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Jaccoud's syndrome --see Arthropathy, postrheumatic, chronic
  membrane Q43.3
  paralysis or syndrome G83.89
  veil Q43.3
Jacquet's dermatitis(diaper dermatitis) L22
Jadassohn-Pellizari's disease or anetoderma L90.2
  blue nevus --see Nevus
  intraepidermal epithelioma --see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Jaffe-Lichtenstein(-Uehlinger) syndrome --see Dysplasia, fibrous, bone NEC
Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease or syndrome --see Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or syndrome
Jaksch-Luzet disease D64.89
  neuropathy G92
  paraplegic tropical ataxic-spastic syndrome G92
Janet's disease F48.8
Janiceps Q89.4
Jansky-Bielschowsky amaurotic idiocy E75.4
  B-type encephalitis A83.0
  river fever A75.3
Jaundice(yellow) R17
  acholuric(familial) (splenomegalic) --see also Spherocytosis
    acquired D59.8
  breast-milk(inhibitor) P59.3
  catarrhal(acute) B15.9
    with hepatic coma B15.0
  cholestatic(benign) R17
  due to or associated with
    delayed conjugation P59.8
      associated with(due to) preterm delivery P59.0
    preterm delivery P59.0
  epidemic(catarrhal) B15.9
    with hepatic coma B15.0
    leptospiral A27.0
    spirochetal A27.0
  familial nonhemolytic(congenital) (Gilbert) E80.4
    Crigler-Najjar E80.5
  febrile(acute) B15.9
    with hepatic coma B15.0
    leptospiral A27.0
    spirochetal A27.0
  hematogenous D59.9
  hemolytic(acquired) D59.9
    congenital --see Spherocytosis
  hemorrhagic(acute) (leptospiral) (spirochetal) A27.0
  infectious(acute) (subacute) B15.9
    with hepatic coma B15.0
    leptospiral A27.0
    spirochetal A27.0
  leptospiral(hemorrhagic) A27.0
  malignant(without coma) K72.90
    with coma K72.91
  newborn P59.9
    due to or associated with
        antibodies P55.1
        incompatibility, maternal/fetal P55.1
        isoimmunization P55.1
      absence or deficiency of enzyme system for bilirubin conjugation(congenital) P59.8
      bleeding P58.1
      breast milk inhibitors to conjugation P59.3
        associated with preterm delivery P59.0
      bruising P58.0
      Crigler-Najjar syndrome E80.5
      delayed conjugation P59.8
        associated with preterm delivery P59.0
      drugs or toxins
        given to newborn P58.42
        transmitted from mother P58.41
      excessive hemolysis P58.9
        due to
          bleeding P58.1
          bruising P58.0
          drugs or toxins
            given to newborn P58.42
            transmitted from mother P58.41
          infection P58.2
          polycythemia P58.3
          swallowed maternal blood P58.5
        specified type NEC P58.8
      galactosemia E74.21
      Gilbert syndrome E80.4
      hemolytic disease P55.9
        ABO isoimmunization P55.1
        Rh isoimmunization P55.0
        specified NEC P55.8
      hepatocellular damage P59.20
        specified NEC P59.29
      hereditary hemolytic anemia P58.8
      hypothyroidism, congenital E03.1
      incompatibility, maternal/fetal NOS P55.9
      infection P58.2
      inspissated bile syndrome P59.1
      isoimmunization NOS P55.9
      mucoviscidosis E84.9
      polycythemia P58.3
      preterm delivery P59.0
        antibodies P55.0
        incompatibility, maternal/fetal P55.0
        isoimmunization P55.0
      specified cause NEC P59.8
      swallowed maternal blood P58.5
    spherocytosis(congenital) D58.0
  neonatal --see Jaundice, newborn
  nonhemolytic congenital familial(Gilbert) E80.4
  nuclear, newborn --see also Kernicterus of newbornP57.9
  obstructive --see also Obstruction, bile ductK83.1
  post-immunization --see Hepatitis, viral, type, B
  post-transfusion --see Hepatitis, viral, type, B
  regurgitation --see also Obstruction, bile ductK83.1
  serum(homologous) (prophylactic) (therapeutic) --see Hepatitis, viral, type, B
  spirochetal(hemorrhagic) A27.0
  symptomatic R17
    newborn P59.9
Jaw --see condition
Jaw-winking phenomenon or syndrome Q07.8
  alcoholic F10.988
  childhood F93.8
  sibling F93.8
Jejunitis --see Enteritis
Jejunostomy status Z93.4
Jejunum, jejunal --see condition
Jensen's disease --see Inflammation, chorioretinal, focal, juxtapapillary
Jerks, myoclonic G25.3
Jervell-Lange-Nielsen syndrome I45.81
Jeune's disease Q77.2
Jigger disease B88.1
Job's syndrome(chronic granulomatous disease) D71
Joint --see also condition
  mice --see Loose, body, joint
    knee M23.4-
Jordan's anomaly or syndrome D72.0
Joseph-Diamond-Blackfan anemia(congenital hypoplastic) D61.01
Jungle yellow fever A95.0
J√ľngling's disease --see Sarcoidosis
Juvenile --see condition