33.19-
Retortamoniasis A07.8
Retractile testis Q55.22
  cervix --see Retroversion, uterus
  drum(membrane) --see Disorder, tympanic membrane, specified NEC
  finger --see Deformity, finger
  lid H02.539
    left H02.536
      lower H02.535
      upper H02.534
    right H02.533
      lower H02.532
      upper H02.531
  lung J98.4
  mediastinum J98.5
  nipple N64.53
    associated with
      lactation O92.03
      pregnancy O92.01-
      puerperium O92.02
    congenital Q83.8
  palmar fascia M72.0
  pleura --see Pleurisy
  ring, uterus(Bandl's) (pathological) O62.4
  sternum(congenital) Q76.7
    acquired M95.4
  uterus --see Retroversion, uterus
  valve(heart) --see Endocarditis
Retrobulbar --see condition
Retrocecal --see condition
Retrocession --see Retroversion
Retrodisplacement --see Retroversion
Retroflection, retroflexion --see Retroversion
Retrognathia, retrognathism(mandibular) (maxillary) M26.19
Retrograde menstruation N92.5
Retroperineal --see condition
Retroperitoneal --see condition
Retroperitonitis K68.9
Retropharyngeal --see condition
Retroplacental --see condition
Retroposition --see Retroversion
Retroprosthetic membrane T85.398
Retrosternal thyroid(congenital) Q89.2
Retroversion, retroverted
  cervix --see Retroversion, uterus
  female NEC --see Retroversion, uterus
  iris H21.89
  testis(congenital) Q55.29
  uterus(acquired) (acute) (any degree) (asymptomatic) (cervix) (postinfectional) (postpartal, old) N85.4
    congenital Q51.818
    in pregnancy O34.53-
Retrovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.30
    immunodeficiency, type 2(HIV 2) B97.35
    T-cell lymphotropic
      type I(HTLV-I) B97.33
      type II(HTLV-II) B97.34
  lentivirus B97.31
  oncovirus B97.32
  specified NEC B97.39
Retrusion, premaxilla(developmental) M26.09
Rett's disease or syndrome F84.2
Reverse peristalsis R19.2
Reye's syndrome G93.7
  hemolytic disease(newborn) P55.0
  incompatibility, immunization or sensitization
    affecting management of pregnancy NEC O36.09-
      anti-D antibody O36.01-
    newborn P55.0
    transfusion reaction --see Complication(s), transfusion, incompatibility reaction, Rh (factor)
  negative mother affecting newborn P55.0
  titer elevated --see Complication(s), transfusion, incompatibility reaction, Rh (factor)
  transfusion reaction --see Complication(s), transfusion, incompatibility reaction, Rh (factor)
Rhabdomyolysis(idiopathic) NEC M62.82
  traumatic T79.6
Rhabdomyoma --see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
  adult --see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
  fetal --see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
  glycogenic --see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Rhabdomyosarcoma(any type) --see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Rhabdosarcoma --see Rhabdomyosarcoma
Rhesus(factor) incompatibility --see Rh, incompatibility
Rheumatic(acute) (subacute) (chronic)
  adherent pericardium I09.2
  coronary arteritis I01.9
  degeneration, myocardium I09.0
  fever(acute) --see Fever, rheumatic
  heart --see Disease, heart, rheumatic
  myocardial degeneration --see Degeneration, myocardium
  myocarditis(chronic) (inactive) (with chorea) I09.0
    active or acute I01.2
    with chorea(acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham's) I02.0
  pancarditis, acute I01.8
    with chorea(acute (rheumatic) Sydenham's) I02.0
  pericarditis(active) (acute) (with effusion) (with pneumonia) I01.0
    with chorea(acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham's) I02.0
    chronic or inactive I09.2
  pneumonia I00J17
  torticollis M43.6
  typhoid fever A01.09
Rheumatism(articular) (neuralgic) (nonarticular) M79.0
  gout --see Arthritis, rheumatoid
  intercostal, meaning Tietze's disease M94.0
  palindromic(any site) M12.30
    ankle M12.37-
    elbow M12.32-
    foot joint M12.37-
    hand joint M12.34-
    hip M12.35-
    knee M12.36-
    multiple site M12.39
    shoulder M12.31-
    specified joint NEC M12.38
    vertebrae M12.38
    wrist M12.33-
  sciatic M54.4-
Rheumatoid --see also condition
  arthritis --see also Arthritis, rheumatoid
    with involvement of organs NEC M05.60
      ankle M05.67-
      elbow M05.62-
      foot joint M05.67-
      hand joint M05.64-
      hip M05.65-
      knee M05.66-
      multiple site M05.69
      shoulder M05.61-
      vertebra --see Spondylitis, ankylosing
      wrist M05.63-
    seronegative --see Arthritis, rheumatoid, seronegative
    seropositive --see Arthritis, rheumatoid, seropositive
  carditis M05.30
    ankle M05.37-
    elbow M05.32-
    foot joint M05.37-
    hand joint M05.34-
    hip M05.35-
    knee M05.36-
    multiple site M05.39
    shoulder M05.31-
    vertebra --see Spondylitis, ankylosing
    wrist M05.33-
  endocarditis --see Rheumatoid, carditis
  lung(disease) M05.10
    ankle M05.17-
    elbow M05.12-
    foot joint M05.17-
    hand joint M05.14-
    hip M05.15-
    knee M05.16-
    multiple site M05.19
    shoulder M05.11-
    vertebra --see Spondylitis, ankylosing
    wrist M05.13-
  myocarditis --see Rheumatoid, carditis
  myopathy M05.40
    ankle M05.47-
    elbow M05.42-
    foot joint M05.47-
    hand joint M05.44-
    hip M05.45-
    knee M05.46-
    multiple site M05.49
    shoulder M05.41-
    vertebra --see Spondylitis, ankylosing
    wrist M05.43-
  pericarditis --see Rheumatoid, carditis
  polyarthritis --see Arthritis, rheumatoid
  polyneuropathy M05.50
    ankle M05.57-
    elbow M05.52-
    foot joint M05.57-
    hand joint M05.54-
    hip M05.55-
    knee M05.56-
    multiple site M05.59
    shoulder M05.51-
    vertebra --see Spondylitis, ankylosing
    wrist M05.53-
  vasculitis M05.20
    ankle M05.27-
    elbow M05.22-
    foot joint M05.27-
    hand joint M05.24-
    hip M05.25-
    knee M05.26-
    multiple site M05.29
    shoulder M05.21-
    vertebra --see Spondylitis, ankylosing
    wrist M05.23-
Rhinitis(atrophic) (catarrhal) (chronic) (croupous) (fibrinous) (granulomatous) (hyperplastic) (hypertrophic) (membranous) (obstructive) (purulent) (suppurative) (ulcerative) J31.0
    sore throat --see Nasopharyngitis
  acute J00
  allergic J30.9
    with asthma J45.909
        exacerbation(acute) J45.901
        status asthmaticus J45.902
    due to
      food J30.5
      pollen J30.1
    nonseasonal J30.89
    perennial J30.89
    seasonal NEC J30.2
    specified NEC J30.89
  infective J00
  pneumococcal J00
  syphilitic A52.73
    congenital A50.05J99
  tuberculous A15.8
  vasomotor J30.0
Rhinoantritis(chronic) --see Sinusitis, maxillary
Rhinodacryolith --see Dacryolith
Rhinolith(nasal sinus) J34.89
Rhinomegaly J34.89
Rhinopharyngitis(acute) (subacute) --see also Nasopharyngitis
  chronic J31.1
  destructive ulcerating A66.5
  mutilans A66.5
Rhinophyma L71.1
Rhinorrhea J34.89
  cerebrospinal(fluid) G96.0
  paroxysmal --see Rhinitis, allergic
  spasmodic --see Rhinitis, allergic
Rhinosalpingitis --see Salpingitis, eustachian
Rhinoscleroma A48.8
Rhinosporidiosis B48.1
Rhinovirus infection NEC B34.8
Rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata E71.540
  atrioventricular nodal I49.8
  disorder I49.9
    coronary sinus I49.8
    ectopic I49.8
    nodal I49.8
  escape I49.9
  heart, abnormal I49.9
  idioventricular I44.2
  nodal I49.8
  sleep, inversion G47.2-
    nonorganic origin --see Disorder, sleep, circadian rhythm, psychogenic
Rhytidosis facialis L98.8
Rib --see also condition
  cervical Q76.5
Riboflavin deficiency E53.0
Rice bodies --see also Loose, body, joint
  knee M23.4-
Richter syndrome --see Leukemia, chronic lymphocytic, B-cell type
Richter's hernia --see Hernia, abdomen, with obstruction
Ricinism --see Poisoning, food, noxious, plant
Rickets(active) (acute) (adolescent) (chest wall) (congenital) (current) (infantile) (intestinal) E55.0
  adult --see Osteomalacia
  celiac K90.0
  hypophosphatemic with nephrotic-glycosuric dwarfism E72.09
  inactive E64.3
  kidney N25.0
  renal N25.0
  sequelae, any E64.3
  vitamin-D-resistant E83.31M90.80
Rickettsial disease A79.9
  specified type NEC A79.89
Rickettsialpox(Rickettsia akari) A79.1
Rickettsiosis A79.9
  due to
    Ehrlichia sennetsu A79.81
    Rickettsia akari(rickettsialpox) A79.1
  specified type NEC A79.89
  tick-borne A77.9
  vesicular A79.1
Rider's bone --see Ossification, muscle, specified NEC
Ridge, alveolus --see also condition
  flabby K06.8
Ridged ear, congenital Q17.3
  lobe, liver Q44.7
  struma, thyroiditis or disease E06.5
Rieger's anomaly or syndrome Q13.81
Riehl's melanosis L81.4
Rietti-Greppi-Micheli anemia D56.9
Rieux's hernia --see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
Riga(-Fede) disease K14.0
Riggs' disease --see Periodontitis
Right middle lobe syndrome J98.11
Rigid, rigidity --see also condition
  abdominal R19.30
    with severe abdominal pain R10.0
    epigastric R19.36
    generalized R19.37
    left lower quadrant R19.34
    left upper quadrant R19.32
    periumbilic R19.35
    right lower quadrant R19.33
    right upper quadrant R19.31
  articular, multiple, congenital Q68.8
  cervix(uteri) in pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by, abnormal, cervix
  hymen(acquired) (congenital) N89.6
  nuchal R29.1
  pelvic floor in pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by, abnormal, pelvic organs or tissues NEC
  perineum or vulva in pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by, abnormal, vulva
  spine --see Dorsopathy, specified NEC
  vagina in pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by, abnormal, vagina
Rigors R68.89
  with fever R50.9
Riley-Day syndrome G90.1
RIND(reversible ischemic neurologic deficit) I63.9
  aorta(vascular) Q25.4
  Bandl's O62.4
  contraction, complicating delivery O62.4
  esophageal, lower(muscular) K22.2
  Fleischer's(cornea) H18.04-
  hymenal, tight(acquired) (congenital) N89.6
  Kayser-Fleischer(cornea) H18.04-
  retraction, uterus, pathological O62.4
  Schatzki's(esophagus) (lower) K22.2
    congenital Q39.3
  Soemmerring's --see Cataract, secondary
  vascular(congenital) Q25.8
    aorta Q25.4
Ringed hair(congenital) Q84.1
Ringworm B35.9
  beard B35.0
  black dot B35.0
  body B35.4
  Burmese B35.5
  corporeal B35.4
  foot B35.3
  groin B35.6
  hand B35.2
  honeycomb B35.0
  nails B35.1
  perianal(area) B35.6
  scalp B35.0
  specified NEC B35.8
  Tokelau B35.5
Rise, venous pressure I87.8
Risk, suicidal
  meaning personal history of attempted suicide Z91.5
  meaning suicidal ideation --see Ideation, suicidal
Ritter's disease L00
Rivalry, sibling Z62.891
Rivalta's disease A42.2
River blindness B73.01
Robert's pelvis Q74.2
  with disproportion(fetopelvic) O33.0
    causing obstructed labor O65.0
Robin(-Pierre) syndrome Q87.0
Robinow-Silvermann-Smith syndrome Q87.1
Robinson's(hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia or syndrome Q82.4
Robles' disease B73.01
Rocky Mountain(spotted) fever A77.0
Roetheln --see Rubella
Roger's disease Q21.0
Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses(gallbladder) K82.8
Rolando's fracture(displaced) S62.22-
  nondisplaced S62.22-
Romano-Ward(prolonged QT interval) syndrome I45.81
Romberg's disease or syndrome G51.8
Roof, mouth --see condition
Rosacea L71.9
  acne L71.9
  keratitis L71.8
  specified NEC L71.8
Rosary, rachitic E55.0
  cold J30.1
  fever J30.1
  rash R21
    epidemic B06.9
Rosenbach's erysipeloid A26.0
Rosenthal's disease or syndrome D68.1
Roseola B09
  infantum B08.20
    due to human herpesvirus 6 B08.21
    due to human herpesvirus 7 B08.22
Rossbach's disease K31.89
  psychogenic F45.8
Ross River disease or fever B33.1
Rostan's asthma(cardiac) --see Failure, ventricular, left
  anomalous, incomplete or insufficient, intestine Q43.3
  cecum(congenital) Q43.3
  colon(congenital) Q43.3
  spine, incomplete or insufficient --see Dorsopathy, deforming, specified NEC
  tooth, teeth, fully erupted M26.35
  vertebra, incomplete or insufficient --see Dorsopathy, deforming, specified NEC
Rotes Quérol disease or syndrome --see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
Roth(-Bernhardt) disease or syndrome --see Meralgia paraesthetica
Rothmund(-Thomson) syndrome Q82.8
Rotor's disease or syndrome E80.6
  back(with wedging of vertebrae) --see Kyphosis
    sequelae(late effect) of rickets E64.3
  worms(large) (infestation) NEC B82.0
    Ascariasis --see also AscariasisB77.9
Roussy-Lévy syndrome G60.0
Rubella(German measles) B06.9
  complication NEC B06.09
    neurological B06.00
  congenital P35.0
  contact Z20.4
  exposure to Z20.4
    manifest rubella in infant P35.0
    care for(suspected) damage to fetus O35.3
    suspected damage to fetus affecting management of pregnancy O35.3
  specified complications NEC B06.89
Rubeola(meaning measles) --see Measles
  meaning rubella --see Rubella
Rubeosis, iris --see Disorder, iris, vascular
Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome Q87.2
Rudimentary(congenital) --see also Agenesis
  arm --see Defect, reduction, upper limb
  bone Q79.9
  cervix uteri Q51.828
  eye Q11.2
  lobule of ear Q17.3
  patella Q74.1
  respiratory organs in thoracopagus Q89.4
  tracheal bronchus Q32.4
  uterus Q51.818
    in male Q56.1
  vagina Q52.0
Ruled out condition --see Observation, suspected
Rumination R11.10
  with nausea R11.2
  disorder of infancy F98.21
  neurotic F42
  newborn P92.1
  obsessional F42
  psychogenic F42
Runeberg's disease D51.0
Runny nose R09.89
Rupia(syphilitic) A51.39
  congenital A50.06
  tertiary A52.79
Rupture, ruptured
  abscess(spontaneous) - code by site under Abscess
  aneurysm --see Aneurysm
  anus(sphincter) --see Laceration, anus
  aorta, aortic I71.8
    abdominal I71.3
    arch I71.1
    ascending I71.1
    descending I71.8
      abdominal I71.3
      thoracic I71.1
    syphilitic A52.01
    thoracoabdominal I71.5
    thorax, thoracic I71.1
    transverse I71.1
    traumatic --see Injury, aorta, laceration, major
    valve or cusp --see also Endocarditis, aorticI35.8
  appendix(with peritonitis) K35.2
  arteriovenous fistula, brain I60.8
  artery I77.2
    brain --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
    coronary --see Infarct, myocardium
    heart --see Infarct, myocardium
    pulmonary I28.8
    traumatic(complication) --see Injury, blood vessel
  bile duct(common) (hepatic) K83.2
    cystic K82.2
  bladder(sphincter) (nontraumatic) (spontaneous) N32.89
    following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
    obstetrical trauma O71.5
    traumatic S37.29
  blood vessel --see also Hemorrhage
    brain --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
    heart --see Infarct, myocardium
    traumatic(complication) --see Injury, blood vessel, laceration, major, by site
  bone --see Fracture
  bowel(nontraumatic) K63.1
    aneurysm(congenital) --see also Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
      syphilitic A52.05
    hemorrhagic --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
  capillaries I78.8
  cardiac(auricle) (ventricle) (wall) I23.3
    with hemopericardium I23.0
    infectional I40.9
    traumatic --see Injury, heart
  cartilage(articular) (current) --see also Sprain
    knee S83.3-
    semilunar --see Tear, meniscus
  cecum(with peritonitis) K65.0
    with peritoneal abscess K35.3
    traumatic S36.598
  celiac artery, traumatic --see Injury, blood vessel, celiac artery, laceration, major
  cerebral aneurysm(congenital) (see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid)
    with ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
    following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
    obstetrical trauma O71.3
    traumatic S37.69
  chordae tendineae NEC I51.1
    concurrent with acute myocardial infarction --see Infarct, myocardium
    following acute myocardial infarction(current complication) I23.4
  choroid(direct) (indirect) (traumatic) H31.32-
  circle of Willis I60.6
  colon(nontraumatic) K63.1
    traumatic --see Injury, intestine, large
  cornea(traumatic) --see Injury, eye, laceration
  coronary(artery) (thrombotic) --see Infarct, myocardium
  corpus luteum(infected) (ovary) N83.1
  cyst --see Cyst
  cystic duct K82.2
  Descemet's membrane --see Change, corneal membrane, Descemet's, rupture
    traumatic --see Injury, eye, laceration
  diaphragm, traumatic --see Injury, intrathoracic, diaphragm
  disc --see Rupture, intervertebral disc
  diverticulum(intestine) K57.80
    with bleeding K57.81
    bladder N32.3
    large intestine K57.20
        bleeding K57.21
        small intestine K57.40
          with bleeding K57.41
    small intestine K57.00
        bleeding K57.01
        large intestine K57.40
          with bleeding K57.41
  duodenal stump K31.89
  ear drum(nontraumatic) --see also Perforation, tympanum
    traumatic S09.2-
      due to blast injury --see Injury, blast, ear
  esophagus K22.3
  eye(without prolapse or loss of intraocular tissue) --see Injury, eye, laceration
  fallopian tube NEC(nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N83.8
    due to pregnancy O00.1
  fontanel P13.1
  gallbladder K82.2
    traumatic S36.128
  gastric --see also Rupture, stomach
    vessel K92.2
  globe(eye) (traumatic) --see Injury, eye, laceration
  graafian follicle(hematoma) N83.0
  heart --see Rupture, cardiac
  hymen(nontraumatic) (nonintentional) N89.8
  internal organ, traumatic --see Injury, by site
  intervertebral disc --see Displacement, intervertebral disc
    traumatic --see Rupture, traumatic, intervertebral disc
  intestine NEC(nontraumatic) K63.1
    traumatic --see Injury, intestine
  iris --see also Abnormality, pupillary
    traumatic --see Injury, eye, laceration
  joint capsule, traumatic --see Sprain
  kidney(traumatic) S37.06-
    birth injury P15.8
    nontraumatic N28.89
  lacrimal duct(traumatic) --see Injury, eye, specified site NEC
  lens(cataract) (traumatic) --see Cataract, traumatic
  ligament, traumatic --see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, by site
  liver S36.116
    birth injury P15.0
  lymphatic vessel I89.8
  marginal sinus(placental) (with hemorrhage) --see Hemorrhage, antepartum, specified cause NEC
  membrana tympani(nontraumatic) --see Perforation, tympanum
      delayed delivery following O75.5
    delayed delivery following --see Pregnancy, complicated by, premature rupture of membranes
  meningeal artery I60.8
  meniscus(knee) --see also Tear, meniscus
    old --see Derangement, meniscus
    site other than knee - code as Sprain
  mesenteric artery, traumatic --see Injury, mesenteric, artery, laceration, major
  mesentery(nontraumatic) K66.8
    traumatic --see Injury, intra-abdominal, specified, site NEC
  mitral(valve) I34.8
  muscle(traumatic) --see also Strain
    diastasis --see Diastasis, muscle
    nontraumatic M62.10
      ankle M62.17-
      foot M62.17-
      forearm M62.13-
      hand M62.14-
      lower leg M62.16-
      pelvic region M62.15-
      shoulder region M62.11-
      specified site NEC M62.18
      thigh M62.15-
      upper arm M62.12-
    traumatic --see Strain, by site
  musculotendinous junction NEC, nontraumatic --see Rupture, tendon, spontaneous
  mycotic aneurysm causing cerebral hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
  myocardium, myocardial --see Rupture, cardiac
    traumatic --see Injury, heart
  nontraumatic, meaning hernia --see Hernia
  obstructed --see Hernia, by site, obstructed
  operation wound --see Disruption, wound, operation
  ovary, ovarian N83.8
    corpus luteum cyst N83.1
    follicle(graafian) N83.0
  oviduct(nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N83.8
    due to pregnancy O00.1
  pancreas(nontraumatic) K86.8
    traumatic S36.299
  papillary muscle NEC I51.2
    following acute myocardial infarction(current complication) I23.5
    floor, complicating delivery O70.1
    organ NEC, obstetrical trauma O71.5
  perineum(nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N90.89
    complicating delivery --see Delivery, complicated, by, laceration, anus (sphincter)
  postoperative wound --see Disruption, wound, operation
  prostate(traumatic) S37.828
    artery I28.8
    valve(heart) I37.8
    vein I28.8
    vessel I28.8
  pus tube --see Salpingitis
  pyosalpinx --see Salpingitis
  rectum(nontraumatic) K63.1
    traumatic S36.69
  retina, retinal(traumatic) (without detachment) --see also Break, retina
    with detachment --see Detachment, retina, with retinal, break
  rotator cuff(nontraumatic) M75.10-
    complete M75.12-
    incomplete M75.11-
  sclera --see Injury, eye, laceration
  sigmoid(nontraumatic) K63.1
    traumatic S36.593
  spinal cord --see also Injury, spinal cord, by region
    due to injury at birth P11.5
    newborn(birth injury) P11.5
  spleen(traumatic) S36.09
    birth injury P15.1
    congenital(birth injury) P15.1
    due to P. vivax malaria B51.0
    nontraumatic D73.5
    spontaneous D73.5
  splenic vein R58
    traumatic --see Injury, blood vessel, splenic vein
  stomach(nontraumatic) (spontaneous) K31.89
    traumatic S36.39
  supraspinatus(complete) (incomplete) (nontraumatic) --see Tear, rotator cuff
  symphysis pubis
    obstetric O71.6
    traumatic S33.4
  synovium(cyst) M66.10
    ankle M66.17-
    elbow M66.12-
    finger M66.14-
    foot M66.17-
    forearm M66.13-
    hand M66.14-
    pelvic region M66.15-
    shoulder region M66.11-
    specified site NEC M66.18
    thigh M66.15-
    toe M66.17-
    upper arm M66.12-
    wrist M66.13-
  tendon(traumatic) --see Strain
    nontraumatic(spontaneous) M66.9
      ankle M66.87-
      extensor M66.20
        ankle M66.27-
        foot M66.27-
        forearm M66.23-
        hand M66.24-
        lower leg M66.26-
        multiple sites M66.29
        pelvic region M66.25-
        shoulder region M66.21-
        specified site NEC M66.28
        thigh M66.25-
        upper arm M66.22-
      flexor M66.30
        ankle M66.37-
        foot M66.37-
        forearm M66.33-
        hand M66.34-
        lower leg M66.36-
        multiple sites M66.39
        pelvic region M66.35-
        shoulder region M66.31-
        specified site NEC M66.38
        thigh M66.35-
        upper arm M66.32-
      foot M66.87-
      forearm M66.83-
      hand M66.84-
      lower leg M66.86-
      multiple sites M66.89
      pelvic region M66.85-
      shoulder region M66.81-
        site NEC M66.88
        tendon M66.80
      thigh M66.85-
      upper arm M66.82-
  thoracic duct I89.8
  tonsil J35.8
    aorta --see Injury, aorta, laceration, major
    diaphragm --see Injury, intrathoracic, diaphragm
    external site --see Wound, open, by site
    eye --see Injury, eye, laceration
    internal organ --see Injury, by site
    intervertebral disc
      cervical S13.0
      lumbar S33.0
      thoracic S23.0
    kidney S37.06-
    ligament --see also Sprain
      ankle --see Sprain, ankle
      carpus --see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, wrist
      collateral(hand) --see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, finger, collateral
      finger(metacarpophalangeal) (interphalangeal) S63.40-
        collateral S63.41-
          index S63.41-
          little S63.41-
          middle S63.41-
          ring S63.41-
        index S63.40-
        little S63.40-
        middle S63.40-
        palmar S63.42-
          index S63.42-
          little S63.42-
          middle S63.42-
          ring S63.42-
        ring S63.40-
        specified site NEC S63.499
          index S63.49-
          little S63.49-
          middle S63.49-
          ring S63.49-
        volar plate S63.43-
          index S63.43-
          little S63.43-
          middle S63.43-
          ring S63.43-
      foot --see Sprain, foot
      radial collateral S53.2-
      radiocarpal --see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, wrist, radiocarpal
      ulnar collateral S53.3-
      ulnocarpal --see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, wrist, ulnocarpal
      wrist S63.30-
        collateral S63.31-
        radiocarpal S63.32-
        specified site NEC S63.39-
        ulnocarpal(palmar) S63.33-
    liver S36.116
    membrana tympani --see Rupture, ear drum, traumatic
    muscle or tendon --see Strain
    myocardium --see Injury, heart
    pancreas S36.299
    rectum S36.69
    sigmoid S36.593
    spleen S36.09
    stomach S36.39
    symphysis pubis S33.4
    tympanum, tympanic(membrane) --see Rupture, ear drum, traumatic
    ureter S37.19
    uterus S37.69
    vagina --see Injury, vagina
    vena cava --see Injury, vena cava, laceration, major
  tricuspid(heart) (valve) I07.8
  tube, tubal(nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N83.8
    abscess --see Salpingitis
    due to pregnancy O00.1
  tympanum, tympanic(membrane) (nontraumatic) --see also Perforation, tympanic membraneH72.9-
    traumatic --see Rupture, ear drum, traumatic
  umbilical cord, complicating delivery O69.89
  ureter(traumatic) S37.19
    nontraumatic N28.89
  urethra(nontraumatic) N36.8
    with ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
    following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
    obstetrical trauma O71.5
    traumatic S37.39
  uterosacral ligament(nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N83.8
  uterus(traumatic) S37.69
    before labor O71.0-
    during or after labor O71.1
    nonpuerperal, nontraumatic N85.8
    pregnant(during labor) O71.1
      before labor O71.0-
  vagina --see Injury, vagina
  valve, valvular(heart) --see Endocarditis
  varicose vein --see Varix
  varix --see Varix
  vena cava R58
    traumatic --see Injury, vena cava, laceration, major
  vesical(urinary) N32.89
  vessel(blood) R58
    pulmonary I28.8
    traumatic --see Injury, blood vessel
  viscus R19.8
  vulva complicating delivery O70.0
Russell-Silver syndrome Q87.1
Russian spring-summer type encephalitis A84.0
Rust's disease(tuberculous cervical spondylitis) A18.01
Ruvalcaba-Myhre-Smith syndrome E71.440
Rytand-Lipsitch syndrome I44.2