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Q fever A78
  with pneumonia A78
Quadricuspid aortic valve Q23.8
Quadrilateral fever A78
Quadriparesis --see Quadriplegia
  meaning muscle weakness M62.81
Quadriplegia G82.50
    C1-C4 level G82.51
    C5-C7 level G82.53
  congenital(cerebral) (spinal) G80.8
    spastic G80.0
  embolic(current episode) I63.4
  functional R53.2
    C1-C4 level G82.52
    C5-C7 level G82.54
  thrombotic(current episode) I63.3
  traumatic -- code to injury with seventh character S
    current episode --see Injury, spinal (cord), cervical
Quadruplet, pregnancy --see Pregnancy, quadruplet
Quarrelsomeness F60.3
Queensland fever A77.3
Quervain's disease M65.4
  thyroid E06.1
Queyrat's erythroplasia D07.4
  penis D07.4
  specified site --see Neoplasm, skin, in situ
  unspecified site D07.4
Quincke's disease or edema T78.3
  hereditary D84.1
Quinsy(gangrenous) J36
Quintan fever A79.0
Quintuplet, pregnancy --see Pregnancy, quintuplet