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 K14 - Diseases of tongue

Use Additional Code:
-code to identify:
-alcohol abuse and dependence (F10.-)
-exposure to environmental tobacco smoke Z77.22)
-history of tobacco use Z87.891)
-occupational exposure to environmental tobacco smoke Z57.31)
-tobacco dependence (F17.-)
-tobacco use Z72.0)

Excludes 2:
-erythroplakia K13.29)
-focal epithelial hyperplasia K13.29)
-leukedema of tongue K13.29)
-leukoplakia of tongue K13.21)
-hairy leukoplakia K13.3)
-macroglossia (congenital) Q38.2)
-submucous fibrosis of tongue K13.5)

 K14.0 - Glossitis
 K14.1 - Geographic tongue
 K14.2 - Median rhomboid glossitis
 K14.3 - Hypertrophy of tongue papillae
 K14.4 - Atrophy of tongue papillae
 K14.5 - Plicated tongue
 K14.6 - Glossodynia
 K14.8 - Other diseases of tongue
 K14.9 - Disease of tongue, unspecified