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 R57 - Shock, not elsewhere classified

Excludes 1:
-anaphylactic shock NOS T78.2)
-anaphylactic reaction or shock due to adverse food reaction T78.0-)
-anaphylactic shock due to adverse effect of correct drug or medicament properly administered T88.6)
-anaphylactic shock due to serum T80.5-)
-anesthetic shock T88.3)
-electric shock T75.4)
-obstetric shock O75.1)
-postprocedural shock T81.1-)
-psychic shock F43.0)
-septic shock R65.21)
-shock complicating or following ectopic or molar pregnancy (O00-O07,O08.3)
-shock due to lightning T75.01)
-traumatic shock T79.4)
-toxic shock syndrome A48.3)

 R57.0 - Cardiogenic shock
 R57.1 - Hypovolemic shock
 R57.8 - Other shock
 R57.9 - Shock, unspecified