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 S37 - Injury of urinary and pelvic organs

 S37.0 - Injury of kidney

Excludes 2:
-acute kidney injury (nontraumatic) N17.9)

 S37.00 - Unspecified injury of kidney
 S37.001 - Unspecified injury of right kidney
 S37.002 - Unspecified injury of left kidney
 S37.009 - Unspecified injury of unspecified kidney
 S37.01 - Minor contusion of kidney
 S37.011 - Minor contusion of right kidney
 S37.012 - Minor contusion of left kidney
 S37.019 - Minor contusion of unspecified kidney
 S37.02 - Major contusion of kidney
 S37.021 - Major contusion of right kidney
 S37.022 - Major contusion of left kidney
 S37.029 - Major contusion of unspecified kidney
 S37.03 - Laceration of kidney, unspecified degree
 S37.031 - Laceration of right kidney, unspecified degree
 S37.032 - Laceration of left kidney, unspecified degree
 S37.039 - Laceration of unspecified kidney, unspecified degree
 S37.04 - Minor laceration of kidney
 S37.041 - Minor laceration of right kidney
 S37.042 - Minor laceration of left kidney
 S37.049 - Minor laceration of unspecified kidney
 S37.05 - Moderate laceration of kidney
 S37.051 - Moderate laceration of right kidney
 S37.052 - Moderate laceration of left kidney
 S37.059 - Moderate laceration of unspecified kidney
 S37.06 - Major laceration of kidney
 S37.061 - Major laceration of right kidney
 S37.062 - Major laceration of left kidney
 S37.069 - Major laceration of unspecified kidney
 S37.09 - Other injury of kidney
 S37.091 - Other injury of right kidney
 S37.092 - Other injury of left kidney
 S37.099 - Other injury of unspecified kidney